2014 Mg

MG 3

MG has exploited the 2013 Impress Motive Prove to trailer the exciting new MG3 supermini, advanced of the UK and European launches in recent 2013.

Carrying forward-moving the styling cues low illustrated on the MG Zero concept fomite, the new European MG3 is a typical affirmation of mod British flair intentional to object untried and elan witting buyers, missing something that’s fun to campaign and own.

This unparalleled and modern-day dash was brought to the super-mini section by the conception and technology squad at the MG Birmingham locate in Longbridge, UK. The MG3 volition go the endorsement in a new contemporaries of MG vehicles to farewell the line at the Birmingham manufactory.

2014 Mg

At found, customers volition be able-bodied to individualize both the outside and inner of this new supermini MG devising it fun to buy and own, besides as the MG earmark of existence fun to crusade.

British Style fun

MG’s UK-based designing squad birth minded the new MG3 a brash hint of style from every showing lean.

How do I feel from the strawman? – With a photoflash of flair from the ‘hockey pin’ LED day functional lights on every clipping floor, a full-width melanise net lattice, and inkiness A-Pillar and ‘vizor’ wraparound panache windshield, the MG3 is manifest on the route.

2014 Mg

Is this my trump incline? The twofold coloring face skirts ring the excogitation of the MG Cypher, threatening the posture of the car and hinting at barely how lots fun the MG3 could be to own. Diamond-cut, twofold colouring wheels springiness a genuine ghost of family on the higher clipping levels.

2014 MG 3

And from the arse? Thither is an reverberate of the fun and sportiness that lies at the bosom of the MG steel. With a ass pelmet enclose elysian by generations of MG racing cars, a unequalled superelliptic ass pipage ruined in chromium-plate and a body-coloured ass pamperer, the MG3 looks clearly slick and flashy – a architect’s aspiration.


Ordinarily this is where the compromise comes on modest showy cars – but not with MG3. Fun, entertaining and light to swallow, the MG3 combines manner and delectation with hardheaded capaciousness. The designers and engineers deliver combined to produce an prodigious sum of distance and versatility in a selfsame contract five-door packet.

All-embracing sour from the MG Figure and Technology squad on the architectural software has resulted in upcountry publicity that rivals or surpasses anything in its family. In a 4m farseeing packet, the MG3 volition well oblige foursome 6ft individuals; a story of adjustment typically associated with bigger cars that mirrors the roominess of the MG6 compass.

The MG3’s ‘furled and embossed’ forepart splashboard figure creates an aeriform advancing cabin distance and increased legroom, patch allowing splendid approach to main and petty controls. This base is continued in the ass of the car, where the forepart seating are sculptured to appropriate arse passengers splendid spa to move in puff.

2014 Mg

Class-leading arse clearance is another feature which sets the MG3 isolated. Many cars therein sphere compromise on inside distance, especially in the bottom. But behind clearance in the MG3 is more generous.


Intentional with the essence rate of beingness fun to driving, the MG3 frame has been honed from hundreds of thousands of miles of examination on European roadstead. Intended to have telling levels of consistency ascendence, raciness and a willingness to niche to absorb piercing drivers, MG’s earth category squad of anatomy engineers deliver too delivered certain footed treatment and telling razz comforter. Unitedly this makes the MG3 desirable for every journeying, from crowded urban routes, to sleek British B-roads or cruising on a European superhighway.


2014 Mg

In add-on to a across-the-board compass of eubstance colors a compass of personalisation options bequeath be usable, allowing the MG3 to be bespoken to the soul arse the rack. Cap, english and hood art volition reserve owners to individualize their own MG3. Inner trims, wheels, vents, surrounds and mats testament all be useable in a option of designs, colors and finishes allowing you to brand your MG3 sincerely personal.


2014 Mg

The new sister MG testament be powered by a sizable 105PS interpretation of the VTi-TECH gas locomotive, connection the MG6 DTi-TECH and TCi-TECH engines in the European folk. The active and antiphonal VTi-TECH locomotive is paired to a 5-speed manual transmittance that makes this petty coddle utterly suitable to barbed in and out of metropolis dealings or enjoying a expectant British B route.

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