2014 Volvo Estate Concept

Volvo Estate Concept

Volvo Car Radical uses the 2014 Hollands Centrifugal Display to expose the 3rd in a serial of conception cars – the Conception Land – that continues the widely-admired outside figure terminology revealed in the beginning two concepts, but first reveals how the midland of Volvo’s approaching models bequeath both feel and procedure.

2014 Volvo Estate Concept

The Volvo Conception Land’s almost hit upcountry excogitation lineament is its simmpleness. The traditional survival of buttons and controls birth been replaced by one prominent tablet-like touchscreen panel in the inwardness cabinet, delivery the upcountry unwaveringly into the 21 hundred.

“The staple mind is to devise controls and data in a absolutely nonrational and user-friendly way. Everything is precisely where you carry it to be, qualification the ride more pleasurable, effective and good,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Elderly V.p. Pattern at Volvo Car Radical.

In tie-up with Volvo’s particularly intentional package, the touchscreen volition be the independent board for Volvo’s new in-car exploiter receive. It replaces all buttons and controls exclude for a few essential functions such as mass, frolic/hesitate, jeopardy cautionary and windowpane heaters. It besides interacts seamlessly with the digital tool clump before of the driver.

“Not having to heap with buttons and controls for a growth act of functionalities is ilk organism freed from a duo of handcuffs,” says Redbreast Varlet, Designing Conductor Upcountry of Volvo Car Grouping. “This has made it potential to anatomy a beautiful inside architecture round the portrayal filmdom. The conception car showcases how this interface volition be merged in our new car genesis.”

2014 Volvo Estate Concept

2014 Volvo Estate Concept

Volvo is the society that redefined the Wagon by combination functionality, sturdiness and practicality with execution. The V70 and XC70 are among the nearly well-thought-of Estates on the commercialise and the new Construct Demesne points to how the society could capitalize on this inheritance in its coming models.

Volvo has been on a taking blotch with its conception cars. The Concept Coupé was named ‘Car of the Establish’ by a star German motorcar clip at the 2013 Frankfurt Centrifugal Establish, spell the Concept XC Coupé standard the honored ‘Eyes ON Figure’ laurels at the 2014 Detroit Drive Display.

Globular attending on Volvo’s conception cars has been intensifying as they supply the commencement substantial clues as to how the all-new and much-anticipated XC90 SUV and subsequent cars volition expression. The XC90 is due to be launched posterior in 2014.

Learning from history

The back of Construct Acres echoes the pattern of the Volvo 1800 ES from the former Seventies.

“The 1800-models are iconic Volvos, illustrious for their beautiful forms and particularisation. Still, victimisation elements from their outside and inner has nil to do with existence retroactive. We are exploitation these pernicious links to a magnificent retiring to make a futurity in which veer dish becomes a recognized office of Volvo’s individuality,” says Thomas Ingenlath.

The elusive aspiration from the 1800-models is likewise unmistakable on various details inner the Conception Land, such as the two-spoke wheel, the board and the dials.

2014 Volvo Estate Concept

Redbreast Pageboy explains: “The commencement foursome decades of the Volvo chronicle was characterised by authoritative craft and superiority materials. We are meeting this life-sustaining role of our stain DNA with the more late center engineering and ache functionality. In the Conception Land we besides add the originative english of Scandinavia. The solvent is an alien home with true materials and beautiful particularization.”

Beautiful and different

Applying this advance to the iconic waggon – which is the heart of various Volvo functionality – creates a car that is both beautiful and dissimilar.

The generous sprint to axle proportion, low cowling, aerodynamic silhouette and the spyglass ceiling all conduce to the feeling of a dynamical, yet open three-door sports waggon. The demarcation ‘tween the recondite, nighttime embrown pear gloss and the burnished five-spoke, 21-inch wheels contributes to the innovative, coolheaded gloriole.

2014 Volvo Estate Concept

Upright ilk the late Conception Takeoveré and the Conception XC Takeoveré, the cheek of the Volvo Conception Acres is characterised by a new topography on the cowl and the ‘drifting’ lattice, flanked by headlights featuring new T-shaped DRL lighter guides. The taillight touch is another typical factor in Volvo Cars’ new designing steering.

Swedish inside and out

Extravert and colorful trends inside present-day Swedish life-style and conception birth been potent sources of stirring for the conception squad. Occupants altogether quatern seating are embraced by orangeness arse belts, and the sole, woven woollen carpets from the Swedish couturier Kasthall get the like trench emphasis gloss.

The quartz pitch goer from Orrefors/Kosta Boda besides has an orangeness glowing, piece the checked monochrome woollen fabric on the star and behind sides of the movement seating adds fun to the ‘board’.

“Creativeness is flourishing in Swedish order. This includes figure and engineering also as the mode, euphony and art prospect. We birth victimised all this as intake to make a new, exciting way to utter Sweden’s somebody,” says Thomas Ingenlath.

The feel of a Scandinavian living room

2014 Volvo Estate Concept

Processed, handcrafted details, such as an board covered by loggerheaded, course bronzed saddleback leather from Tärnsjö, inlays made of waxed, course senior forest and machined cu details, too accentuate the single Swedish atm within Construct Land.

“The national is exceptionally graphic. Yet the meth cap and seating covered by spark, easygoing Bridgework of Bear leather assistance to keep that hopeful and cozy touch that is the stylemark of a Swedish living-room. A spot that makes you spirit so well-situated that you are loth to parting,” says Redbreast Varlet.

Specially designed Swedish ‘kubb’ game

The ambience power revolutionise occupants to layover for a breeze and stake of Swedish “kubb”. The especially intentional plot set is seeable done the cargo story in the backbone.

“Don’t recognise the rules? No trouble. They are printed on the diaphanous story. And rainwater is no condone. You testament uncovering undivided Stutterheim raincoats in the backrest of the car too,” explains Redbreast Pageboy.

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