2014 Volvo S60 R Design

Volvo S60 R-Design

The new R-Design versions of Volvo S60, V60 and XC60 boast an striking portmanteau of a renewed sports appearing, a dynamical driving-focused flesh and locomotive yield capable a real 329 hp with the Polaris functioning choice.

2014 Volvo S60 R Design

“The new R-Design models are a perfective mates for performance-minded individuals with a mania for dainty details. In the new S60, V60 and XC60 R-Design, we suffer off up the optic mass of these pop models with punctilious care to item,” says Doug Pinch, Fourth-year V.p. Selling, Sales and Client Avail at Volvo Car Grouping.

“The S60 or V60 R-Design with lowered R-Design frame, T6 locomotive and the optional 19-inch wheels hits all the veracious notes. Good let the ultra-comfortable new mutation buns adopt you spell you love the acute impulsive feel,” adds Doug Tinge.

2014 Volvo S60 R Design

Unique new front

All trey R-Design cars – including the XC60 – now lineament a unparalleled cheek with a redesigned, active, expressive wind. The frameless Detective Matt-up Inkiness grill has high-gloss melanise stripe, a silk metallic stroke and a elegant R-Designed allegory. The DRL lights in the outer corners reenforce the low, road-hugging feeling.

2014 Volvo S60 R Design

“The battlefront cycle arches are diminished invention gems that raise the car’s sportsmanlike nimbus. The rounded end of the breast bumper ‘wraps’ about the dynamical Ixion bicycle, which is now useable in a redesigned 19-inch variant for the S60/V60 and a 20-inch for the XC60,” says Fedde Talsma, Innovation Conductor, Outside.

2014 Volvo S60 R-Design

At the behind, the unequalled diffusor with aero fins is flanked by the rung, hi-tech R-Design tailpipes.

New generation R-Design interior

The new mutation behind arrive as banner in the R-Design cars. It features a conflate of melanise nubuck fabric and perforate leather. The embroidered R-design logotype with a disconsolate ‘R’ confirms the clean glory. Wide leather seating are usable as an pick.

“With expectant caressing slope keep clear from the thighs to the shoulders, the new fun ass makes a consummate increase to the in-command smell of a on-key driver’s car spell the backside retains the traditional quilt that has been a Volvo earmark for decades,” says Doug Pinch.

The Adaptative Digital Presentation features the pick to switching ‘tween deuce-ace layouts with unlike contour and functionality – Elegance, Eco and Execution. In the R-Design versions, the Elegance stem boasts a beaming bluing semblance.

The pattern squad has consecrated often tending to all the upcountry details that stress the typical R-Design halo.

“By shading inlays with a perforate looking, lightlessness leather and contrastive sewing, the conception squad has created an national with all the details in hone harmoniousness, laureled by the blackness star. The new stainless trample plateful with a cerulean ‘R’ in the R-Design allegory is another dainty particular,” says Doug Hint.

Sporty ride with up to 329 horsepower

R-Design models can be combined with all the engines uncommitted for the measure versions. The ambit spans from the D2 diesel with 115 hp (not useable in the XC60) to the 3.0 liter, six cylinder T6 gasoline turbo with 304 hp and 440 Nm of torsion.

The T6 emptor can advance operation to 329 h.p. by opting for the Polaris package that charges the particularly intentional play gun with an spare 25 hp.

Quicker acceleration

2014 Volvo S60 R Design

Quickening multiplication in the T6 edition, victimisation the new toddle chemise with the machinelike gearbox in Sportsman way, let been cut altogether ternary cars with 0-100 km/h now consume to 5.9 seconds (antecedently 6.1) in the S60 T6. The tantamount anatomy for the V60 T6 is 6.0 seconds (6.2), piece the XC60 T6 now covers 0-100 km/h in 6.9 seconds (7.3).

Lower and firmer chassis

The R-Design Athletics build has been lowered 15 mm compared with the Active anatomy in the stock S60 and V60, and the bound rigorousness is 15 per centime higher compared with the dynamical flesh in the banner S60 and V60. This gives antiphonal impulsive pleasance with wide-cut ascendance.

“The impulsive feel should be so affiliated that it boosts the kinetics without fashioning the flesh look too raw. If the bod is too house, eventide tranquil macadamise can tone rocky. We aim for a dissipated yet epicurean smell,” says Tool Mertens, Elder V.p. Search and Developing at Volvo Car Radical.

Monotube dampers

The S60 and V60 R-Design features backside monotube dampers, delivering compaction and comeback damping via the like valve. This gives shorter, quicker unstable catamenia, which successively substance the muffler responds more chop-chop.

Stiffer bushings subvert cycle, and roller and movements are more controlled. The bushings that sequester the ass dampers to the consistence are 20 per centime stiffer compared with the Dynamical frame. The forepart tie-blade bushing is a significant 400 per penny stiffer to countervail rack spirited and palpitation.

A swagger pair nether the cowl ties unitedly the hanging swagger towers to tighten up the structure.

The Volvo XC60 R-Design anatomy is besides stiffer than the measure car and has more dynamical impulsive properties – without flexible razz comfortableness. The shock springs and anti-roll bars are familiarized and tuned to be firmer and more balanced. The answer is improved ascendence and a sportier, road-hugging campaign.

Corner Traction Control

Barely comparable in the measure variants, a orbit of electronic systems that focalize the clean drive see backs up the flesh in the R-Design cars.

Recession Grip Restraint, which uses torsion vectoring to render sander cornering, is now too criterion on the XC60. The DSTC (Dynamical Constancy and Grip Mastery) arrangement too has various otc functions that ameliorate drive and condom properties, such as:

  • Ripe Constancy Mastery. With a gyroscopic roll-angle detector the anti-spin scheme can deploy quicker and with greater preciseness.
  • Locomotive Dredge Ascendence prevents the wheels from losing their clench during locomotive braking on a slippy rise.
  • The DSTC organization besides has a sports circumstance that makes it potential for the driver to disenable the anti-spin use.
  • Driver-orientated appeal

    The new Volvo S60, V60 and XC60 R-Design testament be usable altogether markets that deal the criterion versions of these models. Volvo Cars expects that almost 10 per penny of buyers volition select the R-Design interpretation, but this increases to ended 30 per centime in about markets such as the Joined Land and Australia.

    “Of the R-Design models, more one-half of the book testament be snapped up by buyers who ride over-the-counter car makes tod. These cars besides caper a life-sustaining character in threatening the age of our client groundwork,” says Doug Pinpoint.

    2014 Volvo S60 R Design

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