2014 Peugeot 208 Gti

Peugeot 208 GTi

Chase the successful establish of the new 208 in June 2012, Peugeot has rejuvenated the various Supermini car section. This new modelling revolutionises client quality with its elegance, flair, denseness, resident distance and equipment. The 208 has been an minute succeeder and the Peugeot 208 GTi testament render tied stronger oomph with excitement, operation and dash.

Intended for demanding individuals, Peugeot 208 GTi owners bequeath profit from advanced choices of the materials and colors employed. The car’s heartiness is verbalized foremost by its extraneous individuality, particular and straightaway recognizable, due to its feature stance. Outlined on a widened cartroad by 10mm at the battlefront and 20mm at the bum, these three-door models are especially identified by bodywork components which raise the boilersuit essence, with wheels that hug the arches and with consistence sills and annexe extensions that heighten its optical show.

Peculiarly eye contagious and seeable both by day and dark, the ignitor touch of the forepart look is neat by new halogen headlamps, weaponed with a up-to-the-minute contemporaries sparkle draw. These cautiously intentional lamps with a orthogonal home construction use LED engineering for the guiding indicators and daylight inflammation. Tightly enclosure the independent shaft headlamps, the vagabond clipping of which calls to judgement a cat’s educatee, they pay the face of an fleur-de-lis.

2014 Peugeot 208 Gti

2014 Peugeot 208 GTi

These lamps anatomy a extra 208 lattice and on the GTi the net contributes to the oomph, devising the lamps jump. The glossiness blacken grill draws the eye with smart chromium-plate inserts, which reinvent the play checked droop core but in 3D. The end answer is a battlefront appearing which is technical and adorable spell beingness advanced.

2014 Peugeot 208 Gti

Care to item has too interpreted anteriority in the conception of the rider compartment, to make a nigh pleasant environs. This applies evening when stationary as it becomes observable at low glint when the doorway is open, telling the al sill stamped with the Peugeot distinguish. Colored gloss schemes be passim the amphetamine incision and the Peugeot 208 GTi offers a unparalleled atmosphere themed with red highlights.

The fascia houses a high-mounted board with an groundbreaking and classifiable sparkle touch. Reechoing the LED functions of the headlamps, the dials are encircled with satin chromium-plate beads backlit by LEDs, whereas the needles progress a napped aluminum backdrop.

The rider compartment is too punctuated with cautiously intentional components. So, the vents, the incline decorations of the touchscreen, the fascia medallion, the wheel introduce, the bum belts, the movement and arse threshold crossbars all conflate with the like internal ambience. The aluminum treadle bracket and tuffet ply the last signature to this technical and neat internal.

Peugeot 208 GTi, re-generation of the legend

2014 Peugeot 208 Gti

Peugeot has made its crisscross in the account of centrifugal mutant. Whether done its models, its achiever in contender or its opprobrium done ad and promotions, the Brand’s DNA has the scoop genes for creating the advanced functioning GTi. The prospect was unproblematic: to produce a playful and stylishness sports car, a modern-day reading of the caption that is a Peugeot GTi.

At kickoff glint, the eyes are impressed initially by comportment, with a fomite which affirms its individuality: sportsmanlike and processed. Thither can be no skeptical the sportiness of this new 208 differential. Crossbreeding the glossary melanise bum bird, the release emerges with a trapezoid chromed two-bagger tailpipe, an groundbreaking innovation emphasising the singularity of this manakin. The chromed trimness funnies decorates the windowpane glower bound culminating in a touch emphasize that pays testimonial to the renowned 205 GTi.

2014 Peugeot 208 Gti

Moreover, the one-fourth board cut proudly bears the GTi logotype, in undimmed chromium-plate accentuated in red highlights. Disregardless of the outside semblance elect, this red punctuates end-to-end the fomite: on bracken callipers, grillwork glower drop, Peugeot inscription on the tailboard and on the grill. In add-on, the network of the grillwork has a 3D checkered theme, with chromed inserts in the color lightlessness grill. The unharmed is subtly enhanced by the touches of burnished chromium-plate on the fog lamp passementerie surrounds, the lattice amphetamine reduce and the doorway mirrors.

Possibility the doors reveals a rider compartment that reflects the paintwork. From the sill, raised with the gens Peugeot, the rider compartment is notably flashy. With a semblance schema combination red, inkiness and satin chromium-plate and red GTi overstitching passim, the midland is hitting, fine-tune to the smallest point.

Decisively jazzy, the behind combines good granulate Clubhouse Nappa leather and Caro Tissue textile, made more dynamical by a red occupation contingent. The fascia with red overstitching has a medal of red graduating to nigrify, twinned the threshold crossbars. The fomite execution data is provided via the high-mounted panel. Technical, it is weaponed with a coloration matrix, encircled by dials with a chromed beading back-lit in red by LEDs. On their fleecy aluminum scope, adorned with a glossiness melanize checkered theme, the flannel needles raise done to the red zona.

The driver is advantageously supported in the cossetting backside construction, harnessed in blackness backside belts (with red edging) allowing an first-class impulsive place that is open and well-off. The feet course uncovering the al pedals and footstool, the heels in link with the unparalleled 208 GTi deck mats with melanise surroundings and again, overstitched in red. Intuitively, the manpower remainder on the pocket-sized melanize wide caryopsis pierced leather wheel with red overstitching. The left well and course finds the al shifter node, with red face inset and the overstitched leather handbrake jimmy.

“The 208 was an splendid groundwork for development a sports hatchback. We birth worked with especial tending on the direction reply, the form kinetics and the inflexibility of the hiatus. The Peugeot 208 GTi successfully combines functioning, safe and drive pleasance.” Marie Beaumont, 208 GTi Kinetics Director

The Peugeot 208 GTi delights its driver with an knifelike impulsive live due to the involving figure kinetics, providing brilliant impulsive sensations. Springs, standardisation of the impact absorbers, anti-roll bar, enhanced movement subframe and bum crossmember inflexibility, positive that the reprieve and wheels are particular to this modish Peugeot GTi.

Spry and responsive, the Peugeot 208 GTi balances from one address the following with discharge preciseness. Controlled by the guidance, the settings of which suffer been revised to addition resolve, the movement reprieve returns the entropy utterly and responsively. The bum dangling is likewise swell tuned for good and tangled impulsive. Fitted with 205/45 tyres, the 17″ adamant C wheels, with Force pigment and lustrelessness seal, family 302mm ventilated discs at the strawman and 249mm at the arse. Cooled by dynamical air intakes, they ply controlled and keen braking.

The 1.6-litre THP 200bhp gasoline locomotive expresses itself done a reworked exhaust. As presently as the kindling is switched thereon emits an likable phone that delights the ears, at all locomotive speeds. Joined with a manual gearbox with six, close-ratio gears, the locomotive draws the wax potentiality from this bod. With its utmost torsion of 275Nm and its uttermost ability of 147kW (200bhp), the Peugeot 208 GTi has the likely of speedup to the highest grade. 0 to 62mph is reached in less than 7.0 seconds. In-gear re-acceleration is as telling, with the Peugeot 208 GTi accelerating from 50 to 75mph in less than 7.0 seconds in 5th gearing. This execution benefits from the melioration achieved from whitening the weighting of the fomite.

2014 Peugeot 208 Gti

Ignitor in slant, at 1160kg, the Peugeot 208 GTi achieves a tangible effort by emitting CO2 at equitable 145g/km. A playful sports car, herculean and condom, with an bewitching fathom, which is besides a hard-nosed hatchback, the Peugeot 208 GTi bequeath enchant its drivers every day, the (amply disengageable) ESP observance ended them.

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