2014 Mercedes Benz E Class Estate

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

Mercedes-Benz has altogether revised the Taphouse and Land models of the E-Class. As a solvent, the new E-Class has made a substantial measure forwards when it comes to efficiency and bionomics. This comes courtesy of new, brawny BlueDIRECT four-cylinder gas engines featuring advanced mastermind injectant engineering, a new, effective six-cylinder locomotive too as eve more scotch diesel engines. In both the Ginmill and Land models, new or optimised help systems from the succeeding S-Class are celebrating their man premier. This hefty maturation encouragement is reflected to exciting essence in the invention of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. With a new movement, new bumpers, and revised slope aspect, it encapsulates efficiency, tidings and aroused entreaty in a visually superordinate style. Therein way the E-Class is securing its lead spot in the luxuriousness category fomite sphere at the identical highest storey: dynamically graceful, it combines level-headed engineering with victor manner.

The Saloon and Demesne are chronic the succeeder floor of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. More 600,000 examples of the flow E-Class Bar modeling serial sustain been sold world-wide, and no fewer than 100,000 customers birth already opted for the modish variation of the Demesne. The models of the E-Class are thus devising a meaning share to the maturation of Mercedes-Benz, and are scope crystalize standards in the areas of safe, pattern, character and efficiency.

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

Radiator variants – classic or sporty

First, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is uncommitted with two unlike forepart ends: the introductory version and ELEGANCE equipment business accompany the classical, three-d Bar wicket with 3-louvre face and Mercedes-Benz asterisk on the cowl. The AVANTGARDE equipment job, on the otc deal, incorporates the sportsmanlike front with cardinal adept, and intrinsically boasts an autonomous, front-end looking with a flashy accent.

The headlamps bear been redesigned and consist all operative elements with a ace headlight lense. The low-beam headlamps and the day run lamps characteristic LED engineering as measure. Wide LED headlamps are likewise useable as an choice first therein form.

A limited slope panorama with new lineament cable and repositioned passementerie airstrip micturate both the Taproom and the Land seem yearner. Boilersuit the E-Class not solitary looks more elongate, but likewise more refined yet simultaneously active.

High-tech engines: efficiency meets performance

Both the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Bar and Land are useable with a large-minded ambit of herculean and effective gasolene and diesel engines – all fitted with ECO startle/layover role. New units admit the BlueDIRECT four-cylinder gasolene engines in the E 200 and E 250, featuring the like advanced engineering secondhand in the modish six-cylinder locomotive from Mercedes-Benz. Both of the four-cylinder gas engines play the hereafter EU6 received, piece the E 250 evening complies with the rigid criteria of efficiency category A.

The six-cylinder gas engines in the E 300 and E 400 are likewise state-of-the-art – and first characteristic a biturbo ride. The like innovative locomotive engineering enables the V8 in the E 500 to accomplish salient levels of functioning and efficiency.

The 4 cylinder diesel engines in the E 200 CDI, E 220 CDI and E 250 CDI, wellspring known for their efficiency and featuring the modish injectant engineering, are now flush more sparing, thanks among over-the-counter things to a revised thrust gearing. This is besides the suit for the E 300 BlueTEC Loanblend, presently the about frugal luxury-class pothouse, which in accession to the four-cylinder diesel besides has a 20 kW (27 hp) galvanising drive nether the hood.

The V6 diesel engines in the E 300 BlueTEC and E 350 BlueTEC bear been revised and fitted with environmentally well-disposed and effective BlueTEC engineering, such that they presently already satisfy the succeeding EU6 emissions banner. Nigh all of the E-Class models with diesel engines drop into efficiency course A, spell the E 300 BlueTEC Crossbreed is eventide classified in efficiency year A+.

Intelligent assistance systems

Generally markets, both the Barroom and Land models are fitted as criterion with Hit Bar Aid, a radar-based hit monition organization with adaptative bracken attend systems. Likewise forming contribution of the measure equipment is Aid Help, which is now able-bodied to discourage of heedlessness and sleepiness crossways a wider hurrying compass, and likewise inform the driver almost his storey of outwear and the total of drive clock which has elapsed since the conclusion jailbreak.

In summation, besides optionally uncommitted in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class are a bit of extra help systems which are generally new or now boast importantly lengthy functions.

Design: Stylish, refined, sporty

As share of the rhytidoplasty, Mercedes-Benz has sharpened the boilersuit appearing of the E-Class. Well-informed modifications to the invention suffer apt the E-Class a new front and created new, exciting proportions. The modifications sustain enforced the new Mercedes-Benz figure dialect systematically, and reinterpreted the greco-roman pattern values of the stigma victimisation the existent fundament. The solution is a superscript and neat appearing which is calm sporting and emotionally likeable.

The headlamps birth been redesigned and be all running elements with a individual headlight lense. Sleek lighter elements inside the headlamps assistant to control that the “four-eyed” feeling which is distinctive of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been diagrammatically maintained, and give both the Taproom and the Acres an plain dark figure. The low-beam headlamps and the daylight linear lamps characteristic LED engineering as stock. Entire LED headlamps are likewise useable as an alternative first therein course.

Design: two new front ends to choose from

First, the E-Class is useable with two unlike battlefront ends: the canonical version and ELEGANCE equipment business accompany the definitive, cubic Pothouse grillwork with 3-louvre feel and Mercedes-Benz genius on the cowling. The AVANTGARDE equipment business, on the early give, incorporates the sporting front with primal genius and similitude louver which is piano molded some the ace niche, and intrinsically boasts an main, front-end aspect with a sporting vehemence.

The swept-back cowl and forepart bumper sustain besides been redesigned. With its sleek lines, the cowling follows the new pattern parlance in a silky and identical straight way. Its contours blend elegantly and swimmingly into the skeleton encompassing the radiator reduce and the headlamps. The new wrought bumper, which is now justify of all igniter functions, presents an exciting switch ‘tween otherwise curving areas with just executed conformation lines and cushy shapes. It has a bodoni show and with the backstage designing of its curving looter lip subtly underscores the sporting aspirations of the E-Class.

A new line visually stretches the E-Class

From the face, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class appears visibly stretched. This comes courtesy of a redesigned contrast which starts on the bottom threshold and runs dynamically below the construction contrast done to the poop ignitor. Therein way it visually underscores the construction demarcation with its distinctive “undersell”. The redesigned position sight visually benefits the fomite in damage of duration, and besides makes it looking broader when viewed from the back. The new pipeline is a stylistic sport of the new conception parlance, which is based on attractively stretched, winding shapes with bulging/concave areas, accentuated by acute lines.

The third-dimensional incline trimming has been repositioned and stirred downward. As a resolution, the nursery appears blandish, scorn the windowpane areas leftover unaltered. This has disposed ascent to visually new, more active proportions.

The like thinking designing modifications get likewise minded the Acres a more ranking and more active appearing. Hither, refined, chrome-plated cap runway furnish an exciting contrast. The ceiling runway are chrome-plated altogether invention and equipment lines, patch the climb ironware is ruined in nigrify. Hidden B and C-pillars featuring “underframe below spyglass” and a exorbitant D-pillar narrowing downwardly characterize the unopen feel of the Demesne manakin’s glasshouse.

Broad, distinctive rear end

At the bum, the lights and bumper birth been revised. The new horizontally integrated LED quarter lights with new two-tone expression (shared into ¾ red and ¼ gabardine) underscore the breadth, and with fibreoptics make a feature dark designing which is distinctive of Mercedes. A 3rd stoplight – incorporated into the tailboard freebooter supra the backside windowpane in the cause of the Land – also as the numeral home miniature, too piddle use of LED engineering.

In the Demesne, thanks to the steeply angled, specialise D-pillar, a great, large-minded tailboard provides for a enceinte shipment aperture and hence simpleness of freight and beneficial serviceableness of the trunk.

The new ass bumper captures the new invention accent and brings it to a logical closing with a extension adherence which appears to swim. Contingent the locomotive, the tailpipes are hidden hidden or are highlighted to the looker-on. The eight-cylinder models likewise as the AVANTGARDE occupation boast orthogonal tailpipe trimming structured into the bumper. This is too the vitrine for the optional Outside Sports box too as the AMG Sports parcel.

E-Class owners can likewise use around single optical highlights with an attractive orbit of new wheels. The foot form comes with wheels measure 40.6 cm (16 inches), piece the ELEGANCE and AVANTGARDE lines are fitted with 43.2 cm (17-inch) wheels. In connective with the Outside Sports box, wheels measurement 45.7 cm (18 inches) are fitted, and the edition with the AMG Sports parcel comes with AMG light-alloy wheels mensuration 45.7 cm (18 inches). As an pick, wheels with a 48.3 cm (19-inch) diam are likewise uncommitted.

The elegantly dynamical stylus is besides highlighted with around new colors: covelline blueness, dolomite dark-brown and jacinth red are new additions to the ambit of key finishes.

Interior: Exclusive style, high-quality materials

Mercedes-Benz has cautiously revised the national of the E-Class in such a way that, conjointly the expressive, forward-looking outside, it forms a symmetrical whole.

The new, bipartite clipping on the splashboard is what low catches the eye: it stretches crossways the intact breadth of the national and intrinsically visually underscores the generous sentiency of distance. It is bordered by a high-quality flatware chromium-plate underframe and, in conjunctive with all of the high-quality materials uncommitted for the shave, creates a uniform boilersuit feel. Choices usable admit amercement wood (high-gloss twinkle dark-brown bur walnut, open-pore dark-brown ash) or a new al variation with rough-textured texture. All of the materials can be freely selected, disregardless of the equipment cable.

Early attention-getting elements admit the instrumentate clustering and high-gloss framed primal expose. In the criterion and ELEGANCE business models, the cat’s-paw flock features melanise backplates, piece the AVANTGARDE demarcation models birth facile backplates. A new pattern for the air vents, an analog time betwixt the two primal air vents too as redesigned controls below the caput whole all answer to foreground the boilersuit high-quality smell of the upcountry of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Accurate joints and cautiously outlined curves besides pee-pee a part therein esteem too.

An enhanced sentiency of sensed tone too comes courtesy of the surfaces in the inner of the new E-Class. Altogether equipment variants they lineament a amercement cereal which boasts a high-quality flavor and look and is not lone graceful to take but likewise gentle to cleanse. As an choice, the splashboard and beltline can likewise be ruined in ARTICO synthetic leather.

Contributive to the symmetrical and simultaneously running solicitation of the inside is the redesigned kernel soothe. In co-occurrence with the reflexive transmittal, likewise the comptroller for the docudrama organization thither is besides no yearner a chooser pry positioned hither. Alternatively, the reflexive transmittal is operated via the Aim Blue-ribbon prise and switching paddles on the new multifunction wheel. In the horizontal office of the core comfort thither is thus deal of infinite for storeroom facilities. The controls are clear ordered and liberally intentional in ag chromium-plate.

  • Contingent the pipeline and equipment, drivers birth a quality of quartet variants of the multifunction wheel: the measure and ELEGANCE demarcation models characteristic a 4-spoke multifunction wheel, ruined in nappa leather with two silver-chrome inserts
  • The AVANTGARDE occupation provides a sportsmanlike three-spoke multifunction wheel as measure, ruined in nappa leather with pierced inserts and thumbrests, xii trapezoid buttons and two silver-chrome inserts on the depress rundle
  • The AMG Sports box includes a 3-spoke AMG sports wheel ruined in nappa leather with perforate inserts and thumb-rests, planate bum segment and dozen trapezoid buttons likewise as two silver-chrome inserts on the depress radius
  • In coincidence with the Sole parcel, the new E-Class is fitted with a forest/leather multifunction wheel, which can likewise be arranged as an optional additional for early modeling variants
  • The direction tower benefits from an elongated, generous allowance ambit. It can be singly positioned by positive/negative 25 mm in damage of stature, too as 15 mm forrad and 35 mm backward in damage of duration.

    Colourful highlights

    The new inner colors “silk ecru”, “espresso brownness”, “quartz grayish” and “porcelain” offer a hale server of mortal, innovative figure options for the upcountry in the coloring combinations lechatelierite grayish/blackness, reef gray/crystallization grayness, silk ecru/espresso brownness, silk ecru/inkiness or porcelain/blacken. An extra strikingly colorful spotlight is too offered by the ambient ignition for the ELEGANCE and AVANTGARDE lines. Its color tincture can be set separately based on ternary variants – inert, solar and pivotal. The banner interpretation comes with single-tone ambient inflammation.

    The coloration of the doorway linings is matched to the inner, and two dissimilar materials are usable for the linings:

  • ARTICO synthetic leather is victimized in the causa of the naming variants textile, framework in combining with ARTICO man-made-leather, and besides in conjunctive with leather appointments with perpendicular topstitching
  • nappa leather with perpendicular topstitching is combined with appointments in nappa leather
  • Extra figure features of the threshold linings admit:

  • liberally sized trimness component below the beltline, which is ruined at the top with shave in fluent chromium-plate
  • doorway untier in silver-tongued chromium-plate, also as silver-chrome environs for the controls for galvanizing bum registration, in continuative with the Retention packet
  • armrest with silver-chrome trimming, the conformation of which underscores the wholesale lines of the armrest
  • threshold scoop with enceinte storeroom quad
  • Attractive, ergonomic seats

    The seating of the new E-Cass apiece characteristic a dissimilar face, contingent the fabric victimised:

  • seating in framework and ARTICO synthetic leather bear cross pipage
  • seating in leather and nappa leather birth longitudinal steaming
  • In both cases, the cushiony pipage not just fulfils a routine of ergonomic requirements but simultaneously its contouring helps to heighten the high-toned solicitation. The tight bolsters on the armrests and behind cushions helper to assure guarantee sidelong documentation.

    The driver’s backside and movement rider bottom can be electrically familiarized for elevation, back slant and bum buffer tip.

    As an alternate to the ergonomically conceived and stylishly intentional stock appointments, the chase bum variants are likewise uncommitted as an choice and fling extra functions besides as flush higher levels of consolation:

  • the Multicontour Backside packet for driver and movement rider provides eventide more single readjustment options and is recommended by the AGR, or “Aktion Gesunder Rücken” (sizeable backbone movement)
  • the Fighting Multicontour Backside bundle for driver and forepart rider promotes a dynamical fashion of seats thanks to a knead procedure. These seating can be severally familiarized and controlled via the psyche whole, and are besides recommended by the AGR
  • Extra consolation functions are likewise offered by the Retentivity software for driver and forepart rider, which singly stores the settings for the amply power-adjustable movement seating, strawman headrests, direction pillar and outside mirrors for apiece exploiter and enables them to be mechanically called up again. Too uncommitted are het seating with three-stage alteration via the control and drumhead whole showing, too as climatised seating for driver and breast rider oblation combat-ready arse breathing.

    Generous rear seats

    The broad ass seating render way for trey occupants as touchstone in the manikin of a terrace behind with iii arse headrests, an armrest with stowing compartment and counterpart cup bearer likewise as ISOFIX nestling bum linchpin points on the outer seating, with extra anchorperson points supra on the behind ass back.

    The chase optional extras for the backside seating are besides useable for both the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Pub and Acres:

  • the Bum Bottom Puff parcel with two sumptuousness single seating in leather, NECK-PRO lavishness drumhead restraints, behind heat and Sun Tribute bundle for sole, well-situated locomotion in the back (not for Acres)
  • the EASY-PACK Quickfold scheme, with ass ass backrests which congregation in the proportion 1/3 to 2/3, and through-loading lineament and likewise six load-securing points in the trunk
  • het seating in the bum (in conjunctive with leather appointments)
  • behind seating with incorporated nipper seating, including incline headrest
  • ski bag
  • Individualisation: Unique freedom of choice

    Individualization with a cap “I” – this is one of the mottoes of the new E-Class. This is because the options for person contour bear been importantly enhanced and are alone therein course. As previously thither are iii lines to opt from, but in praxis all of the equipment options rest uncommitted – regardless of the elect demarcation (colors, fabrics, leathers, reduce…). Intrinsically apiece fomite becomes completely somebody: no one fomite is similar any over-the-counter. E.g. one can opt for a authoritative repute the away, but keep a completely forward-looking repute the inner.

    As e’er, thither are two attractive designing packages to visually raise both the inside and outside of the E-Class. In accession to the canonic appointments, thither is besides a prize of ELEGANCE and AVANTGARDE equipment lines – with the latter highlight the flashy part of the Taphouse and Land models particularly.

    Both lines disagree from the stock interpretation in prize of the chase extra appointments:

  • depot boxes underneath the presence seating
  • ambient inflammation below the fascia trimming and the four-spot threshold reduce strips, separately adjustable in iii colors (impersonal, solar, arctic)
  • mechanically dimming within rear-view mirror
  • lighted stowing facilities in the inwardness solace
  • footwell kindling
  • ambient firing in the outside mirrors
  • the center headrest in the bottom can be lowered via a release in the heart solace board
  • In improver, the AVANTGARDE job is is equipt with the Organize Restraint reprieve.

    Moreover, the equipment lines principally dissent from apiece former in footing of a act of conception details in both the home and the outside. The pursual is a name of the near pregnant differences:

    Standard equipment

  • Outside
  • radiator trimming with deuce-ace louvres in lapidate greyness, figurehead sharpness in chromium-plate
  • movement bumper with jazzy backstage designing, air intakes with carbonado lattice, without chromium-plate trimming
  • 16-inch 9-spoke light-alloy wheels
  • No position chromium-plate trimness
  • behind bumper which emphasizes the breadth, with enter in lusterlessness inkiness pliant, without chromium-plate cut
  • hidden exhaust
  • Inside
  • multifunction wheel in nappa leather with quatern spokes and two inserts in smooth-spoken chromium-plate
  • al cut with twinkle longitudinal granulate, optional high-gloss brownish eucalypt court cut
  • air-conditioning board facia in melanize shaping
  • chemise pry or Orchestrate Blue-ribbon jimmy in nappa leather
  • Strasbourg bottom framework with thwartwise sewing

  • Outside
  • radiator shave with ternary louvres in multi-color eloquent, figurehead bound in chromium-plate
  • battlefront bumper with clean annexe designing, air intakes with blacken louvres, chromium-plate trimming on the outer air intakes and below the coddler lip
  • 17-inch multi-spoke light-alloy wheels (E 500 18-inch)
  • chromium-plate trimness supra the english skirts
  • behind bumper which emphasizes the breadth, with tuck in flatness melanize shaping and chromium-plate passementerie
  • hidden exhaust
  • National
  • multifunction wheel in nappa leather with foursome spokes and two inserts in eloquent chromium-plate
  • high-gloss shadow browned bur walnut court passementerie
  • air-conditioning board facia in high-gloss darkness brownness bur walnut
  • shifting prise or Orchestrate Prime prise in nappa leather with introduce in high-gloss shadow brownish bur walnut
  • Strasbourg buns textile with transversal sewing

  • Outside
  • flabby scent clear trenchant from the cowling, radiator passementerie with two louvres and primal maven
  • presence bumper with sporting annexe excogitation, air intakes with carbonado wicket, chromium-plate passementerie on the outer air intakes and below the pamperer lip
  • 17-inch 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels with a high-sheen ending, or 18-inch 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels with a high-sheen destination
  • chromium-plate clipping supra the slope skirts
  • flashy arse bumper, with introduce in matte blackness fictile and chromium-plate trimming
  • twin-pipe exhaust with diamond-shaped tailpipe trimness merged into the bumper
  • Home
  • sporting three-spoke multifunction wheel as criterion, ruined in nappa leather with pierced inserts and thumb-rests, two silver-chrome inserts on the glower rung
  • al cut with darkness rough-textured cereal
  • air-conditioning panel facia in aluminum with iniquity coarse-textured texture
  • switch prise or Engineer Blue-ribbon prise in nappa leather with inclose in al with shadow rough-textured caryopsis
  • seating in ARTICO synthetic leather/Grenoble with cross sewing
  • Equipment packages make individual choice easier

    Ternary optional equipment packages ply extra options for distinction and individualization:

  • Single packet – adds valuate with high-quality appointments. It comprises:
  • nappa leather upholstery for seating, inwardness armrest and doorway armrests and doorway essence panels
  • cap liner, pillars and awning in DINAMICA microfibre
  • splasher and beltline in ARTICO semisynthetic leather with topstitching
  • velours coldcock mats with nubuck striptease in appointments colouring
  • AMG Sports parcel – with AMG bodystyling and engineering for a sportsmanlike appearing and enhanced drive kinetics. It comprises:
  • AMG bodystyling consisting of a strawman and arse proscenium asset slope sill panels
  • 18-inch AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels with 245/40 R 18 on 8.5 J x 18 ET48 (breast), and 265/35 R 18 on 9 J x 18 ET54 (behind)
  • 18-inch AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels with a high-sheen conclusion and 245/40 R 18 on 8.5 J x 18 ET48 for 4MATIC models
  • bigger bracken discs on the battlefront, pierced
  • presence bracken callipers with “Mercedes-Benz” inscription
  • Engineer Command sports hiatus (not for 4MATIC models)
  • twin-pipe exhaust with orthogonal, merged tailpipe shave in refined stainless
  • breast sports seating with deep contoured sidelong reinforcement on the behind back
  • ARTICO semisynthetic leather/DINAMICA microfibre upholstery in inkiness with light-coloured contrastive sewing (lightlessness leather upholstery optionally usable)
  • kernel armrest and armrests in the doors in melanise with light-coloured contrastive sewing
  • AMG sports wheel in inkiness nappa leather featuring 3-spoke innovation and with planate arse part
  • slip pry in nappa leather with chromium-plate cut
  • Organize Choose switching paddles and manual switching way (M) in continuative with robotlike transmittance
  • sports pedals in fleecy stainless with gumshoe studs
  • story mats with AMG inscription
  • cap liner in melanise material
  • Outside Sports packet – enhances the outside of the fomite with an tied sportier show and enables a more jazzy and nimble drive sentience. It comprises:
  • 18-inch AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels with 245/40 R 18 on 8.5 J x 18 ET48 (figurehead), and 265/35 R 18 on 9 J x 18 ET54 (behind)
  • sports hiatus (not for 4MATIC)
  • bigger, punctured breast bracken discs
  • bracken callipers with Mercedes inscription
  • exhaust with two orthogonal, incorporate tailpipes
  • Body: Focusing on quality and functionality

    The eubstance of the E-Class has already proved its surpassing qualities when it comes to guard and comforter. On top of this it offers prominent aeromechanics and, thanks to forward-looking output and timber self-confidence processes, systematically superiority. These characteristics impressed 400 self-propelling experts in 2009 when they presented the consistency of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Bar with the EuroCarBody Laurels.

    Since the cornerstone of the torso has not been changed, the new E-Class likewise boasts the like owing characteristics. These admit:

  • exceedingly remains, stiff rider cadre made of highest level and
  • high-strength steels
  • comp contortion zones in the forepart and arse areas
  • whippersnapper structure – cowling, wings and rush lid (tailboard on the Acres) are made of al
  • heights easiness of hangout thanks to obliterable breast and behind modules
  • Likewise new are the headlamps featuring LED engineering – optionally besides level useable as wide LED variants. The advantages of LED engineering admit:

  • farseeing overhaul liveliness
  • semblance temperature like to daytime
  • vigour efficiency, since LEDs expect importantly less zip than halogen and xe lights spell offer the like degree of spark production
  • HANDS-FREE ACCESS for convenient loading

    2014 Mercedes Benz E Class Estate

    Too new: as an selection the Mercedes-Benz E-Class can be fitted with supposed HANDS-FREE Admission in connective with the KEYLESS-GO box. Its state-of-the-art engineering enables boot lid to be open and unsympathetic without existent contact by only retention your understructure below the bumper – a substantial addition in gizmo when cargo and unloading the fomite. The HANDS-FREE Entree characteristic likewise prevents men from acquiring soil and likewise baggage, since differently meanwhile one would deliver to post it consume on the undercoat in ordering to unfold boot.

    The E-Class Barroom provides a roomy, lit kicking. It has a mass of 540 litres, with quad for four-spot golf bags e.g.. The trunk of the Demesne is peerless in its capaciousness and sets the touchstone therein section. Bum the arse arse backrests a book of 695 litres is useable, and with the behind behind backrests folded polish this becomes capable 1950 litres. HANDS-FREE Accession, EASY-PACK Quickfold with gismo boast or the EASY-PACK foldable fold loading compartment flooring with EASY-PACK trunk comfortableness box all assistant to raise the widget and usableness of the trunk.

    Consistent optimum values for aerodynamics and aeroacoustics

    The undischarged flowing qualities of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class suffer too been maintained pursual the conception modifications enforced in the new E-Class. Both the Bar (Cd measure 0.26 – 0.28) and the Demesne (Cd assess 0.29 – 0.31) are at the top of their section therein arena too.

    Fantabulous aeroacoustics efficaciously impart to the typically high-pitched levels of razz comforter plant in the E-Class. Level at high-pitched speeds, identical niggling flowing disturbance penetrates into the fomite national.

    An extra gain in ease can be achieved with the optionally useable acoustical laminated safe ice for the sliding incline windows in the presence and behind. It creates fifty-fifty higher levels of racket comforter and at the like multiplication affords more security and condom against breaking.’

    New level of safety: Intelligent assistance systems with a keener eye

    What started with the PRE-SAFE® organisation roughly ten geezerhood ago and continued with DISTRONIC Asset has resulted in a new attribute of motoring at Mercedes-Benz: quilt and safe are unified into one, scuttle up all sorts of new prospects for motorists and car developers likewise. Mercedes-Benz refers to this as “healthy campaign”. Optionally, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class features a unharmed server of new or optimised systems aboard which assist to pee-pee motoring more prosperous and safer.

    Principally markets, the Barroom and Demesne models are fitted as received with Hit Bar Attend, a radar-based hit admonitory arrangement with bracken serve systems. It helps to importantly cut the chance of a rear-end hit. Likewise forming contribution of the banner equipment is Care Help, which is now capable to discourage of heedlessness and somnolence crossways a wider amphetamine reach, and besides inform the driver astir his layer of jade and the number of drive sentence which has elapsed since the finis prison-breaking. It likewise offers an adjustable sensitiveness degree.

    “The healthy assist systems of the futurity testament be able-bodied to examine composite situations and recognize voltage dangers out on the route with the aid of improved environs detector systems level more accurately than now,” explains Professor. Dr Thomas Wb, Penis of the Daimler Table of Direction responsible Aggroup Inquiry and Psyche of Mercedes-Benz Cars Evolution. “Figuratively speechmaking, the new E-Class doesn’t good birth eyes at the breast, it has 360-degree well-rounded imaginativeness.”

    Of important grandness therein esteem is the networking of all systems, or “detector coalition” as the rubber experts vociferation it. Mercedes-Benz is continually enhancing the operation capabilities of its aid systems with the aim of ensuring comp tribute, not scarce for the occupants of a Mercedes-Benz, but for all former route users too.

    The new systems clasp howling likely for either preventing accidents or mitigating their consequences according to Dr Wb: “Deem illustration, the new BAS Addition help arrangement with Articulation Help. The results of our stroke explore based on the information from the GIDAS (German In-Depth Fortuity Cogitation) signal that it could cut or forbid 27 pct of all accidents at route junctions resulting in personal harm. That equates to roughly 20,000 accidents a twelvemonth in Germany lone.”

    New sensors, new senses, new intelligence

    The groundwork for the innovational functions comes courtesy of extremely mod sensors and befittingly networked algorithms. Mercedes-Benz is qualification a major leaping forward-moving with the debut of the Stereophonic Multi-Purpose Camera (SMPC), or stereophony camera for short-circuit. Hardly care the Multi-Purpose Camera (MPC) fitted antecedently, it is positioned buns the windshield in the neighborhood of the rear-view mirror. It has an aperture lean of 45 degrees and is open of spacial detecting of objects moving across forrader and besides pedestrians, and calculative their itinerary. The camera’s two “eyes” ply it with a third-dimensional scene of the ar capable approx. 50 metres ahead of the fomite, and it is capable to supervise the boilersuit position before for a stove of capable 500 metres. Therein way, the new camera is able-bodied to supply information for processing by diverse systems.

    Well-informed algorithms measure this data in edict to discover and fulfill spacial sorting of both vehicles that are impulsive forrader, onset or hybridization, also as pedestrians and a diverseness of dealings signs inside a big battlefield of imagination.

    Whereas the stereophony camera’s lenses deed the car’s eyes, the rad sensors are its ears, so to verbalize, and offer extra information. The arrangement of radian sensors comprises two short-range rad sensors in the presence bumper with a ambit of 30 metres and a air tilt of 80 degrees, which are complemented by a long-range rad (200 metres, 18 degrees) including medium-range spying (60 metres, 60 degrees). The information from the camera and radars is consolidated in a restraint whole in fiat to offer the system-specific information for the diverse functions.

    Comfort-enhancing assistance with lateral lane guidance: DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist

    The DISTRONIC Summation propinquity ascendance organization is a driver aid intentional to donjon the fomite at the coveted aloofness from another fomite ahead that is travel slower than the selected cruising hurrying. This introductory radar-based office has now been enhanced by the add-on of Guidance Aid, which helps drivers to halt centred in their lane by generating the conquer direction torsion when travel on a neat route and tied on assuage aeroembolism.

    The stereophony camera recognises lane markings likewise as vehicles impulsive forrader jointly their spacial position, and relays this data to the electrical steerage assist organisation. When drive at slack speeds, e.g. in engorged dealings, the Guidance Help can use the fomite onward as a substance of preference, enabling semi-autonomous tailback trailing level when thither are no unclutter lane markings seeable. As a resultant, the organisation is capable to promote supercharge drive puff and well repose the driver’s workload in many dealings situations.

    The new Guidance Aid sub-function structured into the DISTRONIC Summation organisation is preponderantly based on the new two-channel camera. Concurrently, the expanse ahead of the fomite continues to be monitored by two short-range radian sensors and a long-range rad detector with medium-range spying. The organisation fuses the information gleaned from both technologies, calculates any reactions needed, then regulates the fomite’s additive swiftness as requirements prescribe by controlling locomotive exponent, transmittance and brakes, also as activating the galvanizing steerage for sidelong fomite counselling.

    The DISTRONIC Summation with Direction Aid can be excited as ahead with a chooser prise on the wheel in a amphetamine scope from 0 – 200 km/h. Any hurrying ‘tween 30 km/h and 200 km/h can be selected as the craved cruising velocity. A k wheel symbolization appears in the cat’s-paw constellate to betoken when the Guidance Serve is operational patch DISTRONIC Positive is excited. Interim, elongate controlling actions (sail ascendence routine) retain to be envisioned in the amphetamine show by agency of throwaway segments and the speedometer goad.

    Drivers moldiness livelihood their men on the wheel at all multiplication level when Guidance Assistance is excited, as the purpose sole deeds in aeroembolism supra a sealed, speed-dependent r. Sound considerations besides beggarly thither are no plans to precede hands-free impulsive. The scheme’s invention is so neat that the sensors can find whether the driver’s manpower are really on the wheel. If they are not, a optic monition is issued beginning. Should the driver go to respond to this, a alert sounds and sidelong lane counselling is deactivated. This does not impact the sail ascendence office, still, which continues to be surgical.

    Gratuitous to say, the driver is able-bodied to overrule the Direction Help at any clock. If the driver signals to modification lane, e.g., the sidelong steering purpose volition shift into peaceful way for the length of the lane alter.

    The operation capabilities of the canonical DISTRONIC Summation role birth been increased again. Now, the arrangement is able-bodied to bracken at a pace of capable 5 m/s² without any interference from the driver. If the “S” thrust style clitoris is pressed, the place of quickening increases, too. Fomite speedup is besides far more active if the driver signals a care to catch by shift on the indicators, assumptive the route is crystalize.

    By combine the radian and camera information, DISTRONIC Summation is besides capable to observe both vehicles clipping in and vehicles forrader in contiguous lanes and return any necessity accomplish readily. This can keep illegal project on motorways and exchangeable multi-lane highways, e.g., by adapting the velocity thereto of vehicles in the international lanes.

    Braking assistance for cross traffic too: BAS PLUS with Junction Assist

    Asunder from textile price, accidents at junctions much termination in severe personal injuries, too. The new Bracken Aid BAS Addition with Cross-Traffic Serve from Mercedes-Benz is thus able of more hardly serving the driver to forefend collisions with vehicles onward or fall their consequences in a strictly additive focus: the new Joint Serve part can likewise hit the driver’s aid when thither is a jeopardy of a hit with crossbreeding dealings at junctions.

    If this prevenient organisation detects a wild spot of this character, it prompts the driver to scratch pinch braking by actuating ocular and acoustical warnings. If the driver presses the bracken bicycle too tentatively, BAS Asset bequeath substitute by mechanically boosting bracken coerce for efficacious pinch braking, level applying the brakes at entire superpower if requirement. Applying scarce the rightfield total of braking ability for the office impendent maximises the usable braking outdistance for dealings bottom.

    The Joint Serve role is sherlock at speeds capable round 72 km/h, patch BAS Asset is capable to aid the driver in additive situations at any swiftness.

    BAS Summation with Conjunction Serve is potentially able-bodied to either forestall or subside the harshness of roughly 27 pct of all accidents at route junctions resulting in personal hurt. This equates to roughly 20,000 accidents a twelvemonth in Germany lone (rootage: investigations carried out by the GIDAS – German In-‑Profundity Fortuity Work – and Mercedes-Benz Fortuity Search).

    With pedestrian detection and city brake function: BAS PLUS and PRE-SAFE® Brake

    Footer espial has been added to the BAS Positive and PRE-SAFE® Bracken functions, piece independent braking for vehicles before has undergone a major sweetening too.

    Thanks to the compounding of stereophony camera and rad sensors, it is now potential to notice pedestrians before of the fomite. Ocular and acoustical warnings are triggered when a risk is patched. If the driver so reacts by braking, the braking index leave be boosted by BAS Positive as the position requires, correct capable a full-of-the-moon bracken lotion. Should the driver die to respond, PRE-‑Good® Bracken triggers self-governing fomite braking. The PRE-SAFE® Bracken with prosaic sleuthing is dynamic capable approx. 72 km/h, and is capable to forbid collisions with pedestrians autonomously from an initial upper of capable 50 km/h.

    Evaluations of GIDAS fortuity information signal that this new engineering could forfend six pct of earthbound accidents and concentrate the rigor of a promote 41 pct. The operational compass of the sovereign braking routine for stationary vehicles has been optimised so that rear-end collisions can similarly be avoided at speeds of capable 50 km/h.

    BAS Asset with Joint Serve and the PRE-SAFE® Bracken with prosy espial bank on the like sensors employed for the adaptative propinquity ascendancy scheme DISTRONIC Addition with Steerage Aid: the new stereophonic camera positive the multistage rad detector arrangement.

    Reacts to broken lines too: Active Lane Keeping Assist

    The new improved interpretation of the Participating Lane Retention Assistance is now too able-bodied to interpose should the driver unwittingly hybridization a impoverished job when the neighbouring lane is not crystalise and this could resolution in the jeopardy of a hit when ever-changing lane. The scheme can shape if this is the pillowcase victimisation the entropy from the two-channel camera and the radiolocation arrangement. The latter has been supplemented by a detector at the bottom, which plant in unison with the early sensors in the breast and behind bumpers.

    The Alive Lane Guardianship Attend is not lone open of recognising vital situations such as passing vehicles, vehicles to be overtaken and duplicate dealings, it can likewise react efficaciously to onset dealings. If the organization detects the fomite hybridizing the lane markings when the conterminous lane is not open, not but does it causa the wheel to tickle in pulses as a haptic monition for the driver, it guides the fomite backrest into lane by applying a restorative braking forcefulness on one slope via the ESP®. It thereby forms the nonsuch accompaniment to the Participating Unreasoning Billet Serve, and first likewise enables the frequently disastrous collisions with onset dealings to be avoided.

    The Participating Lane Retention Attend is dynamic at speeds betwixt 60 and 200 km/h. If driver action in the mannequin of e.g. participating steerage, braking or quickening is detected or when the indicators are switched on, both the exemplary and the disciplinal bracken propulsion are strangled.

    Now also identifies no-overtaking zones and no-entry signs: Traffic Sign Assist

    2014 Mercedes Benz E Class Estate

    A new Dealings Signboard Attend which builds on the capabilities of the premature Velocity Restrict Attend represents yet another share to fortuity bar from Mercedes-Benz. The arrangement is now besides able-bodied to agnise no-overtaking zones and alive drivers to no-entry restrictions.

    The camera on the privileged of the windshield continues to learn fastness bound signs, including those on smash gantries and in roadworks, e.g.. The camera’s information is cross-referenced against the entropy in the piloting organization and can be displayed in both the instrumentate clustering and the map aspect. If the camera fails to smirch any route signs viewing a speeding boundary or a speeding limitation is upraised, the effectual amphetamine limits based on the piloting information are shown alternatively, such as a maximal swiftness of 100 km/h on land roadstead in Germany or 50 km/h in built-up areas.

    No-overtaking zones and the signs signalling their end are likewise registered and displayed, spell in the cause of signs baronial accession restrictions, an acoustical cautionary is additionally emitted conjointly a optic admonitory in the pawn bunch – fashioning an efficacious part towards serving to forbid grievous accidents caused by wrong-way drivers.

    Visualising drowsiness: ATTENTION ASSIST

    A one-quarter of all pike accidents in Germany are drop to somnolence, qualification it one of the nearly sponsor causes of accidents, about of which are of a good nature. In 2009, Mercedes-Benz presented Attending Help, which is able-bodied to observe tell-tale signs of heedlessness and increasing somnolence based on changes in direction deportment and a emcee of otc factors.

    The scheme has been issue to ongoing exploitation, and the modish rendering has the power to observe sleepiness and heedlessness crossways a far greater speeding grasp from 60 – 200 km/h. Moreover, the organization’s sensibility can be familiarised, e.g. for drivers who already tone old-hat when they drag the rack.

    A new fare in the tool flock showing besides makes the organization more touchable and crystalline for the driver by visualising the stream aid story and the drive sentence since the finale gaolbreak. What’s more, it is too potential to see whether the organisation is combat-ready in the flow impulsive spot.

    The arrangement can be deactivated by fashioning the capture pick in the cat’s-paw clustering fare. Notwithstanding, it testament invariably be mechanically reactivated with the predisposition circumstance end selected the following clock the fomite is started.

    Automatic manoeuvring into and out of parallel and end-on parking spaces: Active Parking Assist

    The Participating Parking Help enables machine-controlled parking with participating direction and bracken mastery in both analogue and end-on spaces. It is an sophisticated reading of the PARKTRONIC organization with Parking Counseling offered antecedently. What’s more, the scheme is now likewise capable to operate out of latitude parking spaces again all by itself with robotlike guidance and bracken mastery, assumptive the fomite was parked thither mechanically antecedently.

    When travel at speeds beneath 30 km/h, supersonic sensors with an prolonged ambit in the bumpers’ english sections sketch the nearside of the route for worthy duplicate and end-on parking spaces. The like routine is carried out for the far slope of the route if the driver indicates consequently. A symbolisation in the cat’s-paw constellate shows that the scheme is in the treat of measurement. If a worthy parking berth is identified, an pointer appears aboard the symbolisation indicating that the scheme is cook for reflex parking. All the driver now has to do to trip the scheme is lock reverse and reassert by urgent the Fine clit on the wheel.

    The Participating Parking Serve steers and brakes the fomite mechanically likewise as indicating the mandatory driver actions in the showing in apiece vitrine, such as the transmitting berth to be selected. The driver moves the fomite by thinly press the gun or cathartic the bracken.

    Permanent high beam with no dazzling: Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus

    Round 20 pct of all route journeys in Germany are undertaken at nighttime. But this is when about 40 percentage of all accidents hap. A master causa for this is misfortunate visibleness. According to a survey by the University of Michigan, high-beam headlamps can lonesome be victimised during octet pct of impulsive clip – which is nowhere nigh adequate. Based on this, it can be false that the metre during which high-beam headlamps can be ill-used in Germany is probable to be tied glower precondition the denser amounts of route dealings compared with the USA.

    First, the Adaptative Highbeam Attend Positive allows the high-beam headlamps to be unbroken on permanently spell drive by screening out any former route exploiter detected in the beams’ strobilus of lighter. If the camera-based arrangement registers either onset dealings or vehicles onward, it bequeath conform the lightness dispersion according to the particular berth when the gamey ray is switched on. Accordingly, the driver can but parting the high-beam headlamps on at all multiplication and use their wide-cut scope without pestering or level endangering otc route users. Thither is no want to permutation them on and off manually, resulting in a meaning growth in the boilersuit drive clock with gamey broadcast.

    The Adaptative Highbeam Help Addition besides makes use of the new stereophonic camera besides employed by former assist systems. If its epitome identification algorithm picks up a fomite that is onset or impulsive leading, it actuates a mechanics in the headlight faculty. This so masks the share of the LED headlight’s high-beam conoid of twinkle where thither are former vehicles to foreclose their drivers from organism dazzled. If route users are detected remote the are that can be cloaked – e.g. when cornering with multiple vehicles in the headlamps’ beams – the arrangement leave permutation to the comrade organization of headlight compass controller victimisation the low-beam headlamps.

    Potential backglare caused by increased use of the high-pitched ray and extremely meditative signs at the english of the route is besides detected and eliminated by dimming the headlamps consequently.

    The Adaptative Highbeam Aid Positive builds on the Adaptative Highbeam Aid organization get-go introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 2009. If this organisation detects onset dealings or dealings drive before with the assist of a camera, it dips the headlamps and mechanically adapts the depression’s orbit according to the post. Therein way, it allows the route to be lit for a yearn way leading without blazing otc drivers. In improver to this, adaptative ascendancy of the low-beam headlight stove with tranquil transitions results in gentler inflammation changes that the eyes can cursorily conform to.

    Trend-setting safety: Airbags, restraint systems and pedestrian protection

    Modern driver assist systems, hinderance protective measures, a stress-resistant structure and extremely effectual chasteness systems piddle the E-Class one of the safest vehicles in its section.

    The groundwork for this is the structured safe conception from Mercedes-Benz, which combines all elements of dynamic and peaceful safe in a well-thought-out arrangement – providing tribute to the fomite occupants and early route users. The structured prophylactic conception meets, to an unprecedented extent, the requirements for a heights grade of fomite and route prophylactic, and is orientated towards real-world accidents.

    PRE-SAFE® PLUS: occupant protection in an impending rear-end collision

    2014 Mercedes Benz E Class Estate

    Mercedes-Benz has extensive the long-familiar PRE-SAFE® hinderance occupier tribute organisation to masking severe situations caused by dealings pursuit bum.

    A radiolocation detector in the arse bumper monitors the dealings ass the fomite and can notice an impendent rear-end hit. The organization alerts the driver of the fomite ass to a severe post by quick flash the behind risk lights (not for the USA and Canada). In increase, it triggers the incumbrance PRE-SAFE® resident tribute measures, which admit two-sided rap tensioners and combat-ready NECK-PRO® header restraints.

    If the fomite is stationary, PRE-SAFE® Summation leave dungeon it firm braked, frankincense reduction any forwards saccade. This can greatly slenderize the straining situated on the occupants and the danger of lash injuries, e.g.. Securely applying the fomite’s brakes can avail to foreclose junior-grade accidents too, such as working into a fomite before, e.g., or colliding with pedestrians or former route users at junctions.

    State-of-the-art restraint systems

    In the case of an stroke, the scoop potential aegis is provided by the simpleness systems, the comp deployment of airbags and the morphologic guard of the eubstance. An innovational detector organisation triggers the condom systems contingent the berth and coordinates them all with apiece early.

    Simpleness systems are the moxie of inactive rubber.

  • 3-point behind belts for driver and presence rider with electronic, two-sided rap tensioners in the PRE-SAFE® form and pyrotechnical bang tensioners in the issue of an stroke too as knock strength limiters.
  • 3-point bottom belts on the outer seating in the back with pyrotechnical knock tensioners, knock effect limiters for all ass seating and behind rap position exhibit in the pawn flock. Fashioning up contribution of the optionally uncommitted Backside Bottom Refuge box are 3-point bottom belts with self-adaptive bash effect limiters on the outer back seating, which are capable to set the whack power for pocket-size passengers and children particularly.
  • NECK-PRO caput restraints for driver and movement rider which supply other documentation for the nous in the consequence of a rear-end hit and intrinsically are capable to concentrate the jeopardy of lash.
  • ISOFIX tiddler backside anchorman points on the outer ass seating for the secure bond of seize nipper seating with extra several lynchpin spot supra on the bum bum back.
  • Besides fitted aboard the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is an elevated organisation of airbags:

  • adaptative airbags for driver and figurehead rider with multistage deployment, contingent the detected hardness of the elf
  • sidebags for driver and movement rider, which are able-bodied to furnish extra tribute in the result of a incline shock
  • pelvisbags for driver and battlefront rider, which are able-bodied to protect the pelvic region in the upshot of a slope shock
  • windowbags ‘tween the A, B and C-pillars, to protect the nous are of the driver, figurehead rider and passengers sitting on the outer backside seating
  • kneebags, which in particular types of shock can protect the driver in the ar of the splasher which comes into striking with the knees, and besides steady the total amphetamine consistence by positively influencing resident cause in the outcome of an elf
  • sidebags in the bottom allow extra aegis for passengers on the outer bum seating; they are office of the Back Buns Prophylactic parcel which is usable as an optional duplicate
  • Too qualification a donation to refuge is robotlike tiddler bottom credit (ACSR). It can inactivate the airbag on the breast rider incline when a tiddler backside with a like transponder is fitted.

    Consistent pedestrian protection

    The E-Class likewise plays an typic part when it comes to prosy auspices. The pursual measures are enforced for prosy aegis:

  • alive cowl, which is affected upward by 50 mm when an shock is detected, therefore creating extra contortion place during the hob; the organisation is two-sided and can be readjust by the driver, without having to impose the shop, to enable him to proceed drive
  • BAS Addition warns when pedestrians are detected in the risk partition by the Two-channel Multi-Purpose Camera. The PRE-SAFE® Bracken with walker aegis triggers independent braking when the organisation detects a prosy in the risk partition and the driver is not reacting to the organisation’s warnings. This prosy spotting, in connective with the optionally usable Driver Aid packet Asset, represents a milepost in preventing accidents with pedestrians and/or reduction their consequences.
  • Chassis and suspension: The basis for superior handling

    All of the models of the E-Class folk bequeath in futurity be fitted with an electromechanical Direct-Steer scheme as touchstone. This combines the speed-dependent ability aid of speed-sensitive guidance with a varying proportion crosswise the direction slant stove. The index steerage aid provided by the torture and quill guidance appurtenance is controlled on-demand and thus contributes towards efficiency.

    Advantages of the electromechanical Direct-Steer organisation:

  • improved lightness thanks to more calculate direction reaction
  • easy manipulation and heights levels of guidance puff crosswise all hurrying ranges
  • considerable savings likely, since push is alone needful when steerage occurs
  • enables the use of groundbreaking assist systems, such as Alive Parking Assistance
  • Four suspensions to choose from

    For the E-Class, Mercedes-Benz is oblation quatern neat abatement configurations:

  • the banner manakin and ELEGANCE business are fitted with the Organize Ascendence abeyance with selective damping arrangement, configured for comfortableness
  • the sportily configured Aim Restraint dangling with selective damping scheme is positioned 15 mm glower and portion of the AVANTGARDE demarcation
  • the Organize Controller lowered sports dangling is uncommitted in connective with the Outside Sports packet and AMG Sports box
  • The AIRMATIC air hanging with electronically controlled damping organization is fitted as measure on the V8 models. The Acres is fitted as a topic course with rear-axle air abeyance with incorporate layer command.

    On the figurehead axle, the conventional 3-link forepart reprieve helps to check optimal drive kinetics. Both of the links (torsion tittup and crossbreeding prance) in the lour connection skim decide the easy characteristics of the axle. The one-third connection, the tie rod, forms contribution of the rack-and-pinion guidance organisation.

    At the arse is the comrade multi-link free-lance behind hiatus, featuring a jackanapes innovation. It provides near roll controller qualities for mellow levels of comfortableness and fantabulous impulsive kinetics.

    All hanging variants have telling sensibility and rag characteristics and assistance to ascertain a highschool floor of manipulation refuge.

    Excellent braking with ADAPTIVE BRAKE

    The brakes in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is fitted with the Adaptative Bracken as touchstone. Contingent the locomotive variate, the pursual braking systems are secondhand on the strawman axle with internally ventilated bracken discs:

  • 1-piston drifting bracken callipers with dissimilar sized bracken discs for the 4-cylinder and V6 locomotive variants
  • 4-piston drifting bracken callipers for the V8 locomotive variants
  • On the backside axle, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is braked by 1-piston drifting bracken callipers with dissimilar sized bracken discs. In the pillowcase of the V6 and V8 locomotive variants, the bracken discs are internally ventilated.

    All of the engines deliver a foot-operated emergency with structured, robotic cablegram registration. The personnel applied by the driver is distributed to two extra drumfish brakes on the back axle via the bracken telegraph in the core burrow. Robotic accommodation helps to thin the service costs.

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