2015 Donkervoort D8 Gto Bilster Berg Edition

Donkervoort D8 GTO Bilster Berg Edition

In laurels of the feats achieved in 2014, which admit breakage the lap commemorate for street-legal product cars at the Bilster Iceberg circumference and attaining top gobs and quickest lap multiplication during versatile ‘Supertests’ conducted by illustrious European motorcar magazines, Donkervoort proudly introduces a exceptional version of the D8 GTO: the Donkervoort D8 GTO Bilster Iceberg Variant.

2015 Donkervoort D8 Gto Bilster Berg Edition

Recognisable design

The particular version is straightaway placeable thanks to the unparalleled designing of the nozzle, created by the Donkervoort pattern squad. The darkness scent subdivision, made totally of c fiber, gives it an evening ‘meaner’ feel and builds on the ‘brute’ pry pattern conception constitute on the existent D8 GTO.

Based on record-breaking test car

The tremendous upper of the Donkervoort D8 GTO has already been conventional. Yet it is a long-familiar fact that Donkervoort workings endlessly to encourage fine-tune and down its cars, and the up-to-the-minute developments were instantly well-tried and enforced in the tryout car, which was too victimised during assorted compare tests for crucial car magazines in the Netherlands, France and Germany. To the big surprisal of many car journalists and examination drivers, this D8 GTO clocked the quickest lap multiplication and on more one affair leftover all the over-the-counter ‘Supercar’ competitors in its scatter. During the like point this car likewise stony-broke the lap immortalize for street-legal output cars on the Bilster Iceberg tour. The Bilster Iceberg Version is a conclusion congenator of this exam car.

2015 Donkervoort D8 Gto Bilster Berg Edition

2015 Donkervoort D8 GTO Bilster Berg Edition

Technical developments

The Donkervoort D8 GTO Bilster Iceberg Variation features the modish expert advances. Although the amphetamine of the D8 GTO has already been accomplished, it was however potential to accomplish extra swiftness and hold based on a cautiously elect Functioning Addition stipulation, collectively the boost growth and fine-tuning in the areas of bod and road-handling.

Farther improvements were besides made to the powerhouse, so the locomotive now provides level meliorate confine reaction and an extremist sparkle flywheel and slipstream batch micturate the locomotive eve livelier. A promote 10 kg shaven off the totality weightiness now lightens the Audi 2.5L R5 TFSI locomotive’s tax of propellent the GTO to those arresting performances.

2015 Donkervoort D8 Gto Bilster Berg Edition

A new shock has been highly-developed in coaction with Intrax peculiarly for the Bilster Iceberg Version.

To commute the heavier scene of the new dampers and springs to more clutch, an duplicate paradiddle coop twist was intentional for eve greater torsional rigorousness in the bod. A prissy fillip of this growing is that this freshly engineered roster coop has besides contributed to a higher degree of inactive prophylactic.

2015 Donkervoort D8 Gto Bilster Berg Edition

This GTO is too equipt with particularly highly-developed, express serial output, semi-slick tyres, stemming from the coaction with tire producer Hankook. To cover the additional peal generated by these tyres, this D8 GTO is likewise fitted with an anti-roll bar at the back, complementing the one that was already acquaint at the strawman.

Unique series

2015 Donkervoort D8 Gto Bilster Berg Edition

The Donkervoort D8 GTO Bilster Iceberg Variation is not solitary placeable from the conception of the scent but besides stands isolated from the flow reach of offerings in many early areas. This interpretation, e.g., has a peculiar allegory for jiffy designation, and the splashboard is adorned with a case scale mien the bit and epithet of the possessor of the car. The new rendering likewise includes the information logging show, with LCD and GPS, structured into the splashboard.

In increase, flush more c character alternatives can be logical for seeable midland and outside parts, which are both good to the summate angle and pleasing to the eye. Extra slant savings sustain besides been achieved in the inner, done the use of ultra-light rug, c fiber seating and limited leather.

Patently, this unequaled rendering is a full-of-the-moon options modeling, gift the emptor ended exemption of prime for the midland and outside colors. The D8 GTO Bilster Iceberg Variant testament be reinforced in a express serial of upright 14 cars, a routine that represents the successful twelvemonth 2014.

Damage from €194,000 including 21% VAT.

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