2014 Renault Kwid Concept

Renault Kwid Concept

Renault Kwid Conception, a construct car unveiled at the 2014 Delhi Automobile Establish, highlights both Renault’s allegiance to new markets, such as India, too as the accompany’s power to develop likeable products in the compact section. The fomite’s full-bodied, yet fun invention, on with its technology-driven features, is targeted at merging the inevitably of immature customers in these markets.

A robust yet joyful vehicle

The Renault Kwid Construct was intentional with inputs from Renault Conception India and is covered by the ‘Research’ petal of Renault’s lifecycle-based pattern scheme. The fomite’s exciting proportions and dimensions also as selfsame myopic overhangs devote the printing of a bounce fomite, piece its outsize wheels pop by the fenders and shuffling the Kwid Construct expression same a roadster car.

2014 Renault Kwid Concept

The fun of the fomite’s outside figure is stolon by a full-bodied appearing due to its protective guards and lumpy wings, which exudate an effect of force. The fomite comes with a two-wheeled thrust transmitting, but projects the frontage of an off-road car.

The inner of the Renault Kwid Conception is intentional to dish as a cosy cocoon and is divine by a birdie’s nuzzle. The fomite’s seating, suspended ended a self-coloured bag in whiteness, consecrate an effect of light, spell their 2-tone elastomer substantial provides a signified of luminosity. The Kwid Conception likewise features bum air conditioning with controls on the driver ass’s cover also as airing done concentrical perforations. The splasher is an incorporated tab for dominating the piloting of the Flight Associate.

2014 Renault Kwid Concept

2014 Renault Kwid Concept

A high-tech Concept-Car

Bey the playful and inventive styling of the Renault Kwid Conception, the conception car besides comes equipt with a emcee of technology-driven features, led by its Fast Associate. Aimed at oblation a dependable likewise as fun drive live, the Fast Familiar is the beginning of its variety in the self-propelled humans. Pickings off from the rotating behind share of the Kwid Conception’s cap, the Fast-flying Associate can be operated in one of two modes – the robotic way victimization a pre-programmed flight successiveness and GPS fix besides as the manual style, which enables the fellow to be controlled exploitation a pad inwardly the fomite. The Fast Associate can be victimised for a change of purposes, including reconnoitering dealings, winning landscape pictures and sleuthing obstacles on the route forwards.

“Customers in new markets are practically jr.. Their expectations are dissimilar and customers are fundamentally gamers. They incline to contract a nigher involvement in engineering and neediness to love themselves. This construct car meets those inevitably in a change of slipway, but chiefly thanks to the Flight Fellow which makes drive both safety and fun. This is the rattling get-go sentence in the hanker self-propelled account we can effort on ground with an eye in the sky. It’s an awing boast!” – Serge Mouangue, Sword Handler and Groundbreaking Concerted Lab Director.

2014 Renault Kwid Concept

The Renault Kwid Construct is likewise Z.E make – beingness pre-disposed to incur batteries for galvanising use – and comes with a charging jade bottom the Renault logotype. The Kwid Conception is powered by the latest-generation downsized 1.2-litre gas turbocharged locomotive paired to dual-clutch transmittal EDC to commingle impulsive delectation with low fire use. Former technology-rich features admit galvanic operated movement workbench behind on a essence vilify, galvanic hatchway doors, LED firing, miss of shifter (control with touches succeeding to the steerage). The vertically-mounted TFT touchscreen showing acts as the fascia in the Kwid Conception and likewise provides entree to affiliated services.

Designed by an international team for international markets

2014 Renault Kwid Concept

A transnational construct car, the Renault Kwid Construct is the commencement of its genial in Renault to object new markets Renault Designers round the mankind cooperated to conceptualise a fomite made for local markets and intentional to fill the latters’ necessarily. The midland of the fomite was intentional by François Grenier (Technocentre Innovation, France) based on master drawings by Mishu Batra (Renault Designing India) and the outside by Anton Shamenkov (of Russian origins, Technocentre Conception, France) based on pilot drawings by Dungaree Semeriva (Studio Conception Brazil). The colours and materials of the fomite were worked upon by Neha Lad (Indian trainee, Technocentre Figure) and highly-developed by Chie Yanagisawa (Japanese decorator, Technocentre Figure). Axel Breun (Technocentre Designing) was the boilersuit Externalize Director.

“Renault Conception is a extremely external squad with studios in France, Romania, Brazil, Korea and India. This conception car is a contemplation of the clearly external flavor of our excogitation web.” – Laurens van den Acker, Caput of Industrial Pattern.

Reitaring commitment to India

The commencement Renault construct car to be unveiled external Europe, the Kwid Construct besides emphasizes India’s pregnant situation in Renault’s world-wide scheme besides as the society’s power to whirl likable products in the compact section.

“This is the outset meter we deliver elect to break a conception car external Europe and this is an smooth-spoken foretoken of our consignment to India. New customers in India are ofttimes curve setters, sounding onwards to push the gasbag when it comes to engineering and gratifying drives. The Renault Kwid Construct, with its Flight Company, meets this innovative feel with both its active styling and hyper connectivity.” – Gilles Normand, Chairperson of Asia-Pacific Neighborhood, Renault S.A.S.

The Renault Kwid Construct is likewise bespoken specifically to fulfil the inevitably of Indian drivers. The fomite is a constrict five-seater to enable folk trips, a vernacular occurrent in India. The multimedia fascia, on with the Fast-flying Company, answers the youth and innovative Indian pauperism to check machine-accessible, with a substantial assay for engineering. The fomite’s jackanapes midland designing is likewise altered to strong conditions weather.

2014 Renault Kwid Concept

The Renault Kwid Conception ‘s two-tone torso colour consists of satin grayness for the soundbox and rough-textured grayness for operative parts besides as gilded xanthous for contrastive ceiling and air inspiration. The fomite too sports chicken inserts on wheels, glower doors and pierced parts. Spell this semblance dodging features the corporal colours of the Renault Grouping, the tones besides stir associations with India: the greyness represents the ground, spell the white-livered and au represent flowers and spices. Additionally, the Kwid Construct features an strange backside placement, with tercet passengers up movement and the driver arse in the center, in a somewhat forwards situation to propose berm board, also as two seating at the cover. The exchange impulsive billet afforded by this agreement meets external impulsive demands, enabling the car to goaded in both right and left driving markets.

“Renault has seen unequaled outgrowth in India in equitable nether 3 geezerhood and the grocery is set to preserve acting a important part in the troupe’s world scheme in the eld to arrive.” aforementioned Sumit Sawhney, Manager, Renault India Pvt. Ltd.”The disclose of the Kwid Construct in India – the commencement such reveal international Europe, too as its invention guardianship in head the new customers in India instance our solid consignment to the nation.”

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