2014 Nissan Zeod Rc

Nissan ZEOD RC

Subsequently an vivid octonary months of developing, conception and expression, Nissan’s revolutionist Nissan ZEOD RC galvanizing racecar was unveiled at the hq of Nissan’s operation arm, Nismo, in Yokohama.

The Cypher Emissions on Involve racer has departed from cypher to ZEOD in a simple 33 weeks later Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn in February 2013 proclaimed Nissan’s end of reversive to the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2014 with wattage.

The Nissan ZEOD RC volition subspecies in 2014 at Le Mans astern existence invited by the Machine Nine de l’Ouest to engross the “Billfish 56” introduction for vehicles showcasing new and forward-looking engineering.

2014 Nissan Zeod Rc

Nissan is victimization the ZEOD RC as a tryout bed to acquire new galvanising fomite technologies for Nissan’s aforethought hereafter LM P1 syllabus.

The initial paradigm showcar of the revolutionist galvanizing racer was revealed at the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours, but the car uncover at the Nismo hq showcased the striking development of the conception featuring revamped styling, new chilling inlets and streamlined updates.

2014 Nissan Zeod Rc

The Nissan ZEOD RC was unveiled by Nismo Chairperson, Shoichi Miyatani; Nissan Worldwide Motorsport Conductor, Darren Cox; and Nissan Conductor of Motorsport Foundation, Ben Bowlby.

“The ZEOD RC utilises our engineering gained done the evolution of the Nissan LEAF Nismo RC, the commencement EV racer based on the multitude yield cipher emanation fomite,” Shoichi Miyatani aforesaid.

2014 Nissan ZEOD RC

“The Flip RC’s vigor direction and effective muscularity retrieval organisation that is suited for racing are good examples. We think these technologies assist as crucial stairs for victimisation EV for motive sports.”

The Nissan ZEOD RC testament turn the low car to finish an intact wash lap of the 8.5-mile Le Mans lap on aught but wattage. The car testament stretch speeds in nimiety of 300km/h (185mph) and lap the celebrated French tour quicker than an LM GTE car.

The driver bequeath be able-bodied to alternate betwixt wattage and a belittled whippersnapper turbocharged home burning locomotive. The car – which shares the like shelling engineering as the Nissan LEAF – leave reload the bombardment via regenerative braking.

2014 Nissan Zeod Rc

Fans bequeath get the luck to takings a finis consider the Nissan ZEOD RC in the Fuji paddock passim the grade of the 2013 FIA Mankind Survival Backing weekend.

“This weekend is an crucial milepost in the journeying to Le Mans for the Nissan ZEOD RC,” Darren Cox aforementioned.

2014 Nissan Zeod Rc

“Our destination for the syllabus is to recede the drape for the fans to see the forward-looking engineering that Nissan is underdeveloped. We could not remember a meliorate berth than the Fuji beat of the Earth Survival Patronage for the real ZEOD RC to seem publically first. We sustain off-and-on our vivid examination in the UK to fly the car to Japan for this presentation for the Japanese fans.”

“Our thanks attend the Auto Golf-club de l’Ouest and the FIA WEC for not solitary inviting us to contend at Le Mans in 2014, but too for the chance to vitrine the car hither in Japan.

2014 Nissan Zeod Rc

“We’re loss to let Michael Krumm takings a consider the car first and he testament joint Lucas Ordóñez in a trial driver character in portion grow the car. His live in taking First-rate GT and FIA GT1 Man Championships for Nissan bequeath be a real worthful plus to the broadcast. Michael is too a Nissan Riffle proprietor and a passionate truster in the succeeding of electrical vehicles for the route.”

Nissan is notable as a world-wide leader in galvanic vehicles for the route – merchandising more 80,000 Nissan Leafage since the commencement of sales in belatedly 2010. The Nissan ZEOD RC is the opening on winning the leash in delivery galvanising vehicles to the raceway.

“The Nissan ZEOD RC leave use engineering ne’er earlier seen at Le Mans and testament cater a singular see for the fans,” Ben Bowlby aforesaid.

“To see the car decline the Mulsanne Straightaway at 300km/h in practical quiet volition be unequaled. Underdeveloped the shelling engineering to incorporated this into a Le Mans epitome is an tremendous gainsay, but the lessons learnt volition not lone be selfsame good for the futurity LM P1 curriculum, but likewise we can use this entropy to aid in the growing of succeeding versions of the Nissan Folio and otc galvanising vehicles for the route.”

Fans at Fuji Speedway volition too see Nissan index in fulfil in the LM P2 grade of the 2013 FIA Humans Survival Title. The Nismo-tuned Nissan VK45DE V8 locomotive has henpecked the harden indeed, pickings rod post and triumph at every stave. With 8 Nissan-powered LM P2 cars racing at Fuji the Japanese fans sustain a near bump of celebrating another win for Nissan.

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