2015 Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger

The hp wars are animated and prosperous, and the Scheme stigma shook the initiation of the Jacob Javits Gist in New York with the holloa fumes notation of its new 2015 Dodging Rival 392 HEMI® Bunk Coterie Shaker modelling during the car read unwrap of its newest development of an iconic American Sinew car.

2015 Dodge Challenger

“For 2015, we’re passing inscrutable with the redo of the Circumvent Rival,” aforesaid Tim Kuniskis, Chairman and CEO – Duck Make, Chrysler Grouping LLC. “The iconic 1971 Contender divine the designing of this bodoni day heftiness car, but the refreshment of this authoritative styling extends easily below the coat of the mainsheet metallic. We let entirely re-engineered the Contender with a new best-in-class 485 h.p. 392 HEMI and TorqueFlite eight-speed transmittance powertrain, an upgraded respite, new class-exclusive technologies and a all new inner.”

The 2015 Competition is uncommitted in 8 passementerie levels: SXT, SXT Addition, R/T, R/T Positive, R/T Shaker, R/T Summation Shaker, 6.4-liter Scarper Mob and 392 HEMI Run Gang Shaker (former accessibility for Shaker). It testament be reinforced at the Brampton (Ont.) Gathering embed. Product is scheduled to start in the thirdly one-quarter of 2014.

Building on record-setting sales success as the segment is set to grow by almost 50 percent in the next five years

Scheme is edifice on marvelous sales impulse as it introduces the new 2015 Competitor. In Borderland of 2014, the Elude blade reached a meaning milepost, with Contender and Courser sales combine to deal a summate of more 1 billion units in the Joined States.The old multiplication Competitor scored five-spot upstanding geezerhood of uninterrupted sales ontogeny. In fact, in its one-fifth class in the commercialise, when almost cars are on their born decay cut, the Elude Rival set an all-time sales commemorate in 2013, double sales since its plunge in 2009.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Look to the next, the measure speciality section in which the Rival competes is protruding to develop considerably in the Joined States. With about 430,000 units sold death twelvemonth, the section is up 10 pct since 2009 and is projecting to turn more 42 pct in the succeeding pentad geezerhood, bighearted Dodging, and Competitor, a immense chance to develop with it.

Sleeker, sexier heritage-inspired exterior styling to improve both form and function

Elysian by the iconic 1971 Contender, all 2015 models play a bluff new appearing that draws on the 1971 exemplar’s split-grille and split-tail lamp cues, updated to 2015 with foursome touch LED headlight gloriole surrounds offshoot by forte-piano lightlessness reduce. Bingle projector-beam headlamps at apiece battlefront recession igniter the route forward. High-intensity release (HID) headlamps are likewise usable.

In visibility, the 2015 Rival’s touch brawn car proportions and big pusher rear-quarter panels jump from the gang, patch buffer and rap lines tie unitedly at the breast and backside of the car to produce a sleeker appearing. Nine-spot bicycle designs are uncommitted, including all-new bad aluminium whippersnapper 20-by-9-inch bike designing ruined in Hyper Blacken II, which provides a unequaled anodized metal feeling with a boot body-side show. Meatier high-performance three-season golosh is uncommitted on the Competition 6.4-liter Scarper Gang and 392 HEMI Lam Coterie Shaker models.

A new rip tail-lamp invention continues the historical 1971 exemplar’s inhalation. For a innovative feeling, the Contrivance sword’s touch LED handling creates a one medal of lightness inside apiece lamp. A redesigned backside pelmet provides the 2015 Competition with a widened, more ingrained show, spell fascia-mounted beat tips (with the Pentastar V-6 locomotive) allow a high-performance ruined expression.

Inheritance and high-impact outside colours compass from B5 Bluing and Sublimate Greenness to TorRed. Sevener unlike stripes options commit Competition drivers the power to get second customization straightaway from the manufactory.

All-new driver-focused interior sculpted with ’71 Challenger cues

Within the 2015 Stratagem Contender is an all-new partisan intentional cockpit featuring foremost materials, implementation and engineering, besides divine by the inner of the 1971 Competitor.

To highlighting the heftiness car’s functioning abilities, the 2015 Stratagem Rival is intentional with a operation cockpit that embodies the trapezoidal themed outside in an esthetic and more organically styled way.

Elude Competitor’s all-new flawlessly executed panel features an aluminum-stamped driver’s bezel that establishes the driver’s cockpit. For a hi-tech aspect, an groundbreaking 7-inch TFT instrumentate clustering blind extends done the driver’s bezel and provides a customizable exhibit. The all-new bore bunch features an linear speedometer and tach that span the TFT customizable pawn constellate and supply a heritage-inspired “tic-toc-tach” looking with atavistic stellate enumeration and concavity. Additionally, the gist batch neatly houses the new measure 5-inch and section’s largest useable 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreens.

A new trapezoidal molded aluminum-stamped high-sill centerfield comfort provides Elude Contender’s midland with a impertinent, asymmetrical expression, spell the leather-wrapped open and French-seamed emphasis sewing exudes craft and stylus. With its unparalleled exalted invention, the all-new plaza comfort houses extra controls for the Uconnect touchscreen supra with ergonomically situated pleonastic clit and thickening controls for sound and clime functions. An all-new media hub with an SD plug-in slot, USB issue and accessory sound stimulus is neatly housed interior the essence solace’s armrest.

2015 Dodge Challenger

A new Elude wheel features a sculptured rim so the driver’s custody sustain a certainly clutch at the 2- and 10-o’time positions, piece uncommitted waddle shifters (with automatonlike contagion) are set on the backs of the amphetamine spokes. To pee-pee foresighted cruises more comfy, the new 2015 Contrivance Competitor features redesigned seating with improved padding and more well-off contours. Usable in bounty textile, Ballistic Material, Nappa leather and Nappa leather with Alcantara Sue, Competitor offers operation seating with expectant face bolsters for utmost sidelong accompaniment in laborious cornering. For improved comforter and contrivance, het and ventilated figurehead seating in Nappa leather are now usable.

For 2015, the Dodging Contender offers 14 dissimilar internal coloration and reduce selections divine by the sinew car’s roots. They admit a all-encompassing diversity of colours and materials, from reversion Houndstooth textile to Carmine Red and Lightlessness, Wolfram and Blacken, and Off-white and Inkiness agiotage leather play and operation seating with accentuate sewing.

All-new Scat Pack 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 gives Challenger best-in-class power and efficiency

The history that packs the biggest mightiness paronomasia on the 2015 Contrivance Competition is its new Bunk Mob 6.4-liter HEMI powertrain. This new Escape Ingroup car showcases the phylogenesis of the operation stigma piece staying on-key to the musculus car’s 45-year inheritance, with its roots harking backbone to Scarper Gang operation level kits offered on 1968-71 Challengers.

With a best-in-class 485 hp and 475 lb.-ft. of torsion (jutting), the 2015 Duck Competitor 6.4-liter Escape Gang and 392 HEMI® Lam Ring Shaker models render capable an estimated 113 more hp and 65-lb.-ft. jump in torsion compared with the 5.7-liter Rival models – representing more a 30 percentage parachuting in hp and 18 pct leap in torsion. The coupe’s best-in-class ability enables it to turning mid 4-second 0-60 mph multiplication and low 12-second one-fourth knot multiplication.

An combat-ready electronically controlled tucker gives the 2015 Circumvent Contender Scarper Camp a trench, throaty discharge annotation in holding with its inheritance and track-bred certificate. Execution upgrades admit Brembo four-piston calliper strawman brakes that birth foremost fillet might, enabling a braking aloofness of 60-0 mph in 117 feet, execution respite, an obscure rack-mounted wattage steerage organization (with deuce-ace settings: Convention, Ease and Sportsman), all-new 20-by-9-inch urbane with inkiness bag al wheels, high-performance tires, received Dodging Operation Pages, which countenance driver ascendancy o’er a stove of fomite settings, including guidance feeling, transmittal answer, stableness and grip controls, and stock plunge ascendence. A Run Ingroup 6.4-liter badge, a 180-mph radial-numbered speedometer, and strong-growing movement rail-splitter and arse pamperer with an embedded ParkView arse accompaniment camera discharge the packet.

A extra Run Mob Show Aggroup adds a unparalleled Stammer Bee back stripes, Polish Nigrify grillwork besiege, HID headlamps and unequaled 20-by-9-inch bad whippersnapper Hyper Blacken II matt-up aluminium wheels. The upcountry features Bunk Ring embroidered high-performance seating, agiotage embroidered coldcock mats, alive Run Camp logotype in the clump, a high-performance wheel and agiotage Alpine-branded sound scheme with 276-watt amplifier (recent availableness on national message).

Challenger R/T models include legendary 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine and available Shaker

For Scheme fans looking the well-nigh low-priced V-8 brawn car in America, the new 2015 Circumvent Competitor R/T card features the fabled 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 locomotive, which delivers capable 375 hp and 410 lb.-ft. of torsion with a six-speed manual transmittal. When opposite with the extremely tasteful Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual, the Elude Competitor R/T models characteristic a unequalled performance-tuned threefold release and under-floor mufflers with low-restriction bottleful resonators. The termination: 0-60 mph runs in the high-5-second ambit and a forbidding expel grumble for the cars odd in its rearview mirror – a brandmark of the master Competition HEMI from 45 age ago.

When opposite with the new, state-of-the-art ZF 8HP70 TorqueFlite eight-speed automatonlike transmitting, the 2015 Dodging Contender R/T models grow 372 h.p. and 400 lb.-ft. of torsion, and admit advanced Fire Recoverer Engineering to seamlessly changeover to high-fuel-economy four-cylinder modality when less mightiness is needful and V-8 fashion when more mightiness is desired. For evening more ascendance, steering-wheel mounted totter shifters are included. The resultant: faster shifts, an piquant drive live and tied faster 0-60 mph runs in the mid-5-second ambit.

The Shaker returns for 2015 on the R/T and the R/T Addition models, delivery the iconic engine-mounted, amply usable cold-air trigger Shaker punk with capable 410 lb.-ft. of torsion and singular wheels, home clipping, outside styling cues and more.

Award-winning 305 horsepower Pentastar V-6 engine – now with standard TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission for improved responsiveness and improved fuel economy

Competition SXT and SXT Addition models have the award-winning 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 locomotive, which delivers 305 track-ready hp at 6,350 rpm and a reactive 268 lb.-ft. of torsion at 4,800 rpm. A cold-air generalization scheme and threefold exhausts from the headers backrest to the release tips service to birth more 90 percentage of the locomotive’s summit torsion from 1,800 to 6,400 rpm – all for spectacular drivability and reactivity. Mated with the new banner eight-speed transmittance, the Pentastar V-6 delivers improved fire saving compared with the forthcoming simulation.

Segment-exclusive eight-speed automatic now standard on 2015 Dodge Challenger

The 2015 Stratagem Competition’s segment-first eight-speed robotlike transmittal delivers foremost preciseness and fire efficiency, on with a new electronic sceneshifter, athletics modality and paddle-shifting capabilities for more operation, also as an betterment in fire saving. Erstwhile modified to sedans costing double as often, the new Contrivance Contender democratizes this single foremost engineering, offer the Torque-Flite eight-speed automatonlike infection criterion on every V-6 simulation for 2015.

The new 2015 Circumvent Competitor R/T card and high-performance 6.4-liter Escape Ingroup and 392 HEMI Bunk Camp Shaker trims propose the alternative of a six-speed manual or the ZF 8HP70 electronic eight-speed reflex transmittance. Designedly, this state-of-the-art gearbox provides foremost slip caliber and shade with enhanced execution and fire efficiency. Mated with the 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 locomotive and its 400 lb.-ft. of torsion, the Scheme Contender R/T models can render 0-60 mph functioning in the mid-5-second ambit. For level faster quickening, the Scheme Competitor 6.4-liter Escape Camp and 392 HEMI Run Ingroup Shaker with 485 h.p. can do the like dash in the mid-4-second ambit.

For customers looking V-6 powerfulness and efficiency, the Stratagem Contender SXT models now go the ripe TorqueFlite eight-speed robotlike transmittal for 2015, delivering 0-60 in the low 6-second orbit.

The pattern of both eight-speed transmissions farther contributes to efficiency. At 198 pounds (90 kg), it weighs equitable 8 pounds (3.6 kg) more the old Rival R/T’s five-speed gearbox. Moreover, the transmitting features especially closing 5th done 8th hurrying cogwheel ratios for sander shift, on with a frown cruising rpm in top train for added subtlety.

2015 Dodge Challenger

The legend returns with fully functional Shaker cold-air intake and complete Shaker appearance

For Rival owners looking an fifty-fifty more belligerent show, Stratagem brings binding the fabled Shaker bundle, featuring a working engine-mounted “Shaker” cowling goop and a wax align of single Shaker contentedness. The all-new Shaker bonnet and pocket furnish cold-air trigger, on with a Mopar-branded cold-air consumption fitted with a conelike air trickle, which feeds impertinent air to satisfy the demands of the 6.4-liter V-8, besides as the 5.7-liter HEMI, at fastness.

Shaker frame upgrades admit the touchstone Swallow Rails Pak, which includes such operation upgrades as abeyance, brakes and direction, too as three-mode electronic constancy command, including “full-of-the-moon off” way and Goodyear Eagle F1 execution tires (all-season tires uncommitted). In accession to the big cowl max, the Shaker extra trimming adds hood-to-tail Satin Lightlessness Shaker lifelike stripe, Polish Blackness grillwork environment, Satin Lightlessness backside pillager and fire makeweight threshold, Rival hand lattice badge, “Shaker” badge underhood – hardly care the master – and 20-inch urbane al wheels with blacken pockets in satin coating (20-by-8-inch on R/T; 20-by-9-inch on 392 HEMI Shaker). R/T Shaker models add a unparalleled “Shaker” badge on the Shaker exclusive, patch the 392 HEMI Scarper Ingroup Shaker has a fabled “392 Shaker” badge on the Shaker soap and a alone Blow Bee badge on the cowcatcher. Two new inheritance colours are useable, Grand Greens and B5 Dingy. They conjoin TorRed, Spot Eloquent, Ebony and Undimmed Whiten.

Within, the Shaker bundle adds high-performance seating – usable in Ballistic Fabric (R/T) or sewed and punctured leather seating with Shaker logotype fancywork (R/T Summation, 392 Shaker) usable in Iniquity Slating with Mahogany emphasize sewing or Rad Red with Rad Red sewing, combined with a functioning wheel, K-Black accents, hopeful pedals, a Shaker splashboard brass and Shaker splatter sieve art in 7-inch TFT customizable flock exhibit.

2015 Dodge Challenger

Super Track Pak

For maximal execution on route and racetrack, Competitor’s Ace Raceway Pak provides a complement of race-bred build upgrades and is now uncommitted on all Challengers, including 3.6-liter V-6 models first. The Crack Raceway Pak lowers the abeyance by 0.5 inches and adds Bilstein jolt absorbers, high-performance brakes and especially tuned abeyance to ply a dear 50-50 battlefront/bottom angle symmetricalness. The Ace Rails Pak comes discharge with a cutoff clitoris to the new Duck Operation Pages embedded in the 8.4-inch touchscreen tuner and provides seeable execution info, such as programmable sack igniter index, latency, 0-60 multiplication, Gramme index and lap multiplication in the 7-inch TFT customizable clustering expose.

Enthusiast-desired Rear-wheel Drive architecture with advanced technological solutions

As the Circumvent sword’s operation coupe, the form of the new 2015 Stratagem Competitor is intentional, engineered and fine-tuned to pitch foremost execution and efficiencies thanks to its forward-looking technical solutions.

Technology features include all-new Uconnect system

From its updated award-winning Uconnect Admittance port, to the handiness of Uconnect Admittance Services with wayside assist, Keyless Record ‘n Go, theft-alarm apprisal, vocalization texting and the power to bit the Contender into a Wi-Fi hotspot to the new Stratagem Execution Pages, 3-D sailing and a roving app that allows drivers to spread or engage their car from a space, the 2015 Duck Contender delivers a lot of hi-tech features for the ultimate drive live.

The Contender’s acclaimed Uconnect Accession arrangement leverages sophisticated embedded cellular engineering, which enables calculate, one-touch connections with exigency serving providers, wayside assist dispatchers and fomite entropy specialists.

With its useable cell app, Rival owners can beginning their fomite and operate or unlock doors from a space. Competition owners besides can accession on-demand Wi-Fi, fashioning their car a moving hotspot.

Competition’s new for 2015 Uconnect Via Fluid lets customers savour their personal Net tuner accounts and flow sound message victimization their own peregrine gimmick information plans. It seamlessly brings iv democratic Net tuner apps into the Contrivance Competition. They are: Aha by Harman, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Shirker. Comparable all Uconnect-brand features, it is intentional to be wanton to acquire and light to use.

The 2015 Circumvent Rival’s uncommitted seafaring organisation accommodates one-step voice-controlled address entrance and enhanced 3-D piloting map artwork, devising it simpleton for drivers to realise where they are and where they pauperism to go. The bigger 8.4-inch touchscreen is besides 29-percent bigger than its harbinger.

Done the all-new Dodging Functioning Pages useable on the section’s largest 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen, Competitor drivers can concentrate switching multiplication from about 400 milliseconds to 250 milliseconds, growth locomotive and accelerator reactivity, aline electronic constancy restraint (ESC) settings and house up the guidance spirit. Additionally, the scheme includes participating launching mastery, establish ascendancy RPM settings, operation timers and execution gauges, such as Gm indicators and locomotive functioning.

Upgrades add collision warnings, 9-1-1 Call Assist to Challenger’s list of 70-plus safety and security features

2015 Dodge Challenger

The 2015 Scheme Competitor occupants gather extra tribute and accident-avoidance help, including Blind-spot Monitoring, Bum Interbreeding Course Espial and adaptative sail mastery, to gens upright a few. Blind-spot Monitoring provides an alarum if a fomite is in an next lane and audibly chimes to discourage the driver. Forward-moving Hit Monitory alerts when the driver fails to respond to an impendent forwards obstruction. The Competitor’s new adaptative sail controller matches dealings swiftness, accelerating to highway amphetamine providing extra help whether on longsighted highway drives or in enceinte dealings. All-new rain-sensing wipers and robotic high-beam ascendancy aid the driver by assisting with vernacular functions during inclement conditions weather. In improver, new for 2015, Contender offers 9-1-1 outcry/Attend Song, which connects occupants – at the button of a push – forthwith with emergency-service providers via integral cellular joining – scoop to Chrysler Grouping’s Uconnect Entree servicing.

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