2014 Renault Megane Estate

Renault Megane Estate

Renault upgraded the total Mégane ambit, which now features the new invention identicalness. The Renault Mégane folk has gained an excess sprint of energy that foster strengthens its collection.

2014 Renault Megane Estate

Fitted with Renault’s modish equipment and technical innovations, the stigma’s caliber flagship clay securely focussed on travel ease and impulsive delight.

The Renault Mégane sportsman ambit has too been renewed. GT-Line and GT trimming models advance a new bumper piece Mégane RS is the kickoff to sport the RS Rematch part, for communion more motorsport fun with friends.

Shared styling cues, different weapons of seduction

The Renault Mégane reach is pickings on the new sword individuality, divided by all new Renault cars.

The hatchback, takeoveré and acres models fun a new bumper, new grilles and a new bang featuring the magnified Renault logotype set against a semblance blacken setting.

New day operative lights wrap some the sides of the trunk devote an supererogatory rise of energy to all Mégane models.

The intact ambit asserts its personality with an monovular front for the hatchback, acres and putsché, patch apiece one keeps its own classifiable identicalness.

Mégane Incubate asserts its elegance and mod styling, piece Mégane Acres keeps all its practicality, captive in a sleek, fashionable pelt, and Mégane Takeoveré confirms its collection by retaining its active panache lines.

2014 Renault Megane Estate

A Bose® collaborator since 2008, New Mégane offers new capacity for the Bose® framework, a clipping story in its own correct. The Bose® variant features lacquer melanise bumper reduce, new upholstery and new 17-inch Akhrio wheels.

The hatchback gets new position mouldings ruined in glossiness chromium-plate and lacquer lightlessness, piece the land is fitted with chrome-look cap bars and chromium-plate incline windowpane surrounds.

Multimedia comes on board with Renault R-Link

The Renault R-Link incorporate multimedia lozenge is useable as an choice or stock on the new Mégane grasp (contingent simulation and trimming degree, excluding the putsché-cabriolet).

Renault R-Link engineering brings machine-accessible sustenance into the machine. The scheme groups all the multimedia functions, including piloting, radiocommunication, telephone with Bluetooth® and sound cyclosis, and connectivity for peregrine devices in around 26 languages. It likewise provides vehicle-linked services and accession to the Renault R-Link Storage, with a catalog of ended 50 apps (contingent the area) that can be downloaded in-car.

Functions are controlled via a enceinte 7-inch (18 cm) touchscreen that is elementary and nonrational to use. Approximately functions can be easy excited victimisation vocalism commands (ix languages useable*), spell the Schoolbook to Delivery (TTS) role mechanically vocalizes schoolbook messages and RSS flows for around apps formerly the fomite is in question.

The arrangement can besides be controlled victimisation a stick on the core soothe.

Safety through technology

With Visio Arrangement®, the Mégane reach brings occupants guard and quilt.

2014 Renault Megane Estate

Victimization a front-view camera fitted on the internal rearview mirror, the Visio Organisation®:

  • emits a voice and optic brisk if the driver unintentionally strays terminated the lines,
  • switches ‘tween high-pitched and low beams mechanically, with no driver remark, for uttermost profile without blazing onset drivers.
  • In add-on, a reversing camera makes manoeuvring easier by portion drivers annul any obstacles backside the car. This engineering is combined with a reversing radian that shows drivers how end they are to an obstruction via a fathom alive and coloration areas displayed on screenland.

    Gasoline locomotive shifts to reflex

    The new Renault Mégane ambit is the low to pass the Effective Treble Grasp (EDC) six-speed machinelike gearbox on the TCe 130 gas locomotive.

    Advantages of the EDC automatic gearbox

    The EDC machinelike gearbox combines the ease of an robotlike and the reactivity and frugalness of a manual gearbox.

    The EDC gearbox has no clutch. Geartrain controls are reflexive (PRND) with an up/polish (+/-) shimmy fashion.

    Geartrain shifts are reflex and comfy, with the saint gearing selected by an electronic ascendance whole. For optimised efficiency and fire phthisis, Renault opted for an EDC transmitting with a “dry” threefold grasp arrangement. The transmitting has two clasp, the outset for odd gears (beginning, tertiary and one-fifth) and the endorsement for eventide gears (arcsecond, quaternary and one-sixth) summation reversion. Gears are selected victimization synchronisers, as with a manual gearbox. The synchronisers, alike the grasp, are operated by electrical actuators, themselves controlled by a ascendence whole.

    New Renault Mégane range as a source of Energy

    Based on new-generation retrenchment, Muscularity engines percentage the like ism: to tighten fire ingestion and CO2 emissions spell providing crack impulsive joy done cautiously highly-developed acoustics.

    Petrol engines

    Devising its introduction on New Scénic, K Scénic and Scénic Xmod, the Vigor TCe 130 locomotive is now useable on the Mégane class. The locomotive, a symbolization of Renault’s powertrain excellency, is office of Renault’s renewed gasolene oblation, connexion ranks aboard the Muscularity TCe 115. The reactive and passing tranquil new locomotive picks up thirstily from low revs, fashioning it a existent delight to crusade. Concurrently, the powerplant is wanton to block thanks to its unsounded functioning and unnoticeable and lightning-fast Occlusion&Scratch organization. Featuring Get-up-and-go locomotive engineering, it consumes 15% less fire, or concluded 1 l/100 km, than the early TCe 130.

    2014 Renault Megane Estate

    The Renault Vigor TCe 115 locomotive blends firm functioning and low fire usance. The 1,197 cm3 aluminum whole develops 115 hp and utmost torsion of 190 Nm, like with a 2-litre locomotive. With 90% of torsion advent at 1,500 rpm and 100% ‘tween 2,000 and 4,000 rpm, the Push TCe 115 stands out done its eloquence and enthusiastic low-range reply.

    Diesel engines

    A 1,598-cm3 locomotive delivering 130 hp, the Muscularity dCi 130 is the nigh sinewy diesel in its class. Generous torsion, a entire 80% of which is usable from scarce 1,500 rpm and crossways a liberal operational ambit, brings drivers resilient pick-up for an vastly gratifying at-the-wheel receive. With considerable ambit for a diesel, the Muscularity dCi 130 revs up well to 4,500 rpm, providing the drive pleasance of a higher-capacity locomotive. Derived from engines highly-developed by Renault for Convention 1, it combines low fire uptake with discovery execution.

    The Get-up-and-go 1.5 dCi 110 locomotive, qualification its introduction on Mégane Aggregation 2012, is a genuine decoct of technologies. Upgrades compared with the 1.5 dCi are based on turbo architecture, individualized atomiser strobilus angles, decreased detrition and transfer of the Vigour dCi 130 technical software.

    The Vigor dCi 110 locomotive cuts fire usance and CO2 emissions done increased torsion, up 20 Nm to 260 Nm, usable from 1,750 rpm. Powerfulness stiff the like, at 110 hp at 4,000 rpm.

    Proved and approved quality

    According to a turn of surveys by main bodies, Mégane III leads the section on dependability – a calibre familial by the new Mégane orbit.

    Renault Mégane scored effective and fifty-fifty fantabulous on tone in the ADAC 2012 work for exemplar days 2007 to 2012. Models produced in 2009, 2010 and 2011 were all rated fantabulous, substantiating the higher-ranking character of Mégane III terminated clock.

    In a Marchland 2013 bailiwick by L’Auto Clip, Mégane III rated powerfully on manufacture tone and reliableness. The best-selling car in France in 2012 in its class, third-generation Mégane was described as “a sure-fire appraise on the new car commercialise”.

    The Mégane ambit is produced at the Palencia engraft in Spain. Care all the Aggroup’s fabrication sites, Palencia applies the Renault Yield Way, a insurance that meets the all-important necessary of manufacture top-grade products.

    2014 Renault Megane Estate

    “Acquiring tone rectify the offset meter” is the number-one target of all imbed employees. This is why all Renault output sites regard the like caliber standards and requirements.

    The quality of Bose® sound

    Renault and Bose get since 2008 led a partnership that brings motorists the advantages of both brands: instauration, pleasance and timber excellency.

    The Mégane stove includes a renewed Bose® modelling, now a trimming layer in its own veracious. The modeling features trim voice with the Bose® sound arrangement, self-praise spectacular acoustical functioning.

    2014 Renault Megane Estate

    Renault Mégane RS gains extra refinement

    At the top of the Mégane grasp, the RS modelling was intentional to have maximal impulsive pleasance. It packs a stove of technologies illustrating the finest Renault Fun expertness, including a 2.0 16V 265 locomotive, limited-slip derivative, an freelancer pivoting figurehead axle and a prime of two figure, Mutant or Cup.

    Already passing hefty, Mégane RS styling has interpreted on evening more vigour with the Make’s new figure identicalness. The new flush features the blown-up Renault logotype, showcased by the semblance nigrify ground.

    The new headlights, adding to the new job’s powers of magnet, jump with their glossiness rachis “eyelids”. The lamp units are fitted with a lense and underscored by a flannel comma, amplifying the beam and providing top-grade inflammation at dark. In a styling feeling applied crossways the Renault Mutation scope – and in a nod to Renault’s Convention 1 succeeder – the F1 brand is fitted on the new forepart bumper.

    New Renault Mégane RS now includes equipment divine by the modified version Mégane RS Red Crap Racing RB8:

  • Recaro seating with treble leather-fabric upholstery with Renault Sport-embroidered headrests,
  • the Renault R-Link machine-accessible multimedia pad, with the 2.0 interpretation of the RS Reminder 2.0 information acquirement organization compatible with the all-new R.S. Rematch use,
  • optional 19-inch wheels in blackness with a gray-headed mete, calced with the high-performance Bridgestone tyres victimised on Mégane Prize for its record-setting lap at Nürburgring.
  • And for those looking ultra-exclusiveness, the optional R.S. Invention clique comes with limited soundbox components in red blusher, including the F1 steel, the frown doorway protections and the backside mollycoddler.

    2.0T Renault Sport 220 engine available on Mégane GT

    Oblation a day-to-day battery-acid of eminence and heat, New Mégane GT and GT-Line get been upgraded with styling makeovers commensurate with their motorsport inheritance and “GT Renault Fun” touch.

    Spell the bumper pelt is divided with the residue of the Mégane orbit, the lour wicket and the whiteness headlamp surrounds are particular to GT and GT-Line cars, as are the lightlessness headlamp masks.

    Contingent the commonwealth, Mégane GT is uncommitted with the 2.0T Renault Play 200 gasolene locomotive, derived from the 2.0 16V 265 Mégane RS whole. Effective and antiphonal, the powertrain – fit kickoff on the modified variant Mégane Demesne GT 220 – develops 220 hp and eyeshade torsion of 340 Nm, and is weaponed with a Stoppage&Jump organisation. The CO2/powerfulness proportion is fantabulous, with goodly fire usance of 7.3 l/100 km and 169 g/km of CO2.

    Renault Mégane GT and GT-Line are uncommitted in hatchback, takeoveré and acres versions (contingent the land) with a all-encompassing ambit of gasolene and diesel engines.

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