2014 Peugeot 308 Sw

Peugeot 308 SW

Peugeot’s engineers and designers let conceived and intentional a k dynamical waggon, with a low, swish and jazzy temptingness. Pickings the Peugeot i-Cockpit from the hatchback variant, the new Peugeot 308 SW presents an groundbreaking inner, decisively innovative and elegant. Benefitting from the high-pitched tractability of the new EMP2 chopine, the new Peugeot 308 SW makes the about of its generous dimensions to allow a degree of inside capaciousness and kick book among the trump in the section. Boot besides benefits from admonitory functionality and modularity.

2014 Peugeot 308 Sw

Vestal pattern (decreased burthen, the use of forward-looking materials) and the use of new economic and effective engines allows the Peugeot 308 SW to take benchmark fire use and emissions figures piece too delivering unprecedented drive delectation for an wagon. The all-embracing compass of equipment and mellow storey of character berth the new Peugeot 308 SW among the scoop in its section, load-bearing the ambitions for the sword and its motility up-market.

A revitalised estate market in the C segment

Peugeot has been confront in the C demesne section, where the new Peugeot 308 SW competes, for decades. Since the reaching of the 304 land in 1969, every contemporaries of the 300 serial has included a successful acres form.

The ratio of estates in the C section is unchanging having has delineated 10% of section in Europe for many geezerhood. The show then increased grandness of crossovers and MPVs in the section has not stirred the proportionality of estates.

2014 Peugeot 308 SW

Customers for estates are jr., more active and more manly than generally for the C section. They are delineated by running couples, with or without children, who use their fomite intensively (they covering the highest mileages in the section). They demand considerable versatility busy without having to piddle any sacrifices in the ease, drive use and styling of their fomite.

It is therein setting that the Peugeot 308 SW meets the expectations of these customers by concentrating on the introductory requirements for this section in quadruplet key areas: designing, efficiency (including functionality), drive get and timber.

A fluid and dynamic design

As with the hatchback, Peugeot’s designers cherished to spring orientation to restraint, equalizer and liquidity in the dash. For the new Peugeot 308 SW, no senseless features, no pretentious pugnacity but instead an grandness located on lineament in the way that materials and finishers are handled.

The front of the new Peugeot 308 SW shares its lineament with the hatchback. So thither is a lattice framed in chromium-plate and headlamps handled with expectant diplomacy to keep the stigma’s expressive and symbolic felid aspect. The Wide-cut LED engineering (31 LEDs per headlight), fitted as banner on the amphetamine trimness levels, provides a technical and typical kindling touch.

The visibility of the Peugeot 308 SW is fluent and lithe. Benefiting from the drawn-out wheelbase (+11 cm compared to the hatchback) and back beetle (+22 cm compared to the hatchback), the new Peugeot 308 SW clear takes its billet among the virtually active and balanced estates in the section.

The fluent visibility is highlighted by a brilliant chromium-plate windowpane closer encompassing the integral sidelong glassed are. For the heavy back quartern twinkle, this closer is in one bit and with variable crosssection. This proficient and stylistic effort is unremarkably plant solitary on roughly vehicles from the segments supra and underlines the polished pizzazz in its visibility.

Another significant prospect, the absence of a fourth lightness in the ass doors emphasises and improves the appearing of the sidelong glassy arena.

The dip in the ceiling occupation, the tip formed at the rachis with the backside sieve strengthens promote the pizzaz of the visibility. Eventually, the complete desegregation of the al longitudinal ceiling bars, distinct and refined, accomplished the emplacement of the new Peugeot 308 SW in the rattling sole reality of olympian acres cars.

The ass, all-encompassing and slight, contributes towards the clean effect of the new Peugeot 308 SW. The ass lamps, aerodynamic beat from the sides as on the hatchback, acquire an strange and real technical C-form light touch done the use of 42 iridescent LEDs. With tercet more LEDs in apiece lamp whole for the bracken lamp part, thither are no less than 48 LEDs in the behind lamps. This touch, the form of which enhances the fomite’s position, recalls those on the 508 SW and 508 RXH, placing the new Peugeot 308 SW among the make’s class of enceinte land cars.

The driblet in the cap demarcation, the treatment of the ass pamperer, the hone integrating of the 3rd bracken lamp, interpreted from the 508 SW, the gush cap bars as far obscure as potential, all tone the effect of breadth on the new Peugeot 308 SW.

A modern and bright interior

The upcountry designing of the new Peugeot 308 SW is surprisingly vestal, innovative and technical.

It is based on an advanced conception for the instruments and controls: the Peugeot i-Cockpit. It is made up of quadruplet elements : a compress wheel for vivid active sensations, a head-up board so that entropy can be study without pickings your eyes off the route, an enhancing magniloquent essence comfort and a gravid 9.7″ touchscreen for an nonrational ride.

The tone of materials, the textiles put-upon, the severeness of gathering and structure, get all been outlined to office the new Peugeot 308 SW in the agiotage mankind. So the splasher is full cushioned, the wheel is cut with wide granulate leather from the 2nd shave storey and the polish nigrify and satin chromium-plate inserts are plant passim the cabin in areas secondhand by the client.

The cheeseparing absence of buttons combined with the use of superiority materials, brings a pureness unprecedented in the commercialize.

Lastly, the generous shiny areas and the vast 1.69 m2 deoxyephedrine sunshine-roof bath the Peugeot 308 SW’s cabin in sparkle. The desegregation of the longitudinal ceiling bars positioned ended the soundbox sides allows this to be optimised. This sunshine-roof can be full covered with its galvanising unreasoning.

A successful cabin arrangement

As with the hatchback, the new Peugeot 308 SW uses the PSA Radical’s new EMP2 program. This “Effective Modular Program” allows considerable tractability in shape and settings, peculiarly for distance. So the wheelbase is extensive by two notches compared to the hatchback, qualification another 11 cm, victimised alone for spa at the backside, especially for stifle way, and for boot mass. Approach to the backside seating is optimised by the scuttle of the wider behind doors and by moving the bottom seating cover by 29mm.

The bum beetle is prolonged by 22 cm compared to the hatchback, allowing arrant agreement of the backside, divided ‘tween:

  • a big gain in the profoundness of boot, the mark of a rattling generous bulk ;
  • a arse bumper that is somewhat more spectacular than on the hatchback, for amend rubber and shelter of the trunk.
  • Transformed therein way, the internal place gives its occupants the feel of comfortableness and upbeat.

    A compact and spacious estate

    With a duration of 4585 mm, breadth of 1804 mm and stature of 1471 mm, the new Peugeot 308 SW offers saint dimensions to countenance it to adjoin the primal expectations of acres customers in the section, specially as regards the roominess of the inside and the book of boot.

    The new Peugeot 308 SW’s generous dimensions (though lull formula for the section) permit it to offering flush figures among the outdo on the grocery. Boot loudness under the packet ledge is noteworthy at 610 dm3 VDA 210 (capable 660 litres) made up of:

  • 556 dm3 VDA 210 (or 590 litres) supra boot story
  • 54 dm3 VDA 210 (or 70 litres) bedcover among the repositing spaces under boot storey
  • When the space-saver plain cycle – usable as an selection – is salute, the bulk beneath the deck is decreased by 47 dm3 VDA.

    2014 Peugeot 308 Sw

    A perfectly flat boot in no time

    For sluttish and visceral use, the new Peugeot 308 SW is fitted as touchstone with “Illusion Matt” ass seating. This arrangement allows trice fold of both parts of the bottom bum by operational two controls well approachable on the sides of boot. Thanks to the robotic sullen of the bum bottom cushions, the “trick” solution is that a matt coldcock is obtained providing a totality bulk of 1660 dm3 VDA 214, made up of:

    2014 Peugeot 308 Sw
  • 1606 dm3 VDA supra the rug
  • 54 dm3 VDA in warehousing areas downstairs the rug
  • The succeeder of this organisation is not sole in the volumes. The new Peugeot 308 SW benefits from a unco virtual and functional flush:

  • boot aperture, wellspring ruined, is of bare contour that benefits from the payload breadth, more 1.06m capable the backside ledge
  • the distance of boot capable the behind seating is 1.07m
  • with a deviation in meridian betwixt the sill and boot level of alone 33mm, boot sill is among the last-place in the marketplace, facilitating cargo and unloading
  • boot sides are absolutely vertical and the encroachment of the bum rack arches is minimum. Spaces can be ordered with obliterable dividers either face of boot. An pliable slash on the left face clipping allows modest objects to be held
  • al kicking runway are useable. they deliver four-spot obliterable alloy maulers for whipping twisty objects
  • the retractable baggage screening is sluttish to use
  • nether boot carpeting, repositing is provided for the baggage covering and the obliterable tanning maulers in consecrated housings
  • Latest generation engines with high performance, meeting the strictest emissions standards

    From found, the new Peugeot 308 SW benefits from a orbit of Euro 6 gas and Diesel engines of the up-to-the-minute multiplication, engines that are effective and wholly unprecedented. For gasolene, index outputs are betwixt 130 and 155 hp with CO2 emissions from 109g/km. The Diesel orbit goes from 92 to 150 hp with outstandingly contained CO2 emissions that do not outgo 111 g/km. But particularly, the new BlueHDi 1.6 l 120 hp rendering associated with a six-speed manual gearbox has fire intake on the combined cycles/second of sole 3.2 l/100km, capable CO2 emissions of 85g/km. This is a disk in the section.

    These effective engines can be associated with Radical Low Wheeling Impedance tyres highly-developed in an scoop partnership with Michelin. these new coevals tyres consecrate savings in CO2 emissions of 3 g/km on ordinary, with rock-bottom braking distances on wet roadstead and wearable rates indistinguishable to measure tyres .They leave be fitted to more a tertiary of models.

    From July 2014, the stove usable volition be rounded off with a PureTech 3-cylinder110 hp turbo gasolene reading likewise as a new six-speed robotlike gearbox on the 130 hp gasolene interpretation.

    The new PureTech three-cylinder turbo petrol engine

    The new Peugeot 308 SW e-THP 1.2 liter 130 hp introduces the PureTech three-cylinder gas locomotive, in its turbocharged variation associated with a six-speed manual gearbox. Modular and squeeze, scavenge and sinewy, this locomotive is a distillment of efficiency and the modish engineering. With gamy coerce mastermind shot (200 bar) and the new coevals mellow efficiency turbocharger (functional at 240,000 rpm) it provides driveability among the outdo in the commercialize, from the last-place locomotive speeds. As the maximal torsion of 230 Nm is obtained at 1750 rpm, it delivers the better low fastness torsion/maximal exponent compromise in the mart. In increase 95 % of the torsion is usable ‘tween 1500 and 3500 rpm, bright optimal functioning altogether lot.

    Its contract dimensions, rock-bottom burden and modern low detrition materials are determinative aspects in the vestal research for functioning and economical surgery, with no compromise made on dependableness and strength. For eq might and driveability, this technical progress allows fire use and CO2 emissions to be decreased by 21%.

    2014 Peugeot 308 Sw

    With this new arriver to the category of PureTech three-cylinder gasoline engines, the steel demonstrates that curtailment can be a way of up execution and drive sensations.

    BlueHDi technology used on a new range of Diesel engines

    BlueHDi is the describe granted to the stigma’s Euro 6 Diesel engines. Entirely associating SCR (Selective Catalytic Simplification) and a particulate dribble with linear for the Euro 6 Diesel emissions, the BlueHDi engineering allows NOx emissions to be drastically decreased by capable 90% and CO2 emissions and fire expenditure to be optimised, spell silence eliminating 99.9 % of particulates.

    Ternary BlueHDi engines bequeath be uncommitted at found. The BlueHDi 1.6 l 100 (conjugate to a manual 5-speed gearbox) and the BlueHDi 1.6 l 120 (with six-speed manual gearbox) are topped off in the orbit by the BlueHDi 2.0 l 150, usable with six-speed manual or six-speed machinelike gearbox.

    Type-approved with CO2 emissions of 85g/km, the BlueHDi 1.6 l 120 is a existent technical progress, allowing the virgin coalition of execution and low fire uptake. With 120 hp, and maximal torsion of 300 Nm from 1750 rpm, this rattling low fire use variant is a rightful “kernel of the orbit” rendering with singular driveability. Multi-role and effective, it has no especial confinement on its towing power.

    The new BlueHDi 2.0 liter 150 locomotive associates gamey operation with specially fountainhead contained emissions. With a utmost torsion of 370 Nm at 2000 rpm and heavy tractableness busy, on the new Peugeot 308 SW with a six-speed manual gearbox, it returns CO2 emissions from 99g/km.

    This BlueHDi 2.0 l 150 locomotive can likewise be associated with a 3rd coevals AISIN six-speed reflexive gearbox. This new machinelike gearbox uses Quickshift engineering, which combines quicker paraphernalia changes with fluency and impulsive pleasance of the highest storey. Its pattern results in a drastic diminution in CO2 emissions. The remainder in emissions compared to manual gearbox is brought fine-tune to 5g/km (for a disposed tire fitment) devising this reading highly swell located in damage of drive joy and fire uptake.

    The lightest and most efficient estate in the segment

    As with the hatchback, the new Peugeot 308 SW offers a weighting reducing of 140 kg. As a termination, for an eq locomotive and equipment, it is the lightest fomite in the section. This results from two factors: the use of the new EMP2 program and the pick of forward-looking technological solutions included in the new Peugeot 308 SW.

    The new EMP2 chopine makes potential a drastic burthen decrease of 70 kg made up as follows:

  • 27 kg by the use of forward-looking steels (identical high-pitched and radical eminent enduringness nerve), complex materials and al
  • 10 kg thanks to advanced forum processes (laser welding, hydroforming)
  • 33 kg done optimised excogitation (ignitor modules, dissimilar size of sealed parts according to might)
  • The modern technological pattern and the quality of ignitor materials appropriate a advance step-down of 70 kg. The weighting of apiece parting has been optimised patch distillery maintaining the wide potentiality of the parting. So the cowling and battlefront wings are made of aluminum. This technical pick is normally reserved for bounty vehicles.

    The use of high-pitched effectiveness steels, innovational materials or the redefinition of parts has allows considerable slant reductions to be achieved. As with the hatchback, the new pattern for the battlefront and arse behind frames gives reducing of more 10 kg. The tailboard is thermo-plastic, a complex fabric that is both spark and unbending, reduction the weightiness of the tailboard by 4 kg compared to the like tailboard made in the schematic way.

    Efficient aerodynamics

    The runny lines and low breadth and tallness of the new Peugeot 308 SW directly advise effective sleek functioning, a trusted mark of decreased fire expenditure and CO2 emissions. Streamlined functioning, as with weightiness, is a key factor reduction the environmental footmark of a fomite.

    For this, the repositioning of major units and the rock-bottom acme of the new Peugeot 308 SW tolerate the heart of graveness to be lowered by de 20mm compared to its forerunner. The fomite’s incursion done air is improved with a noteworthy Cx design of 0.28 and SCx from 0.64 m2. This latter appraise positions the streamlined functioning of the new Peugeot 308 SW among the trump in the land commercialize, whatsoever the section.

    Peugeot i-Cockpit, the name for the Peugeot instruments and controls

    The new Peugeot 308 SW takes the Peugeot i-Cockpit from the 308 hatchback. Its constrict wheel, head-up instruments, big 9.7″ touchscreen and improbable core comfort devote it a singular prejudice in the auto humanity, and becomes emblematic of Peugeot interiors.

    Conceived to bear a sensational and nonrational impulsive receive, the Peugeot i-Cockpit offers sensations of a wholly new variety. Acclaimed by the populace, the closet and customers similar, it makes familiarization with the new Peugeot 308 unproblematic and obvious.

    The concordat dimensions of the wheel (351 mm x 329 mm) shuffling the fomite sluttish to address and provides enhanced drive sensations. Manoeuvres in township are achieved with enceinte rest thanks to the accurate and illuminating wattage direction.

    Absolutely incorporated into the splasher, the panel has been intentional ilk a eminent preciseness technical aim. The recesses for the dials are pulled out all-encompassing and the symmetric revolution of the needles facilitates indication of the entropy ordered either incline of the squeeze bike. This agreement allows the driver’s aid to be careworn to the top of the panel, without deliver to issue their eyes off the route. The red needles, delicately chiselled, are resonant of preciseness scout fashioning. On the top end trimness levels, they are ruined in chromium-plate, alike the surrounds for the speedometer and rev counterpunch. The dials get particular graduations and a inkiness board use that masks the exemplary lamps and the numbers when stationary.

    The big 9.7″ touchscreen brings the controls unitedly in one post. It allows process of the next systems: air conditioning, drive aid systems, multimedia, pilotage, telephony, Peugeot Relate Apps, and fomite settings. Sevener buttons big mastermind admittance to functions pee functioning of the touchscreen obvious. For apiece scheme, the data is presented on two easy approachable pages.

    Ride and handling of the highest quality

    The impulsive receive offered by the new Peugeot 308 SW is based on Peugeot’s historical knowhow with abeyance and the intrinsical qualities of the new EMP2 program.

    The heart of sobriety lowered by 20 mm does not sole favor the aeromechanics of the fomite, but too assures improve consistence rigidness. The new program brings efficient hiatus components (Pseud MacPherson at the figurehead and deformable irradiation at the ass) of rock-bottom burden. Optimization of the run train allows the turn spoke to be decreased by 20 cm (11.2 m ‘tween kerbs) compared to its forerunner. At the behind, the modern initiation of the dampers o’er the blazon improves execution, for a amend razz and manipulation. In increase, the treatment when lade is noteworthy: the heavy of the core of gravitation and the thirster wheelbase improves slant dispersion without poignant the fomite’s dynamical qualities.

    The varying wattage steerage is both accurate and illuminating. Combined with the covenant wheel, it makes the fomite identical light to cover when manoeuvring in township.

    The bracken discs – ventilated at the figurehead and with dimensions capable 304 x 28 mm – are optimised for weighting and underground to clash losings, spell organism advantageously dimensioned end-to-end the grasp. The engineering associated with the braking scheme allows the new Peugeot 308 SW to profit from an galvanizing emergency (exploitation motorized bracken calipers), ESP, advanced reasoning grip restraint and Mound Starting Attend, and this from story 2.

    Interpreted as a unanimous – forward-looking conception, rock-bottom burden, depress center of somberness, wattage guidance, compress wheel, effective brakes and tyres – associated with Peugeot’s knowhow on working pitch, this gives the new Peugeot 308 SW a rag and manipulation desirable of a saloon or hatchback. This system, unequalled in the waggon man, achieves the “turn de personnel” of combine mass and capaciousness with lightness, drive ease with route property of the highest stratum.

    Many driving assistance systems for greater safety and comfort

    To ply an level more well-off and certain thrust, the new Peugeot 308 SW is useable with various impulsive assist systems. As on the hatchback, the Driver Assist Ring is useable as an choice, incorporating a radian at the figurehead of the fomite, victimized for the functioning of iii systems:

  • Active Sail Controller : this is a amphetamine clipper/sail mastery that can uphold and mechanically aline the hurrying of the fomite according to the amphetamine of the fomite forward
  • Exigency Hit Watchful Scheme : a ocular and hearable admonitory is minded to the driver to bracken to debar a hit
  • Exigency Hit Braking Organisation: in the case of an impending hit, the brakes are applied mechanically to forfend the encroachment or concentrate its consequences
  • For the consolation and safe of all, the new Peugeot 308 SW can be fitted with many otc systems, either as stock or an choice: subterfuge smear monitoring, galvanic emergency, reversing camera exploitation the gravid coloring covert, keyless debut and start.

    Park Assist

    This alive parking help organisation of the up-to-the-minute multiplication makes it potential not but to mechanically commons in (and departure from) a collimate parking infinite but likewise in a parking bay. To do this, the organisation detects a parking place so operates the direction piece the driver looks later the throttle, brakes, gears and clench (with a manual gearbox). The arrangement provides the driver with optical and hearable data during the play, so as to pee the phases of incoming into and going from the parking spa dead good. Still, if coveted the driver can unsay ascendence of the direction at any item, by but prehensile the wheel.

    Useable as an selection from stratum 3, Commons Attend is conjugated with the screen smear monitoring scheme.

    Driver Sport Pack

    Playacting on the emotion file, one of the Peugeot blade’s corpus values, this new scheme leave pleasure enthusiasts of dynamical drive. Switchable by the driver victimization an extra “Fun” release on the center comfort (aboard the galvanising emergency command), this organisation goes bey the pattern impulsive sensations by sympathetic instantly to the senses.

    By switch on the Driver Mutation Ingroup, the driver makes the pursual changes:

  • firmer and more antiphonal exponent steerage
  • more antiphonal map for the accelerator
  • more reactive locomotive and gearbox (with an reflex gearbox, therein vitrine realised with steerage mounted command paddles)
  • louder and sportier locomotive stochasticity (via a digital amplifier that improves the phone in the cabin)
  • alteration in the coloration of the panel presentation, from flannel to red
  • expose in the panel of data related the dynamical use of the fomite: ability highly-developed, turbo force, longitudinal and transverse quickening)
  • So this decisively active ring stimulates all of the driver’s senses, audience, touching and imaginativeness, enhancing their emotions at the roll. At the establish of the new Peugeot 308 SW, the Driver Play Clique volition be useable as an choice from stratum 3 on the e-THP 1.2 liter 130 and BlueHDi 2.0 l 150 engines with manual transmitting (the like as for the hatchback).

    Ever greater connectivity

    Connectivity on the new Peugeot 308 SW is modernistic and wide-ranging. Based on roving net engineering, the new Peugeot 308 SW is usable with a new multiplication of attached services: Peugeot Unite Apps. Thanks to the gentle to use and great touchscreen, the applications highly-developed are promiscuous to admittance and nonrational engaged. The driver is provided with utilitarian data in substantial metre that simplifies day to day traveling : release parking spaces nearby, fire prices at pick stations nearby, dealings entropy, brave, holidaymaker entropy from the Michelin guides (red template and common pathfinder), directory, likewise as the Coyote coating (usable according to area).

    Customers for Peugeot Link Apps birth approach to the Apps memory where all of the applications useable can be establish. This optional pass of services is existence trilled out and bequeath be uncommitted in 13 countries of Europe done an yearbook subscription. The Stopper&Swordplay 3G key exploited to aerate Peugeot Colligate Apps is blocked into the USB larboard situated in the mitt box of the new Peugeot 308 SW.

    The new Peugeot 308 SW introduces the fluid rendering of the ‘MyPeugeot’ covering (client’s peregrine personal blank, usable according to state), allowing the data from the fomite (localization, milage, fire use, miniature of cautionary lamps, etcetera) to be sent to the client’s Smartphone. This information allows utile services to be offered, such as automatonlike counseling for the driver on foundation, towards the placement of the fomite or a last terminus, alerts for service or faults, statistics on journeys, etcetera.

    Last, the new ‘Read My Peugeot’ Smartphone covering gives the client wanton approach to the digital rendering of the enchiridion for the new Peugeot 308 SW. Victimisation ikon realization engineering, the driver has merely to picture a office of the fomite with their Smartphone to straightaway welcome an account of the surgery of a arrangement or the import of a exemplary lamp.

    Tangible perceived quality down to the smallest detail

    For the treatment of character on the new Peugeot 308 SW the like access was adoptive as for the hatchback: that of having the real outflank degree of outside and upcountry sensed lineament. This timber imperative guided Peugeot’s evolution departments from the real starting of the labor, from the offset sketches. It is explicit at every storey and in the smallest particular: the discussion of the torso and cabin, the quality of materials, the fabrication of parts, acoustical intervention and lastingness.

    So the outside sensed tone of the new Peugeot 308 SW is confirmed by the charge applied in the undermentioned areas (among others):

  • new blusher procedure for immaculate reporting and refulgence
  • new laser welding proficiency for the cap, for a double-dyed coating
  • exact gore gaps and stand-proud, preciseness in the forum of parts
  • inflammation touch at breast and behind, both technical and now identifiable
  • uninterrupted chromium-plate closer approximately the position crank
  • LED face repeaters reinforced into the doorway mirrors
  • no quartern lights in the behind doors for undisturbed and top of the compass lines
  • dead merged al cap bars, kick and usable
  • Every aid has likewise been interpreted ended the national sensed calibre:

  • full cushioned splasher
  • treatment of the breast and back threshold panels
  • sewn full-of-the-moon texture leather wheel from degree 2
  • treatment of the few buttons in the cabin, specially the radiocommunication loudness thickening
  • arrant desegregation of the touchscreen
  • “sentry shaper” handling of the board
  • chromium-plate or lacquered finishers roughly all exploiter controller zones in the cabin
  • aspect and smell of boot rug
  • aluminum thrill runway with obliterable metallic maulers for a top of the orbit look
  • The caliber can be seen, mat and besides heard. The acoustics aboard the new Peugeot 308 SW bear besides been optimised. So the doors ending with a whole clump emphasising their timbre.

    Quality in design with no compromise over safety

    As with the hatchback, the new Peugeot 308 SW has 5 stars in the Euro NCAP tests, the highest grudge potential. The tests carried out by the autonomous Euro NCAP constitution were through to the new more serious protocol for deciding results. With someone lashings of 5 stars altogether 4 categories (big auspices, children, pedestrians and help systems), the new Peugeot 308 SW confirms its gamey condom levels, both for its occupants and for pedestrians.

    Quality in service at the level of the best in the segment

    The aim of all this work calibre is to check that the new Peugeot 308 SW’s caliber when new is retained when in servicing with the client.

    This involves avoiding the previous ageing in the appearing of parts and equipment, besides as avoiding the next arriver of leechlike disturbance or quiver.

    The new Peugeot 308 SW has successfully passed many tests of its timbre in avail, including: 2.5 jillion kilometres of trial impulsive covered earlier plunge, 2,500 hours on trial beds, 250,000 temperature bike tests, 4.3 trillion presses on the touchscreen without bankruptcy, etcetera.

    The timber of innovation and the maintenance in the product of the new Peugeot 308 SW gives its occupants a notion of guard and lastingness, bright expectant pleasance aboard and a gamey stratum of gratification engaged.

    Production in France

    The new Peugeot 308 SW is produced at the Sochaux implant, with superpower units besides reinforced in France at Trémery and Douvrin.

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