2015 Bmw X6


Armed with an evening more powerful pattern comportment and striking execution, the new BMW X6 strengthens its post as a star advocate of scoop impulsive delight. The sec contemporaries of the Sports Action Coupe, which has already posted world-wide sales of near 250,000, enjoys a limited position among BMW X simulation rivals thanks to its resistless allurement, intoxicant operation attributes and groundbreaking luxuriousness.

The extravert figure of the new BMW X6 blends the validity and versatility of a BMW X modelling with the sporty elegance distinctive of the stigma’s Coupes. The home combines generous blank with model-specific sports features and a luxuriant atmosphere, patch attractive pattern and equipment packages boost foreground the scoop fashion of the new BMW X6. The Invention Virtuous Extravagancy equipment bundle adds contact, high-quality accents to both the upcountry and the outside. The M Variation parcel, interim, includes especially selected features that heighten the fomite’s active quality to instantly attention-getting core. Besides usable from launching are model-specific features from BMW Someone.

The new BMW X6 additionally comes with a fitly sole roll of touchstone equipment which goes fountainhead bey that of the premature modelling: bixenon headlights, 19-inch light-alloy wheels, machinelike tailboard surgery and the 8-speed Steptronic fun transmittance with wheel shifting paddles are all included, as are leather cut, two-zone mood controller, auto-dimming rear-view mirror and the Drive Adjunct condom box from BMW ConnectedDrive. Loaning functionality an spare supercharge are the 40 : 20 : 40 schism/foldable ass behind backrests, which permit lading compartment capacitance to amplify from 580 litres to as practically as 1,525 litres (75 litres more the predecessor modeling).

2015 BMW X6

Majestic performance: noticeably greater dynamic ability, fuel consumption cut by up to 22 per cent, intelligent all-wheel drive permanently active

2015 Bmw X6

The line-up of engines useable from the December 2014 plunge of the new BMW X6 (fire intake combined: 9.7 – 6.0 l/100 km [29.1 – 47.1 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 225 – 157 g/km) consists of the latest-generation V8 underdeveloped 330 kW/450 hp for the BMW X6 xDrive50i, a 190 kW/258 hp six-cylinder in-line diesel for the BMW X6 xDrive30d and another straight-six diesel with trey turbochargers and 280 kW/381 hp in the BMW X6 M50d. Ensuring that the observably increased operation of the new BMW X6 is attended by an capable 22 per centime decrease in median fire ingestion are BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering, the standard-fitted eight-speed Steptronic play transmittal, all-inclusive BMW EfficientDynamics engineering, weight-saving optimisations and enhanced aeromechanics. In saltation 2015 the BMW X6 xDrive35i (225 kW/306 hp) and BMW X6 xDrive40d (230 kW/313 hp) leave be added to the example compass.

The criterion – and permanently dynamic – reasoning all-wheel-drive arrangement BMW xDrive optimises grip, directive stableness and cornering kinetics, as the berth requires. For improved kinetics, xDrive can optionally join with adaptative respite packages, including Dynamical Functioning Ascendance.

Chassis packages raise levels of sportiness and comfort, as desired

Active Operation Controller is offered conjointly Dynamical Crusade combat-ready bowl stabilization as portion of the Active adaptative abatement bundle to render a targeted betterment in the car’s clean manipulation attributes. Encourage enhanced tantalise comforter can be achieved courtesy of air reprieve at the bum axle and Dynamical Muffler Command, which are included in both the Ease adaptative hanging parcel and Adaptative M reprieve (touchstone on the BMW X6 M50d and parting of the M Mutant software for the otc simulation variants), which likewise offers tailor-made, sports-oriented abatement tuning. The Master adaptative hanging bundle, lag, combines the features of Solace and Active.

Innovative options and BMW ConnectedDrive features

Adaptative LED headlights, Quilt Admittance (including hands-free tailboard scuttle and shutdown) and otc high-toned options underscore the innovational part of the new BMW X6. Impulsive joy and long-distance comfortableness, meantime, can be encourage enhanced by features including the Pilotage Arrangement Pro with Feeling Accountant, Fringe & Olufsen high-end surround-sound arrangement and new Arse Amusement Organization Pro.

The full form of features useable done BMW ConnectedDrive includes a – in around cases – singular orbit of driver aid systems and mobility services. Uncommitted on the options lean are items such as the BMW Head-Up Show, Impulsive Helper Addition with Snarl-up Supporter, the BMW Parking Supporter, Environment Purview and BMW Night-sight with Active Twinkle Blot and Hurrying Confine Information, too as all BMW ConnectedDrive services and On-line Amusement. The Well-informed Exigency Cry procedure is share of received stipulation for the new BMW X6.

The design: Extrovert athleticism

The invention of the new BMW X6 torso combines the rich front of a BMW X exemplar with the trademark dissipated elegance of the mark’s Coupes to make an signally gymnastic show. The yearn cowling, foresightful wheelbase, brusk breast beetle and offset rider compartment are feature excogitation features of a BMW. Its high-pitched windowpane sill and heavy rack arches, addition the myopic outdistance betwixt the forepart axle and the board, all period to stableness, highlight the Sports Activeness Coupe’s ties to the BMW X modelling class.

The gamy seats post of the new BMW X6 is linked by high-quality materials and intricately sculptured surfaces to produce a luxuriant cabin ambiance. The signified of single sportiness is generated by the driveroriented designing of the cockpit, the advanced ascendence and exhibit elements, and lines which run dynamically from the board into the threshold panels to configuration a ringing roughly the inside. The epicurean ambiance can be promote enhanced with single accents, created by smartly combination colors and materials, to accent the refined, racy or betting incline of the new BMW X6’s lineament, as craved.

Exterior design: dynamic proportions, fluid lines, striking accents

Dynamical proportions and aerodynamic lines symbolize its clean, quick treatment on the route, patch the hefty and rich aspects of the car’s figure head to its versatility and appetence for litigate out-of-the-way. At the front of the car, the X-shaped shape lines of the bumper, the matt-silver underbelly auspices, the peculiarly sinewy conception of the BMW kidney grill and the arranging of the couple broadsheet headlights and forepart foglamps are the nigh salient touch features of a BMW X framework. The expectant headlamp units compass in as far as the BMW kidney grill and carry outward swell into the face panels. Wholesale chromium-plate inserts and the conspicuously third-dimensional conception of the lights underscore the advanced part of the standardfitted bi-xenon units. Optional Adaptative LED Headlights can be specified for the new BMW X6.

Among the over-the-counter ingredients in the extrovertive, acrobatic looks of the new BMW X6 are the distinctly seeable details intentional to optimize the car’s aeromechanics. They admit the air deflectors on the breast rack arches, the Air Curtains merged into the outer air intakes of the battlefront forestage and the Air Breathers in the face panels, which team to concentrate turbulency in the movement roll arches.

The face horizon of the new BMW X6 is similarly outlined by attention-getting lines and sharply-drawn contours. The cuneus of the silhouette is accentuated by a model-specific rendering of the two-baser upset lines. Rising from the presence rack arches, the get-go rises steady up on the new BMW X6 to the arse threshold handles. A indorsement upset contrast sets out on a glower route, extending in a active chimneysweeper into the behind lights. The eye is so worn instantly to both the zing of the new BMW X6 and its substantial comportment, thanks not lonesome to the coupe-style roofline but likewise a greenhouse whose twinkle, intricate feel contrasts with the muscular trunk.

At the back, horizontal lines accentuate the breadth and solidness posture of the new BMW X6, spell the aerofoil conception in the expanse of the high-opening tailboard, a strongly formed bumper and flatbed bottom proscenium sign racy strenuosity. The three-d LED lighter strips of the two-section, L-shaped backside lights, interim, produce a contact night-time feel. As at the battlefront of the car, a flatness silver-coloured underbelly security constituent marks out the glower end of the consistence.

Customers can select from two non-metallic and nine-spot metal colors for the consistence paintwork of the new BMW X6, including the new-to-the-range Twinkle Tempest glorious burden and Flamenco Red superb gist variants. Useable as an choice for the new BMW X6 are aluminum footplates and ceiling rail in a high-gloss blacken or Aluminum satinated destination.

Interior: sporting elegance, modern luxury, advanced functionality

Boast generous levels of commodiousness, the gamy seats billet distinctive of BMW X models and high-quality, attractively ruined materials, the inside of the new BMW X6 creates the consummate surround for a sovereign drive get draped in an air of sumptuosity. The 3-dimensional invention and horizontal construction of the superimposed surfaces underscore the all-embracing broom of the board, which – on with the upper-arm trimness panels – features a high-quality Softskin aerofoil with lightlessness ornamental sewing as received. The national cut elements in banner Oxide Smooth-spoken nighttime lusterlessness, Poplar Ingrain ok court (BMW X6 xDrive50i) or Aluminum Hexagon (BMW X6 M50d) now sit atop a high-gloss melanize rise, which is bordered on its depress butt by an idiom discase in Ivory Burnish Chromium-plate. Upcountry trimming strips in Napped Al, American Oak mulct woodwind, Fineline Stripes ok woodwind and keen Fineline Arrant coarse-textured solicit can too be specified as an alternative.

The ambient light designs included in the firing bundle bring supererogatory vehemence to the optic 1 ‘tween the board and doorway panels. LED units ordered in a wrap-around contour, likewise as in otc areas of the upcountry, make an enticing burden. Bluing, gabardine and orangish sparkle can be selected, either in monochromic or in six pre-stored combinations via the iDrive organisation.

The instrumentate clump and the displays for the mood ascendance and respiration in the new BMW X6 all characteristic black-panel engineering. The subject, demonstration and coloration of the screens in the optional multifunction instrumentate show depart according to the fashion selected by agency of the Drive Have Ascendancy substitution. The separate, capable 10.25-inch flatscreen Ascendance Presentation comes as portion of the standard-fitted iDrive os.

A model-specific sports leather wheel with multifunction buttons and slip paddles, a gearstick jimmy in flashy figure and a back bum terrace whose two outer seating get a discrete mortal behind fiber and which offers prominent memory compartments in the essence armrest all scratch out the classifiable dash of the new BMW X6’s internal. Another model-specific equipment point are the genu pads on the core comfort, which – contingent the equipment alternative – sport demarcation sewing on their leather rise and an dialect slip in Off-white Colour Chromium-plate.

Equipment, Design Pure Extravagance and M Sport package: For enhanced functionality and exclusivity

2015 Bmw X6

A especially all-embracing choice of optional extras, the new Excogitation Complete Highlife equipment discrepancy and the model-specific M Play box produce extra range for tailoring the new BMW X6 just to soul requirements in damage of charisma, sumptuousness and kinetics.

Customers can opt from six colors for the banner Dakota leather passementerie, including the new variants Cognac and Coral red with blackness emphasize seams. The new BMW X6 M50d, interim, comes as touchstone with sports seating in an anthracite-coloured leather/Alcantara combining. Buns heat for the driver and breast rider is included as stock, spell het outer behind seating are useable as an selection. Too on the options leaning are sports seating (measure in the BMW X6 M50d), solace seating, galvanic behind readjustment with retention procedure and fighting arse respiration. Four-zone clime ascendancy can be specified as an substitute to the stock two-zone organisation, allowing single temperature and airing ascendancy in the bum compartment likewise. Drive joy and long-distance quilt can besides be enhanced with features including the Pilotage Arrangement Master with Touching Restrainer, the Fringe & Olufsen high-end surround-sound scheme and the new Bum Amusement Scheme Master. All example variants of the new BMW X6 characteristic 19-inch light-alloy wheels as received. Promote 19-inch besides as 20-inch light-alloys are optionally usable.

Optimised functionality: variable-use load compartment, hands-free tailgate opening and closing

The variance of the midland has besides been brocaded another snick. The backside backside backrests can now be schism/folded 40 : 20 : 40, allowing the capacitance of the consignment compartment to be increased piecemeal from 580 to a utmost 1,525 litres. Thither are 10/75 litres of excess entrepot blank in the new BMW X6 compared with the precursor modelling. Legion storeroom compartments, positive doorway pockets which can reconcile 1.5-litre bottles at the movement and one-litre bottles in the bum, besides lend to telling levels of functionality in unremarkable and touring use.

Robotlike tailboard procedure is too included in the measure spec for the new BMW X6. The tailboard can now be both open and unopen via remote and from the driver’s backside at the ghost of a release. Maximal widget when it comes to consignment and unloading the new BMW X6 is provided by the hands-free tailboard gap and closedown purpose, which comes as office of the optional Comfortableness Accession boast. Sensors discover understructure movements underneath the ass proscenium and send signals which incite the galvanising tailboard into fulfill.

The tailboard comes as touchstone with a Balmy Conclusion Robotic role, which is likewise usable for the doors as an choice. The new BMW X6 can besides be coherent with an electrically operated meth sunshine-roof whose coat has the like breadth but is about 12 centimetres yearner than on the herald exemplar. The optional ceiling track can be specified in two variants: high-gloss nigrify and Aluminum satinated.

Design Pure Extravagance: lending the exterior and interior an exclusive aura

Customers lancinate to receive the new BMW X6 bey its criterion mannikin may advantageously be attracted by a pattern and equipment variate which provides a especially brilliant case for the assured bearing and single gloriole of the Sports Action Coupe. A new Pattern Virtuous Lavishness choice is useable for both the outside and the internal, with apiece software too useable singly to accompaniment banner stipulation. In accession, the Pattern Arrant Prodigality pipeline for the national can be combined with the M Athletics bundle.

The Designing Virtuous Profligacy choice for the outside helps spring the new BMW X6 an signally single show with a innkeeper of details, approximately of which – in summation to their undifferentiated Ce Gray-headed colouring outline – too get a model-specific designing. These admit optic underbelly auspices elements in stainless for the battlefront and back forestage, lit doorway sill strips and footplates in al for the driver’s and breast rider’s threshold, kidney lattice bars with a typical geometry, tailored inserts and bars for the air intakes, classifiable passementerie for the Air Breathers on the strawman position panels, the clipping disrobe on the tracking adjoin of the tailboard, and the outside mirror caps. Adding a unequaled tucket to the face panorama is the combining of outside mirror bases and B- and C-pillar cut in high-gloss blacken, summation al surrounds in Ce Gray-haired for the position windows and outside mirror caps. Another undivided characteristic of the Innovation Vestal Prodigality pipeline for the outside are 20-inch light-alloy wheels in V-spoke figure and bi-colour coating with mixed-size tyres.

The Invention Virtuous Lavishness packet for the internal is usable in a alternative of two likewise fashionable variants card-playing unlike gloss schemes. This selection centres approximately Scoop Nappa leather passementerie with protracted features, an equipment detail that includes bottom surfaces in the new Off-white Albumen/Melanize or Cognac/Melanize bi-colour variants. The especially top-quality leather in Bone Tweed or Cognac is applied to the seating, gist cabinet, armrests and doorway panels. In add-on, the upper-arm shave panels and panel are both seamed with nigrify fulled leather which, similar the blacken bolsters of the backside surfaces and backrests, are decorated with demarcation sewing. Contingent the semblance selected for the leather cut, the car’s sole home ambiance is rounded off by American Oak or Fineline Bar hunky-dory solicit midland shave strips. The Conception Arrant Lavishness cable for the upcountry likewise comprises a car key with buttons in Bead Semblance Chromium-plate.

Making a clear case for maximum dynamics: M Sport package for the new BMW X6

A model-specific M Fun packet can besides be coherent for the new BMW X6 from found. The dynamical part of the Sports Action Coupe is accentuated by aerodynamically optimised eubstance elements with prominent air intakes at the front, strikingly contoured english skirts, a diffusor inclose for the arse proscenium, too as a tailored BMW kidney grillwork conception with bars in aluminum lustrelessness (BMW X6 xDrive30d: blacken) and high-gloss chromium-plate release tailpipe embellishers in the elan of the eight-cylinder manakin. The lour borders of the bicycle arches on with the position skirts are calico in trunk colouring. The M Variation software too includes BMW Mortal High-gloss Phantasm Occupation passementerie, 19-inch M light-alloy wheels in twin-spoke pattern, Adaptative M abatement with particularly tuned Dynamical Muffler Ascendancy, and rear-axle air abeyance with robotic self-levelling.

Besides as al doorway sill strips charge the M logotype and the anthracitecoloured BMW Soul ceiling lining, features including electrically adjustable sports seating for the driver and battlefront rider in leather/Alcantara, midland reduce strips in Aluminum Hexagon, an M leather wheel and an M driver’s tuffet all combining to convey an vivid nimbus of clean drive to the home of the new BMW X6. A particularly intentional car key is too share of the M Mutation bundle.

Engines, gearboxes and BMW xDrive: Imposing performance, exemplary efficiency

Another boast of the trailblazing conception bum the new BMW X6 is powertrain engineering which combines bewitching functioning with emblematic efficiency. BMW TwinPower Turbo gasolene and diesel engines boast both increased yield and decreased fire phthisis and emissions, an eightspeed Steptronic athletics transmittance wise from an intensifier class of farther developing, extra BMW EfficientDynamics engineering and the modish adaptation of the BMW xDrive levelheaded all-wheel-drive organisation insure the new BMW X6 has what it takes to widen its lede therein country.

All variants of the new BMW X6 follow with the EU6 tucker expelling banner. The n oxide limits for the diesel models are met exploitation a NOX adsorber accelerator and an SCR accelerator with carbamide (AdBlue) injectant.

V8 petrol engine powers the new BMW X6 xDrive50i: standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.8 seconds

The flagship locomotive for the new BMW X6 is a V8 gasoline whole. The modish variant of the 4.4-litre locomotive at the mettle of the new BMW X6 xDrive50i increases the herald exemplar’s uttermost outturn by 10 per centime – to 330 kW/450 hp (+30 kW/43 hp) – yet posts a 22 per penny cliff in medium fire usance. The locomotive’s cortege of BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering now welcomes VALVETRONIC varying valve timing aboard its two turbochargers and Mellow Preciseness Engineer Gasoline Shot, endowing the eightcylinder locomotive with improved reactivity and pull mightiness and besides gift it spare efficiency. Bill torsion of 650 N metres / 479 lb-ft (+50 Nm/37 lb-ft) is now on tap ‘tween 2,000 and 4,500 rpm, and the new BMW X6 xDrive50i powers from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.8 seconds – 0.6 seconds faster than the late exemplar. Fire phthisis is 9.7 litres per 100 kilometres (29.1 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions standpoint at 225 – 227 grams per klick (according to the EU run oscillation and contingent tire formatting).

A six-cylinder in-line locomotive development 225 kW/306 hp testament be added to the gas line-up in leaping 2015, propulsive the new BMW X6 xDrive35i from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.4 seconds. Ordinary fire use in the EU examination bicycle is 8.5 – 8.6 litres per 100 kilometres (33.2 – 32.9 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions interject at 198 – 200 grams per km (according to the EU trial oscillation and contingent tire arrange).

New BMW X6 xDrive30d: more power, lower fuel consumption and emissions

The already monitory counterweight ‘tween execution and fire usance achieved by its forerunner has been improved upon again by the new BMW X6 xDrive30d. Its 3.0-litre diesel benefits from BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering comprising a turbocharger organisation with varying intake geometry and vulgar fulminate mastermind injectant. The straight-six whole generates a utmost 190 kW/258 hp (+10 kW/13 hp) and visor torsion of 560 N metres / 413 lb-ft (+20 Nm/15 lb-ft) betwixt 1,500 and 3,000 rpm. This step-up in heftiness paves the way for speedup of 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.7 seconds (-0.8 seconds). The intermediate fire use of the new BMW X6 xDrive30d stands at 6.0 litres per 100 kilometres (47.1 mpg imp) – a 19 per centime melioration concluded its forerunner manakin – piece CO2 emissions are ‘tween 157 and 159 grams per klick (according to the EU quiz hertz and contingent tire arrange).

Likewise liner up with an excess elvis of flashy execution and efficiency is the new BMW X6 M50d (Chapter 6), which is concurrently useable from the found of the second-generation Sports Activeness Coupe. A tertiary diesel variance – the new BMW X6 xDrive40d – bequeath surveil in leap 2015. Its sixcylinder in-line diesel with multi-stage turbocharging and uttermost production of 230 kW/313 hp produces speedup of 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.8 seconds. The modal fire intake of the new BMW X6 xDrive40d is ‘tween 6.2 and 6.3 litres per 100 kilometres (45.6 – 44.8 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions are recorded at 163 – 165 grams per kilometer (according to the EU quiz oscillation and contingent tire initialize).

Eight-speed Steptronic sport transmission with Launch Control

All of the engines useable for the new BMW X6 associate as stock with an eight-speed Steptronic variation transmittal, which stands out with its particular preciseness, mellow intragroup efficiency and telling fast-shifting power. The driver can too usurp manual ascendancy of cogwheel changes victimisation either the tailored pitch picker or shimmy paddles on the wheel. Added to which, the up-to-the-minute contemporaries of the mutation reflexive infection offers a Establish Ascendance procedure to enable traction-optimised, dynamically maximised speedup off the business.

In junction with the Pilotage Arrangement Master, the robotlike transmittance is too capable to appreciate of the itinerary visibility in shrewd its pitch shifts. Based on piloting information, the gearbox adapts its chemise scheme to the position impending as the car approaches a tree, circuitous or freeway miscue route, e.g.. If the fomite is upcoming a hamlet or a turn, it changes fine-tune other to the virtually allow paraphernalia, fashioning optimal use of the locomotive braking consequence. The gearbox so shifts to the optimum gearing to speed dynamically out of the turn. Moreover, interaction with the pilotage organisation allows unneeded upshifts ‘tween two sequential aeroembolism to be avoided.

Extended BMW EfficientDynamics technology as standard

2015 Bmw X6

Too as the Consolation, Sportsman and Variation+ settings, the Impulsive Know Command substitution on the kernel solace likewise allows the driver to trip ECO PRO mood. In ECO PRO modality, the locomotive direction, catalyst reply and transmittance characteristics are consistently trim to reenforcement a specially fuel-efficient, low-rpm impulsive dash. Simultaneously, ECO PRO mood likewise programs electrically powered functions comparable the clime command, het seating and het outside mirrors for extra-efficient vigor direction. ECO PRO style besides includes a coasting use, which decouples the locomotive from the ease of the powertrain whenever the driver lifts off the gun at speeds betwixt 50 and 160 km/h (approx. 30 – 100 mph) and doesn’t bracken concurrently. This allows the new BMW X6 to sea-coast without locomotive braking, ensuring maximised fire efficiency.

The optional Seafaring Organisation Master allows extremely fuel-efficient ECO PRO sailing routes to be selected. When the road counsel use is excited, the Proactive Impulsive Supporter besides tells the driver precisely when outdo to flag the catalyst – in the interests of redeeming fire – when approach corners or a speed-restricted division of route, e.g..

The regalia of powertrain and chassis-related BMW EfficientDynamics engineering fitted as measure includes the Machine Jump Stopover office to keep unneeded fire expenditure when stationary at junctions or in dealings jams, Bracken Muscularity Re-formation with the BMW EfficientDynamics show in the cockpit, the need-based surgery of appurtenant components such as the fire and coolant pumps, fighting air dither command (contingent modeling and equipment levels), Wattage Direction and low-roll-resistance tyres.

BMW xDrive and Dynamic Performance Control: intelligent all-wheel drive and torque vectoring

By forever shifty driving betwixt the strawman and back wheels prn, BMW xDrive provides a rattling limited adopt the drive joy for which BMW is famous. In its modish edition, the transferral vitrine of the levelheaded allwheel ride displays enhanced efficiency and a 1.4 kg step-down in weightiness. The link-up ‘tween the all-wheel-drive scheme and DSC (Active Stableness Restraint) evening allows the thrust tear to be familiarised advance. As a resultant, allwheel- crusade functioning is on paw flush ahead elusion can hap – not sole on snowfall and relax reason, but besides done dynamically interpreted corners – and the locomotive’s wide ability is transformed into impulsive joy.

Active Functioning Controller allows the dispersion of powerfulness to be eventide more fine familiarized. Besides electronically controlled, this arrangement is merged into the ass derivative. Functional tandem with xDrive, it creates an intoxicant conflate of treatment kinetics and guiding constancy. Dynamical Execution Ascendancy, which is uncommitted as office of the optional Dynamical and Master adaptative reprieve packages, seamlessly varies the mightiness rip betwixt the bottom wheels (torsion vectoring). This results in boost detectable improvements in direction reply and roadholding at all speeds. Active Functioning Ascendance maintains its stabilizing litigate if the driver lifts off the gas done a box.

The all-wheel drive see is encourage enriched – supra all out-of-the-way – by the new xDrive condition exhibit in the Mastery Presentation. Jactitation 3D art, this standard-fitted boast shows real-time data on personify roller and slant. In vehicles weaponed with the optional Sailing Scheme Pro, a range presentation is additionally shown in the cat’s-paw constellate. Besides contributive to prophylactic and self-confident build on ambitious terrain is the criterion Mound Ancestry Ascendancy (HDC) organisation.

Chassis and body: A compelling fusion of dynamics and comfort

The on-going development of the Sports Activeness Coupe construct has enabled the new BMW X6 to fling an flush broader change of qualities than its forerunner. Enhanced kinetics go manus in deal with improved efficiency, the car’s sporty artistry and versatility birth been optimised, as birth razz comforter and prophylactic, the cabin ambiance has gained in sumptuousness and home functionality has too been interpreted to the future story. Lots of the citation for this attention-getting advancement crosswise all areas goes to the targeted advances in frame engineering made with the new BMW X6 and a structure frozen in the rule of levelheaded whippersnapper excogitation.

The compounding of a double-wishbone, double-joint forepart axle and the inbuilt ass axle patented by BMW – which proven its spunk in the premature modelling and has since benefited from elaborate optimization – underpins a commingle of sporty lightness and telling razz puff that none of its rivals can mates. Farther improvements sustain been made in assorted areas, including the car’s directive constancy, the detrition coefficient of the rack bearings, tire randomness and slant, which has been decreased by two kilograms at the presence axle lonely. The optional drone union now has an electrically swivelling ballock mind and allows towing capability of capable 3.5 tonnes. When busy, the poke constancy ascendence organisation merged into the DSC (Dynamical Stableness Restraint) arrangement is excited. This scheme is extremely good in preventing potential rolled motions done the laggard by agency of cautiously measured bracken inputs.

The new BMW X6 is fitted as measure with Wattage Steerage including Servotronic speed-sensitive index help. Interim, Dynamic Guidance – useable as an pick – too adjusts the guidance proportion to the car’s stream amphetamine. This reduces the direction exploit needful for low-speed manoeuvring, e.g., and provides exact responses and crystalise feedback at eminent speeds. The electromechanical emergency with Machine Clutches purpose is besides banner stipulation on the new BMW X6.

Chassis packages tailor sporting responses and comfort levels to customer requirements

Somebody requirements in damage of rag puff and sports operation can be fulfilled with the anatomy packages useable for the new BMW X6. The Ease adaptative dangling box includes Active Muffler Ascendancy and air abatement with robotlike self-levelling for the behind axle. The electronic ascendance arrangement adapts the car’s damping to the route weather and impulsive berth impending. Adaptative M respite, which comes as received for the new BMW X6 M50d (Chapter 6) and is role of the M Mutant bundle for all former framework variants, offers the like functionality. Activation Athletics or Fun+ manner delivers especially fast give and muffler characteristics.

The elements of the Dynamical adaptative abatement box interfere perceptibly to hue the BMW X6 with especially sportsmanlike manipulation characteristics done corners. Hither, Dynamical Operation Ascendancy and the Dynamical Campaign participating paradiddle stabilization organisation optimize directing constancy and concentrate consistency cast. Drivers look to maximize both quilt and dynamical elan, meantime, can likewise opt for the Pro adaptative reprieve packet. This selection combines the features of the Solace and Dynamical packages to produce an well-rounded solvent that specialises in ensuring olympian drive pleasance, any the office.

Intelligent lightweight design: increased body rigidity, reduced weight

The winner of the healthy whippersnapper pattern techniques applied in the ontogenesis of the structure for the new BMW X6 can be seen in the car’s fire uptake besides as its nimbleness in the manpower of a sportsmanlike driver. Measures such as the considered use of high-pitched and ultra-high ductile also as hot-stamped steels loan the torso improved torsional rigorousness compared with the precursor manakin and step-up the durability of the condom rider cellphone.

Employing ultra-high-strength steels, and the use of thermoplastics in the incline panels, al in the cowl and mg in the board keep, all avail to cut the car’s weighting. Boilersuit, the importantly expanded stock stipulation of the new car compared to its forerunner has not, consequently, led to higher numbers on the scales. In existent fact, granted monovular equipment levels the new BMW X6 would really be capable 40 kilograms hoy, contingent the modelling. Furthermore, this thinking mix of materials helps to reach a most 50 : 50 weighting dispersion.

The new BMW X6 too sets new standards when it comes to aeromechanics. Air Curtains, Air Breathers, optimised airflow complete the arse, air deflectors on the movement pedal arches, chilling air flap (contingent the manakin) which can be actively closed both the speed and the depress division of the forepart, and an range of former details earmark the car’s puff coefficient to fall as far as Cd 0.32 (BMW X6 xDrive30d).

Comprehensive occupant safety and optimised pedestrian protection

Extra distortion zones birth been created at the forepart of the car to optimize footer shelter. The new BMW X6 has likewise been intentional with an “participating” hood organisation: in the upshot of a hit with a prosaic or bicycler, the arrangement mechanically raises the behind portion of the cowl. This creates extra distortion capacitance, and the chance of hurt is rock-bottom. The criterion refuge equipment of the new BMW X6 too includes presence airbags, position airbags incorporated into the bum backrests, header airbags for the strawman and behind seating, three-point inertia-reel seatbelts for all seating, bash personnel limiters and whack tensioners for the presence seating and ISOFIX nipper bum attachments in the arse.

The new BMW X6 M50d: More agility, more precision, pure emotion

The plunge of the second-generation BMW X6 testament go hand-in-hand with the arriver of a BMW M Operation Car highly-developed on the base of the new Sports Action Coupe. The new BMW X6 M50d is powered by a 3.0-litre six-cylinder in-line diesel with M Functioning TwinPower Turbo engineering and a utmost outturn of 280 kW/381 hp. Its drive properties are all most over-the-top legerity and exactly governable manipulation. Same its locomotive – the well-nigh muscular diesel whole in the BMW line-up – the new framework’s eight-speed Steptronic athletics transmittal, BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive organization, especially tuned bod engineering, aerodynamically optimised eubstance conception and cockpit designing all wear the touch of BMW M GmbH.

2015 Bmw X6

The expertness amassed by BMW M GmbH in drive racing and the maturation of high-performance sports cars has been brought to expect in the targeted qualifying of single components. And this know-how is too plain in the stylemark M preciseness with which the flesh shape, braking functioning and flowing correspondence of the new BMW X6 M50d are matched with the locomotive’s execution characteristics. This gives the BMW M Execution Auto a classifiable, exceedingly sportsmanlike visibility – one which is underlined by tailor-made invention accents and turns the drive pleasance already conjured up by a BMW X example into an inimitable, emotion-rich know.

Six-cylinder in-line diesel with unique M Operation TwinPower Turbo engineering, sovereign superpower and emblematic efficiency The straight-six diesel below the hood of the BMW X6 M50d is another exemplar of the BMW Grouping’s stand-out expertness in the battlefield of powertrain evolution. Its M Operation TwinPower Turbo engineering uses leash turbochargers – which employment unitedly in a precision-adjusted multistage serve – and green revile orchestrate injectant (with piezo injectors generating utmost pressing of 2,200 bar) to return maximal turnout of 280 kW/381 hp and bill torsion of 740 N metres (546 lb-ft).

The locomotive powering the new BMW X6 M50d displays execution characteristics roll in the definitive M stamp – almost tellingly in its power to keep uttermost index turnout complete a wide-cut rev reach. The key hither is an forward-looking turbocharging organisation; two comparatively pocket-sized turbochargers and one expectant turbo dovetail just to pitch the come of exponent needful. The low instant of inactiveness of the pocket-sized turbochargers is victimised full to present razor-sharp responses and the link-up with the prominent turbo is maximised to engender as often care pressing as potential – barely as the impulsive spot demands. The new BMW X6 M50d accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.2 seconds (0.1 seconds more rapidly than its predecessor) and boasts impressive power reserves for sporty mid-range sprints, even at higher speeds.

At the same time, the average fuel consumption of the BMW M Performance Automobile has been reduced by 14 per cent and now stands at just 6.6 litres per 100 kilometres (42.8 mpg imp). CO2 emissions come in at 174 grams per kilometre. The new BMW X6 M50d thus displays a genuine commitment to delivering impressive efficiency at this extremely high level of performance.

In order to ensure optimum conversion of engine power into dynamic performance, both the eight-speed Steptronic sport transmission and BMW xDrive have been tuned precisely to the power unit’s performance characteristics. The M-specific set-up of the all-wheel-drive system has been optimised to enhance the new BMW X6 M50d’s dynamics, helping it to retain a rear-wheel bias under dynamic cornering. Even when the car is stable through corners, a larger proportion of the engine’s power is channelled to the rear axle to enhance agility and stave off understeer.

M-specific chassis delivers precise handling properties

The likewise model-specific chassis technology of the new BMW X6 M50d paves the way for hallmark M handling responses which allow precise car control even in dynamically exacting situations. The standard Adaptive M suspension of the new BMW X6 M50d comprises Dynamic Damper Control and air suspension with automatic self-levelling at the rear axle. The spring and damper system, support mounts and elastokinematics of the front and rear axle, as well as Servotronic mapping of the Electric Power Steering, all have an M-specific configuration. And that’s a recipe for familiar M handling characteristics, headlined by reduced roll, extremely high precision on turn-in and a linear build-up of transverse forces through dynamically taken corners. The car’s rigid bodyshell mounting, firm spring and damper characteristics, and direct power steering responses are especially noticeable when SPORT or SPORT+ mode is selected using the Driving Experience Control switch. This ensures a particularly clear differentiation from the COMFORT setting in the new BMW X6 M50d.

The new BMW X6 M50d is available as an option with the Dynamic adaptive suspension package. This comprises Dynamic Performance Control – with variable distribution of power between the rear wheels (torque vectoring) – and active roll stabilisation. These systems imbue the new BMW X6 M50d with even sharper cornering dynamics and further reduce body roll during direction changes.

Large brakes – featuring 385-millimetre discs at the front and 345-millimetre discs at the rear – ensure powerful and fade-free deceleration even under heavy loads. The standard-fitted 19-inch M light-alloy wheels in twin-spoke design are, like the two versions of the optional 20-inch M light-alloy wheels in twin-spoke design, fitted with mixed-size tyres.

Body design with optimised aerodynamic properties and crystalclear indicators of sporting intent

The standalone character of the BMW X6 M50d is highlighted by bespoke exterior design accents and by the design and equipment of the interior. Aerodynamically optimised body components blend with prominently sporty features to create an exterior appearance fitting the template of a BMW M Performance Automobile. Large air intakes, bespoke contours for the front apron, muscular side skirts and a rear apron with diffuser insert perform various roles, including helping to improve the airflow to the engine and optimise the car’s aerodynamic balance at higher speeds.

Other signature features of the new BMW X6 M50d’s exterior design are horizontal Ferric Grey bars for the outer air intakes, cladding at the lower edge of the body (painted in body colour), BMW Individual High-gloss Shadow Line trim, exterior mirror caps in Ferric Grey and trapezoidal, black chrome exhaust tailpipe embellishers like those on the eight-cylinder model.

Interior: an ideal ambience in which to enjoy sporty driving pleasure

The cleverly thought-out design and selection of materials for the interior of the new BMW X6 M50d have created the perfect ambience for driving pleasure at the sportier end of the scale. The BMW M Performance Automobile is equipped as standard with leather/Alcantara sports seats, an M leather steering wheel and Aluminium Hexagon interior trim strips. The anthracite-coloured roof liner, M driver’s footrest, model-specific door sill strips, electronically generated “X6 M50d” lettering in the instrument cluster and gear selector bearing the M logo add further distinctive accents to the mix.

The BMW Individual range for the new BMW X6: A strong character with exclusive style

The exclusive, unmistakable charisma of the new BMW X6 reaches a new high with the introduction of bespoke optional extras from BMW Individual. The range of paint finishes, light-alloy wheels and interior features available from the launch of the new model offers fascinating scope for turning an already extraordinary car into a one-off creation that satisfies individual palates and meets the highest quality standards.

BMW Individual is all about the emphasis on unwavering customer focus in exploring ways to showcase the owner’s personal style in the configuration of their car. All the equipment features designed for the exterior and interior of the Sports Activity Coupe meet the highest standards when it comes to design, selection of materials and workmanship. Even more unusual requests from customers can be met, extending all the way to one-off creations conjured entirely in the BMW Individual Manufactory.

BMW Individual paint finishes for a dazzling appearance

When the driver of a new BMW X6 chooses BMW Individual paintwork, this instantly marks him or her out as having an appreciation of the finer things in life. Thanks to the application of up to seven layers of paint and the addition of special colour pigments, the BMW Individual paint finishes achieve fascinating iridescent effects, an extraordinary brilliance and exceptional depth. Viewing the car from a different angle or in different light conditions reveals fresh nuances to the colour, lending the paintwork a vivid character which captures the imagination time and again. The new BMW X6 can be ordered with the BMW Individual paint finishes Ruby Black metallic, Azurite Black metallic, Pyrite Brown metallic and Pearl Silver metallic.

All the paint finishes can be combined with BMW Individual High-gloss Shadow Line or BMW Individual Exterior Line Aluminium satinated trim. In addition, 20-inch BMW Individual light-alloy wheels in V-spoke design with mixed-size tyres and BMW Individual high-gloss roof rails both help to give the car a particularly expressive appearance.

2015 Bmw X6

Exclusive material quality and workmanship: BMW Individual finegrain Merino full-leather trim and BMW Individual interior trim strips

Exquisite materials and stylish colours for the seat surfaces and other areas of the interior play a key role in refining the sense of wellbeing on board the new BMW X6. BMW Individual fine-grain Merino full-leather trim, for example, features scrupulously selected, flawless raw materials – processed using exceptionally careful techniques. As a result, the leather used for the seats, door trim panels, centre console, armrests and door pulls retains its natural open-pored structure, remains breathable and provides the utmost comfort. Its soft, fine-grain surface has an extremely elegant look. BMW Individual finegrain Merino full-leather trim can be ordered in Smoke White, Nutmeg, Taupe, Criollo Brown and Amaro Brown colour variants. And a leather-trimmed BMW Individual instrument panel complements the look with fulled leather in Black or Scotch dark over its upper section and fine-grain Merino leather in the upholstery colour for the lower section.

Customers can choose from three BMW Individual interior trim strip variants to create an ideal combination with their chosen shade of leather. As well as Piano Finish Black, the new BMW X6 can also be ordered with Sen Light Brown and Ash Volcano Brown fine wood trim. The BMW roof liner in anthracite or BMW Individual roof liner in Alcantara anthracite add extra ingredients to the exclusive interior ambience. Also available are door sill strips with BMW Individual lettering, a BMW Individual cool box and a BMW Individual leather steering wheel featuring a fine wood inlay and a decorative trim element matching the interior trim strips.

BMW ConnectedDrive in the new BMW X6: Intelligent connectivity wherever the journey leads

The new BMW X6 is perfectly equipped to offer hallmark BMW driving pleasure. A prime example is its extremely extensive range of BMW ConnectedDrive features. The Sports Activity Coupe’s innovative driver assistance systems and mobility services improve active safety and comfort and allow even more effortless and convenient use of infotainment services. The number and variety of such functions offered by the new BMW X6 to support intelligent connectivity between driver, vehicle and the outside world is unique in this class.

The BMW ConnectedDrive systems fall into two categories. The driver assistance systems provide important information about the current driving situation, amongst other things helping to improve the driver’s focus on the road and traffic. They also assist drivers in challenging or uncomfortable driving situations. The second category of system comprises BMW ConnectedDrive Services and Apps, which offer a host of different functions. Via a mobile phone or internet connection, these functions supply information and entertainment services to support a driving experience which is safe, comfortable and full of interest and variety. The standard-fitted iDrive system with Control Display, centre console-mounted Controller and favourites buttons provides intuitive, low-distraction operation of these functions. The optional Navigation System Professional comes with a 10.25-inch central dashboard display and a Touch Controller with touch-sensitive interface for inputting numbers and characters.

Driving Assistant safety package as standard on the new BMW X6

In addition to cruise control with braking function, the standard specification of the new BMW X6 also includes the Driving Assistant safety package. This camera-based driver assistance system includes Lane Departure Warning, which can be used whenever the vehicle is travelling at a speed of more than 70 km/h (44 mph). Lane Departure Warning alerts drivers with a visible signal in the instrument cluster and a vibration of the steering wheel rim if they have inadvertently drifted out of their lane. The package also includes a Pedestrian and Collision Warning system with Braking function.

This system detects preceding vehicles and, at speeds up to 60 km/h (37 mph), also pedestrians who are on a potential collision course with the vehicle. Visual and audible warnings are given if a hazardous situation is detected, and at the same time the brake system is primed so to reduce stopping distance. At speeds of up to 60 km/h (37mph), moderate “hazard” braking is also actuated, to reduce vehicle speed and to alert the driver to the critical situation.

Optional: Driving Assistant Plus including Traffic Jam Assistant

The optional Driving Assistant Plus package provides even more extensive support. In addition to the Driving Assistant functions, this system also includes the Active Cruise Control system with Stop & Go function which primarily enhances comfort and safety in slow-moving and stop-go traffic. The task of maintaining a safe following distance can be delegated to this system at any speed up to 210 km/h (130 mph). A combination of a front camera and full-range radar sensors registers preceding traffic and stationary vehicles. If the driver fails to react to a warning of an imminent frontal collision, Driving Assistant Plus automatically brakes the vehicle, if necessary using maximum deceleration.

Driving Assistant Plus also includes the Traffic Jam Assistant. At speeds up to 60 km/h (37 mph), this function not only controls following distance but also keeps the vehicle on track. As long as the driver keeps at least one hand on the steering wheel, the Traffic Jam Assistant provides steering assistance to keep the vehicle in the centre of its lane.

Speed Limit Info shows any speed limits or overtaking restrictions for a particular road in the instrument cluster, while the Lane Change Warning system, which is likewise optional, assesses the traffic situation on multi-lane roads in order to prevent critical situations when pulling out to overtake. When performing an intentional lane change at any speed upwards of 20 km/h (12 mph), the driver is warned by a visual signal and a steering wheel vibration if another vehicle is hidden in the critical area behind or alongside the new BMW X6.

Identifying and driving into parking spaces made easy with the BMW Parking Assistant

Additional convenience when driving in town is provided by the optionally available BMW Parking Assistant. This system helps the driver identify and drive into parallel parking spaces. When the parking button is pressed, the new BMW X6 parks itself automatically in the selected parking space. While performing this precisely controlled manoeuvre, the system provides the necessary steering input, operates the accelerator and brake pedal, and selects the correct gear.

Further aids to easy manoeuvring include Park Distance Control (PDC), with sensors at the front and rear of the vehicle (standard on the new BMW X6 M50d), the optional rear-view camera and optional Surround View system, which shows a 360-degree view of the vehicle and its surroundings in the Control Display, while the Panorama View front and rear monitoring function provides a better view of cross-traffic when emerging from an exit with poor visibility. The image provided by the cameras is shown in the Control Display, while an audible warning signal indicates objects approaching the car from the side.

The optional Active Protection system takes numerous steps in critical situations to reduce the severity of a potential accident. It closes the side window and, if fitted, the sunroof, pulls the front seatbelts tight and adjusts the backrest of the front passenger seat to an upright position. Active Protection now also includes an Attention Assistant feature, which analyses driving performance and advises when it is time to take a break.

At-a-glance monitoring: multifunction display, BMW Head-Up Display, LED fog lights, BMW Selective Beam, BMW Night Vision

A further option unique in the BMW X model segment is the multifunction display. This 10.25-inch display changes its appearance depending on the selected Driving Experience Control mode. Clear differentiation between the various modes is provided by different-style graphics and different colour schemes. In COMFORT mode, the display shows a classic array of four circular dials. In ECO PRO mode, the rev counter is transformed into an EfficientDynamics display. In SPORT mode, the speed is displayed digitally in the form of a large figure in the centre of the speedometer, while the currently engaged gear is displayed in the centre of the rev counter.

For the new BMW X6, the BMW Head-Up Display – which projects important information in full colour onto the windscreen – now includes additional content. When required, telephone contact lists and entertainment information can also be projected into the driver’s direct field of view. As well as vehicle speed, 3D graphics also show Check Control messages, navigation information – including lane recommendations, speed limits and overtaking restrictions – and further information supplied by the driver assistance systems.

Driving enjoyment and safety at night can be enhanced by the optional Adaptive LED Headlights with BMW Selective Beam for optimised high beam use and optional LED fog lights. Also available for the new BMW X6 is the BMW Night Vision system, which now detects not only pedestrians but also animals, and also includes Dynamic Light Spot. The system relays a real-time video image to the Control Display showing people, larger animals and other heat-radiating objects, even if they are outside the headlight beam. A warning is provided if there is a risk of collision. The Dynamic Light Spot is generated by a special headlight which “spotlights” any persons or animals detected by the system, thereby directing the driver’s attention to possible hazards in good time.

Standard specification: Intelligent Emergency Call with automatic vehicle location

The new BMW X6 is equipped as standard with a built-in SIM card, which is a basic requirement for using the Intelligent Emergency Call system. In many markets Intelligent Emergency Call itself, which features automatic vehicle location and accident severity detection, is also supplied as standard. The current generation of this system relays important information to the BMW Call Centre in the event of a crash, such as vehicle position (accurate to within metres), chassis number, vehicle model, vehicle colour and data from the onboard sensors. The system also detects how many people are travelling in the vehicle, which airbags were activated and the intensity of the impact. This makes it easier to alert the emergency services promptly and to supply them with appropriate information.

Perfect connectivity with BMW ConnectedDrive Services available at all times

The built-in SIM card also supports the transmission of BMW TeleServices data, in-car internet access, the Concierge Service – a telephone information service which BMW ConnectedDrive customers can use, say, to make hotel reservations, look for addresses and telephone numbers or check opening times – along with the Remote Services and access to the BMW Online portal. If the optional Navigation System Professional is specified, it also supports Real Time Traffic Information, which provides drivers with precise traffic information and congestion reports.

Another standard specification on the new BMW X6 is a hands-free system with USB port, while the BMW ConnectedDrive Office functions, supported either by the customer’s smartphone or by the built-in SIM card, allow the Sports Activity Coupe to be used as a mobile office. Emails, appointments, contact lists, calendar entries and notes can be shown on the Control Display. A dictating function converts spoken notes into text, which can be stored and forwarded as an SMS or email message.

Many BMW ConnectedDrive services can be installed at any time using apps, either via the smartphone or via the built-in SIM card. Amongst other things these apps support web radio functions, social media functions such Facebook and Twitter, and the BMW ConnectedDrive range of online entertainment features, which offer access to more than 24 million tracks and thousands of audio books. This flexible apps strategy makes it possible to incorporate not just proprietary BMW Group apps but also BMW Apps-ready applications from other providers.

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