2014 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

Dozen cylinders, twin-turbocharging, 463 kW (630 hp) of turnout and Grand n metres of torsion – the new Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG sets new standards as the almost knock-down fomite in its section of the grocery. Special execution and great heartiness – these are the hallmarks of the AMG 6.0-litre V12 biturbo locomotive. With its decreased fire uptake and compliancy with the EU 6 discharge emissions measure, the new V12 pub is fit for the next. The AMG sports abatement based on Conjuration Consistency Controller comes as banner with Route Rise Rake, the earth’s commencement hanging with eyes. It goes without expression that the S65 AMG offers sovereign exclusivity in pattern and equipment spec. Two innovations, the head-up expose and the touchpad, symbolize promote enhancements in footing of puff and prophylactic.

The S65 AMG is the sole high-performance 12-cylinder auto from a German agio producer – and it is a car with a lineage: the low multiplication of the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG was launched in 2003, with the second generation beingness produced from 2006 until 2013.

Tobias Moers, Chairperson of the Gameboard of Direction of Mercedes-AMG GmbH: “Shortly aft the successful found of the S63 AMG, we are entry the new S65 AMG. Sovereign exclusivity and uncomparable oomph render the warrant of a highschool captivation voltage. With the 3rd propagation of the S65 AMG, we offering our firm and apprehensive V12 customers a singular high-performance machine.”

2014 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

2014 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

The AMG 6.0-litre V12 biturbo locomotive delivers 463 kW (630 hp) with a uttermost torsion of 100 n metres – figures that enable the S65 AMG to surpass all over-the-counter vehicles in its section. This transcendency is highlighted by the car’s operation: the S65 AMG accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds, with a top swiftness of 250 km/h (electronically modified). The strengths of the 12-cylinder biturbo locomotive from Mercedes-AMG admit its casual quickening altogether amphetamine ranges also as its tasteful procedure with the typical V12 audio distinctive of AMG. Concisely: the S65 AMG impresses with its superordinate and fashionable execution.

2014 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

Compared with the previous model, fire ingestion has been decreased by 2.4 litres per 100 kilometres (NEDC, combined). With a fire uptake of 11.9 litres per 100 kilometres (NEDC, combined), the new Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG is the humanity’s near fuel-efficient V12 high-performance pub in price of might and torsion. The range-topping 12-cylinder modelling already meets the requirements of the EU6 emissions received, which is not due to ejaculate into effect until 2015.

Proficient highlights of the AMG 6.0-litre V12 biturbo locomotive:

  • Biturbocharging
  • Aluminum crankcase
  • Bad crankshaft of top-grade debase nerve
  • Multi-spark firing with 12 twin-spark inflammation units
  • Air-to-water intercooler with low-temperature circle
  • Alternator direction
  • ECO beginning/layover purpose
  • Exclusive carbon-fibre engine cover with AMG engine badge

    2014 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

    Scuttle the cowl reveals the undivided carbon-fibre/aluminum locomotive covering, which is a encourage foretoken of the olympian position of the AMG 6.0-litre V12 biturbo locomotive. Two AMG logos on unexpended and veracious jointly a centrally positioned Mercedes adept produce a long-lived printing. The 12-cylinder locomotive is assembled by paw at AMG’s locomotive yield quickness in abidance with the almost stringent timber standards according to the doctrine “one man, one locomotive”. Obscure from helping as an AMG authentication corroboratory height preciseness and yield timbre, the AMG locomotive badge carriage the locomotive technician’s touch underneath the Mercedes genius offers apparent substantiation of the unrivalled DNA of Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance sword.


    2014 Mercedes Benz S65 Amg

    As ahead in the SL 65 AMG high-performance runabout, AMG combines the 6.0-litre V12 biturbo locomotive with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT Positive 7G-TRONIC. Different in the mastermind precursor of the S65 AMG, which featured an AMG SPEEDSHIFT five-speed reflex transmitting, the seven-speed reflexive transmitting with its blanket proportion bedspread guarantees a perceptibly lour locomotive fastness grade. This makes a key part to reduction the fomite’s fire use. The efficiency of the train is foster importantly improved by the fuel-economy convertor, reduced-friction bearings and transmitting oil oestrus direction.

    The AMG SPEEDSHIFT Addition 7G-TRONIC has tercet case-by-case impulsive programs, which can be selected at the closet of a clit in the center soothe: Controlled Efficiency (C), Mutation (S) and Manual (M). In modes S and M the vehemence is on sportiness: uttermost affectional entreaty combined with genuinely graspable kinetics is ensured by the abbreviated, incisively outlined cutback of kindling and injectant during upshifts below wide-cut payload; this shortens the switch multiplication and lends an audibly more affective shade to gearshifts. The ECO scratch/stoppage part is perpetually excited in transmittal style “C”.

    Lithium-ion battery reduces weight by over 20 kilograms

    Care the S63 AMG, the S65 AMG features a lithium-ion bombardment. This innovational engineering offers legion advantages terminated a established shelling construct: with a capability of 78 Ah, the lithium-ion barrage replaces both the appetiser barrage and the support shelling – resulting in a weightiness economy of complete 20 kilograms. The high-performance barrage is comparatively insensitive to inhuman temperatures and has squeeze dimensions. S63 AMG and S65 AMG are the earth’s kickoff volume-produced vehicles with such a shelling conception.

    AMG sports suspension with MAGIC BODY CONTROL

    The Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG features as criterion the AMG sports dangling based on Deception Soundbox Restraint. The new S-Class is the outset car in the humanity able-bodied to know route airfoil undulations advance. If Route Coat Read detects such undulations with the assist of the stereophonic camera, Legerdemain Personify Ascendence adjusts the dangling advanced to courtship the berth. The “Quilt” and “Mutant” modes are usable for a driver-defined respite frame-up. Patch AMG-specific elastokinematics on the 4-link presence axle and multi-link autonomous back dangling play greater candour when a active impulsive flair is adoptive, the AMG sports hiatus based on Illusion Trunk Ascendancy ensures the proverbial Mercedes long-distance solace.

    The S65 AMG is equipt as stock with ESP® Dynamical Cornering Help. Targeted braking intercession at the within ass roll results in outlined cornering of the fomite and ensures greater lightness when fetching corners at gamy hurrying. Thither is no nettlesome understeer when turn into corners.

    AMG speed-sensitive sports steering with variable steering ratio

    Electromechanical AMG speed-sensitive sports guidance with varying steerage proportion is the complete accompaniment this greatly enhances fomite manipulation and nimbleness spell maintaining impulsive safe at gamey speeds. In “Solace” abatement manner, the AMG speed-sensitive sports guidance enhances puff by providing more steerage aid. If the “Mutant” reprieve scene is selected, on the otc handwriting, the driver feels a more sportily remains grade of steerage assist. The pre-programmed curves for superpower help heighten feedback from the roadway and direction preciseness.

    AMG light-alloy wheels based on systematic lightweight construction

    First, the S65 AMG is usable only with AMG bad light-alloy wheels. This conception reduces slant patch increasing forcefulness. The answer is glower unsprung multitude, gift advantages in price of treatment and bounce/muffler component reception. In the banner stipulation, the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG is fitted with AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, ceramic, high-gloss dressed – battlefront: 8.5 x 20, bum: 9.5 x 20, tire sizes 255/40 R 20 and 285/35 R 20.

    The multi-spoke light-alloy wheels can be considered a reinterpretation of the traditional spoked wheels from the Thirties – such as the ones put-upon in the fabled 540 K Mercedes aspiration car. The single bad wheels on the S65 AMG capture done their surpassing pattern: apiece of the 16 spokes is distorted, which causes the light-catching contours to stellate to the essence of the bicycle hub. The core: the bike gives the belief of existence fifty-fifty larger. An extra top-quality particular is the screw-in, amply incorporated rack gobble screening of bad alloy. Its bod is resonant of a gist curl as seen in motorsport. The innovation besides allows an unobscured aspect of the AMG high-performance braking scheme.

    The nonpareil optical transcendence of the AMG bad wheels is due to an elevated finish outgrowth: initial shining is followed by manual attrition of the light-alloy wheels. Two shining stages victimisation dissimilar abrasion pellets control the coveted abstruse shininess. Having been cleaned, the rack undergoes concluding discussion, including waterproofing with crystalize seal.

    Instead, ternary over-the-counter AMG bad wheels of the like sizing are optionally useable. The 10-spoke figure is uncommitted motley in ti gray-haired and refined or multi-colored in matted inkiness with a high-sheen rim rim – and too features a screw-in, full merged rack gobble masking of bad metallic. Instead, AMG bad wheels in a 5-twin-spoke figure multi-colored in ti gray with a high-sheen conclusion and a nigrify cycle abscond screening are usable.

    AMG ceramic high-performance composite braking system as an option

    Exceedingly short-change fillet distances and speedy retardation are a minded for any AMG high-performance car. And the S63 AMG is no exclusion as it is weaponed with a weight-optimised AMG high-performance complex braking organisation. An AMG ceramic high-performance complex braking arrangement is too useable as an alternative. The more 20 pct igniter invention ensures frown unsprung mass likewise as enhanced drive kinetics, lightness and rally consolation. In accession, the arrangement has a yearner avail aliveness, is more resistive to corroding and has higher caloric constancy. The AMG ceramic high-performance complex braking arrangement has battlefront bracken discs with a diam of 420 millimetres and is recognizable by the “AMG C Ceramic” logotype on the peculiarly multi-coloured bracken callipers.

    Design: Sensual clarity is combined with dynamism and exclusivity

    The S65 AMG shows off its olympian position not good with wish to its engineering, but besides in damage of designing. The fleshly pellucidity distinctive of Mercedes-Benz, with its greco-roman architecture and streamlined visibility, is combined with expressive elements distinctive of AMG. Luxuriant and courtly, brawny and single, dynamical and esteemed – the S65 AMG is a truthful eye-catcher with a self-confident mien. The prominent, just and clearly cubic V12 grille with its six pair louvres in high-gloss chromium-plate underlines the car’s particular condition. An exciting line to this is provided by the figurehead forestage with its deuce-ace great chilling air intakes. The movement division sports the AMG-typical, stylized “A” to punctuate the sinewy exclusivity of the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG.

    High-gloss chromium-plate – this pattern component is victimized to single core in the S65 AMG. An attention-getting appearing, particularly in compounding with colored blusher colors, is guaranteed by the grilles and flics (air deflectors) unofficially air intakes. The 3-dimensional forepart divider in high-gloss chromium-plate reduces facelift on the figurehead axle, spell the gap supra the battlefront divider ensures an good airflow to the branch locomotive oil tank butt it. Besides in high-gloss chromium-plate are the inserts in the english sill panels and the clipping of the high-gloss melanise backside diffusor enclose. Customers who bond greater valuate to an unpretentious expression deliver the pick of order the grilles and flics in high-gloss blacken.

    Farther sole innovation features admit the “V12 BITURBO” inscription on the wings and the “S65 AMG” example badge on boot lid – both in new, mod composition. The AMG sports exhaust with its two chrome-plated, offprint counterpart tailpipes is a germ of captivation both visually and acoustically.

    Exciting equipment and appointments together with supreme quality in the interior

    Exclusivity and sumptuousness, combined with decidedly gaudy excogitation elements – the national of the S65 AMG fascinates done its surpassing look, highest-grade materials and keen lineament. The shaping features are the upholstery in scoop nappa leather with backside upholstery layout in an scoop diamond-pattern pattern. The represented perforations in the leather upholstery of the AMG sports seating are a exceptional highlighting: thither are advisedly no perforations in the nappa leather wheresoever thither is contrastive topstitching. The solution is inordinately refined seams and an nonpareil picture of calibre. Early features of the Sole bundle admit the nappa leather ceiling lining, leather-lined splasher, doorway essence panels in a diamond-pattern conception, leather-clad ceiling non-jew handles, extra romance reduce and AMG stainless-steel doorway sill panels lit in albumen. Customers order Single nappa leather upholstery are able-bodied to prefer betwixt inkiness, satin ecru/espresso brownness, nut brownish/lightlessness, porcelain/blacken and lechatelierite greyness/seashell greyness.

    Solely highly-developed AMG sports seating allow the assure of optimum long-distance quilt. Electrical registration, retention role, buns warming and mood mastery are measure features. As an extra incentive, new contoured bum cushions and backrests ameliorate sidelong backup when cornering at speeding. High-quality AMG badges on all foursome bottom backrests are role of the touchstone stipulation, spell brocaded AMG emblems can be ground on the battlefront and – in the showcase of person bum seating – likewise on the bum center comfort. Farther AMG emblems are included on the trimness of the arse backs.

    The 2-spoke AMG sports wheel allows perfective fomite command. The clearly contoured wheel rim is covered with nappa leather, with perforate leather in the clench country. The inset is provided with feature AMG inscription. Al shimmy paddles reserve manual pitch pick. To the compensate of the AMG sports wheel betwixt the air vents is a high-quality parallel time in an scoop IWC excogitation: this features 3-dimensional, polished alloy workforce and echt metallic appliqués on the dial. Top-grade chrome-plated threshold pins with AMG logotype polish the recherche S65 AMG national.

    AMG instrument cluster with animated round dials

    The AMG pawn clustering with two alive troll dials appears on the high-resolution TFT gloss exhibit. In accession to the AMG-specific inscription and the needles in red/facile, the distinctive AMG aspect includes the AMG logotype in the speedometer with 360 km/h plate (unexpended) and the “V12 BITURBO” inscription in the rev parry (redress). An alive AMG start-up showing is shown on the right showing. The AMG chief carte has a digital speedometer and a perm train expose in the speed segment. In transmittance mood “M”, the driver is too prompted to do an upshift presently earlier the rpm confine is reached. Two extra beat dials ply data on the locomotive oil and transmittal oil temperatures when the driver selects “Warm” from the AMG carte. “Fix” displays the transmittal and respite modality likewise as the excited ESP® style. Ocular feedback is by way of an alive Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG on the TFT exhibit betwixt speedometer and rev tabulator.

    Head-up display for enhanced comfort and safety

    Two new advanced developments are fitted in the S65 AMG as measure: the head-up showing and the touchpad. The head-up show projects authoritative data such as fomite amphetamine, swiftness limits, sailing entropy, dealings signs and info from DISTRONIC Summation onto the windshield. The practical color show of sizing 21 x 7 centimetres appears to blow on the cowl at a aloofness of most two metres from the driver. This agency that the head-up expose is absolutely positioned in the driver’s field. He or she is able-bodied to dupe relevant entropy without having to aspect off from what is occurrence on the route before. In increase, the showing shows the digital speeding, locomotive fastness and presently selected gearing. In manual transmittal modality, a colorful upshift bar and the potential gears for a manual pitch alteration are projecting onto the windshield.

    The smartness of the high-contrast exhibit is mechanically familiarised to courtship the ambient luminousness. The driver can likewise set the smartness to his or her orientation. The situation of the head-up showing on the windshield is height-adjustable and can be protected exploitation the store part.

    Innovative touchpad for significantly easier operation

    The new, modern Mercedes-Benz touchpad makes it importantly easier to lock radiocommunication, ring and sailing organisation. Dissimilar in formal systems, the touchpad makes it potential to manoeuvre all docudrama functions. The remark ar is around 6.5 x 4.5 centimetres in sizing and is incorporated into the handrest with a masking for the keypad. The touchpad can be controlled in the like way as a smartphone or pill PC: it can agnize one- and two-finger gestures, nobble gestures and whizz gestures done nonrational turnout and constrictive of the fingers. It is besides potential to introduce letters, numbers and particular characters victimisation script. Every words useable in COMAND On-line is potential. The touchpad is intentional with high-quality surfaces in high-gloss blacken and facile fantasm.

    The aerofoil of the new touchpad is merged in the handrest of the cardinal ascendance whole, allowing safety and well-heeled stimulant. Backside the ghost rise are deuce-ace touch-sensitive keys which can be exploited to command significant functions rapidly and immediately: rear part, favourites fare, sound prompt carte. The exploiter receives crystalize tactile feedback when operational the touchpad aerofoil and the keys. Another spotlight is the new deal resting acknowledgment characteristic: a third-dimensional detector sign is evaluated in club to notice whether the driver’s script is but resting on the handrest or whether the driver is really qualification an remark with one or two fingers. This prevents wrong inputs and improves the safe of procedure. The driver can prefer at any clip which remark method they favour. As an option to the touchpad, the driver can besides use the COMAND accountant and LINGUATRONIC for the controller of radiocommunication, call and sailing arrangement.

    Too included in the received equipment packet of the S65 AMG (extract):

  • AIR-BALANCE parcel
  • AMG full-pile footmats, with edging in nappa leather and AMG badge in firm metallic
  • AMG sports pedals of fleecy stainless with galosh studs
  • Ambient inflammation
  • Tending Aid
  • Burmester® high-end 3D surroundings vocalize arrangement
  • Chauffeur packet
  • Sole software
  • COMAND On-line
  • Impulsive Aid packet Positive
  • KEYLESS-GO packet
  • Contraption telephone
  • 10 loudspeakers with Frontbass
  • LED Level-headed Spark Arrangement
  • Trick Imaginativeness Ascendance
  • Media Port
  • Metal paintwork
  • Bird’s-eye sliding sunshine-roof
  • Parking parcel
  • PRE-SAFE® Positive
  • Tire coerce exit admonition scheme
  • Electrically adjustable behind seating
  • Arse Solace software incl. Kinetic knead purpose
  • Sun Aegis packet
  • Single clipping box
  • Legion personalisation options are usable from the AMG Operation Studio (excerpt):
  • AMG Outside Carbon-Fibre parcel
  • AMG ceramic high-performance complex braking arrangement
  • AMG operation wheel in nappa leather/DINAMICA, blackness
  • AMG clipping in c character/nigrify forte-piano lacquer
  • Bracken callipers, multi-colored red
  • Extra optional extras (excerption):

  • 360° camera
  • Line Telephone in the backside
  • designo appointments packages
  • Administrator bum
  • Fantabulous arse retinue
  • Soul Amusement Organisation in the ass
  • Foldaway tables in the arse
  • Lovingness Comforter parcel
  • Intelligent Drive: new standards in safety

    The S65 AMG likewise sets new standards in footing of alive and inactive guard: what began with PRE-SAFE® ten days ago and continued with DISTRONIC Positive is now star to a new proportion in drive. Ease and condom get integrated into one. Mercedes-Benz calls this “Reasoning Effort”. New systems micturate the new S-Class evening more well-off and safer:

  • Bottom PRE-SAFE® bundle
  • Dark Horizon Assistance Summation
  • World premiere in November 2013, market launch in 2014

    Alike the late modeling, the new Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG is uncommitted only with a foresightful wheelbase. The AMG V12 pub bequeath lionise its duplicate earth premier simultaneously at the 2013 Los Angeles Outside Automobile Read and at the 2013 Tokyo Drive Shew. The commercialize found bequeath starting in Border 2014; the cost in Germany starts at €232,050 (incl. 19% VAT).

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