2015 Audi S3 Cabriolet

Audi S3 Cabriolet

Pizzaz in the outdoors – Audi presents the S3 Cab. The open-top four-seater is unmatchable in its section. Its 2.0 TFSI locomotive develops 221 kW (300 hp) and delivers 380 Nm (280.27 lb-ft) of torsion but, with S tronic, consumes equitable 7.1 liters of fire per 100 kilometers (33.13 US mpg) on medium (165 grams of CO2 per km [265.54 g/mi]). Naturally, the S3 Cab likewise makes use of quattro perm all-wheel ride – the perfective institution for optimum grip and drive kinetics altogether route weather. Downright whippersnapper twist and a high-performance flesh nail the visibility of the Audi S3 Cab, which is set to get in dealerships in Germany this summertime.

From a ocular stand lone, the Audi S3 Cab cuts a sporting number. It is 4.43 meters (14.53 ft) farsighted, has a wheelbase of 2.60 meters (8.53 ft), and is 1.79 meters (5.87 ft) full and 1.39 meters (4.56 ft) marvelous. The proportions are lengthened and balanced elegantly; exact lines and muscularly arciform surfaces limit the flanks.

The open-top four-seater has a flaccid top with an electrohydraulic campaign. Mg, aluminium and high-strength blade sustenance its weightiness low. A extremely insulating fizz level in the ceiling reduces the racket floor in the internal. The top is usable in 3 colours. It opens or closes in 18 seconds, level piece drive at speeds capable 50 km/h (31.07 mph). An participating rollover organisation protects passengers in the outcome of an fortuity.

Many designing details steer at the dynamical impulsive likely of the open-top four-seater. The Singleframe grillwork, encircled by a chromium-plate build, features a platinum-gray inclose and duplicate cross-struts with an aluminium feel. The air intakes are framed by hefty edges and filled with two-baser ribs and honeycomb inserts. S3 badges ornament the presence and bum. The 12 blusher colours admit the scoop Catamount Blackness, crystallization core and Sepang Dark, ivory gist.

2015 Audi S3 Cabriolet

Aluminium strips on the windscreen underframe and beltline, aluminum-look outside mirror housings and stinging sill trims delimit the sides. The taillights are furnished with LEDs as touchstone. The trunk lid has a coddler bound, and the bumper has been redesigned. An aluminum-look bar and quadruplet perpendicular ribs spring contour to the platinum-gray diffusor, which frames the iv tailpipes distinctive of Audi S models.

Star athlete: The 2.0 TFSI

The Audi S3 Cab is powered by a top-of-the-line 2.0 TFSI, which delivers 221 kW (300 hp) betwixt 5,500 rpm and 6,200 rpm and produces 380 Nm (280.27 lb-ft) of torsion from 1,800 to 5,500 rpm. With S tronic the open-top four-seater accelerates to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 5.4 seconds. The top amphetamine of 250 km/h (155.34 mph) is special electronically. When hollow (without the driver), the Audi S3 Cab weighs barely 1,620 kilograms (3,571.49 lb). The rider compartment consists principally of ultra-high-strength blade, and the cowl is made of al.

2015 Audi S3 Cabriolet

The turbocharged 2.0 TFSI, which displaces 1,984 cc (bore-hole x solidus 82.5 x 92.8 millimeters), is a straight sports locomotive. Heavy-duty aluminium pistons and higher-strength connecting rods channelize the forces to the crankshaft. The aluminum-silicon debase put-upon for the cylinder drumhead combines highschool thermic constancy and force with minimum angle. Two correspondence shafts insure supremely placid working operation.

With its dynamical role, the four-cylinder offers up a bewitching drive know. When the criterion Audi ride take active drive organisation is operational in active mood, it has a heightened gun answer, and the locomotive revs up shortly when the S tronic shifts gears. The strait flap in the exhaust unfold as the shipment and rpms step-up.

2015 Audi S3 Cabriolet

The turbocharger provides charging pressures of capable 1.2 bars, and a potent intercooler greatly reduces the temperature of the tight air. The alleged drumble (twiddle and twig) flap organize entry air in a targeted style. The camshaft can be set-back by 60 degrees proportional to the crankshaft on the consumption slope and by 30 degrees on the tucker face. In add-on, the Audi valvelift arrangement (AVS) regulates the valve airlift in two stages.

In the NEDC cps, the Audi S3 Cab with S tronic requires good 7.1 liters of fire per 100 kilometers (33.13 US mpg) (165 grams of CO2 per kilometre [265.54 g/knot]). The technologies from the Audi modular efficiency chopine add to this telling anatomy. Of special involvement hither is the extra collateral shot into the uptake multiplex, which replaces the gasolene calculate injectant FSI in the part-load scope, where it lowers fire ingestion and particulate emissions.

And the 2.0 TFSI is too at the preeminent bound in damage of caloric direction. Two circular valves combined in one faculty influence the menses and temperature of the coolant. The fumes multiplex is unified in the cylinder nous where coolant is circulating; this solvent reduces the temperature of the beat gases, which improves fire thriftiness at wide shipment. An extra vantage is quicker calefacient of the locomotive during frigid start. And the friction-lowering finish of the plunger skirts, the roll bearings in the counterweight shafts, the on-demand oil heart and the start-stop arrangement all do their office to amend efficiency.

Lightning-fast: The drivetrain

In the stock six-speed S tronic transmitting, the arse gears are close-stepped for a flashy impression, whereas the farseeing gearing proportion of the top pitch lowers rpms and thence fire expenditure. The driver can maneuver the lightning-fast dual-clutch transmittance in the reflex D and S modes or issue restraint exploitation the shifter prize in the ghost ascendance rod or the optional paddles on the wheel.

An attractive efficiency use of the six-speed S tronic is the one-way grasp. It becomes combat-ready when Audi thrust take is in efficiency fashion and the driver stairs off the throttle. During a start channelise at good limit from a tie-up, Launching Ascendancy, another boast of the dual-clutch transmitting, ensures that the powerfulness of the locomotive is inherited to the route with a outlined wear eluding.

2015 Audi S3 Cabriolet

quattro – traction and dynamics

Distinctive of the S modeling cable: Course, the S3 Cab besides makes use of quattro lasting all-wheel ride – the perfective innovation for optimum grip and impulsive kinetics altogether route weather. Sole Audi offers lasting all-wheel screw a compact-class exchangeable car.

2015 Audi S3 Cabriolet

Its feature forcefulness lies in the enhanced slip-free quickening, drive kinetics, drive condom and directive stableness that it delivers. The knock-down compact is active and static at any amphetamine, eve in unmanageable overwinter weather. When exiting a tree, it firmly transmits its might to the route, patch its two-wheel-drive competitors let to battle for clench.

The centrepiece of the quattro cause for the Audi models with transversally mounted engines is the redesigned electronically controlled hydraulic multi-plate batch. The contract, rich clutches is situated at the end of the airscrew cock, ahead of the ass axle derivative, where it contributes to the balanced axle dispersion scorn its comparatively low weighting. Privileged is a parcel of plates that revolve in an oil tub. The alloy rubbing rings are staged ass one another in pairs – one tintinnabulation of apiece brace is bolt intermeshed with the lodging, which rotates with the airscrew dick. The otc mob is intermeshed with the yield spear to the bum axle derivative.

In convention weather, the clench sends nearly of the locomotive’s might to the breast wheels. If grip decreases thither, the clasp can transference torsion incessantly to the bottom axle by forcing the packages of plates unitedly via controlled fulfill.

Dynamics made by Audi: The chassis

The form with its bore, exact answer and highschool constancy brings the dynamical timber of the Audi S3 Cab to paragon. The axle cargo dispersion is wonderfully balanced at 56:44; the rear-inclined induction berth of the locomotive contributes to this, as does the battlefront axle placed far to the presence. Both solutions are from the Aggroup’s modular thwartwise chopine. The subframe and pin aim on the movement reprieve are made of al, and a four-link construction is put-upon for the bottom axle.

Compared with the Audi A3 Cabriolet (combined fire phthisis in l/100 km: 6 – 4,2 [39,2 – 56 US mpg]; combined CO2 expelling in g/km: 140 – 110 [225,3 – 177 g/mil]), the eubstance is 25 millimeters (0.98 in) frown due to the S play hiatus. With the banner reformist direction, the rack-and-pinion is intentional such that the steerage proportion becomes more organize with steering-wheel gesture – thusly sportiness and consolation accompaniment apiece otc dead. The electromechanical reform-minded direction, which adapts its aid to the speeding, enables diverse optional help systems.

As function of the measure stipulation, the Audi S3 Cab is fitted with 225/40 R18 tires, on 8Jx18 al wheels in five-parallel-spoke figure with a machine-polished smooth-spoken finishing. To slenderize burthen, the wheels are made victimisation an al flowing forming procedure. Audi likewise offers optional 18- or 19-inch wheels in versatile designs.

Measurement 340 millimeters (13.39 in) in diam, the figurehead bracken discs are real prominent, with nigrify – or optionally red – calipers emblazoned with S3 logos. The electromechanical emergency is incorporated into the behind brakes. The ESC electronic stabilisation command manifests itself in a new arrange of phylogenesis. Ahead stretch the treatment limits, a fine metered braking torsion is applied imperceptibly to the inner presence wheels. This improves the car’s lightness, frankincense complementing the employment of the quattro driving.

The received Audi crusade quality dynamical impulsive arrangement controls the locomotive/transmittance characteristics and guidance aid, also as the S tronic. The driver can take ease, automobile, dynamical, efficiency or mortal manner. Audi effort choose too incorporates the optional Audi magnetized cod muffler ascendance arrangement.

Cool black: The interior

2015 Audi S3 Cabriolet

Wrapped wholly in melanize, the upcountry of the S3 Cab has a cleanse, graceful show. As with every Audi, its procedure is wanton and the cultivation is of superscript tone. Thither is board for two adults in the bum, and the soft incoming boast makes acquiring in easier. The 285 l (10.06 three-dimensional ft) trunk can be expanded by foldaway kill the behind bottom backs; its bulk is 245 liters (8.65 three-dimensional ft) when the top is polish.

Ok details emphasise the dynamical part of the open-top four-seater. The received inlays are made of matte napped aluminium, and many of the controls gleaming in an al looking. The instrumentate dials are in S-specific night greyness metal and the digits and needles are tweed. A 3-dimensional S3 logotype and a hike pressing index discharge the tach. The colouration driver data organization is criterion; the power-retractable on-board reminder (touchstone with the MMI radiocommunication and supra) powers capable exhibit a extra S3 blind.

The fun seating draw and supporting the consistence. The arse surfaces can be pulled out, and the backrests let raised S3 logos. The upholstery is a mix of Drop Nappa leather and textile. Combinations of Alcantara and Bead Nappa leather or Mulct Nappa leather and Velvety leather are useable as options. Contrastive sewing adds ocular touches. Over-the-counter alternatives admit the S fun seating with unified header restraints and berm panels with infield sewing and the Audi figure choice in march red. A extra coloration paint on all leather cut prevents seating from heat up overmuch in the sun.

The stock bundle for the Audi S3 Cab besides includes a sportsman leather wheel with the S3 allegory. A leather multifunction fun wheel with a flat-bottom rim is uncommitted on bespeak, too with optional switch paddles. Otc criterion features are the pedals and footrests made from fleecy stainless-steel. In combining with the optional gizmo key, a red hoop adorns the start-stop clit. The aluminium threshold sills wear S3 logos. Early stock features admit the anti-theft appall, opulent robotic air conditioning, Xe positive headlights and the repositing and trunk box.

On a par with the full-size class: The options

The grasp of uncommitted options is likewise extremely attractive and includes head-level heat in the breast seating, LED headlights and the gadget key, to describe fair a few. MMI sailing positive with MMI touching and a high-resolution seven-inch supervise top the docudrama compass. The auxiliary Audi unite faculty delivers the mark’s customized Net services to the car victimisation the truehearted LTE criterion. The Hit & Olufsen Vocalize Arrangement ups the ante with 13 speakers.

The driver assist systems admit the criterion residual testimonial too as adaptative sail ascendence, Audi incline help, Audi alive lane attend, camera-based dealings mark realization, parkland help with selective showing and the Audi pre sentience prophylactic organisation. Rescue of the S3 Cab in Germany bequeath get in summertime – for a stand terms of 48,500 euros.

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