2014 Volkswagen Xl Sport Concept

Volkswagen XL Sport Concept

Thither has ne’er been a sports car same the XL Mutant conception beingness showcased by Volkswagen in a humanity premier at the 2014 Paris Centrifugal Shew. A car that uncompromisingly furthers the growth of the whippersnapper sports car in its rattling core. A 270 km/h impulsive automobile based on the XL1, the virtually effective car ever. Efficiency and emotion compellingly recombined. At the ass of the XL Mutation sits one of the finest achievements in locomotive engineering – the V2 altered from the new Ducati 1199 Superleggera, the reality’s nearly potent two-cylinder cycle. Similar the XL1, of which sole 250 units testament be reinforced, the Superleggera is besides organism manufactured in a express variant (500 units), in a serve that embraces give assembly and high-precision industrial manufacture technologies likewise. The XL1 and the Superleggera, two icons of whippersnapper c and mg innovation engineering, olibanum link to make a alone sports car. With the XL Play, the grouping brands Volkswagen and Ducati imposingly prove how hi-tech developments can track to synergies betwixt brands and be victimised by both parties as modules for new concepts.

Pioneering aerodynamics

The Ducati 1199 Superleggera has the trump power-to-weight proportion of any yield motorbike in story. In the humans of the drive car, the XL Variation achieves something interchangeable. Therein pillowcase it is the proportion ‘tween angle (890 kg), exponent (147 kW / 200 PS) and aeromechanics (cd x A = 0.44 m2) that presently makes this construct car the quickest 200 PS car in the humans. No former sports car has always reached a top velocity of 270 km/h with 200 PS. One stand-out sport therein is the fomite’s aeromechanics. As indicated supra, the coefficient of the hale coefficient (0.258) and the fomite’s head-on ar (1.7 m2) is 0.44 m2. This is one of the trump values always achieved and a major crow for Volkswagen’s aeromechanics engineers and designers, made all the more telling due to the fact that as a pureblood sports car, the construct’s invention abbreviated demands across-the-board tyres, a high-pitched prerequisite for chilling air and optimum downforce. Thither are a routine of mortal features that bestow to the XL Mutation’s arrow-like execution in plus to the inflexible streamlined styling of the eubstance. These admit exceptional air curtains that organise the air in the frontage expanse into particular channels, pedal arc respiration, a advance optimised underbelly, lift-reducing air ducts in the hood, an extendable bottom coddler (powered by the like whole as in the Lamborghini Aventador) and adaptative dissipation warmth vents unified in the backside concoct (louver that opens and closes mechanically prn to demeanour nimiety locomotive hotness forth).

2014 Volkswagen Xl Sport Concept

2014 Volkswagen XL Sport Concept

The world’s most powerful two-cylinder engine

2014 Volkswagen Xl Sport Concept

The Ducati 1199 Superleggera’s V2 locomotive was somewhat limited for use in the XL Sportsman but is essentially the like as the motorbike locomotive. Thanks to its roughneck, jackanapes ti connecting rods, the 1,199 cc DOHC locomotive can accomplish speeds capable 11,000 rpm. The Superquadro’s highschool speeds are made potential by its extremum eager/shot proportion (112 mm/60.8 mm) and the exceptionally myopic crankshaft stroking associated with it. In improver, the two four-valve cylinders, which are staged at an tilt of 90° to apiece early, have a desmodromic valve ascendance arrangement (plus valve blockage) that is distinctive of the high-revving Ducati engines and requires the finest of preciseness technology to control optimal valve headway. Over-the-counter features of the humanity’s near brawny two-cylinder locomotive are the mg admixture grip, cylinder psyche and oil pan covers, the two disks of the bound valves, and the two injectors per cylinder. Close but by no substance least, the XL Play has a fresh highly-developed medium gearbox to slim locomotive speeds by a gene of 1.86. Torsion from the V2 locomotive (134 Nm) is hereditary to the backside axle via a 7-speed two-fold clasp gearbox (DSG).

Racing chassis

2014 Volkswagen Xl Sport Concept

The way this jackanapes sports car is propelled by its locomotive is suitable of about notation. The car’s speedup from 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds near becomes a junior-grade issuance when considering the telling combining of the fomite’s high-revving V2 locomotive, low angle, complete aeromechanics and importantly redesigned build that unitedly return the XL Fun full-strength into the kingdom of the circuit. The form, unified in a high-strength brand blank chassis, consists of a reduplicate wishbone strawman axle with the dampers attached infra in a drag rod shape, and a look-alike wishbone bum axle with the dampers affiliated supra in a advertize rod form – hither too, the parallels with motive racing are unacceptable to neglect. High-velocity tyres sized 205/40 R 18 (breast) and 265/35 R 18 (bum) embracing bad mg wheels, which fling a tally angle diminution of 23.9 kg compared with al wheels. The XL Fun is decelerated by an exceedingly static brakes with ceramic discs.

CFRP body

The XL Sportsman is a babe example of the XL1. Both ploughshare the like canonical pattern. The independent component they suffer in vulgar is the personify, many parts of which are manufactured in carbon-reinforced polymer (CFRP), with a monocoque featuring slimly setoff seating for the driver and rider. Hither, Volkswagen prefers CFRP components manufactured exploitation the RTM appendage (Rosin Transferee Mould). The tightness of this cloth or its particular soberness is hardly 20% that of a corresponding nerve outside pare, yet it is upright as strict and potent.

Wing doors that swing forwards

2014 Volkswagen Xl Sport Concept

The backstage doors of the XL1 and XL Mutant are redolent of those of a high-end sports car. They are hinged at two points: low on the A-pillars and upright supra the windshield in the ceiling chassis, so they do not equitable pivot upward, but slimly forrader too. The doors besides prolong far into the cap. When they are open, they produce an exceptionally enceinte sum of incoming and passing infinite. The threshold windows are made of polycarbonate. The speed portion of the windows is steadfastly affiliated to the outside doorway pelt due to the specifications of whippersnapper designing, piece a section of the frown arena of the incline windows can be open. The windshield of both models is manufactured from a especial case of lean chalk.

Compelling proportions

Scorn communion priming with the X1 in footing of its fundamental innovation, the XL Play has a expression of its own. The reasonableness for this is that whereas the XL1 was intentional for sturdy fire efficiency, the designing abbreviated of the XL Sportsman took this a footfall promote with the comprehension of inflexible impulsive kinetics. The peculiar requirements regarding the downforce values of a 270 km/h car and the parameters of the effort engineering led to the XL Play beingness yearner and wider than the XL1. Dimensions in point: The XL Mutation showcased in Paris is 4,291 mm yearn (XL1: 3,888 mm), 1,847 mm wide-cut (XL1: 1,664 mm), 1,152 mm eminent (XL1: 1,153 mm). The wheelbase has too been increased to 2,424 mm (XL1: 2,224 mm). These proportions in themselves produce a compelling face.

Design concept

When extremum proportions clash an innovational, reformist and accurate designing, icons are created. Such is the vitrine with the XL Mutant. As defined supra, the construct car builds on the active and excessive invention of the XL1. The monumental surfaces get an flush more sinewy show as they exsert concluded the importantly broader wings and the expectant wheels. With extremum proportions and lines which are potent and accurate in peer measurement, the XL Mutant is tolerant and low on the route, ascendent it with an wild zing flush when stationary. The exact, elucidate surfaces and shapes of the XL Play are more scarce the aspect of a clean esthetical: the streamlined engineers and designers suffer worked manus in give to produce a sculpt that is both extremely likable and aerodynamically consummate.

The design of the front section

The tolerant forepart segment of the XL Variation exudes an manifest charisma with its two-fold LED headlights and the touch of the LED daylight operative lights that is feature of the XL1. As mentioned, the breast of the XL Variation features air intakes on apiece slope of the headlights for the air curtains which provender the air optimally some the car’s bow and movement sides. In usual with the X1, the strawman incision of the XL Play does not let a established grille, yet it retains the stream Volkswagen pattern DNA, with horizontal lines magisterial this expanse: specifically, a melanize cross-stripe combines with the double headlights to mannequin a uninterrupted stripe. The existent air ply for chilling the Ducati locomotive is via vents in the behind wings.

The design of the silhouette

Whereas the XL1 is at its widest at the strawman and tapers towards the back, the XL Variation is good as all-encompassing at the backbone as at the strawman. From supra, the conformation is that of a hellenic racer, with the doors retracted ilk a shank. Look a face sight of the wings and doors it is obvious why: hither, at apiece of the A and B pillars, thither are classifiable air inlets and outlets to assure an optimal airflow and for chilling the cause whole. In add-on it gives the silhouette an exciting stretched appearing that promises exponent yet exudes a rarefied elegance and a dateless dish. Observers bequeath seek threshold mirrors vainly; replacement them are little aerodynamic cameras merged in the flank doors: e-Mirrors (digital external mirrors) that mail images of the milieu ass the car to two displays interior the fomite (e-Mirrors made their entry in the XL1). Before of the bottom bicycle arches, ‘Motore Ducati’ inscription refers to the 1199 Superleggera locomotive in the bum.

The design of the rear section

2014 Volkswagen Xl Sport Concept

As illustrated, the XL Athletics gives off a all unlike effect compared with the XL1, peculiarly at the arse, as this is now importantly wider. Simultaneously, the new XL Athletics too has quatern particular features that snatch the eye. Offset, the passing all-encompassing, matted behind with its typical shoulders (sinewy, all-encompassing surfaces supra the wheels) and the extendable ass despoiler which occupies near the wax breadth of the fomite’s backside. Irregular, as with the XL1 thither is the putsché-shaped roofline without bum windshield. Confluent into the roofline is the backside brood that conceals the Ducati locomotive, the 7-speed DSG and 107 litres of baggage distance. Another new boast of the XL Fun: a fin comprised of five-spot slats that are sitting kick in the behind incubate, which, contingent the temperature, clear mechanically to aplomb the cause whole. Tertiary, the iconic red LED thread that follows the conformation of the backside subdivision. At the sides the decoration is framed by another, erect, LED component which serves to underscore the breadth of the XL Fun. 4th, thither is a blackness diffusor that merges virtually seamlessly into the wholly enclosed underbelly and is ruined at apiece slope with a chromium-plate fumes tailpipe.

Interior design

The midland of the XL Sportsman is based on the national of the XL1, but has been limited and personalized with a issue of peculiar details conformist with the over realignment of the fomite’s active. E.g., the XL Athletics boasts a feature digital instrumentate clump especially intentional for drive sports, with an person lap clip and oil imperativeness exhibit. A matt c contribution that extends the top of the pawn clustering masking to entirely extinguish reflections. The XL Mutant’s wheel has cosmetic red sewing and has been weaponed with al shimmy paddles to ease extremist warm train shifts. Thither are farther posh details to add a gaudy feeling, with anodised al accents some the air vents, the clime restraint facia and the DSG chemise rod. Pick up the composition of the contrastive red sewing in the wheel, the arse belts are besides red. No changes let been made to the everlasting biotechnology enjoyed by the driver and rider.

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