2014 Ssangyong Xlv Concept

SsangYong XLV Concept

SsangYong unveiled the XLV conception (eXciting smartness Life-style Fomite) at the 2014 Hollands External Motive Establish.

The XLV is a ‘impertinent interface’ B-segment SUV conception featuring importantly lour CO2 emissions thanks to its loan-blend scheme which combines a 1.6-litre diesel with an galvanising drive powered by a li ion bombardment.

XLV is the modish looping in a serial of multi-interface concepts which were commencement seen with the XIV-1 presented at the Frankfurt Motive Demonstrate in 2011. The XLV volition suit one of SsangYong’s inwardness strategical models to support its succeeding growing.

290mm thirster than the XIV-1 construct, XLV provides adjustment for septenary passengers in an groundbreaking 2+2+2+1 agreement, where the one-seventh backside slides ‘tween the sec and one-third rows for optimal flexibleness.

Showcasing SsangYong’s invention ism of beingness ‘Racy, Specialization and Agiotage’, this modish construct projects a rhythmic and dynamical outside pattern aimed at sympathetic to the impudent exploiter who seeks identity and practicality to documentation their fighting life-style.

2014 Ssangyong Xlv Concept

The XLV is a real multi-role fomite for both urban impulsive and the by-line of out-of-door leisure activities.

Styling concept

The excogitation of XLV has been divine by the connexion of the powerfulness and heartiness of nature, and SsangYong’s new invention doctrine, ‘Nature innate – 3 Question’, the fundamental stem of the steel’s fomite figure lyric that was commencement articulate in the XIV conception serial.

2014 SsangYong XLV Concept

SsangYong’s conception ism embraces the self-respecting, dynamical and rhythmic qualities of nature, spell enriching the client feel done the harmoniousness of man, nature and the car. At the 2014 Hollands External Centrifugal Demonstrate, SsangYong introduces its up-to-the-minute excogitation conception based on the paper of ‘Rhythmic Question’.

2014 Ssangyong Xlv Concept

Design characteristics

XLV stands for eXciting hurt Life-style Fomite, and is a car that performs the multi-role of providing not lone a substance of conveyance but one that too offers exciting and pleasurable drive. The XLV is elysian by the pleasance and use that nature presents, and features a rhythmic excogitation lottery on the active movement and liquidness of nature.

2014 Ssangyong Xlv Concept


SsangYong’s optic feeler to XLV creates a full-bodied and dynamical outside innovation. Elaborate and active fibre lines menstruation rhythmically to associate the deep consistence book. The breast aspect harmonises with the wicket and headlights, presenting a reduce, all-encompassing effigy which is apparent on old XIV serial concepts notably the SIV-1 and LIV-1. This aspect volition besides be seen on subsequent models, spell the wider D pillars with inkiness particularization is a conception cue seen on over-the-counter construct models by SsangYong.

Broad rider and cargo areas foreground the car’s practicality also as it dynamic sports intentions. The two-tone blacken force to the ceiling strengthens its sportiness piece besides portion to lour the boilersuit tallness, piece the A pillars with blackouts too make the belief of breadth and nakedness. The silken and active designing of the car’s slope is complemented by a melanise horizontal tear with a two-tone force elysian by the eubstance of a mahimahi.

The unproblematic yet bluff breast, behind and substantial, industrious sides substantiate SsangYong’s full-bodied and artistic innovation terminology for the succeeding.

2014 Ssangyong Xlv Concept


The home is wide and upright as active as the outside of this construct suggests. The working looker of the internal is realized by exploitation elementary innovation lyric which is the heart of this car. The cast of a shuttle’s wings in escape influences the fascia and solid figurehead domain of the car’s cabin, optimising the sentiency of internal blank and creating a relaxed and well-off surround. Pitted art elucidation on the vermilion clipping occupation is elysian by the emotion of espial fireflies in the darkness.

The 2+2+2+1 seats layout is a key sport of this car. The 7th arse moves freely on the gist of the car affording a feel of exemption and allowing communicating and infinite betwixt passengers in the indorsement and tertiary rows of seating. XLV is a true multi-role fomite intentional for both urban impulsive and the avocation of leisure activities, and the absolve motility of this buns adds greatly to the car’s multi-role role, piece its soft-touch inner cut and material ass materials too reenforcement its eco-friendly certificate.

Roof glass

2014 Ssangyong Xlv Concept

The doubling bed methamphetamine ceiling can be familiarized electronically to restraint its foil, and thence the number of ambient igniter that reaches the cabin.

Exploitation a identical hunky-dory speck cinema sandwiched ‘tween the spyglass layers and adjusting the potential way the driver can reach the coveted atm by ever-changing the grade of miniature and luminousness for utmost consolation. It can likewise be neutered to commit the proprietor a prize of peculiar ceiling vivid patterns.


The XLV produces importantly glower CO2 emissions, thanks to its 48V intercrossed organisation that combines a 1.6-litre diesel and a 10kW galvanising centrifugal powered by a eminent operation 500Wh li ion shelling. A CO2 degree around 10% lour than its competitors has been achieved, piece too fashioning possession, drive and refuelling highly hardheaded.

As a smarting interface fomite, XLV utilises a extremely forward-looking interactional communicating scheme called ‘3S-Cube’ (Smart-Link, Safe-Way, Special-Sense).

‘Smart-Link’ updates versatile functions and ascendence systems including the lasting connecter to impudent electronic devices, piece likewise providing a place consciousness capacity syllabus that gives motorcar sail controller, lane-keeping help and an reflex emergency scheme. The ‘Safe-Way’ arrangement offers a numeral of features to see drive contraption, spell ‘Special-Sense’ enables the exploiter to conception their own instrumentate bunch data and presentment. All deuce-ace are intended to piddle impulsive pleasurable, commodious and rubber.

SsangYong has embraced the really up-to-the-minute in self-propelling conception to produce a pragmatic and future-looking fomite patch likewise fetching vim efficiency and client rubber as its peak worry. An Adaptative Strawman Ignition Organization (AFLS) of matrix LEDs completes the innovations on this car.

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