2014 Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

The silhouette of the man’s about democratic arrant galvanizing fomite hasn’t changed, but as product starts in Europe the multi-award fetching Nissan Riff has undergone a routine of important technology enhancements.

New Nissan Folio is more nimble than ahead thanks to a comp mass of form changes patch it volition go encourage on a i commission. The NEDC orbit has increased from 175 kms to 199 kms thanks to a serial of technology improvements.

And a new optionally uncommitted on-board fasting courser halves the clip required for a discharge shelling reload.

Approximately of the changes get been made to better its efficiency, roughly to raise its practicality, roughly to enrich the possession have… but unitedly they pee an fifty-fifty more compelling pillowcase for galvanizing fomite possession.

“The comp changes we deliver made to this pioneering car reenforce its unequaled persona: unexpected, impertinent, approachable and imperfect. We let listened to our customers and we bear been workings on qualification the European-produced rendering of our multi-award taking car amend for their item necessarily” aforesaid Paul Willcox, elder v.p., Sales and Selling, Nissan Europe.

Motor and battery

The biggest bingle variety made to New Nissan Flip is to the powertrain – done changes that solvent in greater stove. In the original car the charger and inverter was housed in the baggage arena of the car ass the arse seating. Although relatively contract, the gathering ran the full-of-the-moon breadth of the torso. Too as theft about baggage spa it meant a totally apartment loading base was unsufferable to accomplish.

2014 Nissan Leaf

The courser and inverter are now in the battlefront of the car and intact with the galvanising centrifugal itself which not just increases baggage distance by 40 litres – approximately the sizing of a opus of airway ‘carry-on’ baggage – but besides permits a blandish deck than antecedently when the backside seating are folded.

Although the highschool answer AC synchronic drive develops 80kW as earlier, it features a issue of new elements fashioning it tied more environmentally favorable and effective. The new centrifugal has had its intertia decreased by 5%, up the boilersuit efficiency of the whole.

Although the ability ‘deal’ is now taller thanks to the comprehension of the courser and inverter with the drive, canny promotion has meant the cowling job hasn’t been changed nor has weightiness dispersion been neutered.

As earlier, the centrifugal is powered by a Nissan-designed 48-module concordat lithium-ion shelling mounted in a one mob nether the cabin expanse to donjon the car’s gist of sombreness as low as potential. The shelling ingroup is housed in a substantial metallic suit freehanded duplicate auspices in a position elf and is now assembled aboard Nissan Folio in a new readiness at Nissan’s European output groundwork in the UK.

Execution against the time hasn changed somewhat with a top speeding of 144 km/h (polish by 1 km/h) and 0-100 km/h pickings 11.5 sec (0.4 seconds faster than earlier and improvements to the car’s aeromechanics, a weightiness expiration broadcast and early expert changes bastardly the prescribed NEDC scope has risen from 175 km to 199 km.

Greater practicality is too promised by the choice of an aboard 6.6kW courser which allows the use of 32 amp populace or house chargers.

A 32 amp berth volition reload a low bombardment in one-half the clip of a distinctive domesticated 16 amp EV socket – foursome hours alternatively of ogdoad – but more significantly it can dedicate a meaningful advance to a part victimized barrage level during a shortstop layover.

With 600 CHAdeMO stock warm chargers now installed crossways Europe, eve faster charging is usable for EV drivers. A immediate courser delivers 50 kW of gamy emf dc full-strength to the bombardment imply flush faster charging – it takes upright 15 to rise a shelling from 30 to 80 per centime capacitance.

Pursuit feedback from existent Nissan Foliage owners, the car’s on-board charging period has besides been limited. The courser lid can now be open remotely via the key fob or via an galvanising, preferably than mechanical permutation, in the cabin, and thither’s a minor LED lamp inside the fabrication to helper discover the sockets at dark or in an metro park.

2014 Nissan Leaf

Certificate is foster enhanced by an electro-mechanical whorl which fixes the line into the socket when the barrage is existence aerated preventing hitch by 3rd parties. On the Acenta and Tekna grades, the car can mechanically apprise the possessor if charging is circumstantially fitful.

A revised guarantee contrive for the batteries covers against defects in materials and craftsmanship for 5 age or 100,000 kms and they are covered by a new ‘Land of Wellness’ article, which covers against exuberant capacitance departure for added repose.

Chassis and other technical enhancements

Every Nissan Folio reinforced at Sunderland for the European commercialize has a build packet tuned by engineers at Nissan Expert Core Europe (NTCE) in Cranfield in the UK.

The changes suffer been made to seamster Riffle to Europe’s higher ordinary speeds and more demanding roadstead. The answer is a car that’s more piquant to ride and yet is hardly as well-heeled complete pathetic route surfaces.

Muffler settings, steerage slant and bracken operation deliver all been optimised for Europe. The revised dampers concentrate swim and helper cater a more active cause without adversely touching razz solace spell to pay greater flavor and burthen at hurrying the wattage guidance scheme has been recalibrated. All of the exercise takes vantage of the Flick’s tailored EV promotion, which places the shelling clique and thus the heart of solemnity rattling low in the figure.

The brakes are now more imperfect busy and the regenerative scene improved for improve harvest of braking push. The organisation efficiency has been improved by 6 per centime to 94 per penny and the minimal velocity at which vigour is cured rock-bottom to 3 km/h from 7 km/h.

Thither deliver besides been changes made to the Eco impulsive modality with a new ‘B’ circumstance on the infection. B-mode increases regenerative braking during retardation patch a furcate ‘Eco’ clitoris on the wheel alters the gas function to deter coarse speedup and so carry the impulsive stove. On the archetype Flick the two systems worked conjointly increased re-formation but usable in ‘Eco’ modality, but can now be operated severally of one another allowing drivers to gain from greater vigour harvest nether braking without having to antedate admission to jiffy speedup.

A new heating ticker has been added to a more effective warming and ventilation and reduces electric ingestion when the air conditioning is engaged. Air germ warmth pumps suffer been victimised in up-to-date sustainable houses crosswise Europe, but deliver seldom been seen in an self-propelled setting. The hotness ticker plant by harvest heat that is confront in eve frigidness air and distributing it to the cabin. This new arrangement improves the veridical humankind impulsive scope, by keen hummer zip ingestion by capable 70 per centime.

Customers too requested the power to full cut the heat or air conditioning scheme for utmost vigor efficiency. To attain this a permutation pronounced “Estrus” has been added which when switched off, allows the fan to exercise severally of heat or chilling.

Former changes boosting the car’s scope are more effective bombardment and vim direction and a simplification in intragroup clash. Weighting savings too think New Folio is light than earlier. Models with equipment levels that lucifer the master are approximately 30kgs barge, piece the new entrance layer edition is as practically as 50kgs barge. The ordinary weightiness redeeming is 32kgs. This has been achieved by redesigning that shelling shell and the integrating of electric components, which has rock-bottom the distance and act of lowering, mellow emf interconnecting wires.

With all of the changes that deliver brought improvements to the New Riff’s ambit, customers likewise cherished to modification the way that leftover bombardment zip was displayed. Alternatively of good the bars scheme, wish that of a ceremonious fire calibre, the New Folio can too presentation a portion of barrage leftover, lots care a bodoni smartphone.

2014 Nissan Leaf


New Nissan Riffle is reinforced on a made-to-order EV chopine with a 2700 mm wheelbase. It is 4445 mm foresighted, 1770 mm blanket and 1550 mm magniloquent. Its typical conformation is extremely streamlined: pernicious changes to the lattice – well-nigh the lonesome optic variety ‘tween pilot and New Foliage – and a new 17-inch cycle pattern bear decreased the Cd number to a better of equitable 0.28.

As ahead the figurehead of the car is framed by the slender, virtually perpendicular, headlights, with LED kindling on top models. The lights likewise engineer airflow by from the doorway mirrors to helper aeromechanics and dilute hint haphazardness.

The torso was intentional victimization Nissan’s ‘smarting fluidness’ precept with the kicked-up roofline shading into a great freebooter patch the lead foul anatomy is promote helped by the mat, tranquil underfloor. The bottom panorama is henpecked by cut, mildly curving, upright taillights and is, course, famous by the tally absence of an expel tube.

The coloration pallet has been expanded. Thither are now seven-spot outside colors useable with a self-coloured whiten, gray, red bead metal and blackness metal connexion metal facile, whiten bone and dark bone metal.


2014 Nissan Leaf

Important changes inside the cabin admit new seating. Also as organism redesigned for meliorate reenforcement, the front-seats now integrated meridian readjustment and suffer been reshaped to furnish capable 53mm more leg way for ass bum passengers. This has been achieved by reprofiling the driver and figurehead rider seating to appropriate those in the bum to billet their feet underneath them, increasing leg way.

Concurrently, a new bio-fabric coating has been introduced for the Acenta course. Where the master exemplar featured stuff made from 39 per penny recycled shaping bottles, the new bio-fabric is 100 per centime derived from sugarcane, a sustainable and nigh CO2 indifferent textile. Blacken leather is fitted to the top of the orbit Tekna mark, and all grades are usable with a more hard-nosed, iniquity home finishing, more suitable to European overwinter weather.

Early national changes admit a new pes operated emergency allowing the distance on the inwardness solace premature obsessed by the galvanic emergency switching to be victimized for excess warehousing for a ring or keys.

New features and equipment

New Nissan Flip introduces a revised and updated variant of Nissan’s acclaimed CarWings Sailing organization. This modern have allows owners to supervise and remotely ascendence features from a calculator or smartphone.

The updated variation adds a act of new features, including enhancements to the outside heat and air-conditioning functions, greater smartphone consolidation, improved vocalism credit deftness and real-time entropy on the nighest guardianship points. It now supports ix extra languages including Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Culture, Greek, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian.

The democratic CarWings telematics organization has proven a hit with owners of the flow fomite, allowing unprecedented contraption for customers with a compatible sound, pill or PC. One of the well-nigh pop features in the archetype Flick is the power to set the cars clime restraint to spark at a special meter, thawing the car up or chilling it pile earlier commencement a travel. This allows customers to write barrage tutelage by calefacient or chilling the car from the mains supplying spell it is charging, kinda than from the bombardment.

In markets with colder winters care Norway, the power to pre-heat the car has proven selfsame pop with customers enjoying calefacient the car to 22 degrees earlier a travel and avoiding clarification ice and snowfall. In answer to client feedback, the new CarWings arrangement allows client to select the temperature the car should reach by chilling or warming earlier a travel, up gizmo.

2014 Nissan Leaf

The sailing has been upgraded and now features eco-routing which mechanically calculates a itinerary for the last-place powerfulness usance fetching the terrain into circumstance and avoiding shrewd ascents for the almost stinting crusade.

Besides as a gravid color touchscreen, planet sailing and Bluetooth connectivity for roving phones and medicine players – it can now show album concealment art – the new organisation incorporates Google Send-To-Car engineering which allows an possessor to project a travel on a PC or pill at plate or in the post then mail the instructions to the car.

On the Visia class Nissan’s new ‘Associate 2’ navigations arrangement can be fitted as an choice duplicate. It incorporates former modern features including admittance to Google’s POI look, and allows drivers to admittance capable appointment endure forecasts, local fire prices and fledge info.

The pilotage scheme now includes a thruway ‘outlet panorama’ discharge with lane direction to avail when going highways and likewise displays prevalent fastness limits with a driver-set amphetamine monition that provides ocular and hearable alerts when the car hits a sealed velocity supra the prevalent demarcation.

2014 Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s modern Approximately Sight Varan (AVM) is a banner fitment on the Tekna mark of New Riffle. AVM uses a web of cameras to get a 360-degree smash picture of the car on the primal exhibit, simplifying parking or any hard operate.

Another characteristic is a aim intentional Bose® sound organisation which, similar AVM, is touchstone on Tekna versions. The Vigor Effective Serial organization delivers a sinewy, superiority sound see but from a whole that’s both more squeeze than standardized agio systems and which uses approximately one-half the electricity. The 7 loudspeaker comprises of two 25mm nd tweeters, one in apiece A-pillar, two 165 mm all-encompassing reach speakers, one in apiece figurehead threshold, two 130 mm wide-cut scope speakers, one in apiece ass doorway and a 115 mm Nd® Richbass® woofer in a 6.2 l usage engineered acoustical waveguide bassbox in boot.

Expanded line-up

Thither are now 3 models in the Foliage scope, bighearted buyers a greater alternative than earlier. Pursual Nissan recitation, the orbit starts with the Visia simulation and scrolls done Acenta ahead stretch the top Tekna class.

Visia models bear a glower launching toll period than the pilot Flip, qualification zero-emission mobility flush more approachable. Visia models deliver 16-inch blade wheels with good pedal covers, nigrify mirror caps and halogen headlights. Breast fog lights, i-Key and an sound scheme with quartet speakers are too criterion.

Mid-range Acenta gradation is liberally weaponed with 16-inch admixture wheels, advance IT with Carwings telematics, ass purview admonisher, removed courser and heat energizing, back secrecy chalk, a six-speaker fathom organisation, consistence colouring mirrors and reflex lights with follow-me habitation kindling.

Acenta models besides let a warm bearing embrasure, rainfall detection wipers and electrical fold doorway mirrors.

The new top Tekna example adds LED headlamps, the seven-speaker Bose audio organization, leather seating (optional in Nordic markets), 17-inch metal wheels and About Scene Proctor.

All versions birth a complement of safe equipment as criterion with battlefront position and pall airbags too as ABS, EBD and bracken assist. The Electronic Constancy Program (ESP) is besides criterion. Nissan Flip gained a wax pentad maven EuroNCAP paygrade on its launching and was the beginning 100% galvanic fomite to advance this rubber paygrade.

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