2014 Ssangyong Xiv Adventure Concept

SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept

The XIV B-segment SUV serial has been shown in respective iterations at late outside drive shows, source with the IAA Frankfurt in 2011. Now nearing its external found, XIV is expected to advance sale in Korea from betimes 2015 and otc ball-shaped markets shortly afterward, with awaited yearbook sales of around 100,000 vehicles.

At the 2014 Paris Centrifugal Display, SsangYong is viewing two foster exploitation concepts, XIV-Air and XIV-Adventure.

Based on the stigma’s excogitation ism of ‘Full-bodied, Speciality and Agiotage’ and intended to produce a finish and affectional connectedness with owners, this B-segment SUV testament turn one of SsangYong’s nigh substantial strategical models.

The XIV-Air and XIV-Adventure are furnished with respective new technologies including a Block/Startle fire rescue organization and tercet way smartness direction with wattage help, in improver to an all-wheel thrust (AWD) organisation which SsangYong offers on all its SUV models.

To optimize quilt and gismo for the driver and passengers, features admit a ache RDS & Bluetooth sound organisation, ventilated driver’s backside, digital dual-zone air conditioning, bum aspect parking camera, a sunshine-roof and trip-up calculator. A gamey grade of refuge is besides assured thanks to innovative ESP, sevener air bags (threefold forepart, face, pall and driver’s genu) and high-pitched intensiveness release (HID) headlights.

2014 Ssangyong Xiv Adventure Concept

And to encounter the nearly tight environmental lawmaking and fire efficiency requirements, XIV comes with a alternative of 1.6 liter gas and 1.6 diesel Euro 6 engines to guarantee low CO² emissions.

2014 SsangYong XIV-Adventure Concept

Styling concept

The conception of XIV-Air and XIV-Adventure has been elysian by the tie of the ability and vigour of nature, and SsangYong’s new designing doctrine, ‘Nature natural – 3 Move’ – the fundamental base of the sword’s fomite designing lyric.

The brand’s figure ism embraces the self-respecting, active and rhythmic qualities of nature, piece enriching the client see done the concord of man, nature and the car.

2014 Ssangyong Xiv Adventure Concept

These two new concepts are intended to seizure the aroused atonement derived from the joy of travel. Reechoing the ‘rhythmic gesture’ seen in the XLV construct at this twelvemonth’s Hollands motive appearance, these cars parcel many conception values of the new B-segment car to be launched future twelvemonth.


With its targa ‘T-top’ ceiling, XIV-Air meets the designing abbreviated by enabling driver and passengers to love nature inside their day-by-day spirit. Believed to be unequalled in the SUV sphere, this affords a clean and dynamical gumption patch impulsive, and the chance to relish the benefits of spread top motoring.

The bare yet polished bodylines make the sentience of cycle and heartiness, piece the targa top offers the delight of wind-in-the-hair drive yet with security. The rich and strong-growing figure to the lights complements the car’s more futurist figure nomenclature.

Divine by the expectancy and turmoil of the travel, XIV-Adventure embraces the shake the routines and frustrations of urban sprightliness, departure the crowded streets and skyscrapers ass piece travel out to new beginnings and possibilities. With such invention cues as a heavy-duty bumper defender, purposeful cap single-foot and hunt sparkle, the car evokes glad memories of escaping to the land and tenting out in the wilderness encircled naturally.

Rhythmic fiber lines menstruum fine-tune the face of the car’s consistence, piece the tight book of the back bumper exudes dynamical movement. A chromium-plate modeling flows approximately the groundwork of the car’s shiny ar, downstairs the windshield, and ‘kicks-up’ at the C pillars.

A svelte, all-encompassing grillwork, headlights reinforced into the morphological invention, and a furrowed tailboard completes the SUV dash of the XIV-Adventure spell nearly reechoing the SsangYong ‘aspect’.


Inner, the XIV-Air pursues an aroused excogitation nomenclature divine by the impression of a nerveless and silken pushover. The anatomy of a raspberry’s wings in trajectory and two-tone colourway of whiteness and navy creates the sensation of privileged distance and a jazzy, fashionable ambience, piece the metallic primal dashboard highlights the car’s futurist figure.

The home amply embraces the grandness of easy-to-use controls and devices, and integrates the identical up-to-the-minute IT to see the topper potential port with users.

2014 Ssangyong Xiv Adventure Concept

Eco-friendly powertrain

XIV-Air and XIV-Adventure are powered by either a 1.6 l gas or 1.6 l diesel, and encounter the modish strict Euro 6 discharge standards.

Oblation respective combinations of 6-speed manual and reflexive contagion, two-wheeled ride and all-wheel campaign, CO² emanation levels are importantly rock-bottom, specially with the manual contagion where a Stopover/Scratch scheme and wattage aided guidance likewise assistance minimize exponent departure.

The 1.6 liter eco-friendly diesel produces practically decreased CO² emissions of 110 – 120g/km (two-wheeled cause, manual with Stoppage/Starting), and the 1.6 liter gasolene locomotive delivers a 140 – 150g/km CO² discharge grade, again with two-wheeled driving, manual transmitting with Stopover/Commencement.


Refuge has been a key precedence end-to-end the figure stages of the new XIV, with passengers at the center of thoughtfulness. To this end, sophisticated rubber equipment such as ESP (electronic stableness program) is included which continually monitors route weather and the fomite’s condition, adjusting upper, locomotive production, equalizer, braking and guidance fish at the head when the driver is potentially roughly to recede ascendance. The car too comes with a Mound Commencement Serve arrangement, which allows drivers to modification well from the bracken to the throttle and implement a safer mound scratch, and an Pinch Stopover Point organization helps forbid collisions by monitory followers vehicles when braking arduous.

Thither are septenary air bags to protect passengers from accidents – double movement airbags and a driver genu airbag are fitted for security in the consequence of a frontlet hit, piece position and mantle airbags testament deploy in the result of a side-on or perch clang. Thither’s besides a rubber simplicity organization to forbid passengers from beingness thrown from the fomite in the case of a rollover stroke.

Gamy intensiveness liberation (HID) headlights and LED daylight operative lights assistant insure the fomite is seen at all multiplication by otc route users, particularly cyclists and pedestrians, piece a tire coerce monitoring organization alerts the driver when any of the tyres pauperization to be hyperbolic or chapfallen.

Comfort and convenience

With its gamey equitation, commodity profile and go-anywhere power, XIV offers occupants all the advantages of an SUV with the conveniences and contraption of a pothouse car.

The digital-dual district robotlike air conditioning scheme keeps passengers opinion overbold passim their travel by perpetually monitoring the extraneous temperature and humidness, piece movement behind occupants can besides align the temperature to their case-by-case requirements.

To promote raise drive comfortableness in variable conditions weather, XIV comes with a ventilated driver’s backside, and het and mightiness adjustable presence seating.

2014 Ssangyong Xiv Adventure Concept

XIV is weaponed with the alternative of a fresh intentional MP3 sound arrangement. A USB/AUX porthole enables users to gaming extraneous sound devices, spell Bluetooth hands-free affords good use of a cellphone on the relocation. Passengers can besides use their iPod and iPhone thanks to the iPod connexion, with info displayed on the high-resolution LCD screenland. A mirroring role on the impudent sound organization allows you to ploughshare contented on your hurt telephone with others by well synching devices so screening on the sieve. A arse panorama camera likewise displays onto the like concealment devising parking simpler and safer.

A distant keyless launching organisation makes orifice and lockup the car simpleness itself, piece the optional impudent key gives users a alternative of manual or outback procedure.

2014 Ssangyong Xiv Adventure Concept

An lighted instrumentate clump or an optional ‘super-vision’ bunch is provided, on with highschool visibleness LCD displays for the misstep estimator, gearing shifting index and over-the-counter crucial info, with the choice to prize fivesome dissimilar colors for the scope clarification. Inner humor kindling to make a sedate environs at nighttime is too featured.

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