2014 Ssangyong Korando

SsangYong Korando

SsangYong Korando gets a makeover inwardly and out, and enhanced drive civilisation for 2014. Outwardly, the breast receives an all-new discussion – a slimmed kill, melanise interlock grille, more coeval headlights and a wider, low storey air uptake are the lead enhancements. The new headlamp units now consist jut lamps and LED daylight functional lights for increased profile and guard, encircled by a fashionable lightlessness and aluminum bezel. Advance light is provided on the ELX4 modelling with refined bout fog lamps set discreetly inside the frown bumper.

2014 Ssangyong Korando

At the back, the figure changes are focussed on enhanced dash with point improvements such as the taillight bunch, which now includes LED lights for improved profile.

Thither are new designs for both the 16-inch and 17-inch wheels, and iii new outside colors – Dayspring red, Cosmic dark and Carbonous greyness too as Infinite melanise, Chiliad flannel and Mum flatware.

2014 Ssangyong Korando

The midland of the car has likewise been tending a meaning re-design, and now combines an attractive and comfy ambience for the driver and passengers likewise. Thither is a all redesigned splashboard featuring soft-touch materials for a greater feel of opulence, complemented by instinctive matte woodgrain insets, and abundant warehousing place that includes blown-up cup holders, a cellphone tray and flip-down shades tray.

The new SsangYong Korando is powered by a forward-looking yet well-proven 2.0-litre Euro 5 locomotive. The top of the orbit ELX4 reflexive is matched with the potent, smoothen and effective 175ps e-XDi200 diesel with a utmost exponent outturn of 175ps/4000rpm and visor torsion of 360Nm/2,000-3,000rpm. Models featuring manual contagion get the 149ps e-XDi200 locomotive which delivers the like uttermost mightiness and eyeshade torsion as the robotic, and is complete for resilient impulsive too as for expiration off-road and towing.

2014 SsangYong Korando

SsangYong Korando offers two transmissions: a 6-speed manual with heights fire efficiency and smoothen paraphernalia unfirm, and a 6-speed machinelike with optimal gearing ratios for smoothen, comfy drive.

2014 Ssangyong Korando

Large advances in reduction NVH (haphazardness, shakiness & rigourousness) deliver been made to this new car, with detail tending focussed on its locomotive mountings. Stronger, built climb brackets are ill-used which efficaciously cut locomotive disturbance levels by capable 9.3%. SsangYong Korando is fitted with Macpherson struts to the movement and multi-link reprieve to the bottom to offer splendid cod ease, and the iii spot mountings to the back axle efficaciously understate disturbance and shakiness. New arctic bushes sustain been fitted to the car’s built sub frames, encourage serving to downplay intrusive palpitation and randomness from the route aerofoil and locomotive.

3 of the quatern new models accompany foursome cycle cause, and different its competitors a rattling heights part of customers take their SsangYong Korando with 4×4, an thinking and modern all-wheel thrust (AWD) organization based on SsangYong’s extremely regarded quartet rack effort engineering and geezerhood of receive. The torque-on-demand organisation senses the route open and drive weather and distributes the index to the wheels that pauperism it almost.

2014 Ssangyong Korando

Below convention impulsive weather, 100 per penny of the locomotive’s torsion is delivered to the forepart wheels so that the car runs with optimised fire efficiency. On icy or tricky roadstead or when impulsive on wet off-road weather, might is distributed to both the breast and back wheels to check a prophylactic, static and secure campaign. The engineering besides deeds absolutely to commit a smoothen and prophylactic leaving when drive by from a tie-up on a plunge side, piece a whorl way distributes ability evenly ‘tween the presence and backside wheels at speeds beneath 25mph to optimize grip.

With a land headway of 180mm, an overture weight of 22.8 degrees, 28.2 arcdegree release tip and a rage tip of 18.5 degrees, the new Korando is as at family off-road as it is on the route, and a extremely subject off-roader.

In concurrence with the touchstone Electronic Stableness Programme (ESP) with emergency assistance and four-channel Anti-lock Braking Organisation (ABS), the 4wd arrangement provides the outflank potential clench and restraint any the weather. Mound Startle Serve (HSA) and Fighting Roll-over Security (ARP) likewise boast.

The new SsangYong Korando offers the practicality and contrivance of an SUV and the conveniences of a pub car. Its generous proportions and wide-cut home place micturate this the everlasting fomite for both casual use and leisure activities. In the ass, thither’s sufficient berm way for tercet adults to locomotion in discharge comforter. The behind rachis – which splits 60:40 – can be reclined capable 17.5 degrees, spell the matte deck and generous legroom survive apotheosis for foresighted journeys. Airlift the tailboard and you’ll uncovering one of the largest payload areas therein SUV sphere (486 litres with the seating up and 1,312 litres when folded). The arse seating sheepfold altogether matted, spell thither’s too an under-floor tray for storing valuables concealed.

2014 Ssangyong Korando

The new feeling Korando is a true SUV offer bang-up impulsive operation both on and off-road conjointly a 2-tonne towing capacity. Thither are foursome models in the orbit with a comp story of equipment and at prices many of its competitors betray to compeer.

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