2015 Bmw 2 Series Convertible

BMW 2-Series Convertible

Kitted out with sinewy engines, advanced bod engineering, delicately balanced weighting dispersion and – unambiguously therein family – rear-wheel cause, BMW is delivery an manifest steel of impulsive delight to the bounty compress section. Elegantly showy invention and an acute open-top motoring get are the stand-out features of BMW Convertibles. And the BMW 2-Series Translatable brings unitedly dynamical manipulation and bracing alfresco impulsive delight at a new degree. The concordat four-seater’s muscular locomotive engineering, acrobatic proportions, wholesale lines and stylemark “sauceboat adorn” role where the national and outside blend all hike the bar in its section in price of clean and esthetic ingathering.

The BMW 2-Series Transformable follows in the tire tracks of the trailblazer and unquestioned leader in its year: the BMW 1 Serial Transformable entered the chafe as the get-go open-top agiotage manakin in the compress section, went on to champion its situation as crystallize marketplace leader against subsequent pretenders to its toilet, and achieved sales figures in excessiveness of 130,000 units world-wide. The ontogenesis squad for the new BMW 2-Series Transformable has focussed forthrightly on construction on the strengths which proven polar to this winner. With level more thanksgiving, strenuosity and bite approximately its invention, crystallize advances in damage of quickening, lightsomeness and efficiency, and improvements in the impulsive consolation, functionality and groundbreaking equipment features it offers, the BMW 2-Series Translatable takes the qualities displayed by its forerunner to yet another storey.

2015 BMW 2-Series Convertible

The telescope of the build made as function of the handover betwixt generations is instantly seeable in the invention of the new car and directly detectable in its operation potentiality. Furthermore, the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable – alike the late launched BMW 2-Series Coupe – occupies real dissimilar reason from the BMW 1 Serial, far more so than its precursor. This limit is apparent in both its invention and its passing hefty reach of engines. As with the Coupe, the typical fibre this engenders is encapsulated in its modeling denomination. The numeral 2 has a especial grandness in the framework account of BMW and, since the comer of the BMW 02 grasp more 45 eld ago, has identified the mien of exceptionally sportsmanlike impulsive delight in a compact. Introduced in 1966, the 02-Series went on to get a proverb approximately the humanity for gaudy, nimble manipulation – and from 1967 these gifts could besides be enjoyed with the cap fine-tune. Specializer coachbuilder Baur emaciated lilliputian metre in underdeveloped a brace of soft-top variants based on the BMW 02 ambit which remained in yield until 1975.

Elegance and openness in the established style of BMW Convertibles

The outside invention of the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable displays the distinctive characteristics of an open-top four-seater from the Bavarian stain. A wholesale silhouette accentuates the new simulation’s elegance, spell athletically formed surfaces underscore its betting qualities on the route. Formerly open, the electrically operated cloth soft-top stows off full into the back of the car, allowing the shoulderline and soft-top compartment to combine harmoniously. As the two fulfill, they roll a degree open approximately the rider compartment that helps to commit the car its typical “sauceboat coldcock” fibre. The typically BMW setoff seats post allows a especially refreshful open-top motoring feel – acute liaison with the sun and winding is another tonic sport of Convertibles from BMW.

With a soundbox stretch for 4,432 millimetres, the BMW 2-Series Transformable extends 108 millimetres boost pile the route than the BMW 1 Serial and is too 72 millimetres thirster than its organize harbinger, the BMW 1 Serial Transmutable. Its personify breadth, wheelbase and cartroad breadth besides prove notability increases o’er the former example, fashioning for classifiable, elegantly stretched, gymnastic proportions.

BMW 2-Series Convertible: blazing a trail for driving pleasure all over again

A horde of innovations aboard the BMW 2-Series Transmutable tolerate it to prison-breaking new background in respective areas. E.g., the BMW M235i Exchangeable – powered by a 240 kW/326 hp six-cylinder in-line locomotive – is the get-go open-top mem of the BMW M Execution Motorcar line-up. And the BMW 220d Exchangeable gives a diesel whole from the BMW Grouping’s new locomotive category its premier in a covenant BMW example. The 140 kW/190 hp teams up, as measure, with a also new six-speed manual gearbox or, as an alternative, with a promote highly-developed eight-speed Steptronic transmittal.

The BMW 2-Series Transmutable too leads the way with a meaning new initiation in the region of reasoning connectivity. First, map information for the optional Sailing arrangement Pro can be updated via a cell connector – i.e. (suitably, tending our open-top message) “complete the air”.

The design: Athletic, elegant and open to thrills

The conversant outside pattern of Convertibles from BMW likewise announces the mien of the steel’s accustomed open-top drive delight in the constrict section. The BMW 2-Series Transmutable combines a low-slung silhouette and dynamically stretched lines with concordat proportions and strongly contoured surfaces, providing a vitrine for the open-top four-seater’s advanced elegance and quick sportsmanlike power. As with the BMW 2-Series Coupe, its typical looks emphasise its standalone position in the make’s modelling line-up and foreground the active potency, intensifier open-top impulsive feel and great agio characteristics that customers can bear. Altogether, the attention-getting features which scar the BMW 2-Series Translatable out from its rivals demand no arcsecond launching.

Initiative the soft-top ceiling highlights the proportionate conversion betwixt the outside and upcountry. The shoulderline and soft-top compartment make a floor aerofoil that wraps round the rider compartment and evokes the typical “sauceboat coldcock” part of BMW Convertibles. The rollover bars, which persist hidden unless deployed prn, likewise impart to an boilersuit belief henpecked by enceinte grade surfaces. The pattern of the inside is headlined by advanced functionality, high-quality materials and the driver focusing for which BMW is celebrated. And sole accents in the inwardness cabinet aid to pay the BMW 2-Series Transformable a svelte agiotage look in safekeeping with the car’s quality.

Hallmark BMW design language, classical features of a BMW Convertible

The front of the BMW 2-Series Transmutable, which adopts the mark’s fellow conception speech, exudes exponent and bearing. As with the BMW 2-Series Coupe, front-end structuring comes courtesy of lines that meet dynamically on the enceinte, slimly forward-slanting BMW kidney lattice. The contours of the counterpart broadsheet headlights specialise at their internal extremes and are replicated by the outlines of the outer air intakes. Air Curtains merged into the strawman proscenium assist to duct the onrushing air incisively arse the breast position panels, reduction upheaval in the bike arches. The headlamp units are spaced from the BMW kidney grillwork by constrict strips on either english. An LED stress disrobe – or, if the optional bi-xenon lights are fitted, an LED accentuate lighter – cuts crossways the top of the headlights.

Unitedly, the story shoulderline of the BMW 2-Series Translatable and the car’s blabbermouth BMW proportions – the merchandise of brusque overhangs, a farsighted hood, farsighted wheelbase and setoff rider compartment – make an nonsuch surroundings in which to delight an vivid open-top drive know. The locating of the seating fountainhead rachis in the trunk gives the driver and passengers an up-close-and-personal see of not upright the onrushing fart and the sun’s rays but too the conveyance of index to the arse wheels.

The stretched silhouette too underlines the most 11 centimetres of supererogatory torso distance of the new car concluded the BMW 1 Serial models. Its shoulderline rises slimly to the arse and merges into the nearly horizontal charge lid. And it links up with the striking upset cable functional aboard it, done the doorway handles and into the backside, to make a dynamical wedge which captures the forward-surging urging of the BMW 2-Series Translatable. Extra fiber lines starring from the doors and slope skirts to the arse english panels amuse the eye to the potently formed surfaces roughly the bottom rack arches, which punctually focussing tending on the car’s rear-wheel-drive set-up.

The BMW 2-Series Transformable’s trunk is at its widest some the ass wheels. Its rail, importantly wider than that of both the BMW 1 Serial and its forerunner Coupe, is emphatic by the horizontal lines which delimitate the bum aspect, peculiarly when the cap is outdoors. The bum lights, which broaden good into the english panels, showing the conversant BMW L-shape and get LED-powered ignitor strips. The tertiary stoplight is incorporate into boot lid and similarly illuminates victimization LED units.

The interior: driver-focused cockpit, cutting-edge functionality, refined premium ambience

The agreement of displays and controls conversant from otc BMW models gives the BMW 2-Series Transformable’s cockpit a intimate driver centering. The airfoil construction of the panel, center soothe and doorway cut follows the imbrication precept known as “layering”. The made-to-order figure of the BMW 2-Series Transformable’s core comfort creates a svelte agiotage feeling aboard. The controls for the sound organisation and clime ascendance are set against high-gloss melanize surfaces, and the air vents deliver chromium-plate surrounds. These elements are linked by an alone intentional show for the mood ascendence arrangement with tweed readouts on a nigrify downplay. An range of stowing areas and enceinte repositing compartments in the doors, meantime, conduce to the forward-looking functionality of the home.

Advantage, Sport Line, Luxury Line and M Sport variants provide effective individualisation options

Customers tempted to aspect bey stock specifications testament be capable to club their BMW 2-Series Exchangeable in quadruplet especial variants oblation cautiously considered individualization done the use of harmoniously unified innovation and equipment features. The Reward variation, e.g., offers customers features such as a multifunction wheel, Sail Restraint with braking procedure, Common Length Command, a store parcel and figurehead foglamps. The Athletics Job and Sumptuousness Contrast variants add 17-inch light-alloy wheels in their own sole innovation, ambient kindling with varying use of colors, a sliding armrest, positive peculiar doorway sill strips, backside upholstery, internal trimming strips and car key designs. And the M Sportsman manakin too comes with the equipment features included in the Reward version, summation an M Play box highly-developed especially for the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable.

2015 Bmw 2 Series Convertible

The surrounds for the outer air intakes, the presence of the kidney grillwork bars, the hybridizing rib in the exchange air inlet and the back proscenium all suffer a high-gloss lightlessness cultivation in the Fun Job edition. These details sum conjointly a diminution in the act of kidney wicket bars from 11 to eight-spot and an eject tailpipe embellisher in melanize chromium-plate to spotlight the active part of the BMW 2-Series Translatable. Sports seating for the driver and presence rider, a particularly styled cat’s-paw bundle and a genu pad on the driver’s english of the inwardness comfort deepen the signified of sporty dash in the internal. The Sumptuousness Cable variance fuses high-gloss chromium-plate invention elements with the Chromium-plate Demarcation outside box to produce a classily graceful show. The sole midland ambiance is enhanced by inside trimming strips in dainty Fineline Swarm forest, including an emphasis funnies in Oxide Smooth-spoken, and a sports leather wheel.

The M Athletics box, which is portion of the M Athletics variation, comprises tailored reprieve tuning (including a 10-millimetre bead in bait tallness and 17-inch M light-alloy wheels in double-spoke innovation), aerodynamically optimised torso elements (including big presence air intakes, attention-getting incline skirts and a diffusor for the arse proscenium), also as a particular pattern for the BMW kidney wicket and an eject tailpipe embellisher in high-gloss chromium-plate. In plus to aluminum threshold sill strips charge the M logotype, features such as sports seating for the driver and movement rider, a sliding armrest, Aluminum Hexagon inner clipping strips with an idiom peel in Estoril Dark, an M leather wheel, a extra dial excogitation for the instrumentate clump, ambient firing and an M driver’s tuffet besides trust to play an vivid air of showy drive to the internal of the BMW 2-Series Transmutable.

Body, safety and equipment: Solid basis, innovative details

The found of the BMW 2-Series Translatable sets a new benchmark for lightness and impulsive solace in an open-top four-seater in the agio constrict section. The qualities of the car’s treatment profit not just from a yearner wheelbase and wider cartroad, but besides from the fresh intentional trunk, which is stiffer and has a low-weight twist. Its bigger dimensions profit both national place and rush capability. In improver, the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable likewise has the virtually effective aeromechanics in its section, as shown by a Cd of 0.31 (BMW 220d Transformable).

Promote advances complete its harbinger can be plant in the acoustical comforter of the material soft-top, the car’s boilersuit functionality and its safe equipment. The rollover bars, which stretch as and when needful, are a convertible-specific condom lineament. In improver, the BMW 2-Series Translatable comes with innovational measures aimed at optimising earthbound auspices.

The BMW 2-Series Exchangeable is fitted with an across-the-board bedcover of measure equipment which surpasses that of both its herald and the BMW 1 Serial. The undivided position of the BMW 2-Series Transformable in the bounty covenant section is underlined by the orbit of high-quality options intentional to heighten comfortableness and functionality.

Body structure with optimised rigidity and intelligent lightweight design

The optimised rigidness of the structure enhances both the car’s nimble manipulation and its peaceful refuge. The torso of the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable boasts 20 per centime greater torsional rigidness than its herald and a 10 per penny gain in deflexion potency. Evenly fundamental to these advances are improvements in the car’s expression and an optimal option of materials, guided by the rule of levelheaded whippersnapper conception. Measures such as the considered use of gamey and ultra-high-tensile steels cater additional rigidness spell simultaneously reduction burden.

The exceedingly stiff A-pillars with strengthening elements and joints made from hot-formed sword caper a key persona in occupier security. In the outcome of the car trilled ended, the A-pillars team with the two high-strength aluminum protective bars buns the back psyche restraints, which widen in fractions of a secondment to mannequin a endurance spa for the occupants. The rollover auspices organization is excited mechanically the consequence the fundamental refuge electronics observe the risk of the car turn o’er. The spring-loaded rollover bars are excited by electromagnetic actuators.

The rollover tribute scheme forms office of an across-the-board condom conception which likewise takes into chronicle all former imaginable types of hit and puts measures in situation to assure owing operation altogether the relevant clangor tests about the humans. Passing long-lasting load-bearing structures, incisively outlined consignment paths, generous distortion zones and extremely effective constraint systems close to assure that forces generated in an brownie are amused and wrapped highly efficaciously. Interim, particular contortion zones in the locomotive compartment and an “combat-ready” cowling arrangement undertake optimised footer shelter. In the case of a hit with a footer or bicyclist, the behind portion of the cowling is mechanically elevated to cut the jeopardy of trauma in a hit with peculiarly dour sections of the locomotive.

The rubber features fitted in the national admit battlefront airbags, incline airbags with combined nous airbags incorporated into the behind backrests, three-point inertia-reel behind belts for all seating, whang power limiters and whang tensioners in the presence seating, and ISOFIX nipper bottom attachments in the backside. The standard-fitted Tire Flaw Indicant registers a going of pressing in someone tyres and warns the driver by energizing a signaling in the instrumentate bunch.

The fabric soft-top opens and closes in 20 seconds, even when on the move; three colour variants, optimised acoustics

The lines of the high-quality textile cap underline the dynamical looks of the BMW 2-Series Transformable. The soft-top’s classical, pared-down appearing exudes a touch of legerity and is complemented by optimised acoustics and unexclusive year-around usableness. Soundproofing has been improved compared with the car’s herald done the founding of extra insularism for the soft-top tegument. This bill cuts upcountry interference by 5 dB(A) in the strawman seating and 7 dB(A) in the bum.

When unwritten open-top drive delight is the fiat of the day, the electrically operated soft-top can be open in 20 seconds at the feeling of a clit – and it likewise closes in the like pocket-size shaving of metre. The porta/windup summons can likewise be initiated spell on the run at speeds of capable 50 km/h (31 mph). If the car features the Solace Admission choice, the cap can likewise be open and unopen remotely.

As an option to the criterion Lightlessness, the textile soft-top can be logical in two optional colors. For the Anthracite with eloquent gist edition and Brownish with ag gist selection, the material of the blanket is interlinking with ticket glazed fibres. This gives the substantial a high-quality, shimmering metal coat belief, which produces attractive reflections below sunshine.

Increased spaciousness, load capacity and variability

The increased outside dimensions of the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable o’er its harbinger intend occupants in the quartet seating can savour supernumerary commodiousness and exemption of campaign. In increase, the admittance quad done to the bottom is now 11 millimetres bigger, which, when combined with the touchstone Gentle Entrance role for the movement seating, agency that exploitation the bum seating is a importantly more well-fixed feel.

The internal and kicking are can now be exploited in a wider sort of shipway. Thrill capability is up by 30 litres to 335 litres with the cap unsympathetic and by 20 litres to 280 litres with the soft-top outdoors. The breadth of the gap to the freight ar betwixt the ass lights has been increased by 35 millimetres. The soft-top compartment can be elevated exploitation a jimmy in boot. Therein way, capable five-spot crates of piddle bottles, e.g., can be blotto into boot when the cap is unopen. A through-loading quickness can be specified for the BMW 2-Series Transformable as an choice; the aperture ‘tween boot and backside compartment, useable for use when the behind buns terrace is folded pile, has been expanded in breadth by 150 to 450 millimetres and in elevation by 28 to 246 millimetres. As a answer, owners can now transferral two 46-inch golfbags, e.g., or a couplet of snowboards.

With expectant doorway pockets, a roomie mitt compartment, two cupholders in the kernel solace and a memory compartment below the armrest, the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable likewise offers increased storeroom content within the rider compartment. The depress part of the doorway cut offers distance for drinks bottles capable one l in sizing, piece the optional reposition software includes features such as payload nets on the cover of the presence seating and securing lugs and nets in boot. A drone yoke can be arranged for all modelling variants of the open-top four-seater with the exclusion of the BMW M235i Exchangeable.

Extensive standard equipment and high-class options with convertible-specific functions and characteristics

The blanket stove of received equipment fitted in the BMW 2-Series Translatable besides helps to heighten the open-top impulsive delight in the covenant bounty car. Moreover, high-quality options permit owners to accomplish personal preferences and heave ease levels yet another pass higher. Both measure specifications and the options listing control examples of forward-looking engineering and ingenious details that gratify convertible-specific requirements.

The BMW 2-Series Transmutable’s full machinelike soft-top mechanics is a banner have, as are remote cardinal lockup, elevation alteration for the driver’s and strawman rider arse, and the BMW Clientele wireless with CD instrumentalist, six loudspeakers and AUX-in socket. The similarly standard-fitted Drive See Command permutation allows the driver to adapt the car’s respite set-up as craved in Comforter, Athletics and ECO PRO modes. Drivers of the BMW M235i Exchangeable can besides take a Fun+ context. When the cap is afford, the reflex mood controller scheme (too role of banner stipulation) activates a transformable fashion, which likewise takes into invoice the swiftness at which the car is traveling during its adjustments to the onboard temperature and breathing. E.g., at higher speeds the vividness of the chilling or heat impression is mechanically increased in edict to assure the in-car temperature is as pleasant as potential.

The items on the options listing admit electrically adjustable and het seating, a multifunction wheel, mechanically dimming outside and rear-view mirrors, battlefront foglamps and Comfortableness Admittance. The surfaces of the optional leather trimming, furthermore, are tempered with SunReflective engineering, which uses limited gloss pigments to importantly slim the arcdegree to which the leather is het by the sun’s rays.

Another convertible-specific alternative is the hint shelter arrangement that can be ready in the behind of the car. The new variant of the farting deflector introduced for the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable stands out with its specially telling simpleness of use. Its lour segment can be elevated to tolerate items to be pissed onto the behind bottom ben and enable use of the through-loading installation. If the lead deflector is not needed, it can be folded up into a press bundle and stowed by.

The BMW 2-Series Transmutable is fitted as banner with the BMW Pro tuner and the BMW iDrive os, which includes a separate onboard varan in flatscreen excogitation. The Ascendence Exhibit comes in 6.5 or 8.8-inch manakin, contingent the variation specified, piece the Restrainer on the gist comfort has a touch-sensitive airfoil (if the Pilotage arrangement Pro is fitted) which allows the driver to stimulant characters. Among the equipment uncommitted to execute someone communicating and amusement requirements are a hands-free scheme dispatch with USB socket, a Digital Sound Broadcasting (DAB) liquidator and the Harman Kardon HiFi arrangement.

The driving experience: Customised agility and comfort, top-class efficiency

Complete for relaxed metropolis or out-of-town cruising, the BMW 2-Series Transmutable too offers dynamical functioning that is telling for a constrict open-top example, not to quotation striking efficiency. These many talents semen courtesy of state-of-the-art engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering, an all-encompassing compass of standard-fitted BMW EfficientDynamics technologies, a distinctive BMW rear-wheel-drive set-up and ripe flesh engineering. All locomotive versions are more brawny than their like predecessors, piece concurrently boast rock-bottom fire ingestion and emissions. The might rise is anything capable 20 kW in apiece suit, spell fire usance has been decreased by an medium of 18 per penny. The figure figure and tuning is matched both to the especial inevitably of the translatable formatting and to the enhanced functioning. The new models besides accompany an unco across-the-board compass of optional frame systems. To sum, the BMW 2-Series Transmutable combines uttermost drive use in a agiotage compact-segment formatting with an stimulating open-top drive know.

The commercialise establish of the BMW 2-Series Translatable bequeath besides crisscross the unveiling in a BMW press modeling of a four-cylinder diesel whole from the new BMW Radical locomotive kinsfolk. This new 2.0-litre locomotive, fitted in the BMW 220d Translatable, generates a uttermost mightiness of 140 kW/190 hp. Customers can besides opt ‘tween two four-cylinder gas engines with 180 kW/245 hp (in the BMW 228i Translatable) and 135 kW/184 hp (in the BMW 220i Transmutable). Complementary the line-up is a six-cylinder in-line 240 kW/326 hp whole in the BMW M235i Transformable (see chapter 6). All the engines can be combined with the eight-speed Steptronic infection, which is the but whole of its sort in the constrict section and which brings encourage reductions in fire uptake and emissions compared with the received six-speed manual whole.

2015 Bmw 2 Series Convertible

BMW 228i Convertible: superior power for typical driving enjoyment

Assisted by BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering with twin-scroll turbocharger, Highschool Preciseness Orchestrate Gas Shot, VALVETRONIC full varying valve timing and Double-VANOS varying camshaft timing, the four-cylinder gasolene locomotive of the BMW 228i Translatable generates maximal mightiness of 180 kW/245hp betwixt 5,000 and 6,500 rpm from a shift of 2.0 litres. Its bill torsion of 350 N metres can be harnessed clear from 1,250 to 4,800 rpm for sportsmanlike ability and execution.

The BMW 228i Translatable completes the 0-100 km/h (62 mph) dash in 6.1 seconds. Mean EU fire use is 6.8 litres/100 km (41.5 mpg imp), with CO2 emissions of 159 g/km. Fitted with the optional eight-speed Steptronic transmittance, which offers an eventide ameliorate counterbalance ‘tween execution and uptake, the figures are improved to 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.0 seconds, and fire use and CO2 emissions of 6.6 l/100 km (42.8 mpg imp) and 154 g/km severally.

BMW 220i Convertible: responsive power and performance, impressive efficiency

The four-cylinder gasolene locomotive fitted in the BMW 220i Transmutable focuses on antiphonal index deliverance, highschool revving power and great efficiency. Its uttermost mightiness of 135 kW/184 hp is generated ‘tween 5,000 and 6,250 rpm, with a crown torsion of 270 N metres on current betwixt 1,250 and 4,500 rpm.

The BMW 220i Exchangeable alfilaria up a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) metre of 7.5 seconds (automatonlike: 7.6 seconds). Norm fire expenditure (as per EU exam cycles/second, contingent tire initialise) is ‘tween 6.8 and 6.5 l/100 km / 41.5-43.5 mpg imp (robotic: 6.4-6.2 l/100 km / 44.1 -45.6 mpg imp), with CO2 emissions of 159-152 g/km (robotlike: 149-144 g/km).

BMW 220d Convertible: latest-generation four-cylinder diesel engine

Fashioning its introduction in a BMW covenant framework (the BMW 220d Transmutable) is a congressman of the new BMW Radical locomotive class, which boasts both index and efficiency improvements concluded the herald manakin. The new 2.0-litre whole features top-class BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering and generates a utmost superpower of 140 kW/190 hp at 4,000 rpm, a boost of 10 kW ended the BMW 120d Exchangeable. The maximal torsion of 400 N metres (+ 50 Nm) is at the make betwixt 1,750 and 2,500 rpm. The aluminum crankcase features thermally united cylinder liners to tighten interior detrition and unified haltere shafts. The new locomotive likewise incorporates a turbocharger scheme with promote enhanced efficiency and a advance improved common-rail engineer injectant organization, whose solenoid injectors are now subject of a maximal press of 2,000 bar, allowing for evening more accurate fire metering. The new locomotive is too two kilograms flatboat than the harbinger whole besides as jactitation farther advances in dissonance step-down.

The new four-cylinder diesel whole propels the BMW 220d Transformable from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.5 seconds (automatonlike: 7.4 seconds). Medium fire uptake (as per EU examination oscillation, contingent tire formatting) has been rock-bottom to ‘tween 4.7 and 4.4 l/100 km / 60.1-64.2 mpg imp (machinelike: 4.4 – 4.1 litres / 64.2-68.9 mpg imp), with CO2 emissions of ‘tween 124 and 116 g/km (reflex: 116-108 g/km).

Unmatched in the compact segment: eight-speed Steptronic transmission and eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission with Launch Control

As stock, all the engines are combined with a six-speed manual transmittance. Instead and optionally, they can be specified with an eight-speed Steptronic whole. The new manual contagion fitted in the BMW 220d Translatable is furnished with involution velocity controller. A geartrain survival detector matches the locomotive rpm to the transmittal remark quill rpm, resulting in the smoothest potential paraphernalia changes. The eight-speed Steptronic transmittance in the BMW 220d Transmutable is besides encourage improved. An increased proportion ranch, optimised national efficiency, encourage improved transmittance direction and a new oscillation muffler tighten stochasticity levels and meliorate impulsive puff, chemise multiplication and efficiency.

Too usable for all manakin versions is the extra-fast-shifting eight-speed Steptronic sportsman transmittance. Wheel toddle shifters earmark the driver to interpose manually when craved, patch a Launching Ascendence procedure provides the topper potential grip and kinetics when accelerating from impasse.

Driving Experience Control switch fitted as standard; ECO PRO mode with coasting function and Proactive Driving Assistant

The standard-fitted Drive Know Restraint transposition allows drivers to select ‘tween Consolation, Mutant and ECO PRO drive modes. On vehicles fitted with leastwise one of the followers options – eight-speed Steptronic play transmittance, M Fun bundle, BMW Athletics Cable, Adaptative M Reprieve or varying fun guidance – a one-fourth modality is uncommitted: Mutation+.

In ECO PRO manner, which supports relaxed, fuel-efficient drive, models with reflexive contagion too have a coasting purpose. This role decouples the locomotive from the residual of the drivetrain when the throttle is released at speeds betwixt 50 and 160 km/h (approx. 30-100 mph). Vehicles with the Piloting scheme Master likewise accompany a Proactive Impulsive Adjunct purpose, which tells the driver when to elevator off the bound before of features such as corners, turn-offs, roundabouts and upper limits. Standard-specification BMW EfficientDynamics engineering includes Bracken Zip Re-formation, on-demand functioning of auxiliary units, Wattage Direction, Optimal Gearstick Index and the Motorcar First Closure role, which can be combined with either a manual or an machinelike transmitting.

Chassis: precise tuning and wide range of optional systems for enhanced sporty performance and comfort

The drive have in the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable is outlined by an spectacular counterbalance betwixt clean operation and consolation, courtesy of extremely sophisticated, precision-tuned form engineering, which includes a double-joint tie-bar breast axle with leap struts and stabilisers likewise as a five-link bum axle, an electrically aided rack-and-pinion steerage organization and a high-performance brakes. With its low-weight components, the addition in rail breadth and wheelbase compared with the former exemplar, the rear-wheel-drive set-up, the low inwardness of graveness and the balanced cargo dispersion ‘tween the movement and backside axle, the BMW 2-Series Transmutable frame is ideally furnished to pass first-class lightness, exact manipulation and positive and victor impulsive ease.

Standard-fitted DSC (Dynamical Stableness Ascendancy) includes functions such as the Anti-lock Braking Arrangement (ABS), Dynamical Grip Ascendence (DTC), Cornering Bracken Controller (CBC) and Active Bracken Restraint (DBC). These systems are complemented by Bracken Help, Attenuation Recompense, the Bracken Drying purpose, the Send-off Supporter and the Fighting Derivative Bracken (ADB-Sport) on the back axle, which is fighting tied in DSC-Off manner.

The BMW 228i Transmutable is weaponed as measure with 17-inch debase wheels. 16-inch alloys are received on all over-the-counter simulation versions. Foster 17 and 18-inch admixture wheels are useable as optional equipment, patch the accessories scope includes 19-inch bad BMW M Execution admixture wheels.

A grasp of optional bod systems allows execution and solace to be matched to customers’ somebody necessarily. Systems admit Servotronic speed-sensitive powerfulness serve and varying sportsman guidance, which features a variable-ratio guidance torture that reduces the direction sweat as the guidance tip increases, e.g. when parking or fashioning a bit.

Vehicles with the M Mutation packet can besides be specified with the M Athletics brakes featuring four-piston set callipers at the breast, two-piston rigid callipers at the ass and extra-large bracken discs. The callipers are multi-colour navy and extend the M logotype. The BMW M Operation braking arrangement, uncommitted from the Pilot BMW Accessories orbit, features evening bigger, perforate and well-grooved discs too as callipers multi-coloured in either red, orangeness or lily-livered.

Besides optionally usable are Adaptative M hiatus with electronically controlled dampers and M Fun abeyance with extra-stiff springing and damping. Both systems have a 10-millimetre simplification in bait meridian. From the accessories scope, BMW M Functioning sports respite is useable, offer a 20-millimetre step-down in tantalise meridian concluded the received organization, impost dampers and shorter, red-painted curl springs.

2015 Bmw 2 Series Convertible

BMW ConnectedDrive in the BMW 2-Series Convertible: Debut for over-the-air updating

Reasoning connectivity ‘tween driver, fomite and external earth is yet another domain in which the BMW 2-Series Transformable affirms its benchmark berth therein grade on with its advances concluded the late framework. The all-inclusive orbit of standard-fitted and optional driver assist systems and mobility services from BMW ConnectedDrive – intentional to optimize consolation, condom and the docudrama have – is unparalleled in the concordat section. On top of this, the BMW 2-Series Transmutable is the commencement exemplar of the stigma to be usable with the new-generation Pro seafaring scheme, featuring free-of-charge over-the-air updating of seafaring information via the constitutional SIM add-in. In a boost kickoff for the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable, this (standard-fitted) SIM scorecard is able of load-bearing the LTE radiocommunication criterion, enabling quick and honest information transferee.

Highlights among the new modeling’s BMW ConnectedDrive driver aid systems admit the anti-dazzle Gamey Transmit Help, the optional Drive Help, the Parking Supporter and the back scene camera. The optional ConnectedDrive Services software provides an optimised program for victimisation call and internet-based services, patch encourage forward-looking functions can be structured into the car’s os via apps.

Convenient, free-of-charge and always up to date: over-the-air updating of navigation data

With the entry of the up-to-the-minute multiplication of the optional Sailing organisation Master in the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable, sailing comfortableness and reliableness on the route birth been interpreted to a hale new grade. This scheme regularly updates its pilotage information various multiplication a class, whenever a new map variant becomes uncommitted. And thither are no certify fees or information transport charges for the exploiter.

The new map information is relayed to the fomite wirelessly via the SIM plug-in, so thither is no indigence for manual installment from outside information depot devices. The update is installed handily and altogether mechanically, with progression beingness shown in the Mastery Exhibit. Unconstipated updating agency thither is ne’er any wait earlier users are able-bodied to use the modish map package – and extend enjoying a complete piloting have. What’s more, all sailing features stay full working during the updating procedure. No enrollment is requisite for machinelike updating and users do not suffer to log-in to a portal.

To keep foster improved information transference for this and otc BMW ConnectedDrive functions – such as the Piloting arrangement Master’s RTTI lineament – the BMW 2-Series Transmutable’s inherent SIM carte supports the LTE radio criterion. The new high-velocity cyberspace engineering provides practically quicker information transport rates – capable five-spot multiplication the hurrying of the premature 3G radiocommunication engineering.

Internet-based services can be integrated into the car via apps

The ground for this new attribute in well-informed connectivity is the optional ConnectedDrive Services box, which gives customers approach to the cyberspace, the Concierge Servicing phone info adeptness, the removed functions, the BMW On-line portal and the BMW ConnectedDrive reach of on-line amusement features. The Well-informed Pinch Cry office and BMW TeleServices, interim, are measure spec on the BMW 2-Series Exchangeable.

Many over-the-counter functions can be added at any clip exploitation apps – either via a smartphone unified with the fomite exploitation exceptional port engineering or via the inherent SIM plug-in. These admit web wireless functions and mixer media services such as Facebook and Chitter. This pliant apps scheme makes it potential to incorporated not hardly proprietorship BMW Radical apps but too BMW Apps-ready applications from over-the-counter providers. This bequeath countenance BMW drivers to seamlessly transferral a legion of functions they already use at house to their car.

Enhanced convenience, safety and driving enjoyment with innovative driver assistance systems

The BMW ConnectedDrive scope of driver assist systems usable for the BMW 2-Series Transformable is unmatched in price of kind. Among its legion features is a rainfall detector with automatonlike headlamp energizing. If the optional bi-xenon headlights are specified, the fomite can likewise be weaponed with Adaptative Headlights including cornering sparkle, varying headlamp dispersion and adaptative headlamp grasp ascendence for metropolis and superhighway drive. Customers can likewise fiat their car with the anti-dazzle Highschool Shaft Supporter. Done varying fond screening of the headlamp irradiation, this use prevents daze for onset dealings.

Accurate and commodious manoeuvring is facilitated by Ballpark Outdistance Controller and the arse scene camera, which displays its images on the iDrive os’s Command Show. The similarly optional Parking Helper assists the driver in selecting and manoeuvring into twin parking spaces.

In plus to Sail Restraint with braking office and Hurrying Restrain Information with No Passage Information Presentation, the BMW 2-Series Transmutable can besides be specified with the advanced Drive Help pick. This scheme includes the camera-based systems Lane Exit Admonition and Hit Monitory too as the Care Supporter. Lane Leaving Monitory can be victimized at speeds terminated 70 km/h (43.5 mph) and alerts drivers by agency of a optic bespeak in the instrumentate clump and a vibe of the wheel rim if they are unwittingly vagrant out of their lane. At speeds up of 15 km/h (approx. 10 mph), Hit Monition detects if the fomite is acquiring too around dealings ahead. Therein suit, also as providing ocular and hearable warnings, the scheme besides primes the brakes in club to minimize the braking space the second the driver intervenes.

2015 Bmw 2 Series Convertible

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