2014 Mazda

Mazda 3

Construction on its award-winning predecessor, developers of the all-new Mazda 3 get to do no less than rally with a car that really interacts with its possessor on respective levels. On the coat, it’s a top timbre way of shipping, delivering an peerless compounding of operation, fire efficiency and functionality in a software that’s as good and hard-nosed as it is sensational. Hither it follows in the footprints of its new coevals forerunners: the Mazda CX-5, a press SUV that drives care a car, and the new Mazda 6, which more latterly took the mid-sized form by ramp.

Wish them, Mazda’s all-time bestseller gets the wide scope of jackanapes SKYACTIV-Technology, optimised comparable the modish adjustment of the troupe’s KODO pattern for a concordat’s sizing and lightness. But its looks are more scarce attention-getting. They snap clench of the senses, soldering man and motorcar.

The kinship volition expand as the new Mazda 3 exceeds expectations at every twist. In the way the threshold opens or how the controls are in just the redress berth. The bran-new midland connects occupants with the car, whether backside with bicycle having a distinctive Mazda one-with-the-car Jinba-Ittai get or enjoying the trip-up in the relaxed, assure comfortableness of the rider blank.

2014 Mazda 3

Comparable a unfeigned cooperator, the new Mazda 3 is revitalizing, inspiring multitude to amplify horizons. Consider how it handles, piously responding to driver stimulation, cornering and delivering feedback with choreographed preciseness. It tied links occupants to internet with a new peregrine connectivity conception, safely and handily delivery what they differently assume into the fomite.

It’s all parting of Sustainable Zoom-Zoom, Mazda’s vision-in-progress for dependable and eco-friendly vehicles. Exceptionally low harmful emissions let one relish the crusade with a unclutter witting. In fact, it’s at or good the top of its family in a listing of former categories, too, from upcountry spa and aeromechanics to speedup, braking and more.

The levelheaded innovation and advanced interactivity of the new Mazda 3 testament but expose the outdo. This car is sledding to mature on you.

Exterior Design

Enticement. One consider the all-new Mazda 3 now stirs the heart, prehension of the looker-on earlier tightening its clasp. It draws one in, acquiring nether the tegument. A joining has been made, stitchery the seeds of a hanker kinship.

Arse this magnetics is the “KODO – Soulfulness of Movement” conception motif. Divine by the knockout and ability of nature, Mazda highly-developed KODO to contract its classifiable sentiency of energy and nimbleness one footprint foster. For an sturdy new multiplication of cars that merely beg to be goaded.

Capturing emotions

Ever acclaimed and forever distinctively Mazda, the up-to-the-minute Mazda 3 still marks a conversion of sorts. Mazda has scratch with a genuinely passionate manifestation of active movement, evolving KODO’s cheek for the substantial, industrious C-segment proportions. Alike anterior KODO models, the all-new Mazda 3 features a tauten position enhanced by the press sounding, rear-leaning cabin. Lour and wider than the stream simulation, the car’s raked visibility, ascension dramatically towards the bum and bolstered by the boldly flared fenders and big jazzy aluminum wheels at the corners, conveys legerity and enduringness. And Mazda’s feature off-the-line index.

At beginning vision, the new Mazda 3 ignites a flack in the bosom of the percipient, sparking the imaginativeness to stir the possibilities. The gumptious stress is joined with an beguiling – and refreshfully rare – sentiency of beat. Reflections off the showy aerofoil textures variety ilk an emotion with the inflammation and the spectator’s billet, sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically, but constantly capturing the senses and lifting the climate.

Quality in detail

This is lone one model of the workmanship and conscientious tending to item that went into this car. One of Mazda’s priorities was to attain a new story of preciseness and caliber with the fit and coating. The fellowship thence brought unitedly excogitation, growing and fabrication specialists to solve slipway of enhancing the joy of drive and owning the new Mazda 3.

To downplay the gaps betwixt eubstance panels and doors, e.g., they studied everything from the way the doors were committed to key heaviness tolerances on the edges of the soundbox panels. By pickings a impertinent take betterment potentiality, Mazda was able-bodied to set rigorous new targets. As a solvent, the gaps betwixt the breast threshold and buffer, which run to be wider than others, are littler on the new Mazda 3 than on many premium-class vehicles.

Tension with rhythm

Comparable its siblings, the new Mazda 3 gets the decided KODO aspect, featuring the contoured grillwork and the sculptured touch annex. The latter effuse from below the vertically exaggerated grill to the headlamps, which gleam wish the eyes of a piranha gross before. The Mazda 3 was presumption a discrete headlight invention. Their silky, shrill anatomy and cleanse construction was made potential by aligning the play signals external the headlight fabrication. Consisting of LED lighter sources, interior lenses and a light-guiding band, the attention-getting light touch imparts a “egregious” mien that directly says Mazda.

KODO is clear roughly move, uttered on the new Mazda 3 with the undeniably rhythmic menses of its bare, unanimous fibre lines. Extending dorsum from touch wings and headlamps on the sides of the car, they combine the potent fenders to accentuate the car’s agile lightness.

Eventide when stationary, these shapes on with the optically low essence of graveness touch to the opinion of repressed push, edifice expectations most the car’s operation. The magnified wheelbase – 60mm yearner than the flow Mazda 3’s – allowed designers to abridge the battlefront and bottom overhangs for a more brawny KODO-inspired posture, in the serve creating more place for the locomotive and up clank guard, too.

The Mazda 3’s hinder quarters, lag, latitude the movement in many slipway. Wish the lattice, the hefty tailboard seems to pop. Equally as divine as the headlamps, the taillight touch, which features showy stave stern sparkle rings and calibre two-tone interior finish, is maybe outflank described by the speech “zooming off”.

2014 Mazda

Extraordinarily exacting

Speechmaking of which, by now the observer may suffer an pressing trust to trail the pedal of the all-new Mazda 3. Solid this hungriness testament play the outset contact with the car – a astonishingly pleasant know in itself. Because in guardianship with their center caliber, developers meticulously analysed how mass interact with the doorway, tweaking the hinges and minute of inactivity to pee-pee the performance flavor as raw as potential.

Therefore, porta and closedown the doors of the new Mazda 3 is an exceptionally still, analog subprogram, without the accustomed “grievous” flavor. Conjointly the impinging looks, it’s this rather over-the-top thoroughness that enlivens the soldering outgrowth owners are bound to undergo with their new Mazda 3. It starts when they low arrest survey of the car. Hardly postponement until they get within.

The colours of SKYACTIV

The all-new Mazda 3 comes in a prime of ennead consistence colors to record its arriver in the sheer humankind of KODO. They admit Mortal Red Metal, highly-developed as possibly the nigh emotionally likeable red e’er, likewise as two bran-new Mazda colors: the advanced reflection of Ti Flashgun and Abstruse Lechatelierite Blueness, a hue divine by the powerfulness and hurrying of a lightning thunderbolt keen a night sky. Mazda’s new covenant is likewise uncommitted in Disconsolate Automatic, Snowbird Gabardine Bead, Al Metal, Meteoroid Gy, Green, and Rubber Gabardine.

“At its spunk, KODO expresses dynamical movement in every point from the frame, maximizing the clear-cut entreaty of apiece Mazda manakin. As applied to the new Mazda 3, KODO symbolizes innovation lastingness that lights a ardor in the pump at low deal, rousing up expectation of exciting new experiences to cum.” Koji Tabata, headman architect of the new Mazda 3

Interior comfort

If the eubstance of the all-new Mazda 3 brocaded expectations around the midland, so the home is bound to overachieve. Out-of-doors the doorway, and behold a prize dresser of elegant comfortableness and biotechnology, with the seductive beguile of surfaces that beg to be fey, and the advanced whiteness and houseclean coherency of a place that’s more people-oriented than e’er.

This commencement belief is unbelievable to disappoint. Bound for all upcoming Mazdas start with the new Mazda 3, the fresh compelling next-generation home follows a subverter new construct: partitioned yet consolidative. Specifically, the cabin is dual-lane into zones, with a cubby cockpit that seems collected in the way everything is positioned to elevate a impulsive get that’s as safety, gratifying and stress-free as potential. The rider blank, in line, offers a reassuringly clear, roomy and relaxed air.

The centre-focused driver’s district contrasts with the comparatively low rider face splasher, which manages to simultaneously carry exemption and certificate. The crooked gist comfort marks the edge betwixt the two zones, demarcating their several properties. But it manages simultaneously to shew a belief of link, shading the two zones to show a kinda counterpoise ‘tween the driver and rider, who can contribution their experiences: the joy of drive or a reposeful, batten drive.

Typically Zoom-Zoom, all forms end-to-end the cabin expression onwards. Their origins look to stream done the upcountry from a theoretic vanishing gunpoint ahead of the car, intensifying the signified of gesticulate and amphetamine – level when the new Mazda 3 is at a tie-up.

Unifying perspectives

Cockpit is surely the veracious password for the driver’s blank. Its knock-down lines and ergonomic layout enable drivers to direction effortlessly on the route. Suitably, the newest driver-friendly sport was borrowed from ultrasonic jet fighters. As one of the offset models in the C section, the new Mazda 3 comes with a new head-up presentation called the Participating Drive Presentation. It projects the almost crucial driver info, such as velocity and participating rubber arrangement warnings, forthwith into in the driver’s forward-moving demarcation of sight.

Drivers respond scoop when well-situated, so Mazda positioned the controls needful to direct mesh the fomite in such a way as to asseverate born angles and therefore a relaxed model. They flavor wish extensions of the limbs. The wheel, e.g., is frown than in the flow modeling and brings the car finisher to the driver, patch the pedals are set out symmetrically to the left-hand and rightfulness of the driver’s gist bloc in the nearly optimum positions. The shifter pommel, too, fits ilk a mitt in the ribbon of the mitt. It all contributes to minimising straining on the driver and so preventing outwear.

As mentioned, the rear-leaning cabin is a inwardness KODO designing brand, and the A-pillars on the new Mazda 3 bear been pushed rachis by 100mm. One vantage hither is improved forwards visibleness and an great field. On with the repositioned position mirrors, this foster alleviates strain likely for the driver, specially at intersections and in corners or aeroembolism. Mazda eve studied eye points to tweak the conformation and heaviness of the A-pillars so they would not get an tyrannical burden on battlefront occupants.

Comfort time

2014 Mazda

It’s one exemplar of how the KODO’s compress outside feeling is advantageous on the inner: The increased breadth and wheelbase on the new Mazda 3 – the longest in the section – gave Mazda way to ferment with. Consequently, both hatchback and sedan crack best-in-class berm board forepart and back, and are around it in damage of legroom. The upcountry is, in fact, bigger and more prosperous than its harbinger in virtually respects, from fundament place to stifle board and more. And Mazda well-kept clearance, scorn a 25mm reducing in the car’s boilersuit tallness, by sullen the hip period of the seating.

The driver’s backside offers 260mm of front-to-back readjustment, 102° of repose and 56mm of erect registration, including an excess 20mm of down reach for taller drivers. Mazda stuck to the bedrock with seating that roll about occupants, supply a cancel situation with dear accompaniment and flock of handgrip.

The enhanced vibration-suppressing seatbacks characteristic a bolstered berm expanse and a bigger soften to accompany their silky, dynamical manakin, which complements the midland’s cleanse sporting elan and solidness. And because they’re tied slimmer than earlier with concave hollows in the binding, bum passengers get extra genu headway. Thither’s more way for their feet, too, since the strawman arse mounts were shifted farther obscure. So, the endorsement row has a unquestionably unexclusive flavour thereto thanks to narrower forepart headrests and berm sections, larger behind windows, and the fact that the bum seats positions are nigher to the center. Those in the rachis plainly get a meliorate panorama of the earth. As far as upholstery goes, the all-new Mazda 3 comes in a alternative of nigrify leather with red sewing, either lonely or combined with ivory leather and ovalbumin, gray and red sewing. Inkiness cloth is too useable with dissimilar patterns in a metal luster.

Tastefully functional

Logical with the roomie core, the movement rider face is highlighted by a horizontal ornamental impanel, which serves to “extend” the place. The splasher’s practical lines prolong done the symmetrical english air air louvers and doorway handles backbone to the B-pillars, accentuating the honour and oneness of the cabin innovation. The center lot besides offers a elementary, usable layout. The clime command organisation, which is situated under the heart air vents, features a satiny third-dimensional flavor with broadsheet controls. On top of the coney, the 7-inch touchscreen is well accessed by the rider or driver, but without distracting the latter from operational the fomite.

Boilersuit, the inner finish is aroused and fashionable spell simultaneously adding a sealed logic to the cabin – specially in respect to the diverse controls and areas encompassing them. The sportiness of the blacken tonic color is enhanced by contrasts that compound the calibre aspect and look, such as the enthusiasm-sparking c fiber face or the inkiness leather wheel with co-ordinated emergency prize, armrests and shifter bang. Combinations alike these or the self-respectful softly melanise surfaces set adjacent to metal satin chromium-plate elements consult a young edification.

2014 Mazda

Intellectual, balanced and centripetal, the new Mazda 3 cabin is an inordinately graceful surround, with aid to contingent that’s equally as punctilious as elsewhere. It’s surely expiration to be a arduous act to adopt.

Sensible stowage

2014 Mazda

Hatchback or saloon, the all-new Mazda 3’s trunk offers comfy accession to the abundant capacities of 350 and 419 litres severally – in both cases more in the flow modelling. Congregation consume the behind seating of the hatchback, and thither’s 1,250 litres of shipment place. With its thrill hatchway widened by 100mm, meantime, the saloon can deal tercet 67cm suitcases.

Intentional with the dissimilar inside zones in head, the several cabin repositing possibilities reserve occupants and peculiarly the driver approach to items with minimum eye move. In the breast, e.g., thither is a great storeroom distance at the merchantman of the essence flock, threshold pockets capable to clasp 1-litre bottles, and a shades bearer in the smash soothe. Presence and back passengers likewise get gravid cupholders in the center comfort or armrest.

Connectivity, Functionality & Equipment

This is where the all-new Mazda 3 very starts to get on you. In strain with the demands of the bodoni humanity, Mazda has interpreted expectant strides towards devising the car live concluded. The way masses take their car is almost to modification dramatically.

The fact is, with all the features and functionality usable in vehicles these years, motorists get to trade with more info than e’er. This hasn’t foregone unnoticed at Mazda, focussed as constantly on delivering the near gratifying impulsive have potential. Caller developers accomplished that a new conception for the motorcar cockpit was requisite if drivers are to safely compilation all this stimulus and glean entire reward of progressively innovative onboard systems.

Relieving strain

Mazda’s finish: Micturate interactivity and connectivity in the cabin more modern than always, but simultaneously as available – and prophylactic to use – as potential. In doing so, troupe designers range to downplay the peril stemming from inattention to the route onward, distractions and strong-arm tension. What they came up was a new human-machine port (HMI) for the new Mazda 3 featuring an forward-looking set of displays and controls.

The almost critical data is positioned to enable the driver to scan it with trifling eye cause. Care the fork driver and rider spaces described in chapter 4, this conception distinguishes betwixt a safe-driving partition and an documentary partition. The respective controls accompany this modelling, too, with a coherent excogitation and layout for apiece district to secern their various purposes.

Mazda highly-developed nonrational genial models reflecting how users wait command and expose systems to employment to make an surround that enables drivers to jurist and act without falter. The cockpit is frankincense intentional to let precise reactions with footling effort of vigor and no diminished movements, rental the driver assert a stalls strength spell odd relaxed and awake eve on farsighted trips.

Unsurprisingly, the virtually ofttimes exploited controls and switches, including those needful to correct impulsive operations, can be launch on the wheel. Those for documentary features, meantime, are situated elsewhere.

Farewell to confusion

Real-time impulsive entropy same hurrying, sailing organization directions, and the condition of i-ACTIVESENSE fighting rubber systems, including warnings, are shown on the Alive Impulsive Presentation. Among the beginning fomite therein section with such a head-up exhibit, it uses a open impanel mounted on top of the dassie supra the cat’s-paw bundle. The arrangement, which adjusts mechanically to ambient ignitor, projects the info with the focus round 1.5m forwards of the driver’s eye period, minimising focal registration and eye motility. To obviate mix-up, solitary ternary items look forthwith on the Alive Drive Presentation. The well-nigh authoritative composition of information is constantly at the top, ever-changing according to precedence. E.g., an pressing fighting condom exemplary bequeath straightaway move any entropy is at the tether – say the fomite’s flow upper – ever-changing cover again formerly the risk has ceased.

All over-the-counter driver-related info can be ground on the panel, which was whole redesigned for the new Mazda 3. It features a centred linear tach with a digital speedometer flanked by two alar digital displays. These display position information wish temperature, fire story, shifter data and odometers.

Communications and entertainment-related entropy (from the documentary partition) appears on the new 7-inch presentation, which is controlled either by touchscreen, vocalisation control or the new circle commandant. Set on the dassie supra the kernel batch sooner than in it, the down showing tip for the driver was decreased from 28° on the flow modelling to 16° on the new Mazda 3. So the expose is less distracting for the driver and easier for the battlefront rider to see and use, too. Whether background a address in the seafaring organization, inquisitory for medicine to gambol on the BOSE® agio besiege voice arrangement, checking e-mail or vocation up the up-to-the-minute Facebook posts, the itinerary from “domicile” to the craved functioning is shorter than always. Users can too set shortcuts to their pet functions. Anyways, sole “7 addition/subtraction 2” items seem on the cover at a clock – the utmost mass can address forthwith according to psychologists.

Safety first

Mazda besides redeveloped the roundabout commandant set on the center soothe to ameliorate “screen” process of docudrama features. It is now positioned so that the driver merely has to murder one mitt from the wheel and hold the dial in a lifelike, casual question without ever-changing strength.

The new commandant is encircled by fin buttons – one per fingerbreadth – apiece like to a particular office: seafaring organization, “habitation”, and sound scheme in the eye with “dorsum” and “favourites” on the sides. Thither is likewise a mass node following to the commandant. All the controls can be accessed well and handily with the cubitus perched on the inwardness armrest.

Vox bidding is another rubber and ergonomic substitute for documentary features wish card switch and selecting wireless stations also as sound gaming/stoppage/omission or zooming in and out of the path map. And with a smartphone or euphony gimmick machine-accessible, occupants can lookup euphony and impinging inclination names or stimulant addresses to the seafaring organization by vocalisation.

Non-stop connectivity

Nomadic engineering similar smartphones has irreversibly changed lifestyles. Sociable media, too, has transformed the way mass see and feel civilization. Mazda has now brought this realness into car with the spick-and-span wandering connectivity construct organism introduced on the new Mazda 3.

The in-vehicle organization expands on features already usable in Mazdas, ilk Bluetooth®, e-mail, SMS and pilotage, adding a unscathed new surmount of affiliated contraption. Victimisation a smartphone attached to the Mazda 3 arrangement via Bluetooth® or USB, Mazda 3 occupants sustain safety and loose real-time accession via the 7-inch showing to docudrama services from AhaTM. It offers a wide-cut and ontogeny scope of roving documentary contentedness and sociable media services, including tens of thousands of net radiocommunication stations, Chitter and Facebook feeds, word, sound books and more.

Hear to the modish tweets or Facebook posts victimisation the text-to-voice read-out purpose, replying with “comparable” or mailing sound messages with the “yell” role. Or broadcast and incur e-mail and SMS messages with the transmitter ID on the show. Read-out workings hither, too, as do onscreen redact and respond features. The connectivity organisation too supports playback from otc machine-accessible roving devices and workings in 25 languages for sound and 38 for textbook. Connecting is dim-witted via the international hub, which includes USB and AUX ports also as an SD add-in slot for the pilotage scheme. The hub is handily positioned in the heart smokestack or, on models with CD instrumentalist, in the box at the arse of the inwardness solace. Either way, repositing cavities are on script for the fluid devices.

The peregrine connectivity construct by Mazda offers a grasp of fomite info done Mazda’s own applications, too, including upkeep reminders and warnings too as the Eco-display. It shows the condition and action rates of the i-ELOOP bracken get-up-and-go re-formation organization and i-stop idle-stop arrangement too as fire saving and CO2 emissions, enabling drivers to rail changes and account.

In tune with today

Expanding the drive feel, Mazda now connects the driver, passengers and the car to nowadays’s interactional earth – safely and expeditiously. Simultaneously, it besides connects occupants to the new Mazda 3, boost strengthening the development trammel ‘tween man and auto. And that’s not the just way Mazda takes its feature Jinba-Ittai sentiency of “buck and passenger as one” a stair foster in its up-to-the-minute covenant.

AhaTM: “One-stop content”

AhaTM is a cloud-based self-propelling course net connectivity program. Usable first at Mazda with the all-new Mazda 3, AhaTM is intentional to allow a 1 integrating head delivery a all-embracing grasp of disengage web-based documentary capacity safely into the fomite.

Victimization a “radio-like” sound arrange, the AhaTM conception is to brand this contentedness as loose to use as a car tuner and frankincense ply net documentary in a fashion tributary to prophylactic use in a fomite surround. AhaTM lets the exploiter admission and coordinate their favorite web substance on their call, so seamlessly integrates the have in their car. AhaTM is approachable in the new Mazda 3 via a dislodge smartphone app and covers nigh of Europe.

Unblock subject presently includes more 30,000 stations including radiocommunication, podcasts, societal media, sound books, personalized location-based services and more. Services are expanding continually, too. And since all scheme updates hap via the corrupt, the program is future-proof, holding things as bare as potential on the car and exploiter incline.

Mazda 3 navigation system

With a diversity of solace and widget features, the pilotage organization on the new Mazda 3 helps drivers orbit their destinations safely, less stressfully and improve informed.

Key features admit:

  • Safer, easier and more relaxed for the driver, since turn-by-turn directions are shown on the Participating Drive Show too as the gist hatful presentation.
  • Real-time info victimization RDS-TMC on with accrued statistical dealings over-crowding information (stored with the maps) and the modish on-line dealings information to birth the nigh precise road calculations.
  • Hunting destinations too as pick stations, points of concern and conditions forecasts:
  • accesses stream fire prices on-line, too allowing drivers to prefer pick stations as destinations
  • displays the up-to-the-minute on-line endure and forecasts for anyplace on the itinerary
  • address research too potential on the cyberspace via smartphone, or set destinations from a cell link inclination
  • Uncommitted passim Europe with map information on the pilotage organisation SD add-in, including:
  • deuce-ace days of unblock updates (maps and directions) transportable via SD plug-in
  • supporting for capable 18 sound and 26 schoolbook languages
  • Premium surround sound from Bose®

    Highly-developed collectively BOSE® particularly for the new Mazda 3, the new 9-speaker BOSE® bounty strait organization features the modish in playback engineering and, naturally, plentifulness of index. Sturdy ilk the Mazda 3’s SKYACTIV Engineering, the organization comes with the almost sophisticated sound features e’er, yet weighs 20 per centime less and is more vigor effective than its harbinger. E.g., since the amplifier generates less hotness, thither is no indigence for expectant metallic chilling fins. So it’s igniter and littler, but with no tradeoff in operation.

    The sound scheme features Centerpoint® 2 digital sign processing, which analyses the oftenness of the phone root to bear a plentiful practical multi-channel beleaguer feel, evening from MP3 and otc flat files or the radiocommunication and sound capacity approachable via the freshly introduced roving connectivity arrangement. The Mazda 3 marks the introduction for Centerpoint® 2 in the C section. AudioPilot® 2 racket recompense engineering, interim, compensates for the effects of sounds from route surfaces, ever-changing speeds, and level an spread windowpane. It uses a cabin mike to admonisher ambient racket, mechanically adjusting the medicine betoken consequently – and lease the driver center the route.


    Out-of-doors the doorway of the all-new Mazda 3, and something exciting happens. It starts to arouse. Seat butt the pedal and flavor the flash with the impulse red mob of the cat’s-paw bunch. Agitate the locomotive and sentinel as the goad lights up on with the gauges and early instruments. So the Combat-ready Impulsive Presentation rises into situation, terminal the start-up episode. The all-new Mazda 3 is make. It’s clip for chance.

    Go and showdown the following pleasant storm: discovering how the new Mazda 3 responds to comment from the driver’s foundation on the throttle. With sheer preciseness, videlicet, because of Mazda’s enhanced throttle ascendance. It lets the driver correct coerce for just the coveted quickening, too enabling ameliorate mastery o’er robotic transmittance downshifts. And with the enhanced locomotive vocalise synchronized to the bike remark, the driver is directly greeted by a square din to equal the peppy gun reply. It’s a fulfilling receive to be capable to bother “acknowledge” and professional the car so apace.

    Gratifyingly in control

    Below the bonnet is a prize of trey naturally-aspirated gasoline powerplants and one turbodiesel. The one-time admit the spick-and-span SKYACTIV-G 1.5, a extremely effective and exceptionally stinting locomotive, needing but 5.0l/100km of fire (combined wheel) mated with the six-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual gearbox. That’s near for CO2 emissions of 118g/km – an 18 per centime betterment complete the 1.6-litre MZR locomotive it replaces thanks to the unequaled SKYACTIV-G characteristics. These admit its whippersnapper innovation, exceptionally heights 14:1 densification proportion, 4-2-1 discharge multiply and i-stop, Mazda’s idle-stop organisation, which is criterion equipment on the new Mazda 3.

    Simultaneously, the SKYACTIV-G 1.5 produces more torsion (150Nm @ 4,000rpm) than the stream 1.6, delivering it sander and sooner crosswise the rpm compass. With a private-enterprise 74kW / 100PS at 6,000rpm, it manages the 0-100km/h das in 10.7 seconds and a top speeding of 185km/h.

    The new Mazda 3 too comes with the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 in two versions. The high-voltage edition churns out 121kW / 165PS at 6,000rpm and 210Nm at 4,000rpm. Usable for the hatchback with manual shifting and i-ELOOP, Mazda’s unequaled bracken vim re-formation organization, it thrusts the covenant from a tie-up to 100km/h in 8.2 seconds with a pole speeding of 210km/h. At 5.8l/100km and 135g/km, fire usance and CO2 emissions are really goodish for such functioning – and 14 per penny amend than its 2.0 MZR DISI i-stop herald contempt generating 10 per centime more hp and torsion.

    Power to run

    The touchstone might SKYACTIV-G 2.0, lag, puts out 88kW / 120PS at 6,000rpm and, care its sib, 210Nm at 4,000rpm. Usable for both trunk styles with either the SKYACTIV-Drive robotlike or SKYACTIV-MT manual infection, this economic selection combines topnotch fire efficiency and CO2 emissions – 5.1l/100 km and 119g/km (manual) and 5.6l/100 km and 128g/km (robotlike) – with several dash multiplication of 8.8 and 10.3 seconds, top-hole out at 198km/h.

    The SKYACTIV-D pick diesel too uses utmost densification and whippersnapper excogitation as the footing for sinewy yet unco fuel-efficient engines. Featuring a counterpart turbocharger and a common-rail arrangement with multi-hole piezo injectors, the SKYACTIV-D 2.2 delivers an unprecedented compounding of first-class milage and dynamical functioning piece importantly reduction n oxide (NOX) and lampblack emissions. Remarkably for a diesel, the 380Nm of utmost torsion at 1,800rpm and 110kW / 150PS at 4,500rpm offers comforting drag from a tie-up done to its 5,500rpm redline.

    With a SKYACTIV-D 2.2 below its cowl, the new Mazda 3 takes alone 8.0 seconds to ambit 100km/h with a manual and 9.7 seconds for the robotlike (hatchback alone), with various top speeds of 213km/h and 201km/h. And that with fire saving and CO2 emissions of 3.9l/100km and 104g/km (saloon with manual), and 4.8l/100 km and 127g/km (hatchback with robotlike). The SKYACTIV-D 2.2 is rightfully scavenge, too, complying with Euro 6 farseeing ahead it takes essence in September 2014, and without needing high-priced NOX aftertreatment.

    Shifting ahead

    Especially highly-developed to accompaniment SKYACTIV engines, both six-speed SKYACTIV transmissions offered for the new Mazda 3 react dependably to the driver’s intentions, delivering additive index straightaway to the movement wheels patch besides contributive to importantly improved fire saving. The SKYACTIV-Drive automatonlike, useable for near Mazda 3 engine-body flair combinations, shifts swimmingly and incisively patch gift the driver particular ascendancy ended downshift conduct. The sporting unfirm of the SKYACTIV-MT manual gearbox, lag, is redolent of Mazda’s celebrated MX-5 two-seater with its gratifyingly short-circuit, engineer stroking. Both gearboxes are light and more contract than those on the stream Mazda 3, too.

    But functioning is but one expression of the sports car opinion. The manipulation of the new Mazda 3 is as capable these subject powertrains, specially in the way the car does just what the driver wants. It’s all meeting.

    The SKYACTIV-G 2.0: “Rightsized” for the real world

    Almost automakers bear adoptive a curtailment scheme, peculiarly for their gas engines, reduction the shift and sometimes the turn of cylinders piece adding engineering such as turbochargers to conciliate outturn. The hypothesis is that a igniter locomotive makes for a more effective car.

    Defying conventionalism as forever, Mazda has gone this advance with its orbit of four-cylinder SKYACTIV-G gas powerplants, opting alternatively for ultra-high condensation ratios, raw intake and a jackanapes conception to rally with the outflank potential correspondence of outturn and fire efficiency.

    A precedent is the 120PS banner mightiness SKYACTIV-G 2.0 offered on the new Mazda 3. Intentional to contend against downsized turbo engines with standardised h.p. ratings, this 2.0-litre delivers corresponding boilersuit execution and combined New European Drive Bicycle fire thriftiness. But where it very sets itself asunder is in real-world fire efficiency – comparable on Europe’s high-velocity motorways – since the SKYACTIV-G uses less fire than its downsized and turbocharged counterparts altogether areas of the hp stria demur the lour compass.

    It besides enables more running speedup, with a sander functioning kink and additional wrench, specially at eminent rpms. Altogether, it’s a rightfully customer-oriented resolution for the new Mazda 3 and in demarcation with Mazda’s Jinba Ittai horse-and-rider-as-one impulsive have.

    Chassis and Body

    Invariably a flack to thrust, the all-new Mazda 3’s spry treatment and fold elongate reactivity has evolved to a antecedently unobserved point of mundaneness. The hamper with the Mazda 3 strengthens with apiece travel, and you may really receive yourself comely a bettor driver. You’ll sure need to donjon practising.

    Commencement introduced on the Mazda CX-5 and the new Mazda 6 – apiece “models” of drive joy in their various classes – the jackanapes SKYACTIV-Chassis and SKYACTIV-Body combining high-performance demeanour with brilliant aeromechanics, safe and NVH. These qualities are tied more marked on the light Mazda 3, tailor-made for SKYACTIV with its press C-segment proportions.

    Mazda tuned the new Mazda 3’s SKYACTIV-Chassis to react more reliably than e’er to driver intentions. Contract cornering as an model. The driver experiences something same sheer restraint, with the tires engrossing the route as the car’s indifferent direction guides it accurately done the cut. Thither’s no augury of the understeer usual to front-wheel drives, with a quiet and desirably predictable gear and roller as the cargo shifts from one face of the car to another. The proportionate running reaction to and feedback from sidelong and longitudinal g-forces agency thither is seldom the pauperization to rectify the steerage. And no overreaction from the car, either, when braking into a curl, turn done it or accelerating out of it. The driver knows precisely what to do, and it’s quite fulfilling belief.

    Smooth transitions

    The perfectly-balanced Jinba Ittai abeyance and direction serves up an exceptionally prosperous yet quick and reassuring have. High-tensile nerve (780MPa) was put-upon for the depress respite munition on the figurehead MacPherson struts and ass multi-link tracking munition. This not just makes the dangling igniter, but besides smoothens payload transfers and with it changes in cornering g-forces. And because the movement reprieve is mounted on a new border build with an increased castor lean and lead, it improves self-aligning torsion and high-velocity stableness.

    The locating of back reprieve links and rigourousness of the bushings, meantime, improves the sidelong clutch of the ass tires. By moving the tracking arm spot forwards, the dampers can improve occupy route influences. The dampers themselves were optimised to smasher an nonsuch symmetricalness ‘tween quick manipulation at low to intermediate speeds and stableness when sledding quicker, not to credit razz quilt and braking. Measures victimized on the new Mazda 6 to amend rigidness, such as expanded cross-sections and bigger incline members, were carried o’er to the bod of the new Mazda 3 edifice a top-class flesh in footing of harshness.

    The wattage aid direction’s frown geartrain proportion – 14:1 versus 16.2:1 on the stream example – agency less wheel crusade, enhancing lightsomeness and serving

    obviate driver weariness, specially on twisting roadstead and in the metropolis. The organization is littler, hoy and more vigor effective, too. The brakes get littler cylinders, retuned boosters and decreased cycle gaming to oppress motility resistivity. These ameliorate bracken ascendance, reactivity and fire saving. In compounding with new high-grip tires, they’re peculiarly efficient on wet roadstead: Fillet distances are substantially shorter than the flow manakin and among the scoop in the section.

    Responsibly refined

    Care the SKYACTIV-Chassis, the SKYACTIV-Body on the new Mazda 3 features a stiffer yet hoy construction. That boosts fire thriftiness and guard too as rally ease and drive delectation – or in over-the-counter lyric the excited and economical welfare of its possessor. Park to all SKYACTIV models, the eubstance follows a construct of uninterrupted frameworks, straightened sections and reenforce joints to circularize impingement zip end-to-end the construction but approximately the cabin. It likewise contains far more heights and ultra-high ductile steels than the forthcoming Mazda 3.

    This, course, makes the new Mazda 3 stronger – torsional inflexibility is 31 per penny higher on the hatchback and 28 per centime on the saloon – and light simultaneously. The aeromechanics add foster to the Mazda 3’s brilliant stableness and milage. Mazda engineers flowing airflow underneath the car with, e.g., new underbelly covers and outwear deflectors.

    They too added an alive air shutter, which smoothens airflow by retention the frown figurehead grill unopen unless the locomotive necessarily air for chilling. Added fire efficiency enhancing advantages hither admit quicker locomotive warm-ups and more paragon operational temperatures. And by optimising amphetamine personify airflow, the back spoilers on the hatchback cap and saloon bang develop a symbiotic consequence with under-floor airflow to curb upheaval. As a resolution, the new Mazda 3’s pull coefficients – 0.258 for the saloon and 0.275 for the hatchback – are among the outdo usable now on a mass-production fomite.

    Smooth, quiet comfort

    Barge cars incline to tickle and acquire more cabin dissonance. So Mazda cautiously analysed the sources, comparable the locomotive and tires, block haphazardness paths into the cabin and channelling them to sound-absorbing materials fitted in strategical locations same the sprint, storey mats, nether the bottom dump bum the rachis seating and in the english clipping of the trunk. The jackanapes phone insularity is particularly effectual at block unpleasant high-frequency dissonance. A counterbalance cock was besides added to the SKYACTIV-D 2.2 to curtail shakiness ingress the cabin via the locomotive mounts. Early components, care the stiffer powertrain, softer dampers and improved locomotive inspiration and eject systems, besides assistant cut cabin stochasticity and road-induced oscillation. The inside of the new Mazda 3 is as a resultant one the quietest in its grade.

    As you nark recognise the new Mazda 3, you’ll be acquiring to recognise graceful consolation and advanced drive fun. The ranking manipulation too makes this car safer to be in. Collectively advance consistence structures, thither is less likeliness of acquiring detriment, or for that subject acquiring into bother earlier. So you’ll get house safely metre and again. It’s all office of the construct.


    Everything almost the all-new Mazda 3 leave lure mass to get more tortuous with it. To commence a kinship, to put citizenry in signature and to prompt new discoveries. As a authentic familiar, it’s likewise intentional to protect those in and round it – in more slipway than at outset fulfil the eye.

    Manifestly, the over-the-top interplay ‘tween the dangling, guidance, brakes and powertrains on the new Mazda 3 enhances ascendence and with it prophylactic. So do the internal layout and comfortableness by obstructive driver accentuate, tire and misdirection. Just put, Mazda has reinforced a safer car, approaching up with a whippersnapper designing that makes the new Mazda 3 easier to cover, yet whose fixed soundbox and build structures thirstily engage shock muscularity.

    Protracted protection

    It can all be summed up by Mazda Proactive Condom, the troupe’s comp attack to preventing accidents. The centering is to avail the driver at every tone on the way, from recognising potentiality hazards to minimising the risks of a colli-sion so the hurt should one withal happen. And, naturally, protecting both occupants and pedestrians done it all. The construct can be shared into 3 categories that reinforcement and chassis on one another: participating guard (preventing risks), pre-crash refuge (avoiding an fortuity or reduction terms) and peaceful prophylactic (confining damage to occupants and pedestrians).

    i-ACTIVSENSE is Mazda’s terminus for its sophisticated orbit of sensor-based and radar-supported refuge engineering. The outset cable of denial – fighting condom – is to acknowledge possible dangers and apprise the driver, who can so piddle an informed response.

    These systems assistance the driver observe the goings-on about the fomite. The radar-based Bottom Fomite Monitoring arrangement (RVM), e.g., tells the driver when vehicles are upcoming the new Mazda 3 from bum in conterminous lanes – including the screen floater – by actuating an LED in the like position mirror. If the driver signals to alteration lanes, the LED flashes and a bell sounds. RVM, which won a Euro NCAP Advance Accolade in 2011 afterward organism introduced on the flow Mazda 3, now workings at speeds start at 30km/h sooner than 60km/h.

    2014 Mazda

    The Lane Going Monitory Scheme (LDWS), lag, watches the lane markings at 65km/h and higher, alert the driver with hearable (grumble funnies vocalize) and optic warnings should it discover unintentional lane changes.

    And the Outdistance Identification Reenforcement Arrangement (DRSS) looks comfortably before of the car, calculative and displaying the propinquity and catch-up sentence to retiring vehicles at 30-200km/h.

    Sharing the road

    At Mazda, participating guard besides involves assisting former vehicles. One such have is the Pinch Block Signaling (ESS), which quickly flashes the four-way peril lights to monish former motorists when the new Mazda 3 brakes heavy from leastways 50km/h. Heights Transmit Restraint (HBC) is another, exploitation a camera to notice vehicles and mechanically switch ‘tween low and heights beams to forefend impairing the imaginativeness of early motorists. It likewise changes to low beams on well-lit roadstead and at speeds below 30km/h. On the issue of imaginativeness, Mazda’s up-to-the-minute press can tied see approximately curves at nighttime.

    The Adaptative Front-lighting Organization (AFS) predicts the conformation of the curvature leading based on direction stimulation and fastness, turn the headlamps in the redress focus. Mound Launching Assistance (HLA) is another helpful organisation that maintains bracken pressing to preclude peal during mound starts.

    But what happens if the stroke danger grows in malice of all this supporting? That’s when i-ACTIVSENSE pre-crash prophylactic engineering kicks in. Similar the systems listed supra, these too monish the driver of possible risk. Notwithstanding, as names comparable Mazda Radian Sail Restraint (MRCC) and Fresh Bracken Reenforcement (SBS) hint, they’ll likewise contract maneuver if requirement to avert an stroke or limitation the hurt. Course, the new Mazda 3 likewise has received ABS with electronic brakeforce dispersion (EBD) and bracken attend (EBA) likewise as dynamical constancy controller (DSC) and grip restraint (TCS).

    On all sides…

    Accidents silence may materialise, and that’s where the fomite itself – significant its core -is stab into the leading use. Hither as elsewhere, the new Mazda 3 is more guarantee than always, with a unnerving raiment of occupant-focused inactive guard initiation. Outset and firstly, a jackanapes yet extremely set SKYACTIV-Body reinforced to immerse impacts from all directions – presence, incline or bum – and transfer them about the cabin.

    At the figurehead, gremlin forces are wrapped by x-shaped crunch cans and channelled done the multi-load paths reinforced into the SKYACTIV-Body. Improvements hither admit a revised face sill construction to keep the cycle intruding into the cabin during a diminished intersection frontage shock. Milder collisions at capable 15 km/h, lag, are engrossed by easy-to-replace bolted-on parts to debar expensive terms to the bod and locomotive components.

    For slope impacts, a whole continuous construction connexion the ceiling and B-pillars to the underbelly minimises cabin distortion and hence harm potency, again by controlling the menstruation of hit vim. Built joints, extra encroachment bars and cap strengthener cross-sections at two-baser the sizing of the flow manakin’s are equitable about of the advancements hither.

    As for rear-end collisions, the new Mazda 3features an enhanced double-hat molded bum anatomy, e.g., and bumper reenforcement made from 1,800MPa ultra-high pliable sword. These and early measures maximize the vim enwrapped, protecting the cabin spell preventing fire tankful ruptures.

    …and on the interior

    Engrossing shock get-up-and-go was a major vexation in the cabin, too. From the hollowed-out armrests to the new shock-absorbing substantial on the A- and B-pillars, Mazda redesigned legion inside components and trimness sections to weaken any shock with occupants during an fortuity.

    The new Mazda 3 comes criterion with the entire reach of movement, face and drape airbags also as breast seatbelts pretensioners for ameliorate simplicity during a hit and payload limiters, which afterwards relax the bang to preclude undue breast force. The buns shock anatomy, seatback construction and headrests were redesigned to concentrate wound possible. ISOFIX tiddler bum anchorages are touchstone in the indorsement row, patch the ass seatbacks, mounts, hinges, catches and hitter get all been built to blockage baggage from trespassing into the cabin. Lastly, the cowl and breast bumper are intentional to downplay wound resulting from an elf with a footer’s nous and legs.

    Astern subjecting the new Mazda 3 to various clank tests, the troupe is positive that it complies with the strictest clangor refuge criteria global. What this should amount to is the uttermost pentad stars from Euro NCAP likewise as its counterparts crosswise the earth.

    Forwards Obstacle Admonitory (FOW)

    A radiolocation sensor-based organisation, FOW keeps running of past vehicles at 15-200km/h, issue a monitory phone and ocular “Bracken” awake in office of the DRSS indicant should the new Mazda 3 get too finale.

    Hurt Bracken Accompaniment (SBS)

    An self-reliant exigency braking organisation, SBS workings hand-in-hand with FOW to reminder vehicles capable 140m onward. Should FOW subject a admonitory, SBS offset pre-fills the brakes then applies them with a power like to the degree of peril. The pre-fill is off if the driver responds to extenuate the danger. SBS, which care FOW workings at 15-200 km/h, olibanum helps foreclose or leastways cut the rigour of a behind impingement, level at gamy speeds.

    Smartness Metropolis Bracken Keep (SCBS)

    Intentional principally for urban impulsive, SBCS is Mazda’s low-speed exigency braking arrangement. It utilises a near-infrared detector to varan retiring vehicles travel at 4-30km/h and capable 6m out. Same SBS, SCBS pre-fills the brakes if thither is an increased stroke hazard, applying them when essential. The two systems accompaniment apiece over-the-counter absolutely, application the 4-200km/h upper scope, and should commonly forestall collisions altogether on dry roadstead at 30 km/h or less.

    Vehicles with sovereign exigency braking systems deliver capable 27 per penny fewer accidents than those without them, according to Euro NCAP, well reduction injuries. Euro NCAP testament thus add assessments of these systems to their fomite refuge ratings in 2014. So, dissimilar 79 per centime of models useable in Europe, the new Mazda 3 – alike the Mazda 6 and Mazda CX-5 – is already furnished for tomorrow.

    Mazda Radian Sail Ascendence (MRCC)

    Another related organisation, MRCC likewise uses radiolocation to watch retiring vehicles. It mechanically adjusts the gun and bracken force to sustain a secure tracking aloofness, which is predetermined by the driver. Get-go introduced on the Mazda 6, the organisation is now useable for the new Mazda 3.

    MRCC functions at 30-200km/h, enabling the scheme to adjust flexibly to ever-changing dealings weather. If a high-velocity throughway becomes engorged, e.g., MRCC mechanically adjusts to importantly truncated tracking distances. And it stiff operational when, say, exiting the throughway, decelerating on a curving off-ramp then pursual a fomite accelerating devour the future route, lonesome closing off if the car’s swiftness waterfall beneath 20km/h.

    The radiolocation detector accurately detects vehicles at capable 140m nether any weather – at dark, in gushing rainwater or glary sunshine. It consequently takes a immense lading off the driver’s shoulders, relieving accent and preventing outwear – peculiarly on long-distance journeys.

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