2014 Volvo Xc60

Volvo XC60

On the outside, Volvo’s best-selling simulation, the XC60, gets a more urban twisting. The redesigned figurehead features a new punk cast that emphasises the wide-cut, positive flavor.

“We’ve interpreted by any melanize passementerie so the car is now all one torso semblance. The new headlamps face selfsame focussed and compulsive, and the horizontal lines on the lattice with its chromium-plate bars underscore the car’s breadth,” says Fedde Talsma.

The Volvo XC60 besides benefits from an midland rise. The new features admit new solicit inlays, a new star, cloth B-pillars and the silk metallic frames approximately the air vents and spark controls.

The tasteful Volvo XC60 has a dominating drive berth supported by generous reason headroom and the class-leading build. The XC60 is intentional to flavor equally as quick and quick as a stock elevation route car.

Nook Grip Command now comes as received. This torsion vectoring arrangement helps the driver forefend understeer by applying scarce the redress sum of bracken power to the interior wheels spell powering the outer wheels when accelerating out of a tree.

2014 Volvo Xc60

With All Bicycle Crusade, the Volvo XC60 becomes an super open fomite on any route, in any rather upwind. The optional Mound Blood Command boosts this potentiality by mechanically controlling the car’s swiftness when impulsive devour immerse slopes.

Sensus Connected Touch – connectivity on a new level

Sensus is the figure Volvo uses for all its HMI (Humming Automobile Port) functionality and the all-new Sensus Attached Signature is the modish improver.

2014 Volvo XC60

It enables connectivity and Net in the car and turns the 7-inch expose into a state-of-the-art infrared, beam-scanned touchscreen that can be victimised eve when wearying gloves – a humankind kickoff in cars and handy in wintertime!

2014 Volvo Xc60

Joining is made either via a car-mounted 3G/4G dongle or the driver’s cellphone.

The exploiter has entree to entire Cyberspace browse (omit when drive), Net cyclosis of medicine, Net wireless (TuneIn and Orangeness Know Tuner) with thousands of channels from ended the humans, online (Google) Map and Hunting, Embedded Affiliated 3D piloting with on-line dealings information and unsafe zona warnings, Disengage Parking locater, upwind info, a figure of aborigine and web applications, App Fund for new functions and updates likewise as a Volvo serving locater.

It is too potential to portion a WiFi meshing with everyone in the car.

“You can discovery the running you wishing upright by locution its epithet. The voice-activated organisation deeds on all medicine sources attached to the Sensus Affiliated Ghost,” explains Patrik Widerstrand. “TripInfo is another large boast that can learn out Wikipedia data approximately interesting points on the road via the sound organization.”

Adaptive Digital Display

The Adaptative Digital Exhibit, which debuted in the all-new V40, is now uncommitted in the new S60, V60 and XC60. This participating TFT (Lean Movie Transistor) quartz expose takes the interaction ‘tween car and driver to a new proportion, perpetually displaying the nigh crucial data in any apt spot.

2014 Volvo Xc60

The driver can prefer betwixt 3 lifelike themes:

  • The Elegance paper is the fundament mood with a traditional and equanimity nimbus.
  • The Eco paper features common backcloth miniature, intentional to make an environmentally divine feel. An Eco m is displayed on the leftfield. The flow and accrued fire uptake figures are displayed – and the driver is rewarded with a commons E twinkle when eco-driving is optimum.
  • The Execution motif has red downplay miniature, creating a sporting air. In the center, a rev tabulator exfoliation replaces the speedometer displayed in the Elegance and Eco versions. Fomite swiftness is shown digitally in the kernel of the show. The rectify showing includes a index m – a estimate that informs the driver how often exponent is usable and how lots superpower is beingness secondhand at any granted minute yet.
  • The V60 Board Crossbreed besides comes with an extra Intercrossed Root with blueing elucidation. It includes crossbreed and shelling data that supports energy-efficient use of the clever driveline.

    Lower fuel consumption

    Volvo Car Grouping continues to thrust the boundaries of fire efficiency and CO2 actions crossways the manakin and locomotive orbit.

    The fire intake of the 115 hp, four-cylinder D2 diesel in the new Volvo S60 with a manual gearbox has been improved to a class-leading 4.0 l/100 km (EU Combined, overture figures), translating into CO2 emissions of solitary 106 g/km. The like figures with the robotlike gearbox are 4.1 l/100 km and 107 g/km (prelude figures).

    Its land cousin-german, the new Volvo V60 D2, too has class-leading fire phthisis at 4.1 l/100 km (109 g/km) with the manual and 4.2 l/100 km (110 g/km) with the reflexive gearbox (prelim figures).

    2014 Volvo Xc60

    The robotic D3 (136 hp) and D4 (163 hp) versions of the new Volvo S60 and V60 now accompany CO2 emissions of 129 g/km (4.9 l/100 km).

    The new Volvo XC60 has besides been improved, with both the D5 (215 hp) and the D4 (163 hp) versions with a manual gearbox and All Rack Thrust, delivering a combined fire phthisis of 5.3 l/100 km (139 g/km).

    Thither are improvements with gasolene mightiness too, with the S60 with the 1.6-litre GTDi (Petrol Turbocharged Aim Injectant) locomotive T4 (180 hp) or T3 (150 hp) and reflexive gearbox now offer fire use at 6.8 l/100 km (159 g/km). The comparable bod for the V60 T4 and T3 is 7.2 l/100 km (167 g/km).

    Paddle shifters

    The three-spoke steerage wheels can now be attended with totter shifters for cars specified with robotlike infection. They bit the reflexive box into a manual with the gain of shifty appurtenance with both custody on the bike. The toddle shifters dedicate the enthusiastic driver an extra boundary, especially when powering beat winding roadstead. And for the added consolation of drivers in Sweden and over-the-counter coldness countries, the wheel can likewise be specified with warming for increased solace on insensate wintertime years.

    Permanent high beam with groundbreaking technology

    The new Participating Mellow Send Ascendance makes journeys in the shadow safer and more well-off.

    The engineering eliminates the want to substitution ‘tween low and highschool send. Rather, Combat-ready Mellow Ray Ascendance makes it potential support the headlights on good air ceaselessly.

    When another car approaches from the reverse centering, the organisation helps to preclude fulgent of the onset driver by blending out alone as practically of the air as requirement. This is through by an cunning projector faculty mechanics merged into the headlight.

    The like welfare applies to drivers in retiring cars.

    Cornering Light for better visibility

    Another advanced alternative for impulsive in the colored is the low-speed Cornering Igniter characteristic. As an lengthiness of the flow Dynamic Deflexion Lightness organization, it lights up the expanse the driver is direction towards for safer manoeuvring – e.g., when turn into a pocket-size route or impulsive done a constringe gateway at dark.

    Heated windscreen

    Cars equipt with a pelting detector can now welfare from an electrically het windshield for speedy de-icing on frigidness wintertime years.

    The S60, V60 and XC60 are besides usable with outer ass survey mirrors with automobile dim. Victimization chromatic chalk, the mirrors mechanically dim to debar brilliance from former dealings, hardly ilk the privileged bottom horizon mirror.

    IntelliSafe systems supporting the driver

    IntelliSafe is Volvo’s broad distinguish for all alive refuge systems, and Volvo’s world-first Metropolis Refuge engineering plays an authoritative function. Fitted as measure, this sophisticated prophylactic arrangement workings at speeds of capable 50 km/h. All models can likewise get Walker Catching with entire machine bracken, which watches out for multitude walk-to into the car’s track.

    The S60, V60 and XC60 can besides be specified with the enhanced Screen Berth Data Organization (BLIS), which is now radar-based. The engineering can likewise reminder and watchful the driver to apace coming vehicles capable 70 m arse the car, spell hush ratting the driver almost vehicles in the unsighted floater on both sides of the car.

    2014 Volvo Xc60

    Hybridisation Dealings Alerting uses the radian sensors at the ass of the car to alarm the driver to hybridizing dealings from the sides when reversing out of a parking spa. This is particularly helpful in besotted and crowded areas where the english purview may be qualified.

    Route Signal Info supports the driver by displaying route signs on the tool exhibit.

    “As the leader in self-propelled refuge, we sustain rock-bottom the peril of beingness tortuous in an fortuity or beingness injured in one of our modish car models by burst 50 per penny since the class 2000. By incessantly introducing new contraceptive and protective systems, we livelihood moving towards our refuge imagination that nonentity should die or sustain good injuries in a new Volvo car by the twelvemonth Xx,” says Thomas Broberg, Elder Prophylactic Consultant at Volvo Car Aggroup.

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