2014 Mazda Hazumi Concept

Mazda Hazumi Concept

One view Mazda’s new propagation models – the Mazda CX-5, Mazda6 and Mazda3 – volition reassert that the KODO pattern is outlined by a dynamical, life construction of gesture. In the Mazda Hazumi the heart of KODO has been captured in a compress consistency without losing an oz. of encroachment. A freshly highly-developed 1.5-litre SKYACTIV-D pick diesel promises prominent fire thriftiness without flexible knock-down, elongate execution. In gain to enhancing prophylactic basics such as impulsive place and field, Hazumi adopts Mazda’s with-it compass of i-ACTIVSENSE refuge features. Lag, MZD Join offers drivers the fun and contrivance of smartphone connectivity in a formatting that is rubber and allow for in-vehicle use. Refusing to bow to the conventions of the subcompact grade and refusing to compromise in any of the foursome key areas of Mazda’s fomite technology, the Mazda Hazumi points the way for Mazda’s next-generation subcompact.

2014 Mazda Hazumi Concept

The construct’s gens is a beneficial fit both for the expression of the car and its mark commercialise. Hazumi is a Japanese acceptation to “boundary” or “develop” and was elect to bring an effigy of a modest but vigorous brute, bursting with push. It too describes possible B-segment buyers: untested, dynamical, vivacious and challenging.

The Hazumi is yet another representative of KODO’s brobdingnagian possible and how easily it adapts to dissimilar vehicles of unlike sizes. “Whereas with thirster models such as the SHINARI we use foresightful and disengage lines of question stretch from figurehead to rear to utter KODO, with Hazumi we’ve created a mannikin which suggests volatile movement,” says Hazumi headman decorator Ryo Yanagisawa. “It’s wish an sensual self-possessed to swoop.

2014 Mazda Hazumi Concept

Every heftiness is held strain as it gathers muscularity for the chamfer. Contempt organism little, KODO gives the car a front that can’t be unheeded, and a contour that has impulsive joy scripted everywhere it.”

Exterior design

The KODO excogitation seeks to get the momentary tenseness, peach and superpower of support creatures in motility. By wadding the knock-down and active movements of KODO into a covenant five-door hatchback, Mazda has granted the Hazumi classifiable outside styling and an gymnastic anatomy made for the route. This is KODO in its almost extremely saturated mannikin yet.

Drafting the contract cabin as far to the arse as potential places the gist of sobriety nigh the behind wheels. It creates a hoagie molded consistency start from the low and marked intrude and rise toward the ass to conduct a stiff sentience of advancement. The abrupt, well-defined silhouette is a crystallise going from mainstream subcompact conception where “one-motion cast” styles dominate. The curt overhangs and brawny fenders that jut o’er the impressively big wheels emphasize the car’s warm and acrobatic posture.

But it is not all roughly looks. As with all its new-generation products, Mazda has put a big center aeromechanics, optimising the airflow o’er the speed trunk and creating a turbulence-rectifying under-floor construction. Tuned specifically for the density of the car, these elements render brilliant aeromechanics.


The headlamps and lattice are positioned low to the reason as potential, bounteous the forepart nerve a shrill expression resonant of a chetah on the lurch. Yet the car someways manages to be cunning concurrently, ensuring onlookers testament presently smell a sentience of warmheartedness. The LED directive rings add deepness and solidness to the headlamps, evoking the strong-minded eyes of an wild sensual. Another KODO hallmark, the al touch flank, underscores the grill earlier carving done the headlamps, impartation a deep sculpturesque expression.


With its short-change overhangs and pillars that face quick to thrust the essence of the presence and backside tires, the Hazumi displays the gymnastic silhouette of a sports car when viewed from the incline. A yearn job starts from the cowl, crests complete the movement cycle and runs clear to the back, patch an imbrication demarcation peaks terminated the arse cycle, emulating a round of flexing muscles and adding to the firm sentiency of progress. The airfoil textures of the consistency are fat with tensity, accentuating the car’s big-boned chassis.


The hard deep-rooted back wheels keep the gamey hipline and, jointly the steeply disposed backrest windowpane, make a substantial smell of advancement. The classifiable oblong ass compounding lamps get hurrying piece possessing the acute vim of the headlamps.


The aluminum wheels lineament a active pattern expressing a knock-down strength radiating from the heart of apiece pedal. The demarcation betwixt the beaming luster produced by the al milling appendage and the night metal key devote a tight, three-d flavor.

2014 Mazda Hazumi Concept

Interior design

The inside of the Hazumi imparts the like active smell of upper as the SHINARI, MINAGI and TAKERI conception cars that preceded it, maintaining brilliant functionality as an port betwixt car and driver. The high-quality smell of the inner exceeds the standards of the section, but too gives a ignitor and young effect that befits a subcompact framework.

Cabin layout

Upper is at the inwardness of the upcountry shapes, which open from supra the cat’s-paw flock to the doorway reduce and gist soothe. The essence, interchangeable to the outside, is a active gumption of progression. The rider quad begins now with an board wrought same the flank of an plane, creating a well-situated flavor of receptiveness. The inwardness comfort is suspended ilk a bridgework, enhancing the impression of distance and creating more board in the groundwork wells.

The cat’s-paw bunch is intentional some the driver’s core bloc. It features a ace, centrally-positioned calibre with displays dissemination ilk wings on either english. The layout of the essence expose, Participating Drive Exhibit, and commandant ascendancy, is based on Mazda’s unequalled buzz auto port (HMI) conception called the Wide-awake Cockpit. It is intentional to assistant drivers flock with big amounts of entropy piece retention their eyes on the route forward and maintaining a condom and unchanging consistence berth.


2014 Mazda Hazumi Concept

In every expanse, the superiority forms let a sculptural show amplified by reflections of lightness and apparition. The textile for apiece was crafted to optimize its show. Key components of the midland such as controls and displays use a superimposed compounding of laborious well-defined alloy and rich acrylic stuff. This produces a spark and playful opinion befitting a subcompact, patch maintaining a high-quality ambience.


The upcountry is intentional with blacken leather as the pedestal and ovalbumin leather put-upon in sealed places such as the board. A Crimson-coloured corporeal with a nubuck flavor is secondhand on the seating. This modernistic colour-coordination, which is both boldface and magical, makes the inner face young and neat concurrently.

Introducing a newly developed small-displacement clean diesel

2014 Mazda Hazumi Concept

The Mazda Hazumi offers the full-of-the-moon rooms of SKYACTIV Engineering, optimally tuned for a subcompact. It delivers the quick impulsive one would wait from a supermini with elongate operation that provides a gumption of surety.

The SKYACTIV-D 1.5-liter clean diesel engine

The Mazda Hazumi besides marks the humankind premier of the SKYACTIV-D 1.5. This contract and whippersnapper pick diesel is intentional for ultra-efficient interal burning upright wish the larger SKYACTIV-D 2.2. It offers copious torsion and active operation that is analogue correct capable the redline, likewise as fantabulous CO2 emissions below 90 g/km with the Mazda Hazumi. It testament too action rigorous Euro 6 requirements without subsequently discourse systems similar an NOx ambuscade or selective catalytic simplification.

i-ACTIVSENSE advanced safety

This modeling features i-ACTIVSENSE modern refuge technologies based on Mazda Proactive Safe. This is Mazda’s condom ism aiming to maximize the ambit of weather in which the driver can crusade safely and downplay the risks that leash to accidents. These technologies volition helper drivers revel the Mazda Hazumi safely and with repose.

New-generation in-car connectivity

2014 Mazda Hazumi Concept

Youth multitude lust exhilarating experiences and neediness to plowshare them with their friends as presently as potential. Mazda addresses the necessarily of these youth drivers – or anyone for that subject who wants to check affiliated at all multiplication – with MZD Join, a new connectivity scheme introduced with the all-new Mazda3. In combining with the Wide-awake Cockpit, MZD Relate is intentional to let drivers to admittance the fun and contrivance of their smartphones in a condom and easy-to-use initialise spell ass the cycle.

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