2014 Volkswagen Golf Gtd

Volkswagen Golf GTD

GTD – these trey letters say it all. They signify “Grandma Turismo Diesel” – the long-distance evince car of the Golf scope. Now thither is a new Volkswagen Golf GTD. With 135 kW / 184 PS, capable 380 Nm torsion, a combined fire phthisis of upright 4.2 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of upright 109 g/km, this sporting and aggressively intentional GTD is more muscular, fuel-efficient and lower-emitting than e’er. Compared to the previous model, it offers 14 more PS, 30 Nm more torsion, 0.9 l/100 km less fire phthisis and a 25 g/km betterment in CO2 emissions. As an alternative, Volkswagen offers the GTD with an robotic dual-clutch gearbox (DSG); hither too, a low fire usance rate of 4.5 l/100 km (CO2: 119 g/km) shows the diesel to be a extremely effective car. In both gearbox versions, the new Golf GTD conforms to the Euro-6 emissions measure that takes gist in 2014.

2014 Volkswagen Golf Gtd

Stop/start system and 7.5 seconds

This Golf is the kickoff GTD to let a stopover/first scheme aboard as touchstone, and in barrage re-formation modality it utilises retardation phases to mission the shelling. The 2.0-litre park revile turbo-diesel of the EA288 locomotive serial was not just networked with these “BlueMotion Technologies”; it was besides wholly redesigned. The results: saturated efficiency. The Volkswagen Golf GTD accelerates to 100 km/h in scarce 7.5 seconds. In 4th train, this Volkswagen handles the greco-roman passing channelise (80 to 120 km/h) in a secure 6.0 seconds. Its top hurrying of 230 km/h (DSG: 228 km/h) demonstrates that it is a literal sports car too. The like applies to its famed uttermost torsion of 380 Nm, which is useable at a ceaseless appraise from 1,750 to 3,250 rpm.

2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD

Superior handling properties

2014 Volkswagen Golf Gtd

Attributes of its limited post as a flashy car too admit stock features such as the farther forward-looking XDS+ fomite kinetics office, liberalist guidance that is as aim as it is well-fixed, play hiatus (15 mm glower) and 17-inch (“Curitiba”) wheels with sizing 225 tyres. This combining produces treatment properties that progression into the scope of high-toned and costly sports cars.

Sound actuator and driving profile selector

2014 Volkswagen Golf Gtd

An optional strait actuator entirely highly-developed for the VW Golf GTD can add acoustical stress to the exercise of the TDI. Based on the locomotive velocity and way of the selected driver visibility chooser  an pick that is mechanically mated with the audio actuator  is controlled via CAN bus and generates either a comfort-oriented audio (“Rule” and “Eco” modes) or a hefty and heavy quality (“Athletics” way). The locomotive randomness is routed complete the actuator incorporate in the locomotive compartment and into the inside via the windshield, and from thither it is experient as a audio generated from the international via the exhaust. Nonetheless, it is really unhearable international of the car. The quicker the GTD drives, the quieter the vocalise, so that long-distance quilt is insensible.

Cornering lights in front spoiler

Care the new Golf GTI, the Golf GTD too leaves the manufactory in Wolfsburg with bi-xenon headlights including cornering lights as banner. Patch the front of the Golf GTI sports a red multi-coloured cut funnies, the GTD glistens with a reduce discase in unpretentious and refined chromium-plate. This chromium-plate clipping discase extends into the headlights and divides the front into an speed expanse with LED day working lights and bi-xenon elements and a glower incision with the twist indicators. Below this is the bumper intentional specifically for the GT models with (optional) LED fog lights incorporated on the veracious and unexpended besides as air templet elements multi-coloured in glossary blacken and the depress grille tuck with its lightlessness honeycomb construction.

Privacy glass for rear seating area

2014 Volkswagen Golf Gtd

At the bottom, the smoke-cured LED arse lights with merged whiten trimming strips at the stature of the twister business for the reversing lights, threefold chromium-plate tailpipes mounted on the remaining, GT-specific cap border mollycoddler with sidelong flowing elements on the behind windshield and GTD badge all micturate this car out as the sportiest Golf e’er with a TDI locomotive. First on the “GT models”, it is too potential to edict ass windows with factory-installed behind methamphetamine that has 90 per centime alternatively of 65 per penny tinting. As for the Golf GTI, the pick of criterion eubstance colors for the new GTD includes the 3 classical GT consistence colors “Crack red”, “Inkiness” and “Vestal Albumen”.

Sport seats with style

Passengers accede the rider compartment ended touchstone whiten lighted stainless sill plates. The driver and breast rider sit on variation seating upholstered with a classical GT plaid formula cloth – which is called “Clark” in the GTD (and GTI). The seating of the GTI and GTD are very in construct. Before, they are both weaponed with meridian fitting, a manual lumbar reenforcement and a sack on the seatback. Their ergonomic properties are nonesuch. Visually, alternatively of the red bleached elements of the GTI, the GTD elements characteristic a gallimaufry of nigrify, greyness and ovalbumin colouring hues besides as chromium-plate parts. A leather national (“Vienna”) may be coherent as an alternative. A nigrify roofliner rounds out the clean atmosphere in an up guidance.

Touchscreen and ambience lighting

On with the machinelike clime ascendancy scheme (Climatronic), Driver Alerting Scheme and Authorship Signature tuner organization (including SD hale slot and AUX-IN port), ambiance ignition is too a measure characteristic. The bike caps and base residual made of fleecy stainless, the three-spoke, multifunction leather-trimmed, flat-bottom sportsman wheel (with al accents), a GTD train switching clutches and the pawn bunch with lengthened allowance options of the “Agiotage” multifunction expose are all declarative of the exclusive-sporty flare alongside the new Volkswagen Golf GTD.

Navigation with Google Earth™

2014 Volkswagen Golf Gtd

The showy long-distance image is the get-go VW Golf GTD to establish with technologies – in increase to such systems as XDS+ and imperfect guidance -that admit the Driver Alarm Organization and Post-Collision Braking Organisation as received. Interim, optional hi-tech features admit Adaptative Sail Restraint (ACC), the surround monitoring organisation Presence Serve asset Metropolis Pinch Braking, Lane Serve lane-keeping adjunct and the modish contemporaries of DCC dynamical flesh controller (including driver visibility chooser). Likewise new on-board is a 400 W vocalise organization from Dynaudio that was customised for the simulation serial. Another new selection in the plan: Car Net for transmittal on-line data such as the Google Ground&craft; map help.

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