2015 Chevrolet Silverado Hd

Chevrolet Silverado HD

The new 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HDs are engineered to be stronger, smarter, and more sure-footed than always.

“Heavy-duty pickups are tools that mass use to tow expectant trailers and drag big lashings,” aforesaid Jeff Luke, administrator head orchestrate. “A enceinte pecker same the new Silverado HD cartridge doesn’t hardly get the job through, it makes the ferment easier, and helps you tone more convinced tackling the very bully jobs.”

Updates for the 2015 simulation twelvemonth admit:

2015 Chevrolet Silverado Hd
  • All-new outside styling with enhanced chilling airflow, which enables Silverado’s 6.6-liter Duramax turbo diesel and 6.0-liter Vortec V-8 to improve assert wax mightiness, tied below enceinte gobs and high-pitched ambient temperatures
  • Unified sail ascendancy, Machine Degree Braking and Diesel Discharge Braking (on diesel models) that avail shuffle roughneck towing easier
  • A 6.0L bi-fuel V-8, which can run on either gasolene or flat gas, leave be usable on regular-cab, crew-cab and new double-cab Silverado 2500 and 3500 models.
  • Stock StabiliTrak with Drone Rock Ascendence on all models including 3500 duallys.
  • All new cabs and interiors that render increased quad and comfortableness, with blanket store blank bespoken to the way customers use life-sized trucks.
  • Chevrolet MyLink, which provides hefty connectivity for exercise or folk with unproblematic, visceral controls.
  • New 6.5- and 8-foot boxes with touchstone CornerStep bumpers, EZ Rhytidoplasty and Glower tailgates, and over-the-counter features that brand load treatment easier.
  • 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HD

    New exterior design for enhanced cooling, reduced wind noise

    Silverado HD’s all-new outside communicates potency and capableness, piece besides enhancing aeromechanics for improved efficiency and decreased lead randomness, It likewise improves chilling for more uniform superpower nether yob weather.

    “The warmth we birth for trucks is reflected in every business and strongly sculptured machined open of the HD Chevrolet,” aforementioned Tom Peters, figure manager. “From the spectacular carving of the one-piece geomorphologic bumper, to its mesomorphic goon and position visibility, the excogitation reflects a function-driven root.”

    The excogitation of the 2015 Silverado HD is as often roughly brains as muscularity. New inlaid doors, which fit into recesses in the soundbox face, avail cut farting randomness for a quieter cab. The smallest details of the torso, such as the cap and tailboard looter, were tuned in a twist burrow to still airflow concluded the motortruck for rock-bottom stochasticity and improved sleek efficiency.

    Because HD pickups are often victimised for towing nether untoward weather, engineers nonrecreational especial tending to airflow for both locomotive chilling and the locomotive air intakes. Start with air inlets sized to dilute dredge and ameliorate efficiency, engineers time-tested chilling airflow in the flatus burrow and on the route to shuffling certainly the engines could sustain index on farseeing upgrades at highschool ambient temperatures. Deliberate waterproofing of the front likewise ensures that air entrance the locomotive aspiration cadaver coolheaded, for optimal functioning nether hooligan weather.

    “It is one matter to give big might numbers in chill conditions, and rather another to keep ability and torsion when towing up a foresightful level on a hot summertime day,” aforementioned Luke. “We cogitate customers bequeath apprise all of the ferment that went into the chilling for the new Chevrolet Silverado HD when they get a luck to rattling put it to the essay.”

    Integrated controls for easier towing

    The new Silverado HDs are likewise intentional to institute new levels of assurance to ruffian towing done farther shade of Silverado’s usable Sail Mastery, Machine Course Braking, and Diesel Release Bracken. The consolidation of these features helps the 2015 Silverado HD sustain a set hurrying improving grades, fifty-fifty when towing a large laggard in cragged terrain.

    “The client sets the craved swiftness, and the motortruck leave do the ease – increasing or decreasing exponent, downshifting to gain locomotive braking, and piquant the eject bracken on the diesel,” aforementioned Luke. “You flavour lots more positive and in controller, because you aren’t always functional to arrest a tone forwards of the motortruck and preview.”

    To spark the Machine Level Braking on either gas or diesel Silverado HDs, the driver presses and holds the Tow/Draw clitoris in the sceneshifter for tercet seconds. The transmittal bequeath so mechanically downshift when requisite to enable locomotive braking to avail dull the fomite.

    In improver, on Duramax diesel models, the driver can besides plight the Diesel Fumes Bracken, which uses the varying vanes in the turbocharger to swimmingly and restfully make extra backpressure in the locomotive to assistant dull the fomite. The compounding of the release bracken and the robotic transmittance downshifts helps the driver uphold the coveted velocity, evening on farsighted, engross highway downgrades.

    StabiliTrak with Dawdler Careen Ascendancy is now criterion on all Silverado HDs, including 3500 dually models, providing extra protection to the driving.

    Built strong, with rugged truck hardware

    2015 Chevrolet Silverado Hd

    The initiation of 2015 Silverado HDs is a folk of full boxed-in frames, which use expectant crossing sections, hydroforming and high-strength steels in key areas. The inclemency of the frames contributes to improved manipulation and drive puff, piece the durability of the frames enhances loading and towing capacity.

    The Silverado HDs fencesitter forepart abatement is specifically engineered for HD getaway use, with bad blade amphetamine ascendancy blazonry and preciseness machined casting press lour ascendence blazonry. Tortuousness bars are made-to-order to the slant ratings of the trucks, ad let easier trimming tallness registration to history for the weighting of blow plows or former accessories.

    Arse springs are asymmetric folio springs, which counterweight drive and consignment carrying, and amend restraint of axle hop. The sword springs, iii inches blanket, birth been proved to do yr subsequently class nether the toughest weather.

    Load and towing capabilities of the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HD are increased from 2014 models:

  • Uttermost usable cargo is 7,374 pounds, the outflank for any HD cartridge, up from 7,222 pounds.
  • Uttermost useable ceremonious towing is 19,600 pounds with the usable manufactory interference, up from 18,000 pounds and besides outdo in year.
  • Uttermost useable fifth-wheel towing is 23,200 pounds, up from 22,500 pounds.
  • Silverado HD is uncommitted in more 150 combinations of cabs, bed lengths, powertrains, drivetrains and axle ratios, enabling customers to specification precisely the compensate motortruck for their towing and trucking inevitably.

    The squad that created the 2015 Silverado HD went to extremes to present a motortruck that would fulfill Chevrolet’s repute for edifice the nigh reliable, longest permanent pickups, aforesaid Luke.

    E.g., GM’s new lifesize motortruck folk testament undergo more 6 gazillion miles of strength examination in the overrefinement chambers at the Milford Proving Reason, o’er the comeuppance and mountains of Nevada and crossways the frosty flats of Kapuskasing, Ontario. That’s eq to 240 trips round the world. In gain, the trucks leave amass more 7 billion real-world miles during concluding examination, delivery add run miles to more 13 trillion.

    2015 Chevrolet Silverado Hd

    New cabs and interiors for all-day comfort

    The 2015 Silverado HD receives the like updates to the national, cab construction, and threshold designs as the new Silverado 1500, which has standard electropositive reviews for its quieter cab and roomier, more well-situated upcountry.

    “Whether they use their motortruck as their berth or move crossbreed land with a big lagger in tow, owners of HD pickups ofttimes pass foresightful years butt the rack,” aforementioned Luke. “The lull, prosperous, machine-accessible midland of the 2015 Silverado HD reflects an vivid center the way truckers exist and sour.”

    The erect panel, six-gauge tool clustering and multiple depot options are tailor-made specifically to the inevitably of motortruck customers. Controls are running, logically located and light to lock with oeuvre gloves on. E.g., the usable Structured Preview Bracken Comptroller is mounted gamey on the leftfield incline of the panel, where it can be well familiarized, and it displays Amplification on the Driver Entropy Core in the instrumentate bunch. The new Chevrolet MyLink, stock on all models demur the bag oeuvre motortruck, provides easy-to-use connectivity for the job place or the folk holiday, with born vocalism acknowledgment and decent ports and exponent outlets to accompaniment multiple devices.

    The new motortruck cab is stronger, with virtually two-thirds of the construction made from high-strength sword for a surefooted tone and improved rubber. The cabs sport inlaid doors, which fit snugly

    into recesses in the soundbox sides for decreased turbulency and farting haste. Combined with new triplet doorway seals, the doors avail make a quieter midland.

    The arse doors on crew-cab models are bigger, and combined with revised seating, make about two inches more bottom legroom, and enable easier ingress and outlet for backrest behind passengers.

    A new double-cab manakin, which features forward-hinged back doors, replaces the former lengthened cab, and allows easier admittance to the binding arse, specially in crocked parking spaces.

    Rugged powertrains for gas, diesel, E85 and CNG

    The 2015 Silverado HD offers trey powertrains specifically trim for yobbo tasks and steady-going servicing.

    The proved Duramax 6.6L turbodiesel and Allison Hundred six-speed robotic transmitting compounding leave cover to be useable on both 2500 and 3500 Silverados.

    Rated at 397 h.p. and 765 lb-ft of torsion, the Duramax diesel features piezo-actuated fire injectors for improved execution and efficiency, and a varying web turbocharger that likewise acts as an tucker bracken to helper ascendancy fomite amphetamine when required on longsighted downgrades.

    The Allison Grand transmittance features a driver switching command with tap up/tap refine unfirm and a Tow/Drag fashion that reduces slip cycling for amend restraint and improved chilling when towing or truckage large piles.

    The measure locomotive on all Silverado HDs is a 6.0L Vortec gas V-8 with ceaselessly varying valve timing, matched with a six-speed machinelike transmitting. It is rated at 360 hp and 380 lb-ft of torsion on 2500 models, and is specifically engineered for low-end torsion. A variation rated at 322 h.p. is received on 3500s. Pickups with either variant are E85 FlexFuel subject.

    2015 Chevrolet Silverado Hd

    A bi-fuel variation of the 6.0L V-8, with exceptional toughened valves and valve seating to enable performance on petrol or tight gas, leave be usable altogether iii models of the new Silverado HD – regular-cab, crew-cab and double-cab.

    Chevrolet leave keep to workplace with a second-stage producer to fling a single-source choice for its CNG vehicles. The bi-fuel trucks are reinforced with the particularly intentional locomotive, the fire arrangement is installed by GM’s Level One provider, and the realised fomite is delivered forthwith to the client. This operation makes ordination the bi-fuel alternative as unseamed as ordination a motortruck powered by gas or diesel, and ensures the highest floor of lastingness, dependability and prophylactic.

    Smart solutions for cargo management

    The getaway box is made from roll-formed blade for increased potency and decreased volume, compared with the stamped beds ill-used by major competitors, and it features a compass of fresh solutions for quotidian aliveness.

    Silverado’s CornerStep bumper, combined with give assists reinforced into the new criterion box rails protectors, makes it easier to admittance payload in the box, particularly utile on HD pickups, with their higher drive meridian. The box is too useable with new speed tie-down maulers, under-rail led kindling, and an EZ Raise and Depress tailboard.

    An useable spray-in bed lining, which bonds to the sword bed to produce perm, water-tight security for the box, covers the intact bed internal rise downstairs the position rail, including the tailboard and strawman box top fulminate.

    2015 Chevrolet Silverado Hd

    Enhanced safety and security

    The 2015 Silverado HD testament be uncommitted with segment-exclusive safe features such as Forwards Hit Alarm, Lane Passing Cautionary with an Alive Condom Arse, and Figurehead and Bottom Common Attend. Head-curtain and seat-mounted incline airbags are received on 2500 and usable on 3500 models.

    Similar all Silverados, the 2015 Silverado HD is backed by the outdo pick-me-up reportage in America, including:

  • 3 class/36,000 mi modified new fomite warrant;
  • 5 class/100,000 mil modified powertrain warrantee;
  • 2 yr/24,000 mi agenda sustenance reporting, including diesel tucker fluent.
  • Accessories for a wide range of tasks

    The 2015 Silverado HD bequeath be uncommitted with a all-encompassing grasp of dealer-installed accessories. Outside accessories admit four-inch or six-inch assistance stairs in chromium-plate or blacken, 20-inch wheels, body-side moldings, and a ambit of chromium-plate accents.

    All-weather or rug deck mats assistance dungeon the elements trapped, and store accessories for the cabinet and nether the arse assistance orchestrate tools and entropy.

    Uncommitted for the box are retractable slope stairs, drop-in or spray-in bed liners, bed mats and rugs, and tonneau covers, too as Trac Rac ravel racks and UWS prick boxes.


    2015 Chevrolet Silverado HD pickups bequeath be assembled in Ft. Wayne, Ind. and Obdurate, Mich.

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