2014 Nissan X Trail

Nissan X-Trail

The X-Trail combines Nissan’s acclaimed 4×4 inheritance with sassy ideas and technologies divine by the blade’s ground-breaking crossing models. Unitedly they manakin a car that redefines the concordat SUV section.

2014 Nissan X Trail

Reinforced on the new, jointly-developed Renault-Nissan Confederation Park Faculty Folk (CMF) chopine, the all-new X-Trail is barely as yob and established as the old multiplication exemplar, but adds crossing elan and efficiency, exciting conception, modern engineering and especial quilt and practicality.

Nissan’s want to micturate the X-Trail the almost comp offer in the C-SUV sphere provided the drive arse the car’s boldface new invention. Meet dead into the steel’s imagination of bodoni crossing SUV styling, the new X-Trail features a outstanding new feel that defines Nissan’s up-to-the-minute pattern words.

Thanks to a shine yet powerful soundbox, the X-Trail combines effectiveness and the intent of stake with constitutive, streamlined lines. The graceful yet showy visibility too integrates a innkeeper of new innovation features and details, including bluff new headlamps – usable with LED as stock on top-grade models – and a typical new LED touch slip that makes the car immediately recognizable at nighttime. Otc details admit a powered tailboard and a powerfulness initiative bird’s-eye cap.

Interior, the X-Trail offers a whole new surround for occupants. Intentional from the real commencement to admit an optional heptad bum formatting, the cabin features a raked house seats layout that ensures every rider has a bang-up sight out. Featuring agio materials and level-headed conception passim, the X-Trail sets new standards for bottom behind admission, distance for optional third-row passengers and in-car engineering. The X-Trail likewise showcases the latest-generation NissanConnect arrangement that offers smartphone integrating and a innkeeper of innovations including various in-built Apps to raise the machine-accessible drive feel.

2014 Nissan X-Trail

Powering the all-new X-Trail is a muscular yet economical dCi 130 locomotive that delivers the optimal correspondence of fire saving with splendid nicety, at all speeds. Useable in two and four-wheel-drive forms, the latter features Nissan’s latest-generation ALL Modality 4×4-i transmittal. Joined with Nissan’s new Figure Ascendence organization and Nissan Refuge Screen, the new X-Trail’s drivetrain provides the driver with a comp mesh of rubber and quilt features that ensures every journeying is an gratifying one.

The X-Trail volition caper a extremely meaning character in Nissan’s ontogeny crosswalk category. It testament be reinforced at ennead dissimilar fabrication sites some the mankind for a immense regalia of markets. Globally, its harbinger was one of the companionship’s biggest merchandising vehicles and the new variation is expected to brand a important part to Nissan Index 88, the fellowship’s mid-term patronage contrive masking financial age 2011-2016.


Compounding the satiny and fashionable lines of a modernistic crosswalk with the full-bodied ingathering of a distinctive SUV, the all-new X-Trail sets new standards for innovation in the SUV sphere. A pronounced expiration from its squared-off precursor, the X-Trail showcases following multiplication SUV pattern, introducing a sander, more flow expression without flexible the fomite’s off-road abilities.

Victimization an ripe new chopine, Nissan’s pattern squad was capable to yield wax reward of the architecture’s yearner wheelbase and broader cartroad. In holding with Nissan’s crossing pattern nomenclature, the all-new X-Trail places stiff optical stress on the bike areas, with the stylemark gravid arches forming the cornerstones of the excogitation. Combined with a dipping roofline, deep graven flanks and insurrection windowpane contrast, the new X-Trail full exploits Nissan’s crosswalk figure DNA to produce a car that delivers a fashionable and forward-looking show.

In damage of sizing, the all new X-Trail is 17mm thirster (4,643mm) than the old contemporaries exemplar, and has a 76mm thirster wheelbase that helps have more infinite within. The new manakin is too 30mm wider and 5mm frown than the late car and the background headroom is retained at 210mm.

The new exemplar is likewise 90kg light than the exemplar it replaces. Extremist highschool effectiveness nerve now accounts for 49 per penny of the X-Trail’s soundbox twist, fashioning the construction light and stronger than earlier.

The sophisticated use of composites has likewise helped thrust polish the X-Trail’s curbing angle. The tailboard, e.g., is constructed from formative quite than brand, piece the presence and back bumper assemblies deliver been optimised for fabric heaviness. This unbelievable tending to particular substance that the all-new X-Trail is as firm and as lighter as potential.

As customers birth pertain await from Nissan, the all-new X-Trail features a horde of sound and utilitarian innovation details.

2014 Nissan X Trail

The front, e.g., combines composite shapes with crispen lines and level-headed use of lightness and spook. The all-new LED headlamps delve the bumpers, smartly comb the amphetamine and lour halves of the trunk. The lamp clusters themselves are elaborately elaborate, with a hit new light touch that gives the all-new X-Trail a typical face in low sparkle weather.

At the bottom the X-Trail blends boldface new styling cues with existent Nissan touches. The taillight clusters, e.g., showing the fellow ‘backfire’ bod, patch the feature D-pillar provides a potent ocular tie-in to both the Fake and Qashqai.

As with the outside, the all-new X-Trail’s inside has undergone a striking transmutation. With more quad, improved bioengineering and a horde of new agio features, it sets new standards for ease and equipment in the C-SUV sphere.

The briny splashboard region combines forward-looking engineering with an levelheaded layout that allows the driver to center the route forward. The split-level splashboard has been intentional to be as crystallise and soft to voyage as potential, with the softly elevated core soothe lodging both the docudrama organization and the respiration controls.

The redesigned combimeter features the Ripe Drive-Assist Presentation, a big five-inch colouration showing cover placed betwixt the two chief dials. This high-resolution touchscreen displays info from, among former sources, the all-new X-Trail’s condom systems, and has been intentional in such a way that drivers can get warnings without having to contract their tending forth from the route.

The core soothe houses the modish NissanConnect organization with a seven-inch high-resolution concealment and a boniface of smartphone connectivity features.

Caliber and tending to point bear refer epitomize Nissan crosswalk pattern, and the new X-Trail is no elision. The cabin are features a emcee of superiority materials, including chromium-plate, pianissimo inkiness and leather with line sewing. To boost heighten quilt for occupants, Nissan examined every rise where the driver or rider comes into middleman with the car. As a answer, the threshold armrest pads and essence soothe pad is eight-spot multiplication thicker than sphere rivals whirl. Former touches admit a big between-the-seats depot box big adequate to proceeds an iPad or 10-inch pad.

As telling is the great powered spyglass bird’s-eye ceiling – the biggest usable in the stratum. Not but does it bath the X-Trail’s cabin with raw lighter, the breast one-half can likewise be open to ply supererogatory respiration.

Exceptional Practicality

Practicality is another arena where the all new X-Trail excels. Intentional from the startle with quad for the optional 3rd row of seating, the new X-Trail’s cabin takes total vantage of the new chopine’s thirster wheelbase to pitch class-leading levels of quad for occupants. Nissan knows that caliber is as crucial as amount when it comes to fitting, which is why every backside in the new X-Trail has been cautiously intentional to be as easy and as hardheaded as potential. All 3 rows are staged in a theatre-style layout, with the climb points for the indorsement and tertiary rows organism higher than the ones ahead.

Where roughly rivals fit a uncomplicated, frozen ben in the s row, the X-Trail offers a sliding and reclining routine that allows owners to conform the baggage place and solace to their necessarily. The optional one-third row seating let a reduplicate plica role that allows them to be folded wholly apartment, piece clearance and hound gap besides offer sizeable seats place.

S row passengers relish best-in-sector legroom thanks to the protracted wheelbase and a new invention of battlefront seating that features profoundly graven backs.

Up forepart, both the driver and rider welfare from new seating intentional to whirl utmost comforter. In summation to the criterion bottom, Nissan has besides highly-developed a new Puff bum, cipher soberness elysian, which delivers improved spinal reinforcement with optimised blood-flow to dilute wear on thirster journeys.

Innovative Storage

The versatility pioneered in the former manakin goes a measure boost in all-new X-Trail thanks to a ache and forward-looking two-baser shipment flooring providing pliant entrepot options (capable 9 configurations). The hold can be positioned into speed and glower areas in a simpleton single-handedly relocation. In its top well-nigh situation, the plug-in can go to 10 kilograms of baggage, or 75 kilograms in its eye post. This burst consignment answer enables the exploiter to depot, e.g., a pushchair and great items under patch creating a amply operational speed lading rise for littler, flatboat items.

Entree to the baggage expanse has besides been made as light as potential with removed functioning of the powerfulness tailboard.


The all-new X-Trail is one of the virtually ripe cars in its sphere. Amply machine-accessible, the X-Trail benefits from the modish multiplication NissanConnect in-car seafaring, entropy and amusement scheme. Drivers bequeath likewise gain from a comp entourage of help features that fabricate the X-Trail’s Nissan Condom Harbor organization.

2014 Nissan X Trail

As has go expected praxis from Nissan, all the features sustain hardheaded benefits to pee liveliness easier for the driver and occupants.

New NissanConnect is one of the first examples of Nissan’s technology foundation. In its up-to-the-minute mannequin, NissanConnect has evolved to go smartphone connectivity, to support owners affiliated to the external humans wheresoever their travel takes them. With approach to a scope of apps masking euphony, sociable networking, amusement and travelling done a enceinte, 7-inch coloration touchscreen, the new NissanConnect is the double-dyed fit for all-new X-Trail.

The up-to-the-minute propagation planet seafaring integrates Google® features to uncover a boniface of utilitarian data from brave forecasts to the fix of fire stations, hotels, restaurants and many over-the-counter points of concern. The ever-popular Send-to-Car procedure too allows drivers to programme a activate at plate and post it to their in-car NissanConnect organization at the clink of a push. The scheme includes Bluetooth sound cyclosis and cellphone consolidation likewise as Aux-in and USB slots.

The driver too benefits from one of the nearly sophisticated beat displays yet seen, with 5 edge TFT colouring exhibit incorporating 12 lifelike displays approachable on gyration oblation advice and warnings coating modal and real speeds, piloting turn-by-turn instructions, sound subject, dealings foretoken acknowledgment, eco drive advice and torsion dispersion settings in 4WD manner and more.

Around View Monitor with Intelligent Park Assist

Intentional to return the guessing and focus out of determination and parking in a worthy latitude or park bay, Nissan’s acclaimed Round Aspect Supervise makes fifty-fifty the trickiest of manoeuvres look gentle.

Later mechanically measure the sizing of an usable analog parking distance, Nissan’s Sound Ballpark Serve actively steers into the infinite with the driver controlling ahead and turnabout question. The arrangement can too ballpark in park bays, with the driver benefitting from the hoot’s eye aspect provided by Approximately Aspect Admonisher to draw them done the serve.

LED headlamps

All new X-Trail features LED day working lights as criterion with higher level models fitted with Bi-LED headlamps. With wax LED mightiness for both dip and primary send, the all new X-Trail’s LED lights make a whiter, clearer sparkle than Xe bulbs and use 50 per centime less mightiness.

Nissan Safety Shield

2014 Nissan X Trail

Nissan Condom Harbour is a assembling of features intentional to heighten the rubber of occupants in contrast with Nissan’s on-going imagination towards nil accidents, a persuasion underlined by the party’s loyalty to farm commercially practicable self-governing vehicles by 20.

The new X-Trail’s Prophylactic Shell parcel is one of the well-nigh innovative and comp in the sphere, with horde of full machinelike systems that cartel to offering especial levels of shelter.

Forward Emergency Braking

Victimization a full structured radian organization that scans the route forwards, the all-new X-Trail delivers 3 levels of assist to drivers. Outset is an hearable exemplary that alerts the driver if the gap to the car ahead is closure. If the driver fails to respond to the hearable warnings, the brakes are mechanically partly applied. Lastly, if the gap is calm windup, the brakes testament be applied harder if necessity.

Driver Attention Alert

With one in route phoebe accidents caused by driver fag, the all-new X-Trail’s Driver Attending Watchful organization is an authoritative new gain to the car’s prophylactic software. Later eruditeness your drive fashion, the organisation invariably monitors drive inputs, viewing a splashboard alive on the exchange combimeter if guidance becomes quicksilver, indicating the driver should contract a jailbreak.

Traffic Sign Recognition

This ingenious scheme acts as an supernumerary couplet of eyes that can find speeding confine signs and show their entropy to the driver. Amphetamine restrict signs are mechanically take by the front-facing camera, which has been programmed to workplace crossways Europe, careless of home mark composition. It flush recognises that around countries implement a upwind subordinate depress fastness limitation if it’s raining, so both dry and wet conditions limits are displayed to the driver.

Lane Departure Warning

Intentional to alarum the driver if the new X-Trail starts to movement out of lane, Lane Exit Admonition uses ripe programing to discover route markings. This allows the scheme to settle if the car is moving out of billet. If it does, and the driver has not operated the indicators, a monition is minded.

Blind Spot Warning

The new X-Trail’s Dim Office Monition organization uses the Roughly Survey Supervise to discover vehicles in the secret unsighted billet areas. If a fomite is detected in either unreasoning smear, a discerning exemplary spark illuminates in the threshold mirror. If the driver indicates to vary lanes and the arrangement detects a fomite in the peril ar, the spark flashes and an hearable exemplary is precondition.

Moving Object Detection

Pickings parking safe to a new degree, the all-new X-Trail’s Moving Target Sensing scheme combines the fomite’s strawman and behind parking sensors with Nissan’s acclaimed Some Sight Reminder ‘hoot’s eye panorama’ parking aid to pitch an supererogatory degree of auspices.

If, when stationary, something moves into the domain covered by the foursome cameras, the arrangement leave commit an hearable monitory and highlighting the ar in which the moving aim is detected. Mounted on the tailboard and having a fish-eye lense, the bum all-embracing scene AVM camera has a expanse of sight in overindulgence of 180 degrees, handsome it an unequalled study of imaginativeness at the binding of the car. Images from the camera are displayed on the prominent seven-inch NissanConnect filmdom.

High Beam Assist

Intentional to ascertain that the all-new X-Trail’s inflammation organisation provides utmost miniature at any minded metre, this scheme combines a high-resolution camera with forward-looking package to find when to replacement from depressed to high-pitched transmit headlights when it recognizes onset or remote dealings.


In safekeeping with the grade stellar standards set by the premature genesis framework, 4×4 versions of the all-new X-Trail take Nissan’s modern electronic 4wd scheme, ALL Mood 4×4-i. Controlled via a circle switching on the inwardness comfort, it offers a selection betwixt two-wheeled effort, Car way or Curl offer perm 4wd.

In the ‘nonremittal’ Automobile manner, the organisation perpetually monitors choke gap, locomotive velocity and torsion to foreknow bike reel and to disperse torsion ‘tween battlefront and back axles prn, at speeds of capable 80 km/h.

Supra that speeding, the scheme reacts to wheelspin, again shifty cause backward to bushel grip prn. For slick weather and at low speeds, Curl way gives new X-Trail lasting 4wd.

Nissan Chassis Control Technologies

Prepare to outgo the expectations of squeeze SUV drivers, quatern electronic systems deliver been intentional to pee liveliness with the all-new X-Trail more prosperous and eventide safer.

Fighting Bait Ascendence monitors the route airfoil to find undulations which could potentially overturn the delivery of the car soundbox and alters the damping to indemnify. Combat-ready Locomotive Bracken, lag, harnesses the might and controllability of the XTronic transmittance to add a arcdegree of locomotive braking spell cornering or when decelerating to a stalemate. The benefits are greater braking ascendancy and enhanced flavour with less treadle travail.

The tierce scheme is Dynamic Tincture Ascendence. By victimisation aboard sensors to reminder velocity, direction tilt, gun hatchway and braking endeavor, Combat-ready Tincture Command brakes wheels separately, prn, to thin understeer and aid the driver bullock a safer route done aeroembolism: it is especially good on tricky, wet roadstead.

In accession, the all-new X-Trail benefits from Mound Scratch Assistance. This uses the X-Trail’s ESP organisation to find when the fomite is start on an dispose. The organisation applies the brakes to all quartet wheels, cathartic when the limit is pressed or later 2 seconds – whichever is rather. The driver is alerted of the organisation’s procedure via the splashboard combimeter that displays a Mound Starting Aid indicant.


The all-new X-Trail’s drivetrain is another domain where Nissan has been capable to use engineering and founding to raise the drive and possession get. With a abbreviated to continue the former example’s far-famed off-road power piece up fire expenditure and threatening emissions, Nissan’s engineers highly-developed one of the virtually established drivetrains in the sphere.

The all-new X-Trail launches with an ripe dCi 130 turbodiesel powertrain with a prime of two and 4wd and the accessibility of an XTronic reflex gearbox for the early. A 1.6-litre DIG-T turbocharged gas locomotive with 163PS testament be added to the scope afterwards in 2015.

Powerful, flexible engine

At the spunk of the new X-Trail is a mesomorphic four-cylinder dCi 130 powertrain that generates 320Nm of torsion. In occupation with Nissan’s advance to curtailment, the 1.6-litre whole produces like torsion than the late 2.0-litre dCi whole and is well more effective and cleanser. By reduction exponent sapping rubbing in its drivetrains, all-new X-Trail provides first-class execution from the modish propagation of downsized engines, providing the footstep of a larger powertrain with the thriftiness and emissions of a littler whole.

In damage of functioning, the X-Trail can speed from deadlock to 62mph in fair 10.5 seconds (2WD MT), and has a top hurrying of 117 mph. Evenly telling is the X-Trail’s in-gear tractability – a practically more crucial condition for nearly drivers. With 320Nm of torsion useable from scarce 1750 rpm, the X-Trail delivers solid quickening crossways the rev stove.

Conjointly highly-developed with Alinement mate Renault, the 130PS (96kW) whole is one of the nigh innovative diesel engines in its sphere, with a horde of technological innovations intentional to maximize fire uptake and cut CO2 emissions.

Among these are a cold-loop, low-pressure beat gas recirculation arrangement that recycles expel gas at a depress temperature to thin emissions of n oxides and CO2. The locomotive whole besides features optimised caloric direction that allows the locomotive to ambit operational temperature often faster. This, successively, reduces rubbing losings when start from frigid and improves fire efficiency.

Driving down CO2 emissions

The new dCi 130 whole is lots cleanser than the locomotive it replaces. Offered with the choice of two- or four-wheel-drive, two-wheeled effort models savor CO2 emissions of solitary 129g/km in manual shape, spell versions weaponed with Nissan’s modern XTronic automatonlike gearbox breathe 135g/km. All-wheel ride models equipt with Nissan’s ALL Mood 4×4-i infection breathe 139g/km – a substantial 18 per centime less than the forthcoming simulation.

To reach these telling new figures, Nissan’s engineers did more equitable better the efficiency and operation of the locomotive and contagion. By reduction batch by 90KG and optimising the car’s aeromechanics, Nissan has been capable to shuffling the all-new X-Trail more effective. Disdain having a bigger expanse than the premature manakin, legion new features bear been introduced to countervail the increment in sizing. E.g., the tailboard is constructed mostly of formative – a go that has protected 7kg ended the existent invention. New aero-friendly doorway mirrors and an underfloor despoiler that covers the discharge and back venire besides turn their share in devising the all-new X-Trail the virtually effective e’er.

Advanced transmission options

From plunge, the new X-Trail is offered with a prize of two gearboxes; a six-speed manual and a new XTronic robotic (two-wheel-drive versions sole).

The XTronic transmittal has been engineered to birth a still and cancel drive get. Different ceremonious varying transmissions, the new X-Trail’s XTronic gearbox mimics the deportment of traditional, multi-ratio reflex gearboxes during laborious quickening, with stepped changes. In more mollify drive, the ratios are subtly familiarised to springiness ultimate blandness. This agency the XTronic transmitting offers the outdo of both worlds for drivers, with still low-load powerfulness livery and engineer execution during higher speedup drive.


As buyers suffer hit anticipate from Nissan, the all-new X-Trail launches with a class-leading story of measure equipment. Useable in quatern fellow grades: Visia, Acenta, n-tec and Tekna.

All grades boast air-conditioning, debase wheels and six airbags, LED daylight run lights, five-inch colouration combimeter show, Bluetooth with mike, sail command and upper clipper. Mound startle aid, sliding and reclining behind seating and a baggage card arrangement are likewise among the features fitted as banner.

Range-topping Tekna models boast an range of technologies that encourage substantiate Nissan’s leading in the crosswalk grocery. These admit Bi-LED headlamps, leather seating, electrically-adjustable driver’s backside, strawman and bum parking sensors and 19-inch admixture wheels. In increase, Tekna models likewise have Levelheaded key with locomotive starting clitoris, Onwards Exigency Braking, Lane Going Admonitory, Eminent Broadcast Assistance and Dealings Signal Credit.

2014 Nissan X Trail

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