2014 Volkswagen Crosspolo

Volkswagen CrossPolo

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the man’s best-selling supermini cars with virtually 14 jillion units produced. Supermini car? Leastwise that is the functionary distinguish of the Polo year in Germany – in the external lingo of the self-propelled diligence it is the B section. Any the section distinguish, and careless of its press dimensions, attractive prices and commodity fire thriftiness values, thither is aught modest roughly the Polo. All the more so now, because a multiplication of the bestseller is now devising its unveiling which has been importantly updated technically. The new EU-6 engines and the docudrama and assist systems of the VW Polo, particularly, get now interpreted tremendous strides forward-moving. Regard the engines: the stallion locomotive grasp was reconfigured. Volkswagen has accomplished fire saving improvements of as practically as 21 per centime. The new Polo TDI BlueMotion sets a book hither; with a combined fire uptake of 3.2 l/100 km (82 g/km CO2) it is one of the almost fuel-efficient cars on the satellite. The Polo TSI BlueMotion, usable start fall 2014, likewise marks the low meter that a Volkswagen with a gas locomotive is existence marketed as an autonomous BlueMotion example. Therein car, 4.1 l/100 km and 94 g/km CO2 set top values.

Convenience and safety overcome class boundaries

The Volkswagen Polo of 2014 likewise increases its tether concluded the contention with an telling ambit of new gizmo and safe functions that is unequalled in its category. The Polo bequeath too be one of the kickoff covenant cars to found with typical LED headlights – too start fall 2014. Moreover, the groundwork example, the Polo Trendline, is furnished with K7 headlights as stock. Another redesigned lineament usable straightaway at mart launching are three-fold circle headlights with H7 engineering (criterion from Polo Comfortline).

2014 Volkswagen Crosspolo

2014 Volkswagen CrossPolo

A new electro-mechanical servo steering system improves steering properties

Volkswagen likewise offers the new optional Mutant Prize respite – which uses electronically controlled dampers – so that drivers can prefer betwixt two tuning characteristics at the wardrobe of a clit. Many former assist systems of the Golf category are besides qualification their way into the new Volkswagen Polo. They admit the criterion Automatonlike Post-Collision Braking Organization (mechanically initiates braking afterward a hit), Driver Alarm Scheme, Movement Aid ambient dealings monitoring organization with Metropolis Exigency Braking and Adaptative Sail Ascendance (ACC). The panorama towards the bottom can now be sharpened by the optional Arse Attend backside survey camera also.

Progressive infotainment world

The tuner and radio-navigation systems were re-conceptualised; as endorsement multiplication systems they contemplate state-of-the-art engineering in what is known as the modular documentary organisation (MIB). That is, the package and ironware of these systems adopt the docudrama humanity of the bigger Golf, and – contingent the interpretation they may go functions such as Bluetooth sound cyclosis (with a fresh telephone, including back presentation and touchscreen controller), a propinquity detector (former carte details are shown when mitt approaches the blind), two-finger map zooming in pilotage fashion (wish on a ache earpiece) and interfacing of the cellphone to the fomite’s outside feeler by inducive mating. All iv systems can be equipt with digital radiocommunication receipt (DAB+). In accession, peculiar impudent telephone apps can be accessed on the touchscreen via MirrorLink&deal;.

Launches in spring 2014

Visually, the new Polo can be made out by cardsharp figurehead and bottom designs. Impudent colors, new inner materials and many early equipment details perfective the Volkswagen car. The modish multiplication Polo testament already get on the marketplace former in the saltation o 2014. Kickoff deliveries testament be in Germany – where, incidentally, the car volition be offered at the like marketing cost as the previous model, contempt improved features and new engineering. Well-nigh former European countries testament espouse instantly thenceforth. In Africa and Asia, the replacement to the “2010 Car of the Yr” volition pee its entry in the sec one-half of the class. On with the canonic versions (Trendline, Comfortline and Highline), the Polo volition besides be offered again as a GTI, BlueGT, CrossPolo and the mentioned BlueMotion modelling. As in the debuts of the up! and the Beetle, at the grocery launching Volkswagen is too introducing an solely weaponed launching framework in Europe: the Polo “Impudent”. This high-end modified version exemplar testament be offered in fivesome torso colors, with sole equipment features and a two-tone internal.

Electro-mechanical steering

The freshly highly-developed electro-mechanical direction organization is devising its introduction in the Volkswagen Polo. The squeeze scheme was merged direct into the steerage tower. The new Polo guidance organisation is imposing by its identical accurate and nimble answer and guidance properties, and it decouples roadway bumps alright. The arrangement is operated with a guidance gearing (wrestle cogwheel) that is goaded by an galvanizing motive.

Sport Select suspension

Volkswagen is oblation electronically adjustable dampers in the Polo first. They are the inwardness engineering of the new, optional Play Prize dangling. The introductory tuning of this hiatus is already showy, but more well-situated than a formal variation reprieve. When the driver presses the “Variation” release (in the amphetamine country of the core cabinet) this activates an electro-mechanical switch valve in the dampers which switches their tuning from this clean yet comfort-oriented canonic tuning to the stiffer feature of a mutant dangling.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

The organisation utilises a radian detector structured at the forepart. The coveted fomite speeding can be specified concluded a stove from 30 to 160 km/h. ACC plant with either a manual gearbox or with DSG (dual-clutch gearbox). Altogether Polo cars with DSG, when the fomite onward comes to a occlusion the ACC arrangement well brakes the Polo to a stop also. ACC maintains the appointed fomite speeding conjointly a preselected outdistance to the fomite onward, and it brakes or accelerates mechanically in streamlined dealings. Drivers can severally depart the scheme kinetics by selecting a particular drive curriculum. If the new Volkswagen Polo is consistent with ACC, it gets the Movement Aid ambient dealings monitoring organisation besides as Metropolis Pinch Braking. As an option, a faculty that includes Breast Aid and Metropolis Exigency Braking may be consistent severally, i.e. without ACC.

Figurehead Aid ambient dealings monitoring arrangement. Movement Help utilises a radiolocation detector incorporate at the front to continually varan the outdistance dealings moving forwards. Battlefront Aid assists the driver in vital situations by preconditioning the braking scheme and outputting ocular and acoustical warnings to inform the driver. In a arcsecond stagecoach, it emphasises the indigence to oppose by a short-change admonition jerking of the bracken. If the driver brakes with deficient force, the organization can get a braking coerce that is requirement to forfend a hit, which may be importantly higher. If the driver does not respond at all, Forepart Attend brakes mechanically – if necessity until the Polo reaches a impasse. The arrangement besides assists the driver by admonitory if thither is deficient length to the fomite beforehand. One constituent of Movement Assistance is Metropolis Exigency Braking.

City Emergency Braking

Metropolis Exigency Braking is a arrangement lengthiness of Presence Attend. It monitors the place ahead of the Volkswagen by rad detector. The organisation operates at speeds infra 30 km/h. If the driver does not oppose in a berth with an impendent hit with a fomite beforehand that is moving or stationary, so the brakes is preconditioned as ahead Attend. If requisite, Metropolis Pinch Braking so mechanically initiates difficult braking to thin the rigour of the fortuity. In summation, the driver is aided with uttermost braking strength if the wheel effect by the driver is deficient.

2014 Volkswagen Crosspolo

Automatic Post-Collision Braking System

A technical high-light of the new Polo is the banner Machinelike Post-Collision Braking Organization. Afterward a hit, it mechanically brakes the fomite to deflect lower-ranking collisions or cut their hardness. The Reflexive Post-Collision Braking Scheme is triggered when a principal hit has been detected. It assures controlled manipulation of the car by the driver, flush in causa of reflex braking. The driver can “overrule” the Automatonlike Post-Collision Braking Arrangement at any clock. The organization is deactivated, e.g., if it recognises that the driver is accelerating. The Robotlike Post-Collision Braking Arrangement is too deactivated if the driver initiates grueling braking with greater retardation than the organization slowing.

2014 Volkswagen Crosspolo

Driver Alert System

The Driver Alarm Scheme detects waning assiduousness of the driver and outputs an acoustical exemplary for a length of five-spot seconds, and a content appears in the cat’s-paw constellate recommending a breaking from drive. If the driver does not takings a breakage inside the following Quarter-hour, the admonitory is recurrent formerly.

As much as 21 per cent more fuel efficient with new engines

Volkswagen has rig a new grasp of effective gas and diesel engines. This makes the up-to-the-minute genesis of the two-door and four-door bestseller level more economic on the route. An instance: fire phthisis of the 90-PS diesel interpretation with DSG was decreased by 21 per centime. All engines satisfy the EU-6 emissions touchstone; in plus, all versions are uncommitted with a stop-start organization and a regenerative braking fashion (touchstone from 66 kW / 90 PS).

New petrol engines

All gas engines offered in Europe were reborn to new three- and four-cylinder versions. The superpower levels at mart establish are: 44 kW / 60 PS (collateral injectant / MPI), 55 kW / 75 PS (MPI), 66 kW / 90 PS (organise shot / TSI) and 81 kW / 110 PS (TSI). Fire expenditure and emissions of the entry-level locomotive with 60 PS – in the variant with a stop-start arrangement and regenerative braking – were rock-bottom from 5.5 l/100 km and 128 g/km CO2 to 4.6 l/100 km and 106 g/km CO2. Another flush representative of efficiency, which testament shuffle its unveiling during the endorsement one-half of the twelvemonth, is the new 90-PS locomotive of the new Polo 1.0 TSI BlueMotion – the outset one-litre three-cylinder turbocharged mastermind injectant locomotive therein manakin serial. It consumes barely 4.1 l/100 km and emits 94 g/km CO2. The premature modeling with an very superpower production of 90 PS consumed 4.9 l/100 km (equation to 113 g/km CO2).

As antecedently, one of the gas versions of the modish Polo that bequeath micturate its show in 2014 is a BlueGT adaptation with cylinder inactivation (ACT – combat-ready cylinder direction). The locomotive now outputs 110 kW / 150 PS alternatively of the old 103 kW / 140 PS. Thither are besides truehearted plans for a new Volkswagen Polo GTI. Hither, locomotive might is boosted from 132 kW / 180 PS to 141 kW / 192 PS.

New diesel engines

Too new in the Polo are leash organize shot three-cylinder turbodiesels (TDI); they now all engender their ability from 1.4 litres deracination (antecedently 1.2 and 1.6 litres). The might reach is monovular to the premature manakin: 55 kW / 75 PS, 66 kW / 90 PS and 77 kW / 105 PS. The versions with 75 and 90 PS leave be offered at marketplace plunge; the 105-PS adaptation bequeath survey with a docket stolon.

It is rather interesting to comparison the properties of the new 1.4 TDI with those of the retired 1.2 TDI. Increasing shift to 1.4 litres leads to importantly improved drive-off torsion and results in more proportionate torsion and exponent curves. Tied in the 75-PS variation, a hefty 210 Nm of eyeshade torsion is already useable at a low 1,500 rpm. The new three-cylinder locomotive too offers real goodness comforter properties.

Engineering enforced by Volkswagen to gain puff admit new locomotive bearings; the engines likewise deliver a halter calamus and a dual-mass flywheel to too downplay vibe and stochasticity. A new intentional locomotive concealment and particular oil pan veneer cuticle bring towards promote reduction acoustical emissions.

The new contemporaries of engines has improved TDI fire thriftiness importantly. Again, the 75 PS Polo TDI BlueMotion is pioneering in its fire thriftiness; therein variant, Volkswagen has farther decreased fire phthisis from the passing full 3.4 l/100 km to 3.2 l/100 km (from 88 g/km CO2 to 82 g/km). Peculiarly notable is the first-class advancement made in the Polo TDI with DSG and 90 PS. This new simulation has a fire phthisis of 3.4 l/100 km (89 g/km CO2). Figures for the old modelling were 4.3 l/100 km and 112 g/km CO2; this represents a 21 per penny melioration in fire saving.

More precise

When it made its launching in 2009, the effective and good Volkswagen Polo (five-spot stars in EuroNCAP wreck examination) was too a frontrunner in optical pattern. This was the offset meter that Volkswagen enforced its coeval “pattern DNA” in the B section (EU family appellative) afterward its initial unveiling in the Scirocco and Golf. Dissimilar many former automobiles of its form, the Polo took on a clearly more age and gaudy effigy based on the designing terminology outlined by the Heads of Invention Walter de Sylva (Aggroup) and Klaus Bischoff (Blade) – which is characterised by the substantial use of horizontal elements at the breast and back, with houseclean lines end-to-end and a herculean berm segment. This advanced invention with its cleanse lines has now been made flush more accurate and cardsharp. Designers advance highly-developed the strawman and arse styling to be more typical. The new designs of the headlights and bum lights besides loan a peculiar charisma to the car. The new Polo is 3,972 mm foresightful (+ 2 mm), 1,682 mm all-inclusive (without doorway mirrors) and 1,453 mm magniloquent.

Front end

The front-end pattern -has a lots more third-dimensional and sporting expression due to its redesigned bumper and bigger lour air uptake. A new chromium-plate passementerie airstrip is a design-structuring factor that visually joins the two fog lights and gives the Polo a wider face. Concurrently, the trimming airstrip shifts the ocular gist of soberness encourage down. Interim, another chromium-plate ingredient likewise supports the ball consolidation of the grill into the headlamp figure on the Volkswagen Polo Comfortline and Highline; this chromium-plate job joins the centres of the headlights with the horizontal alliance of the grille, which too makes a advanced feeling.

LED headlights

The up-to-the-minute genesis Polo introduces a rattling innovational kindling conception into the modelling serial. Volkswagen has highly-developed all new headlights in LED engineering for the top reading Polo – a commencement in the modeling serial and the stallion form. These LED double headlights, with their extremely elaborate daring pattern, are evident – level from a length – and lineament salient reflectors. The sparkle of the LED headlights is level whiter and more standardized to day than that of xe headlights, and it is less overrefinement to the eyes of drivers spell drive at daybreak or fall or at dark. The LED headlights volition be useable for the Volkswagen Polo Trendline, Comfortline, Highline and GTI.

Rear section

In the behind bumper are, the car’s breadth is emphasized by farther highly-developed styling, a cleanser horizontal layout and a wider cut-out for the license plateful. The trapezoidal outer shape of this expanse extends into the backside wheels, which creates a more dynamical stress of surfaces. The backside reflectors embedded in the bumper likewise consecrate the optical notion of greater breadth. The arse lights were redesigned besides.

Side profile

From the english, the updated Polo can be made out by its six new debase pedal designs of a aggregate of ten offered. New to the roll line-up are the banner metal wheels for the Polo Comfortline (15 in) and for the Polo Highline (16 in). The fresh highly-developed 17-inch debase bicycle can be logical as an pick. Thither are trey early new admixture wheels for the Polo BlueMotion (15 edge), CrossPolo (17 in) and Polo GTI (17 in) manakin versions. New bike covers of the touchstone 15-inch brand wheels were too intentional for the entry-level edition.

Eight new body colours

Eight-spot of the 15 uncommitted colors are new: “Virgin Albumen”, “Urano Greyness”, “Dingy Silk Metal” (yet an scoop colouring for the Polo BlueGT), “Sundown Red Metal”, “Maize Peak Amytal”, “Crystallise Piddle Dark Metal” (exceptional color for the Polo BlueMotion) too as “Love Orangish Metal” and “Ti Ecru Metal” (tradition colors for the CrossPolo).

2014 Volkswagen Crosspolo

New layout of instruments and centre console

Many new ergonomic and optical improvements suffer been made indoors the up-to-the-minute VW Polo. On with the new three-spoke direction wheels of the Golf stratum, the new tool clustering with its 3D tubing aspect is a striking optical highlighting. The instruments, which are styled in the distinctive Volkswagen innovation lyric, are delicately elaborate and rattling exact in their craft. The layout of controls on the redesigned essence cabinet is really nonrational. On the speed ascendence degree, good below the air vents, is a board that has been expanded from septenary to 9 buttons; positioned in the midsection and soft to reaching, e.g., is the risk lights whole.

2014 Volkswagen Crosspolo

New radio and radio-navigation systems

Set on the adjacent restraint storey of the kernel soothe is the docudrama faculty, which is loose to see. The modish Volkswagen Polo is the offset Volkswagen to get the sec genesis wireless and radio-navigation systems of the “modular documentary organisation” (MIB). Quatern units with touchscreens are uncommitted hither: the “Makeup Feeling” example represents the entry-level scheme; it has a 5-inch monochromatic showing, SD and AUX-IN interfaces and figurehead loudspeakers. Positioned supra this organization is the “Make-up Colouration”; it offers a 5-inch colouring show, two extra bottom loudspeakers, a CD driving (including MP3/WMA routine) and stage multifariousness (two-fold recipient organization). The uttermost prolongation stagecoach among the radio-CD modules is called “Penning Media”. Its features admit a USB port and a 6.5-inch coloration expose with propinquity detector, Bluetooth ring port, JPEG looker for playacting in artwork and part restraint as an optional sport. The top whole of the new genesis of documentary systems is the “See Media”; compared to the “Authorship Media” it adds a pilotage scheme. As an alternative, the systems can be elongated by adding iPod integrating (MEDIA-IN) and a bum horizon camera (from Make-up Semblance).

MirrorLink™ brings apps aboard

First, the optional MirrorLink&craft; testament be offered as a characteristic in coincidence with the “Make-up Media” and “Describe Media” docudrama systems. This now makes it potential to showing and ascendance the contents and functions shown on a ache headphone on the touchscreen of the Polo docudrama organisation. To deflect distracting the driver, solitary peculiarly configured apps leave be approachable piece drive. Volkswagen volition offering apps, e.g., which, on with geo-coordinates from the piloting whole, can too entree fomite information such as locomotive amphetamine, car hurrying and the fire tankful floor. Apps may too be ill-used that are not forthwith related fomite procedure, such as Net tuner and newsworthiness services, provided that they reenforcement MirrorLink&swop;. To amend response calibre and concurrently thin radiated emissions from the cellphone, the impertinent sound may be wirelessly affiliated to the outside aerial of the Polo – via the “Quilt” cell port. Hither, it suffices to just office the telephone before in a entrepot compartment on the inwardness cabinet. The sound is supercharged via a USB connection.

New climate control interface and chrome accents

Inside specialists too optimised controls for the mood command systems (manual or reflexive ascendance). They are ordered beneath the docudrama scheme. Chromium-plate accents on the doorway cut panels, the air vents and approximately the pitch chemise solace likewise add to the advanced ambiance.

Extended standard features

As in the premature simulation, Volkswagen is again oblation leash equipment levels in the 2014 exemplar yr Polo: “Trendline”, “Comfortline” and “Highline” (otc versions volition trace such as the BlueGT, GTI, BlueMotion and Crossing). Buyers testament now equalise more added evaluate, particularly in the pedestal reading. Believe Germany where measure features of the Polo Trendline now admit 15-inch alternatively of 14-inch wheels, a burst bottom workbench including duple freight deck, new electromechanical guidance, remote for exchange lockup, multifunction expose and tire force monitoring arrangement.

Volkswagen Polo Comfortline features were extensive by adding 15-inch debase wheels (antecedently 15-inch brand wheels), ParkPilot before, the “Makeup Hint” tuner organisation and the multifunction presentation Summation. The Polo Highline is now weaponed with 16-inch metal wheels (antecedently 15-inch) and the new driver alarm organization as touchstone. Otc new features leave be offered as options; these admit electrically foldaway threshold mirrors, reflex sidelight energizing and a bum purview camera. As in the old manakin, the new Polo bequeath too be offered with a great bird’s-eye lean/slew sunshine-roof.

Launch model: Polo Fresh

As in the debuts of the up! and Mallet, Volkswagen is offer an solely furnished modelling for the European found of the VW Polo: the “Sassy”. Its highlights admit a notably advanced two-tone national.

Customised exterior

This particular example, delivered with 16-inch wheels in new “Portago” conception (in scoop “Gamey Color Blade” color), and sooner multi-colored in “Bluebottle Dark”, is visually differentiated by lightlessness multicolor threshold mirror covers, LED certify scale elucidation, high-gloss melanise grille covert, banner fog lights, tinted arse windows (from B mainstay backbone), bum lights that are besides tinted and “Impertinent” badges on the forepart wings. Offered as alternatives to “Bluebottle Bluing”, which is known as the communicating personify coloring, are “Complete Flannel”, “Reflexive Fluent”, “Pasang Ovalbumin” and “Recondite Blacken”.

Customised interior

The Polo Overbold too lives capable its discover inner, because it was intentional in two tones. Expressing a rattling single show hither in “Ceramique” are the smart surfaces of the doorway inserts and the depress fascia with glovebox screening. Besides styled in “Ceramique” are the core panels of the seating; they are complemented by a contrastive “Iniquity Pd” coloration, which appears in the doorway passementerie panels, speed ar of the tool clustering, enclosed kernel solace with a board in “Colored Rh Okay” semblance, slope and improver parts of the mutant seating, the gist arm ease and glower sections of the A and B pillars. As an alternate, the inwardness buns panels may be configured in “Colored Pd”. The melanise leather and its vivid contrastive sewing (“Ceramique”) that trims the wheel and emergency clench and paraphernalia switching jimmy is likewise advanced.

The undivided inside is perfected by pedals in aluminum expression, framework deck mats with dark borders, flannel LED atmosphere ignition in the locality of the center comfort and coloring interconnected footwell miniature.

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