2014 Mercedes Benz Cla45 Amg

Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG

Mercedes-AMG kicked off the self-propelling springiness of 2013 in the “Big Apple” in active fashion as the CLA45 AMG notable its humans premier at the 2013 New York External Car Establish. The doctrine arse this four-door mid-series takeoveré matches that of the successful CLS 63 AMG, the trendsetter among four-door high-performance takeoverés. A glimpse at this hi-tech box suffices to appearance that the CLA45 AMG besides has all the distinctive DNA to survive a perfective instance of the AMG’s Impulsive Functioning stain arrogate: with a eyeshade production of 265 kW (360 hp) and maximal torsion of 450 N metres, its turbocharged locomotive is not lone the well-nigh hefty four-cylinder whole serial yield anyplace in the mankind but likewise a extremely effective one that meets the EU6 emissions stock. With fire ingestion of 6.9 litres per 100 km according to NEDC combined figures, the CLA45 AMG meets eventide the near fastidious requirements. The performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel effort of the CLA45 AMG likewise sets a new benchmark in its free-enterprise section.

Ola Källenius, Chairwoman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH: “With the CLA45 AMG, Mercedes-AMG is launch a unequaled and extremely suitable car with all the distinctive DNA of AMG. A hi-tech box that includes the nigh hefty series-production four-cylinder locomotive in the mankind too as performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel campaign, it embodies Drive Execution at its trump.”

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG

The new four-door high-performance putsché offers an surpassing compounding of an excitingly flashy impulsive get, prodigal designing and scoop individuation. With the CLA45 AMG Mercedes-AMG is establishing a all new section – as it did antecedently with the CLS 63 AMG Shot Bracken (2012) and the CLS 55 AMG (2004). At the clip of their establish, neither of these AMG models had any organize rivals, but went on to revolutionise otc self-propelled manufacturers. Turbocharged locomotive, all-wheel ride and the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports infection – the CLA45 AMG features the like ride scheme that is already powering the A45 AMG to birth extremely active and effective execution.

Typically AMG: the most powerful series-production four-cylinder turbo engine in the world

A peek at the expert information for the CLA45 AMG shows: the AMG 2.0-litre turbo locomotive, with a utmost yield of 265 kW (360 hp) and capable 450 N metres of torsion, is the near sinewy turbocharged four-cylinder locomotive serial product anyplace in the mankind.

The compounding of highschool operation and torsion, collectively the performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel-drive organisation, gives the CLA45 AMG drive characteristics well-nigh on a par with those of a sports car. The execution putsché accelerates from nada to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and its top fastness is 250 km/h (electronically special). But the AMG 2.0-litre turbo locomotive is telling not lone in price of its active operation but likewise with compliments to its efficiency and environmental compatibility. The CLA45 AMG achieves a fire expenditure stratum of 6.9 litres per 100 kilometres according to NEDC combined figures, piece it already meets the EU6 emissions banner that solitary comes into gist in 2015 likewise as the demarcation for the molecule enumeration per klick of 6 &multiplication; 1011 contribution./km that leave get required in 2017.

The foundation for these telling figures is provided by the hi-tech box which has been tack by Mercedes-AMG. As a high-performance locomotive belonging to the BlueDIRECT phratry, the four-cylinder turbo locomotive features spray-guided organize gasolene injectant via piezo injectors positioned centrally in the 4 burning chambers. The compounding of multiple fire shot and multiple light firing improves fire exercise and increases thermodynamical efficiency considerably, lead to lour tucker emissions. Otc highlights admit the gravity-die sandcast all-aluminium crankcase, weight-optimised meth assemblage with bad brand crankshaft and bad pistons with friction-optimised plunger rings, NANOSLIDE cylinder palisade engineering, air-water care air chilling, author direction and ECO commencement/stopover office.

Twin-scroll turbochargers and AMG sports exhaust system with exhaust flap

Mercedes-AMG addresses the all-important challenges concerning the answer of small-displacement turbo engines by agency of a twin-scroll turbocharger, uttermost derestriction of the exhaust and an forward-looking injectant scheme. The twin-scroll engineering provides for a more unwritten build-up of burster imperativeness, devising effectual use of eject gas rachis imperativeness, release gas temperature and expel gas caprice. This results in a swifter build-up of torsion veracious from the frown rev compass. As a electropositive side-effect, the twin-scroll engineering too benefits fire expenditure and tucker emissions. With a uttermost tutelage coerce of 1.8 bar, the AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo locomotive leads the subject therein respectfulness, too.

The AMG sports exhaust features heavy pipework cross-sections and an mechanically controlled discharge flutter. This engineering, which is companion from the SLK 55 AMG, reconciles the two manifestly contradictory aims of real pizzazz and trademark Mercedes ease on hanker journeys. The pother is unendingly familiarised by map ascendence according to the ability called up by the driver, freight condition and locomotive amphetamine. The AMG sports exhaust emits a engrossing, wide locomotive voice that is specially telling during knock-down speedup.

An AMG Operation exhaust with release flutter is uncommitted as an selection for the A 45 AMG. This provides for an fifty-fifty more excited and hit locomotive vocalise when the gun is outdoors and during cogwheel shift. The double-declutching office during downshifting and the break of inflammation and injectant during upshifting nether total payload farm a specially throaty phone with the AMG Operation exhaust and make a degree of emotionalism which is differently the keep of engines with more iv cylinders.

High-performance cooling system with components from the SLS AMG

The highschool impulsive kinetics of the CLA45 AMG quest a extremely efficient cooling. On the footing of the components from the SLS AMG, a low-temperature tour is additionally deployed for air-water mission air chilling of the four-cylinder turbo locomotive. The tank extending crosswise the concluded strawman degree of the chilling faculty is supplemented by an extra tank in the bicycle pixilated. Jointly the mission air tank, which is machine-accessible serial, a high-performance electrical heart ensures the needed menstruum done the urine coolers situated backside the great aspiration ports. This provides for idealistic chilling of the extremely flat burster air, thereby contributory towards optimal locomotive operation.

2014 Mercedes Benz Cla45 Amg

The chilling of the transmittance oil is merged into the pee chilling tour for the locomotive. The weewee tank positioned ass the forepart forestage is supported by the estrus exchanger which is fitted immediately on the transmittance and supplied with chilling weewee prn by way of an subsidiary ticker.

“One man, one engine”: a tradition of hand-built excellence

As is the suit with all eight- and twelve-cylinder engines, the new AMG 4‑cylinder turbo locomotive is hand-built according to the traditional AMG doctrine of “one man, one locomotive”. An undivided line has been rig for the new AMG locomotive at the Mercedes-Benz locomotive product imbed in Kölleda – where all BlueDIRECT four-cylinder engines are reinforced for the A-Class and B-Class models. A feature have of the “one man, one locomotive” output summons is the AMG locomotive home posture the touch of the creditworthy locomotive healthier. Asunder from service as an AMG stylemark corroborative pinnacle yield calibre, the AMG locomotive scale likewise attests to the unmatched DNA of Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance make.

AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission

Three-fold clasp transmitting and all-wheel cause – the thrust packet aboard the new CLA45 AMG is a demo of high-end technology art. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports infection is now flange-mounted on the transversally installed locomotive. Key package modules birth been adoptive from the SLS AMG crack sports car with its inspirational superpower transmittance conception. The three-fold clasp contagion of the CLA45 AMG features septenary gears, tercet impulsive programmes, a double-declutching use and Wash Jump for optimal quickening. The strengths of the AMG DCT sports transmittance admit self-generated appurtenance shifty without any break in tractive superpower, a bespoken mastery scheme, highly tranquil and promiscuous appurtenance unfirm and a gamy stratum of efficiency. Strengthened train wheels offer for uttermost constancy. Synchronoscope rings with carbon-fibre clash linings meliorate strength patch too optimising the latency during manual gear-changing – the nonesuch foundation for challenging laps on cordoned-off subspecies tracks.

“Momentary M mode” for even greater dynamism and driving enjoyment

Another exceptional have intentional to heighten dynamical operation and drive use is the alleged “Fleeting M style”. In C and S way, this enables the driver to trigger manual modality (“M”) without having to dispatch a script from the wheel, by urgent the “up” or “polish” shifting waddle formerly. In Fugitive M mood the driver experiences the pizzaz and execution of gear-shifting in manual manner altogether the robotic impulsive programmes, with automatonlike up-shifting on merging the rpm boundary into the dicker. This allows the driver to give his wide aid to the fomite’s telling functioning.

The shifting multiplication in manual way “M” and in Athletics manner “S” are likewise gaudy in part to those of the SLS AMG GT sup sports car. Shortly and exactly interrupting firing and injectant nether entire lading leads to fifty-fifty quicker gearshifts in “M” and “S”, with a more excited vocalize than always. In “C” mood (Controlled Efficiency), tangibly cushy contagion and locomotive characteristics reinforcement a fuel-efficient and comfort-oriented drive elan. In add-on, in “C” manner the ECO scratch/block routine is participating.

Performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all-wheel drive

The CLA45 AMG comes with varying, performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC all‑rack crusade as stock. In development this all-wheel cause, the direction was steadfastly on execution and heartiness. The might conflate to the behind powertrain is provided by a constrict superpower take-off whole (PTU) which is full incorporate in the 7-speed sports transmitting. It does not have an oil circle of its own. Rather, it is supplied with lubricator from the oil circle of the sports transmittal. This form gives ascending to real burthen advantages in equivalence to touch systems which limb off exponent by way of an improver constituent with its own oil tour. Conjointly the friction-minimised narrowing curler bearings, the PTU achieves an splendid stratum of efficiency. As an extra incentive, the arrangement weighting of the new AMG 4MATIC all-wheel crusade is capable 25 percentage hoy than the all-wheel-drive versions offered by the contest.

A two-way propellor lance transfers the exponent from the AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo locomotive to the backside axle. In the interests of favorable burden dispersion, an electrohydraulically controlled multiple-disc clutches is merged with the bottom axle derivative. The multiple-disc batch now detects slip-up at the presence axle. A hydraulic heart instantly presses the discs unitedly and channels the locomotive torsion to the ass wheels as requirement. All this takes billet most without the driver noticing. To enable especially loyal reception, the heart is ever fighting and does not ask to be started up apiece sentence it is needful, as is habitual with otc systems. Exponent dispersion is full varying: in formula impulsive, the CLA45 AMG uses front-wheel screw the interests of optimal efficiency. When the drive kinetics so demand, the varying AMG 4MATIC all-wheel effort splits the torsion ‘tween battlefront and bum axle capable a proportion of 50:50 percentage. The variables influencing the might dispersion proportion are fomite speeding, sidelong and longitudinal speedup, direction slant, upper remainder betwixt the someone wheels, selected cogwheel and throttle berth.

3-stage ESP® with ESP® Curve Dynamic Assist

An sole sport is the interaction of the AMG 4MATIC all-wheel thrust with the 3-stage ESP® and the ESP® Cut Dynamical Aid. The ternary ESP® stages enable the driver to change the kinetics of the CLA45 AMG according to his mortal wishes at the advertize of a clit. The safety-oriented “ESP ON” fashion supports the driver in maintaining achromatic treatment characteristics. The organization initiates braking intercession on one or more wheels and reduces the locomotive torsion on detection that the operational weather are comely fluid.

Concisely pressure the ESP® push activates “ESP Fun Treatment” way. This dynamically orientated drive mood applies conquer ascendence strategies for subsequently ESP® interposition and increased ride torsion at the bum axle. This substance more fun at the pedal for drivers who are lament to overwork the fomite’s dynamical voltage. Urgent the ESP® release thirster activates “ESP OFF”. Therein modality, the ESP® functions are not uncommitted. ESP OFF should alone be ill-used by experient drivers on cordoned-off run tracks. If the driver stairs on the bracken treadle in “Athletics Treatment” modality or “ESP OFF” style, all the condom functions of the ESP® organisation get usable during braking.

ESP® Curl Dynamical Aid complements the ESP® scheme to paragon: during active cornering, unperceivable braking intercession on the interior rack gives upgrade to a outlined yaw consequence round the perpendicular bloc, resulting in accurate cornering by the CLA45 AMG and ensuring that the fomite clay nether restraint at all multiplication. ESP® Bender Active Serve is altered according to the selected ESP® fashion. In “ESP Fun Manipulation” manner and “ESP OFF” modality it supports the driver’s like for increased nimbleness and drive kinetics. ESP® Cut Dynamical Attend is an extra purpose of the Electronic Stableness Curriculum which perceptibly improves not lone lightsomeness, but besides combat-ready impulsive prophylactic in decisive weather.

AMG sports suspension with independent front and rear axle

Alike every AMG high-performance machine, the new CLA45 AMG likewise incorporates advanced axle engineering. For enhanced drive kinetics, the three-link presence abatement is provided with stiffer steerage knucks and altogether new elastokinematics. Fresh highly-developed, more fixed bearings are employed in the lour contact airplane. These cater for more quick cornering properties and more exact and aim feedback from the route open. The more unbending bearings too leading to higher bank rigorousness, enabling higher cornering speeds. In underdeveloped the nail presence axle, heavy grandness has been connected to attaining the topper potential grip in extremely active drive.

The four-link ass axle of the CLA45 AMG is likewise a whole new developing. In the form of optimising the elastokinematics, the swagger bearings were punctually altered for maximal drive kinetics and mastery. The back axle toter is provided with more unbending bearings for increased impulsive stableness; the subframe is bolt machine-accessible to the trunk. The AMG sports dangling with specifically tuned bound/muffler units and bigger stabilisers provides for gamey sidelong speedup and a decreased roll inclination in quick duplicate aeroembolism. The CLA45 AMG comes as criterion with AMG light-alloy wheels fitted with 235/40 R 18 tyres.

2014 Mercedes Benz Cla45 Amg

AMG speed-sensitive sports steering and AMG high-performance braking system

The electromechanical Treble Quill AMG speed-sensitive sports steerage with AMG-specific, speed-dependent might help and a unremitting guidance proportion (14.5 : 1) enables highschool direction preciseness and lightness. The electrical motive is installed in space-saving contour on the direction appurtenance. The AMG high-performance braking scheme with ventilated and pierced bracken discs all beat in sizing 350 x 32 millimetres at the figurehead and 330 x 22 millimetres at the backside provides for unwritten and true retardation.

2014 Mercedes Benz Cla45 Amg

Unmistakable design

Scarce a peek at the new CLA45 AMG makes it rattling crystallise: any resemblance to the CLS 63 AMG is utterly knowing. The expressive innovation phrase of the CLA has been enhanced by Mercedes-AMG with approximately feature AMG elements – and the solution is a new figure image. The flashy proportions of the CLA were thither from the commencement , but its dynamical flavor is built by the AMG “mate brand” grille and the hybridizing sashay in the AMG figurehead forestage, both multi-colored in lusterlessness ti grayish. The munificently proportioned chilling air intakes are framed by melanise flics, which ameliorate the airflow terminated the chilling modules positioned backside them. Bi-xenon headlamps are included as criterion.

An eyecatching purview from the english is ensured by the sill panels with inserts in matte ti grayness. Farther elements distinctive of a top-of-the-range AMG simulation admit the AMG twin-spoke light-alloy wheels, calico grayness and with a high-sheen finishing, addition the “TURBO AMG” inscription on the flank. Seen from the arse, the CLA45 AMG displays a classifiable AMG backside forestage: this not but reveals the comportment of the air exit openings at the sides, but besides incorporates a enceinte diffusor cut-in and a trimness subdivision in lustrelessness ti gray. The two chrome-plated match tailpipes of the AMG sports exhaust, including an tucker pother, help to accent the car’s active solicitation. The prominent LED poop lights are a criterion sport.

Dynamic, exclusive and top-quality interior

2014 Mercedes Benz Cla45 Amg

Telling caliber, top-grade materials and all the zing and exclusivity usually associated with Mercedes-AMG – the upcountry of the CLA45 AMG leaves cipher to be craved. Sports seating in ARTICO synthetic leather/DINAMICA microfibre with red contrastive topstitching, red behind belts, the multifunction wheel with slip paddles, the AMG Crusade Whole and AMG threshold sill panels all ejaculate as banner. Coordinative absolutely with one another are the fleecy aluminum reduce of the board and the fivesome galvanised breathing outlets. Info is provided by the AMG tool bunch with its key semblance exhibit, the AMG master card and the RACETIMER.

Legion individuation options are uncommitted for the CLA45 AMG (excerpt):

  • AMG carbon-fibre outside mirror lodging
  • AMG Outside Carbon-Fibre packet: breast rail-splitter, position sill gore inserts and trimming on arse proscenium in literal c character
  • AMG carbon-fibre midland reduce
  • AMG Undivided box
  • AMG deck mats
  • AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels in 8 x 19 fitted with 235/35 R 19 tyres, in two variants: multi-color in ti gray with high-sheen finishing or in lustrelessness lightlessness with high-sheen rim rim
  • AMG Nighttime parcel: secrecy meth, blackness anodised beltline shave slip, melanise tailpipe trims in chromed finishing, radiator fins in ag chromium-plate, high-gloss melanize multi-color coating for strawman rail-splitter, outside mirrors, english sill jury inserts and bottom forestage cut
  • AMG Execution exhaust
  • AMG Operation reprieve with tauter bound/muffler tuning
  • AMG Functioning wheel and E-SELECT prize, electronic primary key with AMG allegory
  • AMG Execution seating
  • AMG rack thunderbolt covers in blacken with hub caps in central-locking looking (for stock AMG light-alloy wheels but)
  • Healthy Ignitor Scheme
  • Red-painted callipers
  • The sales liberation see for the CLA45 AMG is in July 2013; commercialize launching testament beginning in September. Sales terms in Germany, incl. 19 percentage VAT, is 56.078,75 EUR.

    2014 Mercedes Benz Cla45 Amg

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