2014 Renault Koleos

Renault Koleos

The wraps came off New Renault Koleos at the 2013 Outside Buenos Aires Motive Read. Acclaimed for the travel comforter it delivers, besides as its encompassing equipment parcel and all-terrain power, Renault’s SUV now besides features the blade’s up-to-the-minute styling indistinguishability.

2014 Renault Koleos

New Renault Koleos is attractive and promiscuous to acknowledge at commencement peek thanks to its new forepart which embodies the sword’s new indistinguishability.The redesigned two-tone wheels supply the up-to-the-minute phylogenesis of the exemplar with supererogatory fiber, patch the chromium-plate coating of the english protective strips adds a feeling of magisterial elegance.A new, graceful torso semblance – Ebon Browned – is now besides usable.The cabin, too, benefits from a new cut, asset new embrown leather upholstery to accord with the Ebon Chocolate-brown outside finishing.

New Renault Koleos is weaponed with the new in-dash Renault R-Link multimedia nail with seven-inch touchscreen show. Renault R-Link permits the excerption of one of 26 languages and packs all the expected multimedia functions, from pilotage, radiocommunication and telephone to Bluetooth® connectivity and sound cyclosis, besides as connectivity for portable music-playing devices. It likewise proposes services associated with the fomite’s own systems, positive admittance to the Renault R-Link Shop which has a catalog of more 50 applications (contingent commonwealth) that can be downloaded instantly to the fomite or victimisation a pc.

2014 Renault Koleos

Another authoritative new boast of the car is the Unsighted Stain Exemplary (BSW) routine which provides a ocular brisk whenever a fomite is detected in the unreasoning berth in club to ease secure passing.

2014 Renault Koleos

A reversing camera combined with ass parking sensors provides a real-time simulacrum of what is backside the car on the R-Link scheme’s show. A hands-free carte, Mound Scratch Help and Mound Origin Ascendance functions, and Bose sound round the blanket tilt of high-end equipment useable for New Renault Koleos.


The front of New Renault Koleos embodies Renault’s new styling individuality which is founded on symmetrical, graceful lines. The new bumper and chromium-plate grillwork, which incorporates a big Renault logotype at its core, ply the fomite with an self-asserting yet refined expression.The doorway mirror housings are weaponed with LED indicators.New Renault Koleos’ SUV lines, dignitary drive billet and new, archetype two-tone wheels promote verbalise the example’s unequaled personality. The behind filmdom retains the like blood that provides Renault Koleos with its dynamical position.To help accession to boot, the split-opening tailboard opens in two parts. The materials selected for the cabin are of an spectacular character, patch the ending meets the gamey demands associated with the section.

2014 Renault Koleos

The heart solace features a satin destination passementerie and legion chromium-plate highlights.Comparable the doorway panels, the gist soothe comes with woo inserts.New leather upholsteries let been added to the catalog, patch the 0.75-square beat hatchway bird’s-eye sun ceiling ensures a brilliantly lit national.


New Renault Koleos is jam-packed with engineering and comfort-enhancing features, too as the blade’s almost innovational equipment.One of the headman differences with the quondam edition is the in-dash, affiliated Renault R-Link multimedia nail with a seven-inch touchscreen show.This extremely innovational, ache and visceral arrangement was intentional specifically for self-propelling use and revolutionises the humans of motoring by simplifying manoeuvres and tributary to travel puff.

  • R-Link is weaponed with a gravid seven-inch (18cm) touchscreen expose, direction wheel-mounted distant controls, a console-mounted stick and a vocalization dictation routine that allows drivers to use its functions without fetching their eyes off the route. R-Link is likewise amply affiliated in rescript to ply entree to a legion of motoring-related services and to countenance the downloading of applications from the R-Link Shop.
  • R-Link provides a user-friendly port which covers all the car’s functions and information. The homepage provides gentle admittance to the dissimilar multimedia functions, TomTom Know pilotage scheme and the R-Link Entrepot. Users can tied tailor-make this homepage and delete a inclination of ducky functions.
  • With a catalog presently including more 50 applications, R-Link Fund provides accession to a yearn tilt of mobility-related functions and community-based applications already seen on smartphones. These applications can be downloaded now to the car or via the My Renault site.
  • Afterward beingness the beginning maker to offer steerage wheel-mounted remote and in-car sailing, afterward introducing the hands-free menu, abaft delivery high-resolution displays and GPS to a broader consultation, and subsequently pioneering with a machine-accessible pilotage organisation (Carminat TomTom Endure), Renault continues to introduce thanks to R-Link.
  • In the showcase of New Renault Koleos, the Renault R-Link multimedia can be controlled victimization either the touchscreen show or the stick set future to the shifter, contingent the users’ necessarily.

    Another modern Renault engineering seen on New Koleos is the Unreasoning Blot Cautionary (BSW) which provides a ocular admonition whenever a fomite is detected in the unreasoning blot to ease condom overtakingAnother new characteristic is the reversing camera with simulacrum displayed on the R-Link expose to serve parking manoeuvres.


    New Renault Koleos boasts SUV-leading comfort-related equipment. The cabin stands out as an facile instance of the blade’s all-encompassing address. The drive spot can be optimised thanks to the height-adjustable driver’s arse, besides as the reach- and height-adjustable wheel. The reflex dual-zone mood controller allows the driver and rider to quality their apotheosis cabin temperature severally.

    The fomite is likewise furnished with vents for bum occupants.New Renault Koleos comes with a diversity of stowing solutions.At the figurehead, thither is a chilled 15-litre mitt box, piece the center comfort comes with a obliterable stowing bin and the gist armrest incorporates cup holders. The cleave tailboard facilitates approach to boot. The speed contribution is hard-nosed when the car is parked in a cramped spa or when carrying hanker items. The depress portion can be open to shipment enceinte or bulky objects. When lowered, this function of the tailboard can too be employed as a firm, pragmatic program able of support a lading of capable 200kg. The 60/40-split foldaway bum workbench bum incorporates the Gentle Acres organization which allows the bottom to be full folded from boot in one uncomplicated drive.

    New Renault Koleos comes with a board for hands-free start and debut, likewise as an electronic emergency, robotlike headlamp and wiper energizing and sail ascendence with velocity clipper. Lag, the Mound Starting Serve use is mechanically triggered to foreclose the fomite from pealing backward when start on a slope of more 10 pct.For flush greater traveling delectation, occupants can profit from the Bose® Zip Effective Serial sound scheme. Tailor-engineered for Koleos’ cabin, it delivers a unparalleled hearing have like thereto of a survive functioning thanks to an transcription of septenary loudspeakers, a woofer and a digital amplifier.


    In footing of participating safe, and to service forestall accidents from occurrence earlier, New Renault Koleos is weaponed with ABS, electronic brakeforce dispersion, emergency aid, ESC and understeer mastery. Eventide earlier the latter is triggered, the all-wheel effort direction organisation is programmed to contract disciplinal accomplish by adjusting the figurehead/back torsion rip should over- or under-steer be detected.

    On the peaceful guard breast, the fomite’s construction incorporates programmed strawman and arse crinkle zones, piece the cabin is engineered to service as a protective cellphone in an fortuity.New Renault Koleos is furnished with a across-the-board ambit of resident aegis equipment, including six airbags, loading clipper arse belts for the breast and outer bottom seating, pretensioners for the breast bottom belts and Isofix minor arse anchorage for the outer ass seating. In a back hob, the mind rests and seating of Renault Koleos get been intentional to check a real heights grade of resident aegis.

    2014 Renault Koleos

    A practical SUV with genuine 4×4 ability

    New Koleos can be coherent with two- or 4wd transmittance.Its elastic, high-torque engines offer it with veridical off-road power.Its distance and breadth are 4.52 and 1.85 metres severally.It is a well-situated SUV which is a pleasance to screw and almost townspeople.

    Its contained footmark, mightiness direction and reactivity ascertain a pleasant, stress-free bait in built-up areas.The 4×4 variation delivers literal off-road power thanks to its ‘All manner 4×4 I’ transmittance highly-developed by the Renault-Nissan Bond. The contagion can be victimized in one of ternary modes: ‘Machine’, ‘Interlock’ or ‘2WD’.With the Motorcar way selected, the presence/arse torsion burst is mechanically familiarised as a office of uncommitted clasp.On rule roadstead, torsion is delivered to the presence wheels lonesome.Should grip or clench be baffled, a symmetry of the torsion is directed to the back wheels.In extremum weather, torsion is rent equally movement and arse.When start, torsion is dual-lane among the quartet wheels.

    The way torsion is distributed is controlled by an electronic coupling based on information standard movement the ECU and a kind of sensors (bicycle speeding, speedup, wheel weight and gun place).In Engage fashion, the driver can electronically whorl the transmittance in all-wheel driving when drive on c, mud or grease, e.g.. Therein vitrine, 50 percentage of torsion is transferred to the back wheels victimization a shift positioned on the splasher.In 2WD mood, the driver can curl the transmittance in two-wheeled cause.

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