2014 Peugeot Quartz Concept

Peugeot Quartz Concept

The Peugeot Lechatelierite Conception unveils a new imaginativeness for the Crossing section at the 2014 Paris Drive Read. This future propagation SUV blends fulgurant pattern with advanced materials and a brawny Crossbreed drivetrain to make the ultimate agiotage sept car know.

2014 Peugeot Quartz Concept

“With the Beatify and Lechatelierite Concepts, the Make is showcasing its sight of the high-end self-propelled commercialise. Peugeot is attached to underdeveloped sole concepts for its customers done undischarged conception, innovational materials and unequalled sensations.” Maxime Picat, Peugeot Sword Ceo

An ultra-athletic crossover

The firm, brawny and flashy flair of the Peugeot Crystal combines the soundbox of an SUV with the cabin of a barroom. Silken lines bring a dynamical tone that’s farther accentuated by short-circuit over- hangs and the spectacular 23-inch wheels seated inwardly munificently rounded bicycle arches. At 4.5m farseeing and 2.06m all-embracing, the Lechatelierite has an acrobatic posture on the route that’s encourage emphasized by its farsighted hood and louvres that helper amend airflow to the locomotive.

The kindling scheme features LED units for improved efficiency. As with all new Peugeots, the lion badge stands in the inwardness of the grill. But on the Lechatelierite it’s brought to spirit by a checkered convention that shifts contingent the lean you panorama it from. A methamphetamine cap flows towards the bottom wings and incorporates two spoilers to encourage heighten its streamlined excogitation. These are aligned with the Coupe Franche extractor betwixt the two Crystal finishes: mineral gray-headed at the movement, divine by sway lechatelierite, and mat melanize for the arse wings, offshoot by casual splashes of red.

2014 Peugeot Quartz Concept

Pedal spokes let been unbroken to a minimal thanks to the force of the materials and they’re covered with complex flap. These optimize sleek catamenia and service chill the brakes to guarantee improved oestrus immunity.

2014 Peugeot Quartz Concept

“The Peugeot Lechatelierite Construct is the matrimony in a one mannikin that embraces the frown aspects of an SUV with the amphetamine features of a ginmill. The styling reflects the part of apiece function. The Lechatelierite’s graven torso and advanced materials ingroup a puncher spell ensuring dynamical efficiency.” Matthias Hossann, Peugeot Crystal Excogitation Director

The cabin showcases innovative, efficient materials

2014 Peugeot Quartz Concept

The Lechatelierite is based on the like EMP2 program that underpins the new 308. The complex construction and bonded panels spare burthen but convey olympian rigorousness. This enabled Peugeot’s engineers to murder the primal B tower and make scissor doors. A retractable footprint promote eases admission.

Basalt features powerfully in the center comfort. This substantial but spark fabric is formed when magma is speedily cooled erstwhile it comes in liaison with the elements. It has the like properties the reality complete, fashioning sourcing often easier.

The Lechatelierite Construct is the first-ever fomite to apply digitally woven cloth. This groundbreaking summons can produce prominent and composite components that can be victimized as shortly as they detach the car. No thinning is requisite significant no thriftlessness. The cloth is woven with polyester character from recycled pliant weewee bottles.

To produce a sportier look, the base pan, sides and cap are cut in inkiness leather, with tangency points such as backside cushions and backs in tawny-brown leather. To ended the flavor, the doorway frames are polished from a occlusion of complex stuff. A red hue is secondhand to sate the grooves unexpended by the automobile.

“The Crystal Conception has a contrastive internal and outside. The cabin is intentional to express an tempting feel done its mundaneness and subtlety. Yet the boilersuit flavour is undeniably clean, with an i-Cockpit consecrate to the driver’s every pauperism.” Sébastien Floutier, Peugeot Crystal Color and Cut Couturier

Driver-dedicated i-Cockpit

2014 Peugeot Quartz Concept

The Peugeot i-Cockpit keeps everything at the driver’s fingertips. The concordat wheel is divine by rival models with controls embedded in it. This allows the driver to use the indicators, alteration impulsive modes and chemise gears without winning their manpower off the bicycle. The head-up presentation provides a great, configurable sieve with a cardinal 45-degree polycarbonate funnies to appearance extra data. The panel is on both sides of the little wheel and the head-up presentation is angled towards the driver to guarantee promiscuous admittance to the toggle switches.

Apiece of the four-spot passengers has a bucketful arse to optimize midland place. The arse construction is remaining open and features a four-point retractable rule, with vagabond cushions and backrests cut in tawny-brown leather to check fantabulous puff. The driver’s backside has a solidness wraparound fit to accompaniment the car’s high-pitched execution.

“Peugeot’s manner enduringness lies in its artistry at tackling a taproom or hatchback fair as efficaciously as a Crossing to produce the rather fashionable car that citizenry would real lovemaking to own.” Gilles Vidal, Peugeot Conception Manager

High-performance drive train

The Peugeot Crystal uses a board crossbreed ride string comprising a gasoline locomotive supplemented by two electrical motors. The evocatively brocaded cowling houses the 1.6-litre THP 270 powerhouse highly-developed by Peugeot Sportsman. Paired to a six-speed reflexive infection, the four-cylinder locomotive delivers torsion of 330Nm, with a particular production of virtually 170hp per liter, qualification it one of the man’s scoop playacting engines.

The figurehead axle is besides goaded by an 85kW electrical drive with engineer campaign. This charges the 400V barrage during retardation and assists the burning locomotive with geartrain changes. The bottom axle too features an 85kW galvanizing centrifugal for actuation and shelling charging.

Thither are leash impulsive modes: ZEV can cover to 31 miles on a bingle bombardment commission exploitation the add-in shelling; Route manner uses the burning locomotive and forepart galvanizing motive to heighten drive pleasance and maximize barrage charging during slowing; Slipstream manner harnesses the superpower of the locomotive and both galvanising motors to get the well-nigh out of the build with a limited-slip derivative for increased driver battle.

The battlefront axle of the Crystal employs tailor-made MacPherson struts. On the back thither’s a multi-arm reprieve organisation including the on-board galvanizing drive. The pneumatic reprieve mechanically adjusts land headroom betwixt 300 and 350mm. This is controlled by an ocular arrangement that uses cameras coupled to the planet pilotage to scan the route and foretell changes in its rise.

2014 Peugeot Quartz Concept

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