2014 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Black Series

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

Mercedes-AMG presented the high-end swallow sports car adaptation of the gull-wing exemplar, the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Blackness Serial. Elysian by the SLS AMG GT3 race car, the one-fifth Nigrify Serial exemplar from Mercedes-AMG boasts a absorbing mix of breath-taking invention, prominent impulsive kinetics and inflexible jackanapes building in accord with the “AMG Jackanapes Execution” scheme. With a DIN curbing weightiness of 1550 kilograms, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Blackness Serial achieves a might/weighting proportion of 2.45 kg/hp. The AMG 6.3-litre V8 locomotive generates a superpower turnout of 464 kW (631 hp) at 7400 rpm and accelerates the about active gull-wing manakin ever to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. The coil-over AMG Drive Ascendance functioning hiatus, the AMG ceramic high-performance complex brakes and the weight-optimised bad AMG light-alloy wheels with freshly highly-developed sports tyres combining with the electronically controlled AMG rear-axle derivative engage and the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmittance featuring uncompromisingly aroused slip and reply multiplication to heave the SLS AMG Blacken Serial to a new grade. The AMG Aeromechanics bundle is optionally usable to promote rise the fomite’s impulsive kinetics.

Lightlessness Serial – a discover that resonates with auto experts and enthusiasts. Followers on from the SLK55 AMG Black Series from 2006, the CLK63 AMG Black Series, the SL65 AMG Black Series and the C63 AMG Black Series, the one-fifth index sees the Lightlessness Serial ingress a new proportion with the gull-wing manakin.

2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

“The new SLS AMG Takeoveré Blacken Serial is a complete field in the c percentage transport of engineering and technology from motorsport to the route. We deliver haggard aspiration from the ecumenical winner of the SLS AMG GT3 client sportsman racer on both a conceptual and a technical floor. Jactitation legion whippersnapper components and enchanting impulsive kinetics, our 5th Inkiness Serial simulation guarantees virgin, consummate ‘Drive Execution’. The SLS AMG Putsché Lightlessness Serial is the ultimate quality for immobile laps and extremely excited drive experiences”, says Ola Källenius, Chairperson of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

2014 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Black Series

“The about active gull-wing manakin ever goes by the figure of the SLS AMG Takeoveré Melanise Serial. Fans of high-performance superintendent sports cars testament be mesmerized by its hi-tech parcel. The base for passionate functioning and sovereign impulsive kinetics is provided by legion new developments in the region of the locomotive, index infection, dangling and aeromechanics – besides according top antecedence to our “AMG Whippersnapper Functioning” scheme. Heavy efforts in the subject of jackanapes pattern get resulted in a DIN curb burthen of 1550 kilograms,” notes Tobias Moers, mind of boilersuit fomite developing and appendage of the direction gameboard of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine a byword for thrilling driving dynamics

2014 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Black Series

The uprated AMG 6.3-litre V8 locomotive generating a might outturn of 464 kW (631 hp) and 635 N metres of torsion is a saw for electrifying drive kinetics, devising the SLS AMG Takeoveré Blackness Serial the near sinewy AMG high-performance machine with a burning locomotive now. Solitary the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive with a utmost yield of 552 kW comes with greater index militia.

The SLS AMG Putsché Melanise Serial accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. The top swiftness stands at 315 km/h. The extra 44 kW (60 hp) of powerfulness in compare to the 420 kW (571 hp) offered by the SLS AMG has been achieved by the followers measures:

  • Step-up in utmost locomotive hurrying from 7200 to 8000 rpm
  • Amply revised high-velocity valve caravan with limited camshafts, altered cam geometry and optimised bucketful tappets featuring a peculiar covering which is differently single to racing vehicles
  • Adjustment of the inhalation air ducting: derestriction and version to the new utmost locomotive velocity
  • Adaption of the locomotive covering and gain in summit press
  • The engineers at Mercedes-AMG sustain boost optimised the methamphetamine gathering in the interests of optimal constancy in ruffian racing use. The measures carried out hither admit limited oil bores in the crankshaft, new crankshaft bearings, a new oil ticker and high-strength screwed connections for the conrods. The integral irrigate and oil cooling for the locomotive and infection has too undergone promote optimization. The AMG V8 locomotive in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Putsché Inkiness Serial is additionally provided with a extra backup scheme. A gas-filled ruffle brace the eight-cylinder locomotive on the consistency, efficaciously eliminating unsought consignment modify reactions in extremely active drive on the slipstream racecourse. The AMG 6.3-litre V8 locomotive is hand-built at the AMG hand-finishing department in Affalterbach, according to the ism “one man, one locomotive”. This hand-made timbre is confirmed by the blackness AMG locomotive badge aim the creditworthy locomotive healthier’s touch which is a stylemark of the Lightlessness Serial models.

    The eight-cylinder course aspirated locomotive installed as a breast mid-engine bum the presence axle boasts racing car-style reception and livelier than always revving power. The potent AMG V8 locomotive’s airstream rail aspirations are likewise ostensible in its strait: the fresh intentional AMG sports exhaust, produced in ti first, features classifiable center and ass mufflers which allow for a more muscular and eventide more hitting locomotive strait. The shift from brand to ti has spawned solid weightiness savings: at scarce nether 17 kilograms, the new AMG sports exhaust is about 13 kilograms barge than its harbinger. The new organization features the performance-enhancing fan-type tucker pipes which suffer been busy to appointment.

    Systematic application of the AMG Lightweight Performance strategy

    Whippersnapper at its center: with a curb weighting of 1550 kilograms (DIN), the new SLS AMG Takeoveré Melanise Serial is not lonesome 70 kilograms ignitor than the SLS AMG, but too attains the outflank exponent/burden proportion of all AMG Blacken Serial vehicles to engagement by far. The pattern of 2.45 kg/hp leave likewise have capable compare in the swallow sports car vista. Such a proportion is made potential by taxonomic lotion of the “AMG Jackanapes Functioning” scheme. Legion soundbox elements, such as the hood, the bum jury butt the AMG sports bucketful seating, the bias brace on the underbelly and the torsion pipe betwixt locomotive and infection dwell totally of the motorsport corporeal c character (c fibre-reinforced formative). In demarcation to its 26.6-kilogram similitude with sand-cast aluminum trapping, the carbon-fibre torsion metro weighs solitary 13.3 kilograms. As antecedently, powerfulness transmittance betwixt the locomotive and the twofold clutches transmittance (transaxle rule) which is flange-mounted on the arse axle is established by substance of a c fibre-reinforced moldable (CRP) effort spear deliberation solitary 4.7 kilograms. A numeral of parts on the al spaceframe let besides been replaced by CRP components. A lithium-ion shelling which is ill-used in office of the ceremonious appetiser shelling saves a promote eight-spot kilograms.

    Dual clutch transmission for even more emotional dynamism

    2014 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Black Series

    The boilersuit ability transmission is too a major contributive gene to the great drive kinetics of the SLS AMG Putsché Blacken Serial. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmittal is installed ten millimetres frown in fiat to accomplish a frown heart of somberness for the fomite and is buttressed against the torso by gas-filled struts in edict to avert accent cycles. The twofold clench infection features quadruplet impulsive modes (C, S, S+ and M). “Variation summation” and “Manual” particularly allow for markedly sportier functioning than with the SLS AMG and SLS AMG GT models. In plus to an addition in shift speeding, the decreased latency to switch commands from the driver and the shift rigour offer for vestal zing.

    An eventide more electrifying characteristic is the reflexive double-declutching part during downshifting: the confine blips when unfirm cogwheel are more marked and more strikingly hearable than always, due to the AMG ti sports exhaust. Thither is likewise a new irregular M mood. In C, S or S+ manner, this enables the driver to aerate manual way without having to take a mitt from the wheel, by press the “up” or “polish” chemise totter erst. In temp M manner the driver experiences the oomph and execution of gear-shifting in manual modality altogether of the robotic impulsive programmes, with reflex up- and down-shifting into the buy. This allows the driver to pay his entire tending to the fomite’s telling functioning.

    2014 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Black Series

    New, electronic AMG rear-axle differential lock

    A new highly-developed, electronically controlled AMG rear-axle derivative curl with a shorter rear-axle proportion replaces the mechanical discrepancy; it is structured in the contract transmittance trapping. This scheme operates with a varying lockup core in quickening and retardation modality; in accession, the electronics answer more sensitively than to engagement, enabling first-class grip for the goaded wheels at all detrition levels. The electronic AMG rear-axle derivative interlock likewise benefits impulsive guard: in slaloms or when ever-changing lane at highschool speeds the organization has a stabilizing core, as it is capable to faded the fomite’s yaw range about its upright bloc. The standard-fit 3-stage ESP® organization featuring the functions “ESP ON”, “ESP Athletics Treatment Fashion” and “ESP OFF” is precision-tuned to the electronic AMG rear-axle derivative ringlet. The like applies to the Wash Jump use, which provides for complete grip when accelerating from a standing jump in conjunctive with the electronic derivative curl.

    2014 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Black Series

    AMG RIDE CONTROL performance suspension and sports tyres

    The anatomy and respite of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Takeoveré Melanise Serial are besides new. The introductory layout with image wishbones well-rounded in al clay unaltered, but scarcely a ingredient has foregone unaffected in the interests of often enhanced backwash running functioning.

    The new developments in particular:

  • AMG Razz Mastery operation hiatus with tauter canonic tuning and electronically controlled two-stage damping (Play, Variation +) for somebody allowance to the favored personal impulsive elan
  • Coil-over give retainers to enable accommodation of cycle piles for personal airstream cartroad set-ups
  • Elastokinematics 50 / 42% more unbending (strawman/ass axle) for greater stableness in firm two-bagger aeroembolism
  • Raceway breadth increased by 20 / 24 millimetres (figurehead/ass axle) for added clasp in loyal aeroembolism
  • New bicycle carriers on movement axle and new strawman stabilizer tuning for added clench, decreased bowl tip in immobile cornering
  • AMG 10-spoke light-alloy wheels, in peculiarly twinkle bad figure with optimised durability, calico flat blackness with high-sheen destination, dimensions: 10×19 at fron; 12×20 at bottom. Slant delivery: 4.0 kilograms
  • Fresh highly-developed Michelin Cowcatcher Mutant Cup 2 sports tyres. Dimensions 275/35 R 19 at presence and 325/30 R 20 at backside, for added hold and jazzy cornering confine
  • AMG speed-sensitive steerage with freshly outlined index steerage feature for optimal guidance preciseness and spectacular restraint of the fomite
  • AMG ceramic high-performance composite brake system as standard

    The brakes of the SLS AMG Takeoveré Melanize Serial boasts fantabulous retardation functioning and striking stableness. The AMG ceramic high-performance complex brakes comes as touchstone. The ceramic bracken discs measure 402 x 39 millimetres at the breast and 360 x 32 millimetres at the ass lineament increased rigourousness for enhanced caloric constancy, attended by a angle reducing of some 40 percentage. As a answer of the rock-bottom unsprung multitude, they optimize both solace and grasp. The rock-bottom rotating people on the battlefront axle furnish for more organize direction reply. Burden savings with the AMG ceramic high-performance complex brakes compared to a established nerve/aluminum brakes: 16 kilograms.

    Design inspired by the SLS AMG GT3 customer sport racing car

    The invention of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Putsché Melanise Serial derives a peculiar enthrallment from its similarity to the SLS AMG GT3 client play racer. The gull-wing racer highly-developed in conformity with FIA GT3 rules has speedily turn effected as a grave competition among the superintendent sports car elect. In the 2012 motorsport flavour the SLS AMG GT3 is competing in more 15 serial on four-spot continents. The triad triumph in the 24-hour Dubai wash in January 2012, ternary driver and squad titles in the FIA GT3 European Patronage, the ADAC GT Masters and the FIA GT3 Man Backing on with legion places on the soapbox at respective short-distance, 4- and 6‑minute races prove the SLS AMG GT3’s showy functioning in telling dash. To escort, the car has jagged up 37 victories in the 2012 mollify (as per 28 October 2012).

    Blanket flared wings with an added breadth of 13 mm (breast) and 26 mm (bum) on apiece incline make the requisite place for the 275 mm and 325 mm sports tyres. Darkened headlamps and inkiness surrounds for the backside lights offer the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Melanize Serial with a powerful and strong-growing aspect. The fomite’s streamlined correspondence is optimised by the presence proscenium and arse forestage with diffuser on with english sill panels in Inkiness Series-specific designing featuring c fibre-reinforced pliant forepart divider, c inserts in the slope sills and the arse forestage made of c character. The magnified air intakes with carbon-fibre flics additionally insure an optimal air influx into the chilling modules at the breast.

    As on the SLS AMG GT3, the carbon-fibre hood features a key air release. Isolated from efficaciously discharging the locomotive passion, this release besides increases downforce at the battlefront axle and improves the Cd valuate. The wing-like cross-fin and the genius corner in the grille are ruined in high-gloss nigrify to mate the outside mirrors and the fins on the cowling. The carbon-fibre tuck on the sides with air issue and a lightlessness fin is too evocative of the GT3; this sport too helps to dilute the temperature story in the locomotive compartment. The result is uttermost stableness, evening in yob slipstream running use.

    Matt black AMG forged wheels in Black Series-specific design

    A hit characteristic on the sides is the attractive integrating of the incline skirts, which coalesce with the position boast job in sympathetic forge. The c elements fitted on the backside at the sides proceed the demarcation of the carbon-fibre figurehead divider on to the arse. AMG bad wheels in a series-specific 10‑radius designing, multi-coloured in matted melanise with a high-pitched lustre ending, cater glimpses of the AMG ceramic high-performance complex brakes. AMG bad wheels in flat lightlessness with high-sheen rim rim are instead usable.

    The ass of the SLS AMG Takeoveré Blackness Serial presents a powerful appearing on a par with that of the forepart. The blanket wings and the hitting back diffuser are the prevailing features hither. The diffuser extends bey the visibility of the ass proscenium and produces extra downforce at the ass axle. This results in greater impulsive constancy at gamy speeds. Seeable air openings butt lightlessness grilles dish to restraint the dischrage of palaver in the arena of the AMG ti sports exhaust. The two sets of match chromium-plate tailpipes with a foursquare cross-sectional supply a ocular presentation of the gull-wing superintendent sports car’s ability and vigour – an opinion that is backed up by a like voice. The single AMG logotype with contrastive Melanize Serial inscription in melanize adds a discerning yet contact feeling at the top rightfield of boot lid.

    AMG Aerodynamics package with carbon-fibre components

    The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Putsché Melanise Serial can be upgraded with the optional AMG Aeromechanics bundle. This parcel features a set, adjustable carbon-fibre backside surface in the dash of the SLS AMG GT3 in position of the standard-fit surface which extends mechanically at speeds of ended 120 km/h. The bottom surface is buttressed by aluminum elements on a particular tuck on boot lid and provides for evening greater disconfirming raise forcefulness on the bottom axle – not least of all as a resultant of the Gurney flaps, named abaft its discoverer, Dan Gurney, a old racing driver, decorator and squad proprietor. This octad millimetre-high pillager lip fitted to the backside surface at an weight of 90 degrees results in a foster increment in downforce without importantly increasing cart. The ass airfoil is complemented by extra carbon-fibre flics on the movement proscenium which promote concentrate downforce at the breast axle, as opposed to the more inward-lying standard-fit carbon-fibre flics which assist to optimize the influx of air into the chilling modules.

    The optionally useable expressive colouring AMG solar air is scoop to the SLS AMG Takeoveré Blackness Serial. Six over-the-counter outside pigment finishes from the SLS AMG compass are useable, including the flat blusher designo magno alanite grayness.

    Sporty, functional interior exuding high quality

    A operational, sportsmanlike racing-car ambience is predominant inwardly the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Inkiness Serial, with high-quality materials demonstrating preciseness craft and fine intentional details. Thither is a option of two colouration variants: Alcantara® blacken or Alcantara® inkiness/red. With the two-tone variance, the threshold essence panels and the applications on the gist cabinet and supra the mitt compartment are ruined in red. The AMG Execution wheel with planate freighter rim incision features Alcantara® all bout for a goodness clutch. In the top department the wheel features a flashy red 12 o’time mark. The genuine alloy bezel features a high-gloss melanise rouge ending to equal the high-gloss melanize surrounds of the air vents. A peculiarly high-quality and scoop Blacken Serial particular is the supposed “3D bed” which runs horizontally on the splasher: a o.k. Alcantara® slip in anthracite features crossways the full breadth of the leather coating. Red contrastive sewing in the leather add an effected destination to the 3D furrow, underscoring the handmade persona.

    The compounding of designo leather and Alcantara® features end-to-end the midland – on the bum division of the splasher, e.g., on the threshold kernel panels and on the AMG sports pail seating, whose essence sections are covered with Alcantara®. Raised AMG emblems on the drumhead restraints are farther single eye-catchers. In summation to providing splendid sidelong keep at gamy cornering speeds, the AMG sports bucketful seating are likewise 15 kilograms igniter than the stock AMG sports seating.

    The absence of the COMAND APS multimedia reduces the fomite’s weightiness by an extra six kilograms as a encourage presentment of the SLS AMG Takeoveré Melanize Serial’ uncompromisingly purist persona. In billet of the cover betwixt the air vents, a carbon-fibre shave constituent exudes an unquestionable racing ambience. COMAND APS is optionally useable ex-factory. The fomite’s occupants bequeath too identify the motorsport substantial c fiber on the full essence cabinet with the AMG Driving Whole. Bluff highlights are added by red arse belts and red contrastive sewing on the AMG sports pail seating, the essence comfort, the speed and glower incision of the splasher and the threshold pane. The level mats likewise boast red edging.

    Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG high-end surround sound system

    A highlighting among the optional equipment and appointments is the Blast & Olufsen BeoSound AMG high-end beleaguer vocalise arrangement, highly-developed by Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG collectively far-famed Danish sound specializer Bam & Olufsen. The Smash & Olufsen BeoSound AMG high-end beleaguer voice scheme with Dolby Digital 5.1 enables an sole euphony know of the selfsame highest criterion. This is made potential by a Hundred W amplifier and 11 loudspeakers in coincidence with accurate dispersion of the euphony signals by the vocalise mainframe according to the selectable arse positions – driver, co-driver or cardinal. The DSP digital strait mainframe additionally enables the exploiter to substitution betwixt the high-end studio fathom (“Address”) and a environs vocalise choice. All functions are controlled via COMAND APS (optional token) in a peculiar Fringe & Olufsen carte. The lit 50 W lense tweeters are a exceptional spotlight on the splasher. The 250 W subwoofer is accommodated in the backside ledge. High-quality speaker covers sportsmanlike the Hit & Olufsen logotype signal the high-end organisation’s undivided fiber.

    Encourage individualization options are too usable (extract):

  • AMG carbon-fibre outside mirror
  • AMG carbon-fibre locomotive concealment
  • AMG Inner Carbon-Fibre packet
  • AMG docudrama scheme (incl. COMAND APS, AMG Operation Media and support camera)
  • Media Port
  • The marketplace found of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Putsché Blackness Serial testament get in June 2013.

    Technical specifications

  • Translation: 6208 cc
  • Bore-hole x separatrix: 102.2 x 94.6 mm
  • Condensation proportion: 11.3 : 1
  • Production: 464 kW (631 hp) @ 7400 rpm
  • Max. torsion: 635 Nm (468 lb-ft) @ 5500 rpm
  • Maximal locomotive swiftness: 8000 rpm
  • Locomotive angle (dry): 205 kg (452 lbs)
  • Fire ingestion, NEDC combined: 13.7 l/100 km
  • CO2 emissions: 321 g/km
  • Efficiency stratum: G
  • Quickening
  • 0-100 km/h: 3.6 s
  • 0-60 mph: 3.5 s
  • Top velocity: 315 km/h (196 mph)
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