2014 Subaru Viziv 2 Concept

Subaru VIZIV-2 Concept

One yr later launching the original concept, Subaru has revealed a new variation of its two-door, four-seater futurity engineering and excogitation vitrine fomite – the Subaru VIZIV-2 Construct – at the 2014 Hollands Drive Shew.

2014 Subaru Viziv 2 Concept

The VIZIV-2 is a succeeding contemporaries crosswalk conception divine by the articulate ‘Imaginativeness for Foundation’ and has been created to establish how ripe engineering can boost better the All-Wheel Thrust (AWD) Subaru drive live, spell indicating at a potential next designing centering for Subaru’s output vehicles.

The 4.4-metre foresighted VIZIV-2 construct has been intentional asthe nonpareil fomite to accompaniment urban families with combat-ready lifestyles, powered by a 1.6-litre turbo-diesel ‘DIT’ (Direct-Injection Turbo) Bagger locomotive, asset iii galvanic motors.

2014 Subaru Viziv 2 Concept


With its expectant stretched ‘C’ wrought headlamps and large rung LED fog lights, the VIZIV-2 presents the effigy of an combat-ready crossing with a firm eubstance shape, milled surfaces and an belief of inflexibility that expresses Subaru’s fabled rubber and surety.

2014 Subaru Viziv 2 Concept

The inwardness hexangular cast of the consistency is salute in the movement grill and is recurrent at the ass where the compounding lamps are styled to micturate the car look wider. In visibility, the herculean flanks amaze in a dynamical posture, linked with full-bodied bumpers that characteristic Subaru’s feature facing and vectoring lamps to highlighting the car’s stableness and Subaru’s AWD organization. The construct car is ruined in Magnetite Ag Metal.

2014 Subaru VIZIV-2 Concept

Privileged, VIZIV-2 features a cabin which inspires a dynamical, pleasurable drive live. The home infinite encapsulates part, rubber and delectation with an genuineness that is unambiguously Subaru. Viewed from the driver’s backside, the pawn bundle excogitation stresses drivability and ease-of-use, exhibit the operational condition for Seeing, Subaru’s modern driver assist arrangement, and the fomite’s multi-directional perception systems.

2014 Subaru Viziv 2 Concept


Edifice on more 40 eld’ live of its assay-mark AWD engineering, Subaru’s new main arse motor-driven Proportionate AWD arrangement highly-developed for VIZIV-2 points to a futurity coevals of Subaru AWD engineering.

Patch the diesel and presence galvanic drive might the strawman wheels, at the behind two autonomous motors tolerate the like or dissimilar levels of torsion to be applied to the left-hand and correct back wheels, contingent drive weather. A thirdly motive powers the figurehead wheels, with might provided by a lithium-ion barrage ingroup. Complemental the card loan-blend powertrain, the four-cylinder 1.6-litre DIT diesel is linked with a Lineartronic (CVT) robotlike contagion.

Also portion quickening and operation altogether weather, this ground-breaking AWD organisation employs torsion vectoring to amend constancy and legerity – minimising understeer by reduction might to the privileged cycle and increasing index to the out-of-door bicycle. It ensures informality and self-confidence on the route and provides a new stratum of impulsive use, patch increasing the alive rubber operation distinctive of every AWD Subaru modelling.

This unequalled arrangement mechanically selects the topper clock to use apiece ability whole according to its strengths and the impulsive weather, achieving greater fire efficiency and uttermost stableness and prophylactic. The generous torsion generated by the diesel and the galvanic motors ensures potent, analogue speedup and reactive execution in the outflank traditions of a Subaru.

During low-speed or metropolis drive, the presence and bum motors ply practically of the fomite’s actuation, spell the diesel and high-efficiency Lineartronic bear at higher speeds. The VIZIV-2’s automobile startle/blockage scheme and its multiple charging methods – locomotive powerfulness contemporaries, regenerative braking and board charging – boost meliorate efficiency.

2014 Subaru Viziv 2 Concept

VIZIV-2 features a new mutation of Subaru’s SI-DRIVE impulsive ascendancy scheme, Loanblend SI-DRIVE, which allows the driver to blue-ribbon dissimilar profiles for the locomotive and infection. To the master organisation’s ‘Thinking’ and ‘Sports’ modes, this adds an ‘Eco-Cruise’ way which deeds in connective with the Seeing driver help scheme. Jaunt weather, monitored by the Sightedness’s two-channel camera, are ceaselessly assessed and the information is victimized to polish the locomotive and drive outputs in rescript to dilute fire intake and understate emissions, piece ensuring a prophylactic and rewarding impulsive feel.

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