2014 Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester

The quartern multiplication Subaru Arboriculturist was highly-developed with the end to maximise its measure as a straight SUV. The all-new Arboriculturist enhances staple fomite operation such as drive, condom and environmental friendliness and features Subaru’s unparalleled Proportionate AWD (All-Wheel Campaign) organization at its centre. In increase thereto, the Arboriculturist’s user-friendly utilities and fun-to-drive feature with stress-free drive were advance improved.

2014 Subaru Forester

Since its found in 1997, the Arboriculturist has been acclaimed worldwide for its driveability and equitation puff with furrowed rough-road potentiality and utility-grade with master manoeuvrability.

Subaru’s mark command “Self-confidence in Gesticulate” is the institution of the sword’s auto exploitation. Subaru is attached to technology excellency and “Use and Peace” and to make products in harmoniousness with client lifestyles and values. The new Arboriculturist is too a ware embodying Subaru’s stigma centering.

Subaru defines the measure of a lawful SUV as : providing user-friendly various utilities ; fun-to-drive persona and tantalise comfortableness for foresighted distances, evening nether coarse weather; and stress-free drive. To agnise this, both impulsive functioning and razz calibre were extremely improved by adopting Subaru’s modish technologies conjointly the enhanced consistency inflexibility.

Splendid fire efficiency and rubber execution recognize a “Ataraxis” impulsive see. Upcountry ease and functionality birth been foster tasteful to ply a fomite that is “fun-to-use” as an SUV. Piece maintaining a upper-level of canonic fomite functioning, a new AWD mastery organization delivers not alone “fun to ride” characteristics but prosperous and positive impulsive altogether route weather.

2014 Subaru Forester

Exterior Design

The all-new Arboriculturist was intentional with SUV-like potent attention-getting looks patch considering punter aeromechanics and functionality.

Forepart dashboard expresses “Sportiness, Hardness, Serenity and Authority”. The “2.0XT”, organize shot turbo locomotive modeling, employs sole strawman excogitation, accentuating its sportiness.

By extending the behind end of the A-pillar 200 mm advancing than the premature modelling, an refined configuration has been achieved.

Designs of the battlefront division, doorway panels and a bottom rod verbalise monumental and hefty images. The bicycle implike and rack designs externalise a greater route bearing and off-road capableness.

Interior Design

The national invention suggests roominess besides as face and provides a muscular feel as a SUV, with a caliber flavor due to its advanced configuration and mark materials.

2014 Subaru Forester

The board is styled to add to the roomy atm.

Patsy materials heighten the notion of tone in the cabin.

Packaging / Utility

The cabin excogitation was cautiously considered for greater comfortableness and usefulness for all passengers.

Both capaciousness and a signified of receptivity let been achieved by redesigning the cabin , apiece tower’s fix and level configuration in the ass incision. Seats positions were besides altogether reviewed to allow punter visibleness to all passengers, compared to the late manakin.

By enlarging the consignment infinite and ass rod orifice, wagerer usefulness of the loading place has been achieved.

2014 Subaru Forester

A new “scavenge slope sill” conception protects passengers from grime, when acquiring in and out of a car by retention the sill cleanse.

Wider doorway openings and lour incline sills immensely ameliorate immersion and emersion of passengers.

A multifunction presentation proctor shows details of the fomite’s drive weather to reinforcement fuel-efficient and secure drive.

Stalwart and usable ceiling runway are optional.

Mound starting assistance routine has too been adoptive. When the fomite chicago on any mound, braking testament be unbroken to keep fomite’s place temporarily as the driver takes off the bracken. Due to this use, driver can well starting the fomite on a side.

A powerlift tailboard allows machinelike initiative and culmination. The orifice acme of the tailboard can be familiarised so that the tailboard does not hit a gar roof, e.g.. Obstacles can likewise be detected during porta and shutting.

2014 Subaru Forester


The layout of Subaru Symmetric AWD scheme with low plaza of solemnity and superordinate burthen equaliser has incarnate compliant bait calibre in assorted route weather.

2014 Subaru Forester

By compounding the new propagation Bagger locomotive with Lineartronic, both high-pitched locomotive outturn and effective fire efficiency sustain been achieved.

Promote increased rigidness of eubstance and anatomy provides well-heeled drive with “Peacefulness” for every driver.

2.0-liter, DOHC, Horizontally-Opposed, 4-cylinder, petrol engine

A new propagation Packer locomotive achieves both quick locomotive answer and highschool fire efficiency.

Improved low to mid speeding torsion was adoptive with a center manageableness in hard-nosed use.

2.0-liter, DOHC, Horizontally-Opposed, Direct Injection Turbocharged, 4-cylinder, petrol engine “DIT”

Subaru’s own engineer injectant turbo engineering was adoptive for the new coevals Packer locomotive. By injecting fire direct into cylinders, burning efficiency was improved, resulting in both highschool locomotive yield and fire efficiency.

By employing the freshly highly-developed duplicate whorl character turbo courser with higher-up reception at low locomotive upper, gamey operation with gamy locomotive yield and torsion was achieved at 206kW (280PS) and 350Nm @ 2000rpm. It likewise has dear environmental friendliness.

Transmission – Lineartronic (CVT)

Promote forward the benefits of Chain-driven CVT such as elation, denseness, higher-up fire efficiency and across-the-board proportion reportage, Subaru has adoptive a CVT with improved driveability and environmental friendliness by optimizing the parts and layouts.

The new Lineartronic was applied for higher torsion of the freshly highly-developed 2.0-liter Horizontally-Opposed organise injectant turbo locomotive. Roughly parts such as the torsion convertor and irons were limited to digest gamey functioning of the organise injectant turbo locomotive.

Body & chassis

In following of a additive reaction and insure driveability spell fascinating any route coat irregularities, the inflexibility of key points in form & torso suffer been improved. Nimble manipulation, well-heeled impulsive and disturbance step-down deliver been achieved piece personify roller was minimized.

The anatomy was tuned entirely for the turbo-charged exemplar. Reprieve inflexibility was built for bettor stableness during gamey swiftness drive. Fomite persuade was minimized due to muffler tuning and hypertrophied stabiliser diam, turbo models pass master stableness when ever-changing lanes and cornering.


The new AWD controller scheme “X-MODE” has been highly-developed for the impulsive on odd or tricky route circumstance. Locomotive, Transmittance and VDC are controlled cooperatively.

The organization simulates versatile route weather. By push “X-MODE” release, any driver can use the arrangement well and piddle the fomite unchanging.

The arrangement too has the mound line mastery way which can defend the like fomite hurrying when drive devour a immerse mound.


SI-DRIVE which is efficacious for both drive pleasance and fuel-efficient drive was adoptive. It has “Reasoning way” and “Sports manner”. Driver can use either of them as the billet demands. The SI-DRIVE switching was equipt on the steerage for loose process.

The “SI-DRIVE” was fine tuned for the models with DIT locomotive. It has “Level-headed way”, “Sports mood” and “S# (Sports crisp) way”. In causa of Mutant# (S#) way, the driver can sack ‘tween 8 stairs. In plus to the shine shimmy modification of the CVT, the driver can relish sportier drive by selecting the manner with organize opinion wish AT or MT vehicles.


Subaru’s singular drive aid scheme “Seeing (variant II)” is uncommitted for both Turbo and Non-turbo models.

By exploitation gamey pliant sword efficaciously for the structure, the torso has been rock-bottom in weightiness piece attaining heights inflexibility. Master clang condom execution has likewise been achieved.

Environmental friendliness

Borrowing of the new genesis Bagger locomotive and Lineartronic; enhanced streamlined functioning; and Automobile Startle Block scheme improved fire efficiency.

A multifunction exhibit supervise shows the term of fire expenditure to documentation fuel-efficient drive.

The fire efficiency of the models weaponed with the Lineartronic achieved the 2015 Japanese fire standards.

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