2015 Audi Tt Roadster

Audi TT Roadster

The Audi TT succeeder history began in the mid-1990s with a buggy – the rattling kickoff invention modeling of the concordat sports car had a whippersnapper subdued top. The Audi TT Roadster went into yield in 1999; its successor debuted in 2007. Audi now presents the one-third genesis of the open-topped roadster. The new TT Runabout and TTS Buggy blow a pronouncedly showy fiber and innovative engineering.

The puristically flashy quality of the Audi TT Buggy is now manifest when ingress the fomite. Out-of-doors the doors and the Audi practical cockpit – the full digital instrumentate constellate – comes to spirit. It presents all entropy in magnificent, 3D art, from the optional piloting map to the great, cardinal tach in the TTS Buggy. Another instauration is the operational construct in the MMI. It supports release textbook hunt and instinctive words mastery.

The new open-topped roadster from Audi is a drive auto: sinewy, effective, inflexible. The manipulation is sporting. The Runabout turns thirstily into corners, guided by the sensible and direct-ratio liberalist direction.

The new highly-developed quattro perm all-wheel effort unites drive pleasance and constancy thanks to the electrohydraulic multi-plate hold. It distributes the might optimally ‘tween the battlefront and arse axles as a routine of the impulsive office, route properties and driver character.

2015 Audi TT Roadster

The TT Buggy with the 2.0 TDI locomotive bears the “radical” judge. Its fire phthisis is good 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers (54.7 mpg). With CO2 emissions of good 114 grams per kilometre (183.5 g/mi), the Audi TT Runabout sets a new benchmark in the sports car section.

2015 Audi Tt Roadster

The 2.0 TFSI locomotive in the TTS Runabout impresses with 228 kW (310 hp) of powerfulness and striking strait. The dash from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) takes upright 4.9 seconds – the new Audi TTS Two-seater is an elating sports car.

Exterior design

The TT winner chronicle began 20 eld ago when growth of the low modelling began. Although the pilot TT debuted as a coupe, the low figure manakin was a two-seater. Flush so the circuit was the fundamental theme – the arcs roughly the pedal arches at the battlefront and behind were in exciting counterpoint to the rigorously horizontal lines. This dateless architecture rapidly earned the TT and TT Runabout a repute among motorcar fans as a figure image – a hefty driver for the advance evolution of the Audi sword.

Equitable somewhat bigger than the archetype TT, the 3rd genesis of the TT Runabout too has a brawny and covenant route position. It is 4,177 millimeters (13.7 ft) farsighted and has a wheelbase of 2,505 millimeters (8.2 ft). The overhangs are brusque. Breadth and peak are 1,832 and 1,355 millimeters (6.0 ft and 4.4 ft), severally. Compared with its harbinger, the new Buggy is 21 millimeters (0.8 in) shorter and 10 millimeters (0.4 in) narrower. Its wheelbase, nevertheless, has adult by 37 millimeters (1.5 in). The TTS Two-seater is slimly yearner and a piddling glower.

Fair how advantageously the new Audi invention pipeline has been standard by the experts is unmistakable from two awards the TT Takeoveré standard presently afterwards its unveiling. The 2+2-seater was named “Creation of the Twelvemonth” in the “Self-propelling Stain Repugn” initiated by the honored German Excogitation Council. Concisely thenceforth, the contract sports car was esteemed with the “German Conception Honor” – which is likewise sponsored by the German Excogitation Council – in the class “Expatriation and World Designing”.

Classic: motifs from the original Audi TT Roadster

The Audi designers took up many ideas from the offset TT Two-seater and elegant them. On the flanks these are the muscularly bowed shoulders, the light-refracting sharpness on the graven english sills, and the bicycle arches, which look to be overlying. The strawman bicycle pixilated intersects the border of the locomotive goon, which continues complete the threshold as a berm business. At the backside, the lights organically incorporate into the innovation and the side-by-side tailpipes of the exhaust arouse the master TT.

Supra the redress arse bike is the bout tankful pother, another authoritative TT boast. The driver opens it by pressure the brocaded logotype, so inserts the schnozzle forthwith into the scuttle. As in racing, thither is no cap to unscrew.

New facets: the front end

The merger of distinctive TT elements with the new, dynamical cable results in a imperfect pattern lineament. With its decidedly horizontal conception the forepart conveys acrobatic vim. The pocket-size triangles ‘tween the Singleframe lattice and the headlights are attractive facets. The across-the-board, low wicket and the rings on the breast cowling are redolent of the Audi R8 high-performance sports car. Erect, slimly prepared bars split the air inlets, and a mat initiative under the Singleframe joins them unitedly.

The new Audi TT Buggy comes banner with xe asset headlights, with LED headlights or Matrix LED headlights uncommitted as an selection. With the latter, 12 pocket-size, severally governable light-emitting diodes per headlamp father the mellow shaft. The dealings position is analyzed exploitation a camera on the home mirror. On the footing of this info, the restrainer switches the person diodes on or off, or dims them in 64 stairs.

Therein way the new headlamp organisation can get various zillion ignitor patterns. It prevents over-the-counter route users from existence dazzled by brilliance and ensures that the route is perpetually brilliantly lighted.

In compounding with MMI seafaring asset, the Matrix LED headlights go another high-end office: The prognosticative cornering lightness is excited on the fundament of the road information earlier the wheel is off.

400 millisecond cycle time: the dynamic turn signals

With the optional headlights, the daylight functional lights contain trey bars ordered as a grillwork. Light-emitting diodes crystallise them via thick-wall optics. The dynamical play signals are another Audi instauration contributory to route prophylactic. They go with a 400 msec hertz meter in the steering the driver intends to number, providing early route users with extra entropy. In compounding with the LED headlights, active routine signals are victimised in the bum; they are too victimized up battlefront in combining with the Matrix LED units.

Horizontal lines likewise emphasise the breadth of the open-topped sports car at the arse. The bars in the banner LED lights, which dramatize the motive of the headlights, are permanently lit. During warm braking, the adaptative stoplight blinks quickly. The tertiary stoplight connects the two units as a striptease on the lip of the trunk lid. A diffusor integrates the beat tailpipes. At speeds supra 120 km/h (74.6 mph), a pillager extends electrically from the trunk lid to beget downforce on the bum axle.

Even sharper: the S line exterior package

Audi offers the new TT Runabout with the optional S business outside bundle, which adds extra shrewd accents at the forepart, on the flanks and at the behind, such as the sportily typical air inlets and the streamlined position sills. Eve more typical are the lines of the TTS Buggy, almost prominently with the chrome-plated housings of the face mirrors and the all-inclusive diffusor, which incorporates the 4 release tailpipes.

The quality of blusher finishes is more coloured than earlier. The unanimous colours are glorious blacken, ibis whiteness and Vegas yellowness; the metal pigment finishes floweret silver-tongued, glacier whiteness, monsoon grayish, mythos blackness, nano greyness (new at Audi), aqua-lung disconsolate and tango red (new at Audi).

Daytona greyish, bead essence is usable in the S occupation mutant parcel and with the TTS Two-seater. The colour Sepang bluing and the quartz gist rouge coating cougar nigrify are reserved for the TTS Buggy.

Soft top

The balmy top of the new Audi TT Buggy genesis is an reflex acoustical subdued top. It sits low and flows swimmingly terminated the trunk. The face windowpane is short-circuit. If the top loses tensity, it is pulled tight again by the two galvanizing motors victimised to outdoors and conclusion it. Thither is a pick of ternary colours – melanise, gy and ecru; the midland colouration is blackness.

Alike all open-topped cars from Audi, the TT Runabout besides has a material top. It fits more harmoniously into the innovation demarcation than a sword cap, and is too practically ignitor. With its infrastructure components of mg, al, nerve and polymer, the subdued top weighs fair 39 kilograms (86.0 lb), iii kilograms (6.6 lb) less than on the premature framework. This benefits the tally angle and mall of people of the open-topped runabout.

Space-saving: the Z-fold

Spell porta, the top forms a Z configuration as it folds unitedly into a apartment bundle. Fabrication in its al compartment, it does not tighten the usable loudness of the 280-liter (9.9 cu ft) trunk. The measure galvanising campaign opens and closes the top in ten seconds, eventide when impulsive at capable round 50 km/h (31.1 mph). Artwork in the Audi practical cockpit instance the process. When stopped-up, drivers can besides spread and ending the TT Two-seater with the remote key if they are not standing more four-spot meters (13.1 ft) from the car.

The caloric and acoustical insularism of the Audi TT Buggy is fantabulous. The sheepskin level supra the headlining plays an significant persona hither. The five-layer construction has a amount heaviness of 15 millimeters (0.6 in) (asset headlining). Home dissonance has been decreased compared with the old simulation, almost perceptibly in the frequence compass of the backwash. Options admit an electrically retractable fart deflector and clearance warming for the S mutation seating.

Dynamic performance where the sky’s the limit

The Audi TT winner floor began in the mid-1990s with a runabout – the real commencement conception modeling of the press sports car had a jackanapes mild top. The TT Two-seater went into product in 1999; its replacement debuted in 2007. Audi now presents the one-third contemporaries of the open-topped roadster. The new TT Two-seater and TTS Runabout brag a pronouncedly sporting part and innovative engineering.

The puristically showy role of the Audi TT Runabout is instantly seeming when entrance the fomite. Unfold the doors and the Audi practical cockpit – the amply digital instrumentate clustering – comes to living. It presents all entropy in bright, 3D art, from the optional pilotage map to the prominent, exchange tach in the TTS Two-seater. Another founding is the operational conception in the MMI. It supports unblock schoolbook research and cancel address ascendence.

The new open-topped runabout from Audi is a drive car: herculean, effective, inflexible. The treatment is flashy. The Buggy turns thirstily into corners, guided by the spiritualist and direct-ratio reform-minded guidance.

2015 Audi Tt Roadster

The freshly highly-developed quattro perm all-wheel driving unites impulsive joy and constancy thanks to the electrohydraulic multi-plate clench. It distributes the mightiness optimally betwixt the figurehead and backside axles as a use of the impulsive post, route properties and driver character.

The TT Two-seater with the 2.0 TDI locomotive bears the “extremist” pronounce. Its fire use is equitable 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers (54.7 mpg). With CO2 emissions of fair 114 grams per klick (183.5 g/mi), the TT Runabout sets a new benchmark in the sports car section.

The 2.0 TFSI locomotive in the TTS Runabout impresses with 228 kW (310 hp) of index and spectacular phone. The dash from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) takes scarce 4.9 seconds – the new Audi TTS Runabout is an elating sports car.


The new Audi TT Two-seater and TTS Runabout leave plunge with two TFSI engines and one TDI strip diesel whole. In guardianship with the specifications of the modular transversal chopine, all of the engines are installed with the recess face cladding forepart and fain xii degrees to the behind. This allowed the developers to dislodge the presence abeyance often finisher to the fomite’s forepart, to the welfare of smash guard and the invention.

All trey engines are spick-and-span, two-liter, four-cylinder units with turbocharging and calculate fire shot. They are capable 14 pct more hefty than the engines in the old framework. Fire intake of the TTS Two-seater was rock-bottom by as practically as 15 pct versus the forerunner. Emissions categorization for all tercet is Euro 6.

The TDI pick diesel and the TFSI engines use standardized efficiency measures. Get-go and frontmost are the first/block organisation, a convalescence scheme, friction-reducing measures and the groundbreaking caloric direction scheme, which provides extremely accurate, demand-based regularization of the coolant circuits for the cylinder caput and the crankcase. Another have usual to all trey engines is a audio actuator, which comes received on with Audi crusade take. If the impulsive kinetics arrangement (received on the TTS Buggy, optional on the TT Runabout) is in active modality, the locomotive audio becomes tied sportier.

7.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph): the TT Roadster 2.0 TDI ultra

2015 Audi Tt Roadster

With 135 kw (184 hp) and 380 Nm (280.3 lb-ft) of torsion ‘tween 1,750 and 3,250 rpm, the TDI scavenge diesel accelerates the new Audi TT Two-seater from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 7.3 seconds. Top speeding is 237 km/h (147.3 mph). Yet in the NEDC bike, it consumes upright 4.3 liters of fire per 100 kilometers (54.7 US mpg) – that equates to CO2 emissions of 114 grams per kilometers (183.5 g/mi), which is a new benchmark in the sports car reality. As a specially effective Audi exemplar, the TT Runabout 2.0 TDI bears the “radical” pronounce. Audi did pioneering employment therein discipline with the former modelling, too.

The four-cylinder diesel, whose 1,968 cc shift is the outcome of an 81.0 millimetre (3.2 in) calibre and 95.5 mm (3.8 in) shot, is a hi-tech locomotive. Two haltere shafts revolve in its crankcase; the inspiration camshaft in the ramify valve effort faculty can be familiarised by capable 50 degrees of meth lean. The park railing shot organization develops a utmost insistence of 2,000 bar. The adjustable vanes of the turbocharger and the constrict intercooler in the installation tube amend choke answer. The beat gas after-treatment organization merged into the locomotive software rapidly comes capable operational temperature undermentioned a inhuman beginning.

Lean and powerful: the 2.0 TFSI

The 2.0 TFSI, which weighs scarce concluded 140 kilograms (308.6 lb), is uncommitted in two versions – with 169 kW (230 hp) in the new TT Buggy and with 228 kW (310 hp) in the new TTS Runabout. The two-liter locomotive has standard legion improvements compared with the premature locomotive, which an external jury of journalists named “Locomotive of the Twelvemonth” in its class 5 days in a row, Well-nigh the just affair leftfield unaltered is the supplanting of 1,984 cc (calibre x shot 82.5 x 92.8 millimeters [3.2 x 3.7 in]).

With both variants, extra collateral injectant supplements FSI calculate shot nether fond consignment, which reduces emissions. The Audi valvelift organization varies the facelift of the tucker valves, therefore up gas switch. A press rotating inwardness faculty for the thermic direction organization and the tucker multiplex incorporate into the cylinder header pee major contributions to efficiency. Procedure of the turbocharger’s galvanizing shunt valve is super truehearted and accurate.

Just 140 grams CO2 per kilometer (225.3 g/mi): the Audi TT Roadster 2.0 TFSI

In the new TT Buggy, the 2.0 TFSI produces 370 Nm (272.9 lb-ft) of torsion ended a tolerant orbit from 1,600 to 4,300 rpm. It accelerates the concordat sports car with front-wheel crusade and manual infection from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 6.2 seconds, and on capable an electronically governed top speeding of 250 km/h (155.3 mph). NEDC fire phthisis is scarce 6.0 liters per 100 klick (39.2 US mpg), equation to CO2 emissions of 140 grams per klick (225.3 g/mi). With the six-speed S tronic and quattro perm all-wheel thrust, the key figures are 5.6 seconds for the stock dash, top upper is besides 250 km/h (155.3 mph), usance of 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers (35.1 US mpg) and 154 grams CO2 per kilometre (247.8 g/mi).

Powerful sports car: the TTS Roadster

The top framework in the modelling serial, the new Audi TTS Buggy, is push into the field of the hefty sports cars. Hither the 2.0 TFSI produces 380 Nm (280.3 lb-ft) from 1,800 to 5,700 rpm. With the optional S tronic, the dash from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) takes equitable 4.9 seconds, and the electronically governed top upper of 250 km/h (155.3 mph) is reached chop-chop. However, in the NEDC bike, the new TTS Buggy consumes equitable 6.9 liters of fire per 100 kilometers (34.1 US mpg) with CO2 emissions of 159 grams per km (255.9 g/mi).

The high-performance four-cylinder whole has been limited in key areas: the pistons and connecting rods, the independent mien seating and the principal carriage covering in the crankcase, the cylinder drumhead metal and the valves. With a maximal burster insistency of 1.2 bar, the enceinte turbocharger can press capable 1,000 kilograms (2,204.6 lb) of air per hr. A high-performance intercooler greatly reduces the air temperature.

The brawny 2.0 TFSI in the TTS Buggy responds intimately to the limit and revs capable 6,800 rpm. In robotic style of the Audi effort take organization, it responds eve more straightaway with abbreviated double-clutching underscoring the commute of gears by the optional S tronic. Two voice flap in the exhaust surface at higher heaps and rpm, devising the already heavy strait tied fuller.


All locomotive versions of the open-topped roadster ejaculate criterion with a manual six-speed transmitting. It has a whippersnapper mg caparison and gearshifts are short-circuit, lighter and exact. Audi likewise offers the extremely effective six-speed S tronic as an selection for both TFSI units. As with the manual contagion, its interior train features sportily brusque ratios. The improbable top paraphernalia helps dilute locomotive velocity and fire uptake.

The six-speed S tronic switches gears well inside upright a few hundredths of a arcsecond with no detectable disruption of pull might. In manual mood, it is controlled via the picker jimmy or the paddles on the wheel. In reflex fashion, the place D prioritizes depress rpm for depress fire ingestion; the switch scheme is sportier and locomotive swiftness degree higher in the feature for the billet S.

Attractive features: freewheeling and launch control

Another enduringness of the six-speed S tronic also the ultra-compact promotion is the fuel-saving happy-go-lucky. It is excited when the Audi campaign quality scheme (optional on the TT, touchstone on the TTS) is set to efficiency mood and the driver lets off the gun. All TFSI locomotive versions sport the found ascendancy jump platform, which enables total speedup from a tie-up with controlled bicycle parapraxis.

Similar all dual-clutch transmissions, the six-speed S tronic comprises two mugwump infection structures operated by two radially staged multi-plate grasp. Both contagion structures are ceaselessly fighting, but sole one of them is affiliated to the locomotive at any once. The truehearted shifts are performed by shift the clasp. Every transmittal speeding is assigned a schematic shift whole, as a resultant of which it is likewise potential to modification immediately from one-sixth to 4th cogwheel, e.g..

quattro permanent all-wheel drive

quattro lasting all-wheel cause is a brawny alone marketing spot in the section for the new TT Buggy and TTS Runabout. Many aspects of the quattro engineering for transverse-mounted engines let been redesigned for eventide improve kinetics, fifty-fifty greater guard and eventide more drive pleasance.

The ticker of the quattro drivetrain, the electrohydraulically actuated and electronically controlled multi-plate grip, eliminates the force collector victimized in the old genesis, fashioning it 1.4 kilograms (3.1 lb) ignitor. To the welfare of the axle payload dispersion, the clutches is set at the end of the propshaft, before of the back axle derivative. An electrically compulsive axile plunger heart forces the packages of plates interior the hold unitedly on exact with a uttermost pressing of 38 bar. The higher the oil insistency, the more locomotive mightiness is transferred steplessly from the forepart to the behind axle.

2015 Audi Tt Roadster

To guarantee the speedy exploitation of pressing, the ticker ceaselessly circulates a sure loudness of oil during convention drive. This pre-supply is switched off, still, if is not requisite, such as when the driver selects efficiency manner in Audi thrust prime. Temporarily shift it off reduces CO2 emissions by capable 1.5 grams per klick (2.4 g/mi). It is directly reactivated if the bag degree on the route decreases or the driver adopts a sportier impulsive fashion.

Oriented toward the driving dynamics: management of the quattro drivetrain

The electronic direction of the multi-plate clutches is exactly bespoke to the new constrict sports car. It plant jointly torsion vectoring, a use of the Electronic Stabilisation Mastery (ESC), and is likewise networked with the Audi campaign quality scheme (measure on the TTS Two-seater, optional for the Audi TT Runabout). The accountant is powerfully orientated on manipulation parameters such as direction weight.

If Audi ride quality is set to active and the ESC is set to Mutation, the quattro drivetrain reveals its entire active potentiality. The grip now transfers a dower of the powerfulness from the breast to the arse axle upon turn-in. As presently as the driver stairs on the gas, the forces closet the Buggy into the curve – impromptu, with no initial understeer.

Dependable drifts are potential nether freight on low-friction route surfaces. The figurehead axle straightens out the car when exiting the turn. On dry roadstead, capable 50 percentage of the mightiness is transferred to the ass axle. When the battlefront axle has real fiddling clutches, this can be as practically as 100 percentage.


The Audi effort choice organisation, which is optional with the new TT Buggy and measure with the TTS Two-seater, is the conceiver for active drive. The driver chooses ‘tween the modes puff, car, dynamical and efficiency likewise as mortal mood with the advertize of a clit. Audi driving choice influences the procedure of the catalyst and mightiness guidance and incorporates multiple subsidiary modules, including the S tronic and quattro drivetrain, the sail ascendancy organisation, the gilded reflexive air conditioning scheme, the LED and Matrix LED headlights.

Another ingredient nether the mastery of Audi cause take is the adaptative damping scheme Audi magnetized drive (measure on the TTS Buggy, optional on the TT Buggy). It uses a particular hydrocarbon oil with microscopically diminished magnetized particles to change the damping in deuce-ace stages. In dynamical fashion, the organization makes the car hug the route more tight. The wheels are just buttressed during cornering, and soundbox roster is mostly smothered – fashioning steerage reception and treatment evening more unwritten. Audi magnetized rally counters consistency rake during braking.

Sporty gearing: the progressive steering

The technical expertness ass the new Audi TT Two-seater and TTS Two-seater likewise includes the frame. Major components of the presence axle are made of al. The torture of the received liberalist direction is geared so that the proportion changes with the guidance tilt – fairly less orchestrate round the centerfield berth; really organize when the cycle is sour far.

The electromechanical might aid harmonizes dead with this gaudy feature, decreasing as speeding increases. The imperfect steerage workings in finish junction with 3 assist systems – the received aid serve and the optional Audi alive lane attend and common attend systems.

The ass hanging of the open-topped runabout uses leash brand transversal links and one tracking nexus in edict to immerse the sidelong and longitudinal forces singly. Their springs and dampers are fork from one another and reply identical exactly. The consistence is lowered ten millimeters (0.4 in) on the TTS Runabout, with the S cable athletics packet and with Audi charismatic tantalise.

Just 8.7 kilograms (19.2 lb): the wheels

Thither are xii unlike cycle versions uncommitted. The TT Buggy comes measure with 17-inch debase wheels advisement hardly 8.7 kilograms (19.2 lb) apiece. The tires are sizing 225/50. Audi and quattro GmbH whirl 18-, 19- and 20-inch wheels in a form of designs. Deliberation equitable 10.3 kilograms (22.7 lb) apiece, the optional 19-inch bad wheels are too selfsame ignitor. The TTS Buggy and the S demarcation mutant box sport 18-inch wheels with sizing 245/40 tires.

All tires go amend execution compared with the late exemplar, yet rolled impedance has been decreased importantly. A jade force exit index and a reparation kit are measure.

The expectant wheels render way for herculean brakes. The strawman discs are internally ventilated and bill betwixt 312 and 338 millimeters (12.3 and 13.3 inches) in diam, contingent the locomotive. The TTS Two-seater has fresh highly-developed al calipers on the forepart axle, which unitedly librate phoebe kilograms (11.0 lb) less than the components in the former framework. The calipers are motley nigrify (optionally red) and wear TTS logos. The electromechanical emergency, another introduction, acts on the arse wheels altogether exemplar variants.

Exact handling for everyday sporty driving: the ESC

The also fresh highly-developed Electronic Stabilisation Ascendence (ESC) rounds off the manipulation characteristics dead. During firm cornering, torsion vectoring – a package procedure of the ESC – minimally brakes the within breast bicycle (with front-wheel thrust) or both indoors wheels (with quattro all-wheel driving). This enables both wheels on the axle to transferral more sidelong effect. Due to the deviation in grip forces, the Buggy turns somewhat into the nook, fashioning manipulation level more accurate, indifferent, sportier and stalls.

The ESC leaves the selection to the driver: In Sportsman modality, the organization stiff alive and enhances impulsive delight. In combining with the quattro drivetrain, it facilitates self-generated turn-in and controlled drifts via participating conflict and spark braking interventions when understeering. If the driver pushes the release for yearner than leash seconds, the ESC turns off entirely to appropriate puristic treatment.


The two-seat upcountry envelops the driver of the new Audi TT Buggy and the new TTS Two-seater same a trim lawsuit. With its heights smash contrast, it comes crossways as adumbrate and protective, especially with the top unopen, but ne’er restrictive.

The freshly highly-developed sportsman seating with the structured nous restraints are mounted eve glower than in the former exemplar, and likewise consider 5 kilograms (11.0 lb) less. Options admit power-adjustable lumbar supports (criterion on the TTS Runabout), het seating and a core armrest. Upon quest (criterion on the TTS Buggy), Audi offers the thin S mutant seating with powerfully contoured position bolsters and adjustable buns meridian. The S sportsman seating optionally boast an galvanic mime plot on with pneumatic allowance of the english bolsters.

Modern, smart, clean: the interior design

The excogitation of the midland makes the puristic, forward-looking quality of the new TT Buggy and TTS Two-seater palpable. Emphasised horizontals channel the feeling of generous breadth. The case-by-case volumes are intelligibly set-apart; their surfaces tight and neat; the lines are lightness and about appear to drift. The tight arcs of the armrests in the doorway trims check with the centerfield burrow comfort, which in graeco-roman TT dash supports the calves.

When viewed from supra, the board resembles the annex of an aircraft. Its heart partition is powerfully disposed toward the driver. The rung air vents – another TT feature – are evocative of jet engines. They firm all of the air conditioning controls. The controls for the het seating, temperature, recirculation manner, airflow dispersion and airflow potency are situated on their axes. With the optional grand reflexive air conditioning, pocket-sized displays read the selected settings. The extremely precision-manufactured air vents instance the demanding requirements that Audi has for the procedure, pattern and craft of the total national.

Center of attention: the driver

The evacuation of the traditional air conditioning command whole gave the Audi designers the exemption to apply the panel as share of a svelte, graceful architecture. The pick of the Audi practical cockpit had a like force; it assumes the routine of the key MMI proctor. The inner of the new Audi TT is alone focussed on the driver, with all of the controls staged approximately him.

The three-spoke mutation guidance wheels deliver likewise been redesigned. Their rim is planate at the arse, and the large-minded, surface spokes are in aluminium aspect. In the TTS, the feature two-baser furrow adorns the rim. Thither are besides differences ‘tween the multifunction buttons – quadruplet are banner; the asset edition (banner on the TTS Two-seater) includes 14 buttons and rollers.

New colors and materials: color & trim

The Audi designers likewise created a new colour pallette for the upcountry. The leash colours nigrify, careen grey and palomino browned are useable for the TT Buggy. The colours inkiness or rotor gray-haired with contrastive sewing are useable with the S business mutant box and TTS Two-seater; show red is uncommitted alone for the TTS Two-seater. In the top modeling, the aerofoil of the panel features an innovational laser grain, whose honeycomb-like, slimly embossed construction comes crosswise as both technical and sporting.

Customers can take ‘tween the banner amercement key cultivation, metallic grayish and al (measure on the TTS Buggy and with the S job mutant box) in multiple variants for the inlays on the solace, the mall burrow and the threshold clout handles. Separately selectable colouring accents can be set in extra areas of the national: on the clasps of the S fun seating, the flanks of the gist solace and the privileged rings of the air vents (stock on the TTS Runabout).

Carefully coordinated: the Audi design selection admiral blue

Peculiarly apprehensive customers leave obtain many extra customization options. For the seating, these admit covers in Alcantara/leather (received on the TTS Two-seater) and okay Nappa leather particularly toughened to foreclose overheating in the sun, addition two leather packages. The S play seating are covered in voluptuary ok Nappa leather; the centerfield sections sport a infield figure. The Audi innovation option admiral blueing combines unified leather colours, alternate contrastive sewing, inlays of night al, colouration midland elements and limited woven deck mats.

Another substitute is the S occupation sportsman box, which immerses the inner alone in inkiness – or well-nigh latterly with rotor grayish appointments. Its pattern highlights are the cloth-leather arse upholstery with brocaded S logotype, prolonged al aspect with stainless pedals and footstool, the al ingress sills with S contrast logos and the peculiarly intentional wheel.

Audi virtual cockpit and MMI

The Audi practical cockpit in the new Audi TT Runabout and TTS Two-seater sets new standards. Its 12.3-inch TFT show with 1,440 x 540 pixels produces mainsheet shrewd, bright and high-contrast images. Functional in the backcloth is a Tegra 30 splintering from cooperation mate NVIDIA.

Drive with the cushy top consume represents a exceptional dispute for the Audi practical cockpit. The digital tool bunch in the new TT Runabout shines hither with a aglow loudness of 800 candelas, double as practically as the old average in the self-propelling diligence. Reflections were another dispute. The Audi engineers addressed this by tilting the amphetamine butt of the Audi practical cockpit toward the driver.

The driver can permutation betwixt two interfaces victimization the “Horizon” clit on the multifunction wheel. In “Docudrama” mood, a exchange windowpane dominates the purview – it offers a big level for the seafaring map or for lists in the Sound, Wireless and Sound areas. The tach and speedometer are displayed as pocket-sized dial instruments on the correct and unexpended. In the definitive aspect, the mall windowpane is littler; the instruments are about the like sizing as linear displays. The TTS Buggy features a showy manner in which a key tach dominates the survey.

The Audi practical cockpit provides for the attractive and various show of all types of data, from the seafaring arrows and active animations to the art for the assist systems. Elaborated effects round the state-of-the-art face. The practical dial instruments, e.g., are rendered 60 multiplication per irregular so that the needles go perfectly fluidly evening below full-of-the-moon quickening. The colouring figure of the show changes as a routine of the staple card.

The Audi practical cockpit already impressed the experts at its premier in the TT. The panel for the “Self-propelled Interiors Exhibition Awards 2014” awarded it beginning post in the family “National Introduction of the Twelvemonth – Product Vehicles”. The man’s outdo designers, suppliers, innovations and products for internal areas were notable at the awards observance.

Playfully easy: the new MMI

Equitable as innovational as the Audi practical cockpit is the new MMI arrangement in the new Audi TT and the TT Buggy. It reveals its full-of-the-moon potency as the top-of-the-line reading MMI pilotage positive with MMI ghost. The last on the mall burrow cabinet and its card construction deliver been whole redesigned. The solution is an os with matt hierarchies. As in a bodoni smartphone, an healthy, easy-to-use logic replaces branching carte trees, and oftentimes victimized functions can be reached in hardly a few stairs.

The focusing of the final is the circle circular pushbutton. In combining with the connectivity software or MMI sailing positive, its coat includes the touch-sensitive MMI feeling. The touchpad is ill-used for incoming characters and multi-finger gestures. Drivers can roll and soar good ilk with their wandering phones. An ocular detector with a predisposition of hundredth of a millimetre monitors the roundabout motions of the extremely exact dial.

The toggle switches for the virtually significant canonic menus Piloting/Map, Ring, Wireless and Media are situated supra the circular pushbutton. The master fare clit and backbone push are placed centrally below the dial. The buttons to the left-hand and compensate of it clear intelligently coupled role and circumstance menus.

“Where can I get gas?”: MMI search with free text entry and natural speech control

A specific foreground of the new scheme is MMI research, which is usable for all canonic menus and similar a hunting locomotive uses justify textbook introduction. It loosely answers queries astern upright a few letters, pickings into considerateness the car’s stream emplacement. When inquisitory for a post to eat, e.g., the driver lonesome has to insert the figure of the eatery and the outset letters of the metropolis and a lean of hits passim Europe appears collectively the addresses. Probing for songs, albums and radiocommunication stations workings likewise.

Vocalization controller has besides undergone intensifier farther exploitation so that the organisation now understands many phrases from unremarkable nomenclature employment. Commands wish “I would similar to lecture to Tool” or “Join me with Putz” are now sufficient to shout a striking. The seafaring scheme besides now reacts to cancel delivery (“Where can I get gas?”, “Yield us to the nighest Italian eatery.”). The like applies in the Tuner (“Swordplay Radiocommunication Galax”) and Media (“I would same to hear to medicine from my iPod.”) areas. The seatbelt mike provides permanently sound character when victimization the earpiece, fifty-fifty when the top is polish.

The multifunction wheel addition with its buttons and rollers (criterion on the TTS Buggy) is another ascendancy pawn. Otherwise trace gestures, the driver can do the like stairs hither as with the MMI final, all without pickings his eyes off the route.

Infotainment and Audi connect

The new Audi TT is the best-connected car in Germany – this was the closing reached for the “Car Connectivity Awarding” sponsored by the magazines machine motive und variation and Crisp. The new Audi TT Two-seater and TTS Buggy bowl off the line with the like engineering and like whirl construction as the Putsché.

2015 Audi Tt Roadster

Audi intentional the docudrama card as a modular scheme. The connectivity packet, e.g., already includes the touch-sensitive touchpad MMI contact. MMI seafaring addition with MMI touching ace the grasp. It uses the second-generation modular docudrama program with the Tegra 30 lifelike treat from Audi cooperator NVIDIA, which incessantly coordinates with its twin in the Audi practical cockpit as it goes most its workplace. With a time amphetamine of concluded one ghz, the four-core splintering can do more ogdoad zillion computation operations per sec.

The high-end organisation is a various media gist. It offers two scorecard readers, the Audi Euphony Port (AMI) for connecting nomadic players, a DVD ride, an Aux-in association and a Bluetooth port for hands-free telephone and sound cyclosis. 10 GB of fanfare repositing for medicine files, octonary speakers and a swiftness demarcation indicant based on the pilotage map round the spectrum.

Lightning fast Internet: Audi connect with LTE modem

The auxiliary faculty Audi colligate connects the open-topped runabout to the Net via the super-fast LTE measure. The rider can freely use the Cyberspace to channel-surf and netmail on his wandering gimmick via the structured Wi-Fi hotspot.

For the driver, the organisation brings the on-line services from Audi join aboard – from Google Land and Google Street Aspect, dealings data on-line and parking quad look to Chirrup and Facebook. An attractive new avail is on-line updates for the piloting map. With on-line media cyclosis, which is besides new, the Audi MMI associate app provides a connecter to the services Aupeo! and Napster. The medicine information are transferred via Wi-Fi from the smartphone to the MMI pilotage positive and the audio organisation.

The Audi sound box makes it promiscuous to colligate the smartphone to the car. The Audi medicine port connects portable media players. Advance docudrama modules admit tuners for digital tuner and video response, the connectivity bundle, the media voice parcel and the Audi vocalize organization.

The optional Strike & Olufsen Vocalize Organization drives 12 loudspeakers with 680 watts of superpower. Instead than pocket-size holes, their bezels boast okay grooves. The woofers deliver anodized aluminium elements comportment the logotype of the Danish how-do-you-do specialists. At nighttime constringe LED spark guides utter flannel twinkle.


Sales of the new TT Buggy and TTS Buggy deliver already begun in Germany. Deliveries are scheduled to get at the end of Marching 2015. The fundament terms for the 2.0 TFSI is 37,900 euros; the 2.0 TDI lists for 38,700 euros and the TTS Two-seater for 52,300 euros.

The inclination of criterion features is generous. Four-spot airbags and the constitutional headrest organization extenuate the consequences of an stroke. The play seating with structured mind restraints, an ISOFIX lynchpin pointedness on the rider arse, the Audi practical cockpit, the MMI wireless with MP3-capable CD thespian, the xe addition headlights, the multifunction wheel, the reform-minded direction, the electromechanical emergency, the start-stop substitution and the 17-inch wheels papers the hi-tech condition of the open-topped roadster.

The ambit of optional equipment is too across-the-board. Likewise the options already named supra, the appliance key, the high-beam assistance, the firing packet, the memory and trunk software and the through-loading deftness with ski/snowboard bag are suitable of citation. Showy individualists can take from the S cable outside software, the S contrast sportsman packet and the Audi invention excerpt admiral dark.

The driver help systems for the new Audi TT Runabout and TTS Buggy are too country of the art. Audi position attend uses rad to baulk arse the car to assist drivers alteration lanes more safely. Audi dynamic lane help, received on models with TFSI engines, uses slim guidance interventions to sustenance the open-topped runabout in its lane; the parkland aid with showing of environment guides it autonomously into and out of parking spaces. Another optional arrangement is the camera-based dealings signal realisation. The care help and the multicollision bracken aid scheme are received.

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