2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Adding to the Alfa Romeo stain’s fabled racing account and the exciting know of alfresco motoring, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer debuts with bird’s-eye views complemented with a touch Alfa release bill, asset the all-important sportiness of the award-winning 4C Coupe: handcrafted in Modena, Italy; innovational and seductive Italian manner; state-of-the-art Normal 1 divine c character monocoque bod that enables an unbelievable power-to-weight proportion; forward-looking technologies, including the all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged locomotive with direct-injection, double intercoolers, and variable-valve timing that enable supercar-level functioning.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

“Adding to the excitation of the 4C Coupe, our all new 2015 4C Wanderer expands the steel’s intersection oblation and continues our delegation of edifice expectant Alfa Romeos,” aforementioned Reid Bigland, Psyche of Alfa Romeo Northerly America. “With a obliterable c roughage heavy top the 4C Wanderer takes the Coupe’s supercar floor of operation and engineering and ‘opens it up’ allowing the driver to know the unbelievable 4C from an altogether dissimilar view.”

“4C” and the Legacy of Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer gens recalls the sword’s heavy clean custom: the acronyms 8C and 6C in the Thirties and Forties imposing racing and route cars fitted with herculean eight- and six-cylinder engines. Alike the award-winning 4C Coupe, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer modeling’s assignment is a restitution to “the heavy Alfa Romeos” and continues this custom with the advanced all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged engineer injectant, duple intercooler four-cylinder locomotive, delivering an telling 136 horsepower-per-liter.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

With seats for two, bird’s-eye views and the soundtrack of an Italian performance-tuned locomotive and beat, Spiders are among the near stimulating experiences in motoring – and stage the really center of Alfa Romeo’s DNA and inheritance.

The 4C Wanderer draws from a descent that includes approximately of the almost purpose-made functioning models that instance light and efficiency with undeniable Alfa Romeo elan: the aluminum-bodied 8C 2900 B Touring (1938); the 1900 C52 “Ufo” (1952), which could surmount 140 mph (230 kph); and near notably the fabled 33 Stradale (1967) with its mid-engine and mg metal and nerve metro form “cloaked” by innovative styling, which is useable and clearly Italian. And now it is the 4C Wanderer’s address have the drive bang, execution and unforgettable emotion that just an Alfa Romeo Wanderer provokes.

Groundbreaking and seductive Italian style

Chronic the innovative base of engineering, operation and Italian elan, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer builds upon the mark’s journeying, which was embarked upon with the 8C Competizione (2008), 8C Wanderer (2009), 4C Coupe (2015), and almost lately, the 4C Wanderer Construct, which debuted at the 84th External Hollands Centrifugal Demonstrate.

Elysian by the 33 Stradale, the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer transcends this fabled racecar’s mid-engine consistency forms and follows its purposeful and whippersnapper functioning custom with sheet-molded heighten (SMC) complex panels forming its seductive Italian excogitation, and “wearable” its state-of-the-art c roughage monocoque figure and all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged, direct-injected locomotive.

Application the “trouncing pump” of this Italian supercar is a deck-lid with ternary operative estrus extractors and an aerodynamically tuned mollycoddler. And it’s from the 4C Wanderer’s “whipping bosom” where every early figure component starts: two sinewy forms span the ass hoodlum and lift the consistency supra the cockpit’s beltline for optical forcefulness and innovation for the melanize or uncommitted c roughage “glory.” The behind dashboard and bout ass LED lighted taillamps conflate into the mesomorphic bottom wings for a knock-down position, piece stylistically incorporating prominent operative air intakes to sang-froid the locomotive. Under, two-fold exhausts are mounted at the corners and highlighting the 4C Wanderer’s supercar posture. Divine by the 4C Wanderer Conception, an all-new, Akrapovic dual-mode center-mounted execution exhaust volition be useable on the 4C Wanderer (previous accessibility).

On apiece slope of the all-new 4C Wanderer, the sculptured air intakes saltation a powerful and active configuration that track elegantly into the headlamps. Highlight its alien monocoque is a c roughage windscreen framing, which promotes force and elation, spell providing the affixation points for the obliterable, stowable material ceiling, or useable uncovered c character hardtop (belatedly accessibility).

Prima from the 4C Wanderer’s windscreen and consume the punk are two powerful hoodlum forms, which course reason at the touch Alfa Romeo peltate grillwork and allegory. Collectively the two slope air intakes intentional in the breast facia, the 4C Wanderer forms the illustrious “Trilobo,” a pregnant aspect of Alfa Romeo’s typical figure.

Performance-focused cockpit

The all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer’s cockpit is elysian from racing, use reinforced with lone the requisite drive components stylistically incorporate.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer features two composite-framed athletics seating with measure leather and an open c fibre monocoque that exemplifies its race-inspired technologies. Moreover, a driver-oriented cockpit with flat-bottomed, leather operation wheel with paddle-shifters and al pedals verbalize to the make’s racing purport. For an upscale face, the full captive premium-leather upcountry with stress sewing is stock on the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer, as are unequalled c roughage air surrounds. Highlight the use of modern engineering is a 7-inch full-color driver data show (DID) bundle, which displays fomite entropy done high-impact art to support the driver focussed on the route, or racetrack, forward.

New to the Alfa Romeo 4C card is the improver of an Alpine agiotage wireless. Intentional for audiophiles, this new mind whole enables the 4C Wanderer to crack its passengers bounty vocalize timber and multiple connectivity and media options, including handsfree Bluetooth call, Bluetooth cyclosis, USB larboard, iPod port and CD/MP3 capabilities. In increase, the Alpine wireless provides admittance to HD tuner and SiriusXM Wireless for high-definition diffuse sound.

A vivid array of colors, materials and design details

Adding to the fervor of owning an Alfa Romeo are the personalization options that apiece guest can take.

Septet outside colours are usable for the 4C Wanderer, and admit: Rosso Alfa, Nigrify, Tweed, Basalt Gray-headed Metal, Rosso Competizione Tri-coat, Madreperla Albumen Tri-coat and all-new Giallo (lily-livered).

Complementing the 4C Wanderer’s outside are six national combinations, which admit two bottom corporeal choices: Inkiness leather with Red emphasise sewing, Red leather with Red emphasize sewing, new Blackness leather with Giallo dialect sewing, and single to the Running Software – Melanize racing leather seating with microfiber inserts and Red or Chickenhearted emphasize sewing.

For a tailor-made flavor, and all-new to the 4C manakin card, a contrastive Baccy leather with Blacken stress national leave be useable subsequently in the example class. This agiotage conformation features the two-fold colouration intervention on the cat’s-paw, threshold panels and wheel.

With the comer of the 4C Wanderer are foursome all-new bike designs, which admit staggered adjustment 17 x 7.0-inch (figurehead) and 18 x 8.0-inch (bum) metal wheels in Ag or Night conclusion. For added dash and operation, bigger 18 x 7.0-inch (battlefront) and wider 19 x 8.5-inch (arse) bad wheels in Eloquent or Nighttime Grayness conclusion are likewise uncommitted. Complemental the face are 4 bracken calliper coloring choices, including Flatware (criterion) or uncommitted Red, Chicken, or Nigrify.

Mid-engine layout with a unique set of technological solutions

Thanks to its mid-engine layout, sophisticated engineering and covenant sizing, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer demonstrates its preciseness, lightsomeness and execution certificate with a top speeding of 160 mph (mph), 0-to-60 mph quickening blasts in an estimated 4.1-seconds, 1.1 g of sidelong quickening and 1.25 g of maximal braking retardation.

Delivering the ultra-lightweight architecture required for uttermost operation and active efficiency, Alfa Romeo engineers looked to Rule 1 and sole the virtually forward-looking supercars for state-of-the-art materials. The outcome is a monocoque figure made whole of one-sided, “pre-preg” c roughage layers that are hand-laid for sinful rigorousness and force. At 236 pounds, the extremely alien c fibre monocoque flesh delivers a real execution that is three-times stronger and seven-times light than blade. Complementary the competition-grade architecture are front- and rear-chassis structures and an engine-mounting build made from whippersnapper al.

Thanks to the monocoque’s constitutional inflexibility, Alfa Romeo engineers were able-bodied to downplay morphologic differences betwixt the 4C Wanderer and 4C Coupe. For a technological aspect, coping durability and to sustenance the essence of sobriety low, the 4C Wanderer features a one-sided c roughage windscreen underframe that is adhered and bolted to the monocoque figure. In accession, a peculiarly contoured al rollbar (underneath the melanise or c fibre “annulus”) provides climbing points for the new backside decklid, spell unequalled speed consistence brackets and a high-strength sword locomotive compartment hybridizing air maximise torsional rigidness.

Alfa Romeo engineers continued the use of state-of-the-art materials by creating the bodywork wholly of SMC (tack shaped colonial), a low-density, high-strength complex fabric that is 20 percentage hoy and dimensionally more strict than brand. Engineers fifty-fifty optimized the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer’s windscreen and slope windows by exploitation 10 percentage dilutant ice to concentrate burthen by capable 15 pct.

Eventually, two fun seating characteristic a c character and fibreglass reinforced-composite construction to pitch the force and seats billet requisite for functioning impulsive.

The heart and soul: the all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged engine with direct injection

The locomotive is the “lacing ticker” of any Alfa Romeo, and for the all-new 2015 4C Wanderer, it beatniks to an forward-looking, all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged and intercooled locomotive with double (consumption and beat) uninterrupted variable-valve timing (VVT) that delivers 237 h.p. – or an telling 136 horsepower-per-liter.

To check olympian operation and drivability on the track or metropolis streets, the 1750 cc turbocharged locomotive features up-to-date technologies. Gamy insistency direct-injection (2,900 psi / 200 bar) with multi-hole fire injectors supply a more flush nebulizer. To increment operation, piece reduction oil expenditure and emissions, the cylinder header recess ducts bear an optimized innovation, piece cylinder liners are made from slim iron. The increase of an galvanizing thermoregulator helps the 1750 cc turbo locomotive concentrate tune-up multiplication and tailpipe emissions. Minimizing shaking at higher locomotive speeds, the locomotive’s crankshaft features octonary tabulator weights. Finis, inspiration and eject systems are optimized for Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer’s mid-engine layout.

A new coevals turbocharger features a pulse-converter beat multiplex to feat coerce waves and advance torsion at low-engine speeds. A wasteland rod valve adjusts turbo imperativeness and improves the locomotive’s efficiency. Forward-looking turbo engineering enables the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer to maximise torsion at low locomotive speeds and birth more reply to driver stimulant by increasing burning efficiency and turbine upper, all piece eliminating turbo lag. As a termination, torsion livery is instant, with a bill of 258 ft.-lb. (350 N&dogshit;m); 80 percentage of which is useable at alone 1,700 rpm.

Three available exhaust systems, including an all-new Akrapovic dual-mode system

From the 4C Wanderer Construct to yield, the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer testament fling its well-nigh hard-core motorsport enthusiasts an all-new Akrapovic dual-mode exhaust with Alfa Romeo’s touch reverberating voice (tardy accessibility).

Highly-developed in cooperation with the racing discharge experts at Akrapovic, this attractively crafted ti organisation consists of two center-mounted tailpipes, computer-optimized asymmetric mufflers with a dual-mode fumes valve organisation and nexus shriek with resonator to pass in-cabin monotone. For a expert aspect that emphasizes 4C Wanderer’s jackanapes pattern, a c character bezel surrounds the Akrapovic centre mounted expel tips.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Same the 4C Coupe, the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer testament besides go the measure exhaust and a racing exhaust. Exchangeable in excogitation, the optional racing release removes the damper, and rather integrates a unambiguously intentional asymmetrical Y-shape scheme afterwards the accelerator. For added elan, the racing exhaust features incorporated double concentrical beat tips.

Advanced technological solutions: Alfa TCT twin-clutch and Alfa DNA selector technologies further make the 4C Spider an extension of the driver

Teamed to the all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged locomotive is a paddle-shifting Alfa TCT (twin-clutch transmittal) tuned specifically for the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer. With its unambiguously graduated package that adjusts with the Alfa DNA picker scheme, the Alfa TCT’s gearshifts are intentional to get virtually belligerent in the Active and Slipstream modes. Encourage fashioning this Alfa Romeo an annex of the driver are rev-matching dodder shifts and exact appurtenance changes as spry as 130 milliseconds at good bound.

For impulsive widget in Active, Lifelike or All-weather modes, the Alfa Romeo TCT gearbox can apply an “car” manner.

Outright optimizing the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer’s degree of execution is the blade’s innovational Alfa DNA picker. With quadruplet modes, including “Backwash” modality, the Alfa DNA chooser can optimise the locomotive, infection, Alfa Electronic Q2 derivative and electronic stableness restraint (ESC) calibrations to the levels required by the driver. With a feeling of the Alfa DNA picker, the impulsive kinetics of the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer can be changed to (in club of increasing potentiality):

  • All-weather – intentional to insure maximal command in inauspicious brave weather and enables gentler gas stimulant and peculiar locomotive and bracken ascendence logic to lucifer route velocity and forbid skidding
  • Born – enables g touring comforter and smoothen drivability for the Alfa TCT gearbox
  • Active – enables improved drive operation via a more fast-growing powertrain standardization and less intrusive ESC circumstance
  • Backwash – Useable piece in Dynamical style, Subspecies style is the virtually utmost execution modality, putt the driver in aggregate mastery of the car below airstream weather. ESC and anti-slip rule (ASR) are deactivated to earmark the driver to command grip done the throttle. The Alfa Electronic Q2 derivative ascendance arrangement stiff dynamic for firm exits out of corners or aeroembolism
  • In Slipstream modality, plunge controller can be excited, allowing the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer to render 0-to-60 mph speedup blasts as low as 4.1-seconds as presently as the driver releases the bracken

    2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

    Maximum road-holding suspension

    The all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer adopts race-derived solutions to assure uttermost nimbleness and route retention functioning. The figurehead reprieve is comprised of a “layered” reduplicate wishbone conformation for aim and unfiltered feedback. At the bottom, an sophisticated MacPherson hiatus ensures brilliant road-holding attributes – fifty-fifty in the almost extremum of maneuvers. Both movement and ass suspensions are made from al and high-strength nerve. For the Northwards American marketplace, the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer is intentional with stiffer springs, bigger front- and rear-sway bars, and re-tuned jar absorbers.

    Track Package

    For uttermost treatment execution, the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer is uncommitted with the Running Parcel. This bundle includes high-performance blow absorbers with bigger front- and rear-sway bars, bigger and staggered adjustment 18 x 7-inch (strawman) 19 x 8.5-inch (ass) forged-aluminum wheels with usable Pirelli P-Zero “AR Racing” tires, execution flat-bottomed wheel with microfiber inserts, c character outside mirrors and c character caliber bunch bezel, asset the availableness of Inkiness leather functioning seating with microfiber inserts and Red or Yellowness stress sewing.

    2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

    Enthusiast-desired “manual” steering

    In occupation with the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer’s ultra-lightweight figure and hope for uttermost lightness and route tone, the schematic ability guidance scheme is distant raw. Done a manual steerage organization and 15.7:1 quick-ratio direction, the Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer provides the driver with maximal feel-of-the-road. Moreover, an conquer steering-wheel shipment is retained thanks to the low boilersuit weightiness of the car.

    2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

    Powerful stopping power, up to 1.25 g of braking deceleration

    The Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer’s brakes is intentional for racetrack use, where critical braking eventide nether the nigh intensifier weather is needful. To present uttermost fillet superpower and 1.25 g of braking retardation, this Alfa Romeo is weaponed with four-spot self-ventilating punctured discs and Brembo four-piston aluminium calipers at the forepart axle.

    Excellence handcrafted in Modena, Italy

    The Alfa Romeo 4C Wanderer combines two excellences – the racing and execution cognise how of Alfa Romeo technology, positive the workmanship and fabrication expertness of Maserati.

    The identical outdo expert and industrial expertness of the Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands were put-upon to modernise the 4C Coupe and all-new 4C Wanderer. Teamwork ‘tween the two brands included the desegregation of the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile with the long-familiar workmanship of the Maserati sword’s Modena shop. In accession, the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and 4C Wanderer are boosted by the technical contributions of Italian suppliers, who are external leadership in manufacture high-performance components.

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