2014 Skoda Visionc Concept

Skoda VisionC Concept

Škoda VisionC is a five-door takeoveré with expressive styling and dynamical elegance. Its conception nomenclature is a prominent growing of the new figure pipeline adoptive tercet eld ago. Graceful lines stress the fomite’s exciting proportions. Škoda Foreman decorator Jozef Kabaň and his squad suffer achieved a alone compounding of cushy, spark contours, concave and bulging surfaces too as shrill, exact lines. Surfaces and proportions convert with a crystalise construction, the interplay of igniter and specter is scrunch, the edges are intelligibly outlined. For Kabaň, “avoiding all ornamentation and frills is necessary.”

A self-assured front

The putsché’s forepart has a self-confident and dynamical face. The blanket grille and typical configuration of the headlamps with their narrowing trilateral manikin predominate the potent front. The headlight contours are sharp-edged, alike cut meth crystals. In compounding with the fog lamps, besides trilateral, they spring the car an expressive, third-dimensional four-eyed expression.

2014 Skoda Visionc Concept

The lattice retains its slimly curved mannequin, it is nonetheless middling blandish and broader than in flow Škoda models. The upright fins are a distinguishing sport. In the conception work, they are hand-made lechatelierite elements with discerning collateral light.

In the lour are of the presence purview, a enceinte air recess – extending concluded the total breadth of the fomite – emphasises the fomite’s refined oomph.

The cowling is prolonged and is accentuated with longitudinal chamfering to the redress and remaining, extending in a cold-shoulder arc from the A column done to the passage betwixt headlamps and grille. Jozef Kabaň describes it as “an manifestation of emotion, manakin and cause.” This reinterpreted hood bears the Škoda logotype as its magisterial centerpiece, on a harmoniously-rounded cowling intrude stretch into the grille.

2014 Skoda VisionC Concept

Dynamically elegant coupé silhouette with sharp tornado line

2014 Skoda Visionc Concept

From the slope aspect, Škoda VisionC appears full-strength with cleanse lines. “The mannequin is intended to flavor attractive. We get dispensed with supererogatory corners and edges,” says Kabaň. The highschool crack job, the sea-level figurehead windshield and the curt overhangs punctuate the fomite’s active disparateness. The like goes besides particularly for the crisp waist which starts on the refined hood at the wings, snugly and course fondling the sides.

The herculean, silken silhouette, the roofline aslant lightly consume at the rear terminated the C tower, the mulct aerodynamic lines without seeable gradations, frameless face windows and the stiff side-transition to the empennage – all this is esthetically saturated.

Typically for a Škoda, the frown incline windowpane occupation slopes gradually back, wholesale polish to the backside slope windowpane of the backdoor. This Škoda excogitation boast described by the designers as a ‘fin’ was kickoff victimized in the mark’s modeling conception on the new Škoda Octavia, and is continued in the Škoda VisionC as a peculiarity.

The doorway handles of the Škoda VisionC are a have in themselves. The designers get but made them ‘evaporate’. The threshold handles – functional straight nether the twister cable – are set invisibly into the international threshold reduce. To afford the doors, you pressing the plow – the threshold so comes out mechanically and can be operated.

2014 Skoda Visionc Concept

The behind flanks of the fomite are peculiarly exciting due to the unsubtle, salient pattern of the cycle arches. The arse lights reaching far into the sides of the fomite, emphasising the active aspirations of the Škoda VisionC besides as the hanker wheelbase. The Škoda VisionC features enceinte 19-inch aluminum wheels.

Rear: unexpected and exciting

The contour of the arse is dynamical, exciting and unexpected. Maximal 3-D excogitation creates a sculpture-like contour. The new empennage igniter excogitation is a magnificent typical feeling. The C-shaped lights, a distinctive Škoda manikin, are shared into two parts, with the C existence detached horizontally done the midriff. The amphetamine role is in the tailboard, trapping all the firing functions. The depress share of the C is formed by the reflector elements (cat’s eyes) insert into the bumper.

The perpendicular occlusion of the tailboard has a surprising and singular bod. Particularly the abrupt, inbound kris is a hit emphasize. This basal arse has a convinced essence on the cart coefficient CW. Triangular-shaped embossing in the tailboard (described by the designers as “trilateral cubistic elements”) understandably identifies the Škoda VisionC as a phallus of the Škoda sept.

Exacting standards in functionality and eco-friendliness

In summation to its advanced figure, the Škoda VisionC is iconic in price of functionality and environmental friendliness. The designing shows off the conceptual talents of the Škoda engineers: figure, technological features, quad, functionality and the emotionally-charged putsché anatomy compound to pee a identical telling bundle.

The Škoda VisionC has plentifulness of distance for quadruplet citizenry and their baggage. Typically Škoda are the big tailboard and the generous charge spa. In summation, state-of-the-art MQB engineering, a close-to-production thrust scheme, ignitor burden and optimised aeromechanics all certify large potency for ‘reasonable’ somebody mobility with optimised environmental values and the outdo potential measure for money.

The Škoda VisionC has great expelling values thanks to the modern CNG driving, ignitor bodyweight and fantabulous aeromechanics. The engineering below the cowl is an latest and state-of-the-art double 1.4 TSI/81 kW CNG and gasoline turbo locomotive which testament speed the fomite capable a utmost amphetamine of 214 km/h.

In CNG manner, the fomite sole consumes but 3.4 kg or 5.1 m3 gas per 100 kilometres, like to a CO2 yield of equitable 91 g. This assess emphasises the sketch’s intimacy to world and is importantly beneath the much-discussed limitation appointed by the European Direction for 20. Hither Škoda shows that tied attractive mid-range vehicles with ceremonious crusade technologies can attain challenging CO2 values.

Maximizing aeromechanics and minimising angle were priorities for the Škoda engineers. Arrant interaction ‘tween invention and expert enhancements let resulted in a draw coefficient for the Škoda VisionC of fair 0.26. In damage of slant optimization, Škoda has ill-used c fiber for the gas tanks and extra-light hot-formed brand. Crucial bolt-on parts such as the wings, hood and doors are in aluminum.

Interior: perfect elegance and comfort

The Škoda VisionC is a glance of Škoda inner designing of the succeeding. Inside and outside figure are in concord, both declaratory the boilersuit picture of a aerodynamic, active and graceful fomite. Outstanding upcountry features admit a repeated refined interplay of bulging and concave surfaces, exact lines and the use of top character, state-of-the-art materials.

2014 Skoda Visionc Concept

In the putsché, quartet soul seating offer flock of way for foursome citizenry to sit in consolation. Scorn the takeoveré-style silhouette, the fomite is broad. The accentuated horizontals emphasize the feel of impractical commodiousness. All instruments and controls are set out in conformity with with-it ergonomic requirements, equitable in the veracious spot. The docudrama organisation sets crystalise benchmarks with information processing and demonstration of all relevant entropy on prominent displays for driver and passengers.

Before of the driver thither is a fully-programmable combined whole with a expectant 3-D show. The attention-grabbing centerpiece of the splashboard is the touch-sensitive multimedia concealment which projects graciously from the splasher, ostensible to be hung-up in the internal. The ocular core is intensified by accents of back-lighting. Extra grandness is provided by the exquisitely urbane meth construction – another extension to the art of the Bohemian glassmakers.

The air-conditioning controls are accommodated below the blind, on the cosmetic deoxyephedrine aerofoil in the key cabinet.

The passage ‘tween splasher and doors is especially graceful. A uninterrupted ‘lightness contrast’ unites both elements visually, concurrently emphasising the comprehensiveness of the fomite. The twinkle occupation runs ended the total breadth of the threshold, circles the armrests and ends in the seat-belt tensioner. Extra ocular accents are provided in the doors with backlit quartz cosmetic elements. Notwithstanding, running aspects are by no way unattended, including depot compartments for one-litre bottles.

Apiece bottom rider besides has a foldable multimedia sieve. A sieve incorporate into the rachis part of the fundamental arm residual shows canonical entropy on fomite functioning.

Comforter for the bottom passengers is of preponderating grandness. Individually-adjustable air-outlets are incorporated into the backrests. The arse headrests forswear into the backrests when not engaged, so that the driver has a elucidate panorama backside him when thither are no bum passengers. When compulsory, the headrests are but flipped up. Thither are recital lamps in the sides of both arse doors.

2014 Skoda Visionc Concept

The big kicking of the Škoda VisionC is imposingly roomy. The tailboard swings clear all-embracing, qualification payload and unloading agile and wanton. Furthermore, the baggage distance has a compass of ‘But Ingenious’ solutions such as bag maulers or straps unified into boot deck for securing baggage. On the sidewalls thither are lockable compartments for little items.

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