2014 Vauxhall Meriva

Vauxhall Meriva

The Meriva was launched in 2003 when Vauxhall efficaciously created the modest MPV sphere. With its unequalled FlexSpace bottom seats arrangement, it proven vastly pop, with complete 115,000 sold in the UK and concluded one trillion in Europe.

Launched in 2010, the second-generation Vauxhall Meriva off the concordat MPV form on its header, with its ingenious FlexDoors arrangement – rear-hinged bottom doors which countenance a 20 per penny bigger hatchway for passengers – and FlexSpace arrangement, which allows bottom passengers a change of unlike seats combinations.

This manakin reinforced on the succeeder of the beginning genesis Meriva and wish well-nigh Vauxhalls it’s now a plebeian view on British roadstead, with most 50,000 sold in the UK since found.

With a thirster wheelbase offer practicality for buyers, specially those with youth children, flow Meriva shifted out of the minor MPV and into the five-seat squeeze MPV-B sphere. The new exemplar besides sits therein section with rivals including the Fording B-Max, Nissan Tone, Order 500 L and Citroen C3 Picasso.

The Vauxhall Meriva is pop with families, thanks to its versatility, distance, guard and easiness of accession offered by its unequalled FlexDoors. Vauxhall expects Meriva sales to be snag equally betwixt ret and dart.

The new Meriva is on sale now with outset client deliveries arriving this month. And wish all Vauxhalls, the Meriva comes with Lifespan Guarantee, which offers beginning owners peace for as farsighted as they own the car, capable 100,000 miles.

2014 Vauxhall Meriva


The Meriva’s outside is made flush more polished thanks to a new lattice and newly-designed headlamps with an ‘eagle-eye’ vivid. On amphetamine reduce levels thither’s higher chromium-plate contentedness, including chromium-plate accents that framing the strawman fog lamps.

An graceful, all-new chromium-plate beltline swoops fine-tune the incline of the fomite, highlight the undulation excogitation that accentuates the back windowpane and offers extra profile to belittled children session in the backside seating.

First, LED daylight working lights and LED stern lights are useable as an pick. Complementing the excogitation revisions are new optional 18-inch metal wheels, which are rarefied therein section.

Thither’s too a new Emerald Commons iridescent pigment coloring which substance customers now let a option of xi outside colors and cinque unlike national trims.


The new Vauxhall Meriva is usable with a alternative of seven-spot powertrains, tercet gas and quatern diesel, including Vauxhall’s new 1.6-litre CDTi locomotive. In improver, all new Meriva benefits from considerably revised, low detrition transmissions which propose punter efficiency and often more accurate and shine shifting process.

Clean Machine

Wise from its launching in the Zafira Tourist, Vauxhall’s new ‘Susurration Diesel’ 1.6 CDTi locomotive is now uncommitted in the Meriva. The Euro-6 compliant locomotive, which is already context a heights benchmark in the manufacture for efficiency and subtlety, produces 136PS and 320Nm of torsion at 2,000rpm, yet achieves a singular 64.2mpg combined and 116g/km of C02 emissions.

Extra fire saving is achieved done Vauxhall’s ecoFLEX engineering and a Commencement/Stopover organization comprising a strengthened starter and heights functioning barrage with healthy controls and detector.

The n oxide diminution needful by Euro 6 has been achieved done Tilt NOx Ambush (LNT). The arrangement’s particular LNT accelerator stores the n oxide. When the repositing capacitance is secondhand up, the locomotive direction organisation mechanically begins re-formation. The LNT arrangement is whole maintenance-free and does not want an extra tankful.

Featuring an al pulley, this new four-cylinder 1.6-litre diesel is not but the benchmark for execution, with its gamy powerfulness yield and torsion denseness, but besides for shade with low levels of randomness, oscillation and rigour.

This state-of-the-art ‘Rustling Diesel’ is but one of the quietest engines in its course. Its nicety is due to its extremely effective burning serve and apt use of acoustical covers. A complex ingestion multiplex (encapsulated in an acoustical cushioning and an extraneous shaping cuticle), the pliant cam binding (amply decoupled from the locomotive) and the scissor gears in the timing ride organisation all give to prodigious locomotive elaboration.

And if that wasn’t decent, this powertrain chef-d’oeuvre was highly-developed totally inside GM by a globular squad of foremost engineers.

Petrol Engine Efficiency

The Vauxhall Meriva’s gas locomotive orbit (1.4 100PS, 1.4T 120PS and 140PS) is now amply Euro-6 compliant.

The naturally-aspirated entry-level variation produces 100PS and the two turbocharged variants fling 120PS and 140PS, producing 175Nm and 200Nm of uttermost torsion severally. The 120PS is likewise useable with an automatonlike gearbox.

The entry-level 1.4-litre, naturally-aspirated Twinport locomotive develops 100PS at 6,000 rpm. It achieves 47.1mpg on the combined oscillation.

The 1.4-litre Turbo variation is usable in two states of melody. The 1.4 Turbo produces 120PS and 175Nm of torsion betwixt 1,750 and 4,800 rpm, jointly 0-62mph quickening in 11.3 seconds, yet offers fire expenditure of fair 47.9mpg.

Hard functioning with flexibleness is the focalise of the 140PS reading. Torsion of 200Nm is generated betwixt 1,850rpm to 4,900rpm, serving it accomplish 0-62mph in upright 10.1 seconds. Combined fire expenditure is 44.8mpg.

New low-friction transmissions in all new Meriva models

Transmissions in the new Meriva deliver too been improved thanks to Vauxhall/Opel’s €50 gazillion investing into the optimization of its five- and six-speed gearboxes.

Changes to their components and the gear-change mechanisms, also as to their desegregation into the fomite birth ensured a strong betterment in gearchange eloquence.

The new low-friction manual units go a new storey of gear-change comforter in compounding with all gasoline and diesel engines. Unfirm now requires minimum travail and is faster and more exact.

The 1.4 120PS locomotive can be furnished with a low detrition six-speed robotic transmittance with an ActiveSelect use, allowing successive appurtenance choice via the shifter. Reflexive infection is likewise useable with the 1.7 CDTi 110PS diesel.


Vauxhall engineers changed every testicle in the Meriva’s abeyance and direction when the old framework came to grocery, ensuring active operation and civilisation to mate its optic entreaty.

Then that the Vauxhall Meriva met the unparalleled demands of many British drivers, Vauxhall engineers highly-developed a made-to-order UK steerage plan for the Meriva. As a resultant, the car’s electro-hydraulic powerfulness direction organization is tuned to wooing our alone route surfaces.

Improved dynamics from new suspension

Fantabulous cod and manipulation were key targets during ontogenesis of the Mervia. At the figurehead, the McPherson struts features get hypertrophied top mountings which furcate the paths of the springiness and muffler loadings to better the steerage reception and razz ease. The springs are likewise intentional to protest position loadings, which slenderize detrition in the cause of the muffler.

The depress ascendance blazonry are affiliated to a hydro-formed, excavate division sub-frame which is bolted to the consistency via condom mountings to advance sequester the cabin from route vibrations bountiful the Meriva a silence cabin. The restraint weaponry are fitted with hydraulic bushes which helper to foster dilute oscillation in the steerage.

2014 Vauxhall Meriva

At the behind, a space-saving contortion send axle is maintained, piece the heaviness of the broadcast was increased by 0.6mm against the kickoff propagation Meriva to fulfill the inevitably of a new geometry.

Electro-hydraulic power steering system for first class precision and feel

An Electro-Hydraulic Exponent Direction (EHPS) arrangement is victimised. It is tuned for first-class impulsive flavour with less undesirable shakiness and kickback.

Vauxhall engineers specified a contract steerage editorial which offers the driver ambit and elevation alteration. The orbit of settings, 20mm for stretch and 25mm for acme, matches the heavy adjustability of the driver’s behind, contributive to the biotechnology of the car. The collapsable distance of the tower and top climbing allows generous leg infinite and way for protective stifle cushioning.

To free more home quad, all Merivas are fitted with an Galvanic Emergency (EPB) as measure. The actuator is at the bag of the gearstick and is especially gentle to control with fair one digit, evening when the fomite is amply crocked on a immerse slope. When drive outside, thither is no pauperization to eventide manually freeing the EPB.

Electronic Stableness Broadcast Addition (ESP) is touchstone crosswise the stove and tuned to role increasingly, avoiding precipitous, betimes interventions. When ESP does interpose, it brakes the earmark compounding of wheels, and if necessity, modulates the electronic confine too, serving the driver to recover ascendance.

Grip Controller is included inside the ESP organisation and, as a answer, a traditional wintertime way release for the reflexive transmitting is no thirster compulsory to effort the car swimmingly in tricky weather.

Early alive prophylactic functions controlled by the ESP package admit:

  • Electronic Bracken personnel Dispersion (EBD), which ensures optimal braking violence is applied at both axles simultaneously for uttermost stableness below gravid braking.
  • Electronic Pull torsion Controller (EDC), which prevents the fomite from comely unsound due to the braking core of the locomotive if the driver dead lifts off the catalyst or engages a appurtenance that is too low. If the onrush of miscue is detected in the goaded wheels, locomotive torsion bequeath be increased until the wheels are rotating at an seize value.
  • Square Contrast Stableness (SLS) and cornering bracken ascendancy are excited if the car is braking spell cornering or travel straightforward onward below split-friction route weather. Bracken insistence is singly wide-ranging betwixt all four-spot wheels in rescript to living the car unchanging.
  • Bracken Aid Organisation (BAS) helps the driver in pinch braking situations by ensuring greater retardation than potential done the even bracken plugger. Eventide inexpert drivers can reach shorter braking distances.
  • Standard on all models

    2014 Vauxhall Meriva

    Mound Beginning Attend (HSA) minimises any declivitous motion of the car when winning off on a side if the Galvanising Parkland Bracken (EPB) has not been occupied. Typically, HSA shortly maintains insistency at the behind brakes when the driver stairs from the bracken to the throttle.


    Uncommitted as a &punt;1,200 selection on SE models, the Vauxhall Meriva has a new propagation Navi 950 with IntelliLink documentary arrangement enabling unseamed smartphone consolidation with the fomite. The big, high-definition, seven-inch colouring supervise offers a new port with IntelliLink art that pee-pee the scheme easier to interpret and functioning quicker and more mobile. The arrangement features Bluetooth hand-free earphone connectivity and sound cyclosis, and extra connectivity via USB.

    IntelliLink in the Meriva has a banner CD histrion, patch DAB+ – Digital Sound Diffuse – is offered as an selection that raises the bar in price of orbit of radiocommunication stations reached, dependable receipt and fathom caliber. Piloting is an inbuilt parting of the organisation, done both the Navi 650 and the Navi 950 IntelliLink. It is exceedingly accurate and loyal in calculative itineraries and zooming in and out, and destinations can be entered well via vocalization acknowledgment victimization speedy ’round launching’ (postulation piloting and scarce animadvert the destination in a 1 articulate) as is potential in the Insignia’s arrangement.

    Comp map information is uncommitted of the westerly and easterly European realm and map updates can be downloaded via USB. In add-on to even vocalism ascendancy o’er its own functionality, the IntelliLink scheme in the new Meriva besides supports and integrates smartphones’ own part ascendance – care Siri for the Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod contact, iPad, e.g.) e.g.. This allows drivers to livelihood their absorption on the route patch acquiring curt messages interpret, such as answers to various kinds of questions or requests.


    Piece Vauxhall is the get-go mainstream maker in late eld to dramatise rear-hinged binding doors that afford severally from those at the forepart, Vauxhall’s inheritance with this case of threshold is besides pregnant, from both a pattern and product position.

    The Meriva joins watershed Vauxhall’s from the pre-war eld, alike the iconic 1923 30-98 and 1934 Twinkle Six barroom, apiece of which had rachis doors hinged from the bum for easiness of entree and expiration.

    Many more Vauxhall models featured this system capable the former Thirties, but with the coming of far-flung one expression (which Vauxhall pioneered in Britain with the H-type Ten-Four modeling) front-hinged doors became the average.

    Nevertheless, Vauxhall remained a fast exponent of the rear-hinged threshold construct in the post-war days, and in 1970 its Luton-based conception section, headed by gifted hairstylist, Wayne Red, created the land break SRV construct car.

    Tied by tod’s standards, the SRV has futurist excogitation overtones, but significantly it featured cover doors that not solitary open upwardly, but that were hinged from the back to permit passengers easier accession from the cubbyhole, low-slung backbone seating.

    Meriva’s FlexDoors unique in class

    40 age afterwards and Vauxhall productionised the rear-hinged threshold organisation with the Meriva, although the FlexDoors’ contrivance and guard features affected the plot on boundlessly. Nevertheless, with the exclusion of Rolls-Royce’s Specter and Wraith models, the Vauxhall (and Opel in Europe) Meriva is silence the sole output car to birth bum doors that unfold severally from those in the breast, and on with Rolls, to get good type-approval for the scheme.

    Key FlexDoor benefits admit easier introduction and going, enhanced bioengineering and improved behind backside accession, peculiarly when fixture shaver seating. With both the forepart and bum doors clear, parents and children likewise ploughshare the like quad, without a doorway betwixt them.

    Acquiring in and out of the Vauxhall Meriva’s backside cabin is, rather literally, more straight.

    Quite than having to footmark dorsum, or to one slope, as one would victimisation a rule front-hinged threshold, the FlexDoor allows unimpeded ahead accession/egression to and from the cabin.

    Getting a handle on what the customer wants

    Vauxhall’s engineers and designers responded to the necessarily of parents, children and old mass when they highly-developed the Meriva’s FlexDoors. Dissimilar a schematic front-hinged threshold, FlexDoors offer entree contiguous to the B-post, where thither is the sterling board ‘tween cap and flooring. The doors and handles bear likewise been ergonomically engineered for repose of procedure.

    For parents, this way they can approach the bottom arse country wax on, standing in the spa normally engaged by an clear doorway. They can orbit advancing with babies and toddlers to well fit front-facing carriers and fry seating. Pornographic passengers can just measure ahead when acquiring in or out of the back behind without having to twirl concluded a wheel-arch. Handy catch handles on the interior of the B-posts too makes exiting easier for all.

    Nearly front-hinged doors afford to no than 68 degrees, but the Meriva’s FlexDoors spread in foursome stairs done 84 degrees, a gain which extends to the figurehead doors too. When both doors are outdoors, the closet door-like layout creates a cancel parent-friendly zona for corralling children when they’re close to the car.

    Over-the-counter FlexDoor benefits admit easier debut and departure in constrict parking floater and more commodious approach to the bottom doors for the driver or forepart rider. It’s easier, e.g., to out-of-doors a FlexDoor to hang a cap or see an particular from the back ass.

    Additional safety features for children

    All Meriva’s are fitted with a composite rubber organization that prevents children porta the bottom doors piece the car is moving. At speeds concluded 2mph, the FlexDoors mechanically ringlet and a go-ahead in the doorway plow surroundings goes out, indicating that the threshold cannot be open. If for any ground one of the doors has not been shut decently when the car starts to go, the driver is forthwith informed by an hearable and optic admonition from the panel. If the fomite is in an stroke, the FlexDoors unlock mechanically. For added surety, schematic nipper locks too lineament.


    2014 Vauxhall Meriva

    Indoors and out, the Meriva brocaded the bar in the constrict MPV section with adaptable features same FlexSpace, FlexRail and Flex-Fix that are soft to use and fling families a eminent point of versatility.

    FlexSpace rear seating system – even more intuitive to use

    The Vauxhall Meriva’s groundbreaking FlexSpace construct offers a compass of cabin configurations for optimal versatility, without having to withdraw any seating. The cabin can easy be transformed betwixt a fin, foursome, 3 or two-seat layout to fulfill the inevitably of occupants and their baggage.

    Both outer arse seating can be affected forward and rearwards and likewise slew in to cater more shoulder-width and legroom in a broad four-seat layout. The behind seatbacks can be amply lowered with one simplified cause victimization new handles that are easier to compass. This versatility is achieved without having to withdraw any header restraints or seating.

    2014 Vauxhall Meriva

    With the backside seatbacks up, the Meriva’s hold offers a shipment capacitance of 397 litres, which increases to 916 litres with the seatbacks folded. Exploitation usable quad capable the cap, an telling 1496 litres utmost payload capability can be deployed.

    Sitting comfortably – ergonomic and practical seats

    A new multiplication of breast seating, based on those in the Insignia and new Astra, made their introduction in the Vauxhall Meriva. Liberally proportioned and supportive, with a class-leading ambit of fitting, they propose a degree of quilt distinctive of vehicles in a bigger section.

    Both seating slew back and ahead done 240 millimetres and the driver’s backside can be brocaded or lowered by capable 65 millimetres, big eventide taller drivers a well-off impulsive billet. For the children in the irregular row, the backs of the figurehead seating on SE and Tec Pipeline models are fitted with fold-down tables.

    Ergonomic Breast Play seating, with a driver’s buns tilting part, powered lumbar fitting, 4-way alive movement headrests and an extendible bottom soften are offered as an selection on the Meriva grasp. Near seating are significant for maintaining a goodly backrest and the driver’s arse has standard a much-coveted cachet from Fulfill for Hefty Backs, an free-lance impanel of German biotechnology experts and doctors. No otc car in the Meriva’s section has earned this corroboration.

    In a family-orientated car, easy-to-clean upholstery is requisite and hither the Meriva leads the section with Top Tec intervention for its light-coloured cloth. Top Tec uses nano-technology to helper fend spotting from drinking spillages or early substances, such as liquified umber, catsup, and flabby drinks. Lasting maculation is minimised by merely dabbing off any lot with a break textile.


    The FlexRail arrangement in the gist soothe allows repositing to be organized to fulfill most any indigence. The electronic emergency has replaced the traditional handbrake and the gearstick has been stirred onwards, creating distance for a apt new reposition organization.

    FlexRail is a modular, extremely adaptable three-tier warehousing organization. Two longitudinal track, elegantly crafted in dressed al, let tracks on their internal cheek. The top raceway carries a flip-top, armrest/warehousing faculty big decent to gestate CDs, spell the lour cartroad carries a reposition tray with a cupholder. For widget, both units slew to any post on the tracks and the armrest faculty can intersection the tray. Either or both can be easy distant prn victimisation a elementary push.

    Beneath the FlexRail, a frozen, floor-level tray has duplicate cup holders and two recesses big plenty for PDAs, positive Aux-in connector, USB porthole, and 12-volt sockets. Everything is unitedly, inside soft ambit, and on the Exclusiv and SE, ambient spark is provided ‘tween the rail for commodious use at dark.

    The story tray is fitted as measure on all Merivas, spell Exclusiv models get the FlexRail and extra tray, and SE models add the sliding repositing box and armrest.

    Clever storage where it matters

    Broad mart explore has helped Vauxhall’s engineers and designers to make a cabin with a flock of consecrate entrepot areas for normally secondhand items. E.g., a reposition box below the driver’s buns (SE and Investigator Pipeline models) is complete for storing quotidian items doggo. Thither are consecrate floater for drinking bottles, shades, tissues and MP3 players. Copious pockets in the bum aid children donjon the car respectable, too.

    The prominent mitt box has a space-saving pouch for the possessor’s manual, likewise as integral coin- and pen-holders. A full-strength channelize supra the lid is intentional to express modest gallimaufry. Thither’s too a miniskirt mitt box on the driver’s face that’s big plenty to handgrip a billfold, a cellphone and early items.

    The doorway pockets can clutch 1.5-litre deglutition bottles up battlefront and 1.0-litre sizes in the back. A little clipping on the lour A-pillar serves as a hone slate bearer.

    In boot domain, the storey can be brocaded to bumper altitude for informality of freight and under-floor storeroom. A utilitarian shopping bag bait too provides a hold-open purpose for the base. Extra repositing compartments are in the sidewalls and the packet ledge can be remote and stowed bottom the bottom seating.

    Carrying bikes is easy with Flex-Fix

    The democratic Flex-Fix incorporate backside wheel bearer is now uncommitted for Vauxhall Meriva customers. It can extend capable two bicycles and slides out from ass the behind bumper. It is amply unified and, when not engaged, is nearly inconspicuous bottom the back bumper facia.

    2014 Vauxhall Meriva

    Comparable all Vauxhall Deform features, the mailman is promiscuous to use and requires no peculiar tools or extra components. Flex-Fix allows Meriva customers to extend a motorcycle at any sentence, without having to program ahead or chauffeur with a excruciate fitted when it’s not needful.


    The Meriva offers the high-riding benefits of a monocab with fantabulous visibleness presence and back. The low presence facia, contract A-pillars and bigger breast quarter-lights all give to an exceptionally open purview for movement bottom occupants, piece bum passengers gain from the singular ‘wafture’ designing in the bang job that increases the profoundness of the arse windows – a gravid blessing for unseasoned children.

    Besides uncommitted on the Meriva is a uncut bird’s-eye sunshine-roof, which is criterion on SE models. At about two metres farseeing, the ceiling comes with an electronic unreasoning and is one of the largest of its sort offered in the concordat MPV section.

    Astern its winner in both the Insignia and Astra ranges, a interpretation of Vauxhall’s Adaptative Forward-moving Kindling Arrangement, which includes Dynamical Bend and Unchanging Cornering features, bequeath be offered as an selection in the Meriva stove.

    To nail the Vauxhall Meriva’s all-around ‘feel-good’ sentiency, a het wheel purpose that warms manpower inside one min disregarding of the away temperature is useable collectively multi-stage het figurehead seating. The het wheel is a unequalled optional quilt have therein family of car. No gloves are requisite when impulsive, which successively increases the safe of the driver.

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