2014 Mini Paceman

Mini Paceman

The Miniskirt mark is again compounding the enlargement of its exemplar grasp with a raid a new fomite grade. So, the Miniskirt Paceman is the offset Sports Action Putsché in the agiotage diminished and contract section. Its herculean, dynamically stretched putsché lines and authentication Miniskirt go-kart belief team with the single ambiance of its variable-usage national to micturate the Miniskirt Paceman a initiate in the urban environs – and one whose fibre is vividly imbued with the groundbreaking and inimitable flair of the British bounty make. With its two doors and prominent tailboard, summation two life-sized someone bum seating, the 7th framework in the Miniskirt kinsfolk complements the refined sportiness of its proportions with a new rendition of the associate Miniskirt home.

Design: powerful stature, sporty and elegant coupé lines.

The innovational conception of a press Sports Activeness Putsché is verbalized in an outside conception that reliably embodies the Miniskirt Paceman’s miscellaneous impulsive properties inside the templet of the effected Miniskirt figure terminology. The forepart exudes vigor and front, patch dynamically wholesale lines and potently curving surfaces enlace the flanks of the car with clean elegance. The putsché-style cap, swooping down towards the ass, sits nigh seamlessly atop the rider compartment and its typical contours fit neatly into the takeoveré stamp. The nearly attention-getting new sport of the backside are the taillights which, in a beginning for Miniskirt, sport a horizontal figure.

2014 Mini Paceman

Interior: exclusive ambience, impressive variability.

The Miniskirt Paceman has been intentional forthright as a four-seater. Sports seating for the driver and breast rider are included as banner, and the couple of soul seating in the bum go telling berm way and headway, spectacular sidelong reinforcement and prodigious consolation. The incline windowpane controls, interim, are structured into the conspicuously cubic doorway passementerie. The high-opening tailboard of the Miniskirt Paceman and its low kick sill let the baggage country to be accessed in puff. Cargo capability stands at 330 litres, increasing to 1,080 litres when the arse bottom backrests are folded consume.

The drivetrain: powerful engines, optional ALL4 all-wheel-drive system.

The Miniskirt Paceman is usable in quadruplet sinewy and effective gasolene and diesel variants from establish, ranging from the Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman (82 kW/112 hp) and Miniskirt Cooper Paceman (90 kW/122 hp) to the Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman (105 kW/143 hp) and Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman (135 kW/184 hp). Plans are in position to add a Miniskirt Trick Cooper Deeds Paceman version to the orbit in due line. The Sports Action Putsché is the secondment exemplar – subsequently the MINI Countryman – which customers can rescript with the ALL4 all-wheel-drive arrangement as an pick.

The chassis: a new take on the go-kart feeling.

The Miniskirt Paceman’s with-it frame – consisting of a MacPherson leaping sashay forepart axle and bad crossing members tandem with a multi-link bottom axle – underpins its stylemark Miniskirt lightsomeness. The new framework comes as received with lowered sports reprieve and DSC (Dynamical Stableness Restraint). Wattage Guidance with measure Servotronic purpose besides enhances the ever-present go-kart impression aboard the Miniskirt Paceman.

Comprehensive safety equipment and high-quality comfort-enhancing features.

The gamy torsional inflexibility of the Miniskirt Paceman’s soundbox plays an authoritative persona in both its quick manipulation and its telling inactive safe. Its standard-fitted prophylactic armoury includes forepart and slope airbags, likewise as face drapery airbags for both rows of seating. All seating are fitted with three-point inertia-reel backside belts. Forepart bum occupants bequeath besides get rap tensioners and bang personnel limiters, piece in the backside ISOFIX fry behind attachments are in post should they be requisite.

High-quality criterion equipment – such as air conditioning, electrically adjustable outside mirrors, the Kernel Runway and the wireless Miniskirt CD with AUX-IN socket – underlines the car’s agio lineament. The compass of options, interim, includes a sports leather wheel (criterion in the Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman) with optional multifunction buttons and sail ascendance, het seating, an electrically operated crank ceiling, Solace Admittance, xe headlights, Adaptative Headlights and Green Aloofness Mastery. Added to which, Miniskirt Paceman customers can likewise shuffling use of innovational Miniskirt Attached on-board functions such as web tuner, Facebook and Chitter custom, Active Medicine, Drive Fervor, Delegacy Command and the Reductivism Analyzer.

2014 Mini Paceman

The first Sports Activity Coupé in the premium compact segment. The design.

The Miniskirt Paceman has a fibre all of its own, patch displaying crystalise ties to the advanced and inimitable stylus of the British agiotage steel. The one-seventh exemplar in the Miniskirt category takes its cues from the inevitably of advanced prey groups, who value its surefooted appearing as lots as the infective drive fun on propose at the bike. With its two doors and prominent tailboard, positive two lifesize someone behind seating, the Miniskirt Paceman complements the graceful sportiness of its proportions with a new interpretation of the comrade Miniskirt midland.

The forward-looking conception of a constrict Sports Activeness Putsché is verbalised in a personify excogitation that combines dynamically stretched proportions with a brawny posture. This fold incarnation of the Miniskirt Paceman’s many-sided impulsive properties is achieved inside the templet of the naturalized Miniskirt conception lyric. The car’s inspirational betting credential are directly unclutter, as is the potency for widening its reach of use with the improver of ALL4 lasting all-wheel driving.

The body: powerful stature, elegantly sporty coupé lines.

Traditional Miniskirt conception cues, such as the melanize bordering on the glower border of the consistence, the slope index beleaguer on the aslant nexus betwixt the A-pillar and strawman bike pixilated, and the unclutter three-level snag of consistency, rider compartment and cap, head – in a typical Paceman way – to their Miniskirt category ties. The forepart, e.g., exudes exponent and mien thanks to its prominent, distinctively molded headlights, strikingly sculptural cowling and vertical hexangular grille, which is framed on the Miniskirt Paceman by a peculiarly all-encompassing chromium-plate environment.

The overbold and single fibre of the Miniskirt Paceman comes crossways virtually conspicuously when the car is viewed from the position. Dynamically wholesale lines and strongly curving surfaces soak the car’s show with clean elegance. The putsché-style cap, swooping down towards the back, sits well-nigh seamlessly atop the rider compartment. Its typical contours fit neatly into the takeoveré mold, the roofline sleek into the touchstone arse looter. The steady ascent shoulderline and lightly downhill roofline make position windowpane surfaces that point towards the bum, emphasising the cuneus of the silhouette especially understandably. The farseeing doors apiece let a gamy role demarcation, which connects the figurehead and behind bike arches and gives the personify a lower-slung appearing. The exceedingly mesomorphic ass pedal arches emphasise the Miniskirt Paceman’s card-playing credential, including its power to post a dower of its locomotive exponent done the behind wheels.

The virtually attention-getting new have of the bum are the taillights which, in a low for Miniskirt, show a horizontal pattern. As with the reduce and aslope takeoveré-style bum windowpane, the chromium-plate peel beneath it and the horizontal creases on the tailboard and behind forestage, the mannikin of the lights farther accentuates the car’s breadth. The concentrical partition of the ignitor sources in the bottom lights is lots in guardianship with blade custom. The like can be aforesaid of the ass as a unscathed, which increases in breadth as it heads towards the route, lottery aid to the car’s hefty posture. The Miniskirt Paceman is the low appendage of the make’s line-up to be identified by a ass nameplate.

Octad outside rouge sunglasses are usable for the Miniskirt Paceman, including the new Vivid Fuzz, Glary Red and – solely for the Miniskirt Paceman – Starlight Blueing variants. The cap and outside mirror caps can be calico in torso colouration, albumen or blacken.

2014 Mini Paceman

Interior: exclusive ambience, impressive versatility.

A model-specific rendering of traditional Miniskirt invention principles too shapes the feel of the inside. The across-the-board use of horizontal elements champions the crusade of dissipated elegance. E.g., the typical threshold ellipses sustain an highly shoal yet conspicuously third-dimensional manakin and carry dorsum bey the B-pillars into the ass compartment. The ellipses borderline the armrests and their incorporated doorway overstretch recesses. If the optional inflammation bundle is specified, the threshold ellipses are bathed in an atmospherical lighter.

Added to which, first in a Miniskirt the incline windowpane controls are sited in the doorway panels. A wide-cut board on the driver’s incline includes switches for both movement position windows and the outside mirror allowance. Moving the windowpane controls out from the inwardness cabinet likewise optimises approach to the great depot compartment beneath it.

Matt-finished, annular borders in Crock underscore the manikin of the Gist Speedo and the two air vents positioned aboard it. Ornamental intimate rings in high-gloss melanize or optional chromium-plate are merged as stock into the surrounds for the air vents and Essence Speedo. If the Chromium-plate Occupation Inside selection is specified, these rings interpose chromium-plate. The CD/DVD and air conditioning panel and the toggle switches are positioned beneath the Center Speedo and bordered in a contrastive coloration. Hither, the mat lightlessness surfaces dovetail appealingly with the chromed controls.

The Miniskirt Paceman has been intentional forthrightly as a four-seater. The slenderly elevated seats berth in the movement of the car provides the driver and battlefront rider with an fantabulous panorama ended the route. This essence is enhanced by the slimly forward-leaning organization of the associate Inwardness Speedo. The brace of somebody seating in the backside whirl telling berm board and clearance, striking sidelong accompaniment and exceeding comforter, piece cut-outs in the breast bottom backrests optimize backside legroom. The couch role of the arse compartment is boost enhanced by the armrests in the incline panels. These are structured into a throwaway back shave ingredient, which matches the colouration and corporeal of the seating. The somebody ass layout is highlighted by two mouldings in the loading compartment covering which carry out from now butt the nous restraints into the arse.

If the optional kindling bundle is specified, the Kernel Rails reposition and affixation scheme is indirectly well-lighted on with the threshold ellipses. Same the Center Runway, sports seating for the driver and figurehead rider are role of touchstone spec for the Miniskirt Paceman. As an option to the measure Aslant Rail textile upholstery, customers can define the Hot Hybridisation textile/leather combining, Soberness leather passementerie or undivided Lallygag leather edition. The inside colouration ghost Crock blends as received with a twinned Gloss Job and national surfaces in Darkness Fluent (Miniskirt Cooper Paceman, Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman) or Night Anthracite (Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman, Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman). A tailored excerpt of upholstery colors, inner surfaces, Color Lines and over-the-counter excogitation features offers a full ambit of individuation options for the internal.

2014 Mini Paceman

A new take on the go-kart feeling. The drivetrain, power transfer and chassis.

Quadruplet variants of the Miniskirt Paceman bequeath be usable from establish. Customers bequeath sustain a quality of two gasoline engines and a couple of diesel units – all with quadruplet cylinders and their savory might saving attended by unco low fire use and emissions. The Reductivism engineering fitted as criterion on all models includes Bracken Get-up-and-go Re-formation, the need-based functioning of appurtenant components, Wattage Direction and the Geartrain Switch Indicant which, care the Motorcar Scratch/Blockage role, deeds tandem with the manual gearbox.

All the powerplants associate as measure with a six-speed manual gearbox, although a six-speed reflexive is uncommitted as an alternative. Ability can be channelled done the strawman wheels just, in contrast with Miniskirt custom, or – in the Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman, Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman – distributed via the Miniskirt ALL4 all-wheel-drive organization. The stock spec of all Miniskirt Paceman variants likewise includes lowered sports respite. Plans are in berth to add a Miniskirt Trick Cooper Workings Paceman edition to the reach in due form.

The petrol engines: impressively powerful, remarkably efficient.

A divided characteristic of the 1.6-litre gasoline engines powering the Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper Paceman is full varying valve direction. Based on the BMW Radical’s VALVETRONIC engineering, this organisation optimises both the locomotive’s responses and its efficiency. Below the cowling of the Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman, it joins forces with a twin-scroll turbocharger and orchestrate injectant to get uttermost turnout of 135 kW/184 hp at 5,500 rpm. Asset, crest torsion of 240 N metres (177 lb-ft) is on tap ‘tween 1,600 and 5,000 rpm. An overboost purpose is at the driver’s disposition to cater especially brawny bursts of quickening, increasing torsion to as often as 260 N metres (192 lb-ft) for a short-change clip ‘tween 1,700 and 4,500 rpm. All of which enables the Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman to dash from 0 to 100 km/h / 62 mph in 7.5 seconds (robotic: 7.8 seconds) on the way to a top hurrying of 217 km/h / 135 mph (212 km/h / 132 mph). Disdain this smile-inducing quickening, modal fire thriftiness in the EU run hertz stands at an telling 6.1 (7.1) litres per 100 kilometres / 46.3 (39.8) mpg imp and CO2 emissions are hardly 143 (166) grams per klick.

Development uttermost yield of 90 kW/122 hp at 6,000 rpm and with bill torsion of 160 N metres (118 lb-ft) useable from 4,250 rpm, the locomotive powering the Miniskirt Cooper Paceman besides has what it takes to fire deal of jazzy impulsive fun. The 0-100 km/h / 62 mph coney is terminated in 10.4 seconds (automatonlike: 11.5 seconds) and top amphetamine stands at 192 km/h / 119 mph (184 km/h / 114 mph). Median fire use for the Miniskirt Cooper Paceman in the EU essay oscillation is 6.0 (7.2) litres per 100 kilometres / 47.1 (39.2) mpg imp, patch CO2 emissions come at 140 (168) grams per kilometer.

The diesel engines: forceful under power, understated at the pumps.

A turbocharger with varying turbine geometry and common-rail organize shot allows the diesel powerplants drive the Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman to pass both instant pull ability and exceptionally low fire ingestion. What’s more, the engines’ aluminum twist allows slant to be unbroken imposingly low and suavity to takings a movement behind. The locomotive fitted in the Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman produces maximal production of 105 kW/143 hp at 4,000 rpm from its 2.0-litre shift. Maximal torsion of 305 N metres (225 lb-ft) can be accessed ‘tween 1,750 and 2,700 rpm. The termination mightiness pitch allows the Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman to dash from relaxation to 100 km/h / 62 mph in 9.2 seconds (automatonlike: 9.4 seconds) and men it a top hurrying of 200 (197) km/h / 124 (122) mph. The telling efficiency of the more muscular of the two diesel engines is reflected in intermediate fire intake in the EU tryout bicycle of 4.6 (5.7) litres per 100 kilometres / 61.4 (49.6) mpg imp and CO2 emissions of 122 (150) grams per km.

The Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman likewise stands out with its brilliant counterbalance of brawniness and saving. Its diesel powerplant has 1.6-litre supplanting, revolt to 2.0 litres if the optional reflexive gearbox is specified. Maximal turnout stands at 82 kW/112 hp and is usable from 4,000 rpm, patch crown torsion of 270 N metres (199 lb-ft) is served up ‘tween 1,750 and 2,250 rpm. The Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h / 62 mph in 10.8 seconds (reflex: 11.2 seconds) on the way to a top velocity of 187 (182) km/h / 116 (113) mph. The emblematic efficiency of this discrepancy is headlined by median fire usance in the EU examination cps of 4.4 (5.6) litres per 100 kilometres / 64.2 (50.4) mpg imp and CO2 emissions of 115 (149) grams per kilometer.

Six-speed automatic gearbox, Sport Button and ALL4 all-wheel drive on the options list.

The Miniskirt Paceman is equipt as criterion with a six-speed manual gearbox, patch a six-speed automatonlike – concluded with the Steptronic part enabling manual gearshifts – is uncommitted as an alternative for all models. In the Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman, the reflex gearbox besides comes with chemise paddles connected to the wheel; these can be consistent as an choice for all otc models.

Supernumerary helpings of drive fun can be summoned with a feeling of the optional Athletics Release, which tweaks the locomotive’s responses and the index assist provided by the direction. The Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman’s locomotive too gains a especially sportsmanlike soundtrack, including a classifiable banknote at dead. In models logical with the machinelike gearbox, the Sportsman Clitoris can be secondhand to trigger a peculiarly tuned mutant plan which makes diverse adjustments, including adding duplicate zip to the train changes.

Iii of the four-spot example variants can be equipt with ALL4 from the plunge of the contract Sports Action Putsché. The lasting all-wheel-drive organisation is useable for the Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman, Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman and can be combined with either the manual gearbox or the robotlike.

The ALL4 arrangement uses an electromagnetic center derivative to circulate ride seamlessly betwixt the breast and back axles. In rule impulsive situations ALL4 diverts capable 50 per centime of the locomotive’s superpower to the back wheels, rise to as often as 100 per centime in utmost weather, such as on ice and snow-clad surfaces. The controller electronics of the Miniskirt ALL4 organisation are unified forthwith into the DSC direction whole, enabling driving to be distributed betwixt the forepart and behind axle as and when compulsory – and in a count of milliseconds. This set-up optimises fire thriftiness and ensures the car displays utmost lightsomeness in the nerve of fluctuating dynamical requirements, spell delivering sure-footed, and hence typically Miniskirt, manipulation characteristics.

Cutting-edge chassis technology provides a new take on the go-kart feeling.

The expression of the Miniskirt Paceman’s bod – consisting of a MacPherson give ruffle breast axle and bad interbreeding members tandem with a multi-link ass axle – underpins its stylemark Miniskirt lightsomeness. A sport special to the Miniskirt Paceman is the showy set-up of the lowered respite, although the car can besides be arranged with veritable abeyance and rally tallness as a no-cost alternative. The accurate and effective Wattage Guidance also enhances the ever-present go-kart notion aboard the Miniskirt Paceman. The direction arrangement’s touchstone Servotronic routine provides speed-sensitive index help.

The also standard-fitted DSC (Dynamical Stableness Ascendence) organisation comprises ABS anti-lock brakes, Electronic Bracken Forcefulness Dispersion (EBD), Cornering Bracken Mastery (CBC), Bracken Assistance and Mound Serve. The Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman, Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman with ALL4 likewise accompany DTC (Active Grip Ascendance) mood, which allows controlled miscue done the impelled wheels to repose moving off on liberate backbone or cryptic coke. When the stableness organization is deactivated (in DSC Off mood) an electronic lockup part for the movement axle derivative comes into swordplay. In rigorous corners it brakes a spinning pedal prn to raise manipulation. Known as Electronic Derivative Whorl Command (EDLC), this organization enhances the car’s grip without adversely poignant its guidance properties. DTC and EDLC are too uncommitted for the Miniskirt Cooper Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman as an choice.

Measure spec too includes light-alloy wheels – in 16-inch arrange for the Miniskirt Cooper Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper D Paceman and 17-inch pretext for the Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman. 18-inch and 19-inch light-alloy wheels can be coherent as an selection for all modeling variants.

Versatility and safety whenever you need it. The body and occupant protection.

Dissipated flare, practicality and broken versatility are the exchange traits of the Miniskirt Paceman’s part. The soundbox of the concordat Sports Activeness Takeoveré provides an heartbeat case for these headline features and backs them up with attributes such as splendid flowing efficiency, enviable stableness and generous levels of on-board quad. The Miniskirt Paceman’s rubber construct is stock-still in the principles government all the make’s models and, as with the Miniskirt Ruralist, delivers telling and far-reaching occupier auspices.

The Miniskirt Paceman sees the British agiotage stigma again providing the key to a new fomite section. It is the s Miniskirt modeling (abaft the Ruralist) whose outside distance exceeds 4 metres. Its clean yet graceful proportions are the solution of a consistency duration of 4,109 millimetres (Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman: 4,115 millimetres), a breadth of 1,786 millimetres and a meridian of 1,518 millimetres (Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman: 1,522 millimetres). A 2,595-millimetre wheelbase provides the apotheosis ground for a broad national allowing a diversity of uses.

The interior: lounge ambience for four and storage space just the way you need it.

This versatility, on with the high-quality footle atmosphere of the internal, is a shaping lineament of the Miniskirt Paceman. A somewhat elevated seats billet gives the driver and breast rider an splendid survey complete the route, spell the foresighted doors offer peculiarly promiscuous launching and passing. The two back seating are too easy reached, and erstwhile sitting the bum passengers bask generous levels of infinite, owing sidelong accompaniment and comfortableness that reaches bey the average.

The sports seating for the driver and presence rider lineament peak readjustment as criterion, piece the somebody ass backside organization enables the two bottom passengers to set their seating to furnish individualized comforter. The arse backside backrests can be folded polish singly, allowing bang content to turn from 330 to as lots as 1,080 litres. And the Miniskirt Paceman’s high-opening tailboard – the discharge prise for which is merged into the Miniskirt badge – and low kick sill tolerate the baggage expanse to be accessed in consolation. A backside bearer readying and laggard yoke with obliterable bollock header upgrade the car’s useable entreaty and load-carrying talents another nick. Besides usable as an pick is a reposition packet, which includes features such as a forepart cup bearer adhesion, 12-volt ability sockets for the arse compartment and baggage arena, behind cup holders, bag holders in the baggage country and extra part elements for the standard-fitted Core Railing.

The reposition and fastening arrangement complements the all-inclusive storeroom areas in the doorway shave and kernel comfort. It runs from barely aft of the shifter or picker prise on the heart cabinet to its coating head betwixt the breast seating. The secondment segment of the Center Vilify is establish ‘tween the back seating and extends capable the sectionalization ‘tween the behind compartment and kicking expanse. This makes it easier to rise concluded from one of the two seating to the over-the-counter. A single-section Center Rails extending ‘tween both rows of seating can be logical as an selection, offer eve greater tractableness when it comes to the emplacement of measure and optional purpose elements.

Strong body structure and comprehensive safety equipment.

The eminent torsional rigidness of the Miniskirt Paceman’s consistence plays an significant office in both its nimble manipulation and its telling peaceful safe. In the issue of a wreck, super racy load-path structures, just outlined contortion zones and an exceptionally warm rider compartment are on handwriting to donjon the brownie push off from the car’s occupants and insure maximal shelter for all those aboard. Insurrection up mellow, the front not but lends the Miniskirt Paceman a peculiarly sinewy position, it meets the stipulations of stream earthbound shelter lawmaking. Enceinte distortion zones are intentional to thin the hazard of trauma in the case of a hit with a footer or bicyclist.

Same the Miniskirt Ruralist, which passed the Euro NCAP wreck exam with the uttermost five-star evaluation, the Miniskirt Paceman’s standard-fitted prophylactic armoury includes figurehead and slope airbags, too as incline pall airbags for both rows of seating. All seating are fitted with three-point inertia-reel bum belts. Battlefront bum occupants volition likewise receive bang tensioners and knock personnel limiters, piece in the back ISOFIX shaver bum attachments are in position should they be needful. All the control systems are controlled by exchange refuge electronics to see they are excited prn in dissimilar types of hit. A run-flat index is fitted as touchstone, patch run-flat tyres can be specified as an choice.

2014 Mini Paceman

Individuality on demand. Equipment and accessories.

The all-embracing measure equipment of the Miniskirt Paceman likewise plays a part in delivering the heady impulsive fun offered by the agio squeeze Sports Activeness Putsché, piece the align of optional extras and tailored scope of accessories offering customers a all-inclusive sort of possibilities when it comes to the elaborated individualization of their cars.

The Miniskirt Paceman takes the lede in its section when it comes to communications and amusement functions. Sophisticated port engineering allows the blanket desegregation of smartphones and medicine players into the car. And the newest penis of the Miniskirt phratry can likewise be arranged with the wide-cut orbit of Miniskirt Attached features, which is regularly expanded with the improver of foster innovations.

High-quality and individual: extensive standard equipment, innovative options.

The high-quality criterion equipment of the Miniskirt Paceman reflects the agio persona of the steel in price of puff and functionality. It offers features such as galvanic windows, removed primal lockup, air conditioning, electrically adjustable outside mirrors, the Inwardness Revile and model-specific doorway sill inscription.

On-board puff is farther enhanced by options including robotlike mood ascendance, het seating and an armrest for the driver and battlefront rider. Besides useable as an choice is Puff Admission, which allows owners to outdoors the driver’s threshold and commencement the locomotive without fetching the car discover of their pouch. The Miniskirt Paceman can likewise be specified with Green Outstrip Command, which makes reversing manoeuvres that lots easier. Sensors incorporated into the bum proscenium reckon the aloofness to the nearest obstruction and the arrangement uses this information to brisk the driver consequently by substance of hearable and optic warnings.

Customers can assuage their hope for more sun and impudent air within the Miniskirt Paceman by order the optional bird’s-eye deoxyephedrine ceiling. This bikini crank ceiling has a pop-fly use at both the forepart and the behind, and comes with a sliding cap lining. An robotlike dimming purpose is usable for the rear-view mirror and outside mirrors, spell a leather wheel or sports leather wheel can be consistent as an substitute to the stock token. Both options too add leather cut for the shifter pry or picker pry. The sports leather wheel (touchstone in the Miniskirt Cooper S Paceman and Miniskirt Cooper SD Paceman) can too be specified with multifunction buttons to manoeuvre the call and sound functions too as spark and inactivate the sail ascendancy organisation.

The ambient inflammation arrangement (parting of the optional sparkle software) adds a peculiar tempt to the home of the Miniskirt Paceman. This organisation uses collateral miniature to springiness a colouration emphasize to the threshold gist gore and Inwardness Vilify store open during dark drive. The coloring of the sparkle can be wide-ranging – victimization a toggle – betwixt a ardent orangish and a flashy blueness, hardly as the climate takes you.

For optimum visibility and striking looks: xenon headlights, Adaptive Headlights, black headlights.

The xe low and main-beam headlights useable as an alternative for the Miniskirt Paceman ply especially elucidate miniature of the route forrader. Adaptative Headlights are besides uncommitted to boost raise profile. This engineering adjusts the irradiation fish of the headlights to the course of apiece niche by trailing the guidance tip of the car. In plus, it offers varying lighter dispersion, which adapts the shaft to the speeding of the car. Customers selecting the xe headlights and Adaptative Headlights options can likewise determine the car’s headlights with blacken lodging, which lends the front of the Miniskirt Paceman eventide greater ocular impingement.

The Miniskirt Paceman can be arranged additionally with battlefront foglamps, and the similarly optional pelting detector adjusts the frequence of the wipers to the saturation of hurriedness landing on the windshield. The windshield is besides het, which gives the driver another utilitarian pecker with which to fight contrary upwind weather.

Entertainment programme and communications options on demand.

The survival of amusement and communications options in the Miniskirt Paceman can too be trim incisively to person requirements. The touchstone radiocommunication Miniskirt CD sound organization comes with pentad loudspeakers, an MP3-compatible CD musician and an AUX-IN socket. Among the features included as role of the optional wireless Miniskirt Advance CD, interim, are an on-board figurer and a two-line expose in the Kernel Speedo.

The wireless Miniskirt Optic Advance and Miniskirt seafaring arrangement relate with a 6.5-inch, high-resolution coloration expose in the Inwardness Speedo and Bluetooth hands-free functionality including a USB sound port. The maps for the Miniskirt piloting arrangement are stored on the car’s inherent fanfare storage twist. The USB sound port allows wandering devices to be incorporated into the car and functions supported by them to be excited and operated in wonted Miniskirt elan via the car’s show and the stick on the kernel comfort. These features admit sound cyclosis via Bluetooth, showing of album back graphics and television files on the on-board admonisher, and advanced place functions. Customers can too fiat a vocalisation mastery scheme for the telephony and seafaring functions. And an flush more acute sound receive is uncommitted courtesy of the Harman Kardon how-do-you-do speaker with 10 loudspeakers and 640-watt amplifier.

Setting the benchmark in innovative in-car infotainment: MINI Connected.

Apple iPhone owners specifying the Miniskirt Optic Encourage radiocommunication or Miniskirt sailing organisation can besides approach internet-based services inwardly the car courtesy of Miniskirt Machine-accessible. A Miniskirt Attached package coating allows docudrama, drive fun and mixer mesh functions to be merged into the scheme and operated victimization the in-car stick, wheel buttons and on-board varan. Adopting the intimate Miniskirt showing and operational logic, Miniskirt Attached enables well-situated, mere, fix and visceral ascendence of all functions.

The Apple iPhone is coupled into the car exploitation either the Y transcriber uncommitted from the Miniskirt accessories scope or the optional snap-in arranger, spell the regularly updated Miniskirt Affiliated App lays on an unmatchable and always ever-changing form of functions, such as web tuner, use of Facebook, Chitter and squarely, Dynamical Euphony, Impulsive Agitation, Delegation Ascendence and the Reductivism Analyzer.

Functional, sporty, unique: options and accessories allow detailed customisation.

Construction on the blanket diverseness of upholstery variants, midland passementerie options and Coloration Lines, the stove of optional equipment offers customers foster sympathetic ideas when it comes to tailoring the outside and internal of their Miniskirt Paceman to their personal tastes. Good as the Chromium-plate Business Inside pick and anthracite-coloured cap lining land attention-getting touches to the interior of the car, the Chromium-plate Pipeline Outside, tweed index lights and gabardine or blacken cowling stripe do a interchangeable servicing for its outbound appearing.

In improver, a made-to-order orbit of accessories is uncommitted for the Miniskirt Paceman from plunge. The pick of items stretches from use elements for the Inwardness Vilify, hard-wearing all-weather base mats, Miniskirt nestling seating and the pad DVD scheme for rear-seat amusement, to outside and rear-view mirror caps and english indicant surrounds in assorted colouration and pattern variants. Besides on offering – in a bespoken makeup for the Miniskirt Paceman – is the Lavatory Cooper Plant Tuning stove made-to-order to hard-core, centrifugal sport-inspired drive fun.

2014 Mini Paceman

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