2014 Kia Soul

Kia Soul

The Big Apple, possibly America’s about iconic city, has played legion to the world-wide introduction of Kia Motors’ virtually iconic mass proposer, the all-new 2014 Psyche urban usefulness fomite, at the 2013 New York Outside Car Prove. The touch Psyche excogitation is forthwith recognisable yet soundly wise, with more a qualifying nod to the hot Track’ster concept that was unveiled in 2012. Equitation on a new anatomy that is stiffer, yearner and wider, the all-new Kia Someone has big up without losing its sharpness, allowing for more rider and payload board patch reduction NVH levels. Increased torsion and important reprieve upgrades micturate the 2014 Person a agile and nimble associate in engorged urban environments. Kia Psyche testament be offered in deuce-ace unparalleled reduce levels: Fundament, Summation and Promulgate, with the Fundament trimming start $14,700 MSRP, Addition at $18,200 and Promulgate at $20,300, not including finish charges of $795.

2014 Kia Soul

“When the first Soul was introduced in 2009, everyone at Kia believed we had a hit on our custody, but we didn’t understand how big that hit was loss to be,” aforementioned Michael Sprague, administrator v.p. of merchandising and communications at Kia Motors America (KMA). “The Psyche affected the goad importantly from a sales and merchandising position, seemly one of our top-selling cars and inspiring the now-legendary hamster commercials. It was crucial that the all-new Mortal stay truthful to the pilot iconic excogitation spell infusing it with improved drive kinetics and worthy features that add entreaty, sophistry and esteem.”

2014 Kia Soul

Retention what made the flow Somebody especial patch addressing areas for advance was no promiscuous project. As the invention squad at Kia’s California studio began putt practical pen to practical theme, engineers in the U.S. and Korea focussed on devising Person a joy to ride. Start with a self-coloured creation was a key ingredient, and the new personify enjoys a 28.7 pct increment in torsional inflexibility ended the flow Somebody. With the heavy points set, the all-new Individual was stewed kill to tercet focalise areas: Maintaining the iconic invention piece adding modernistic cues; providing agio features and message; and up drive kinetics that would pee-pee the 2014 Person more worthy than e’er.

Iconic Design

Long-familiar for the conclusion connection betwixt its conception vehicles and product models, Kia Motors took no chances with the 2014 Person. When the barbaric Racetrack’ster construct made its launching in 2012, Individual enthusiasts and pundits like urged Kia to act fantasise into world. With 18 months from invention halt to output, the stagecoach was set for the all-new Mortal and many of the construct’s spectacular excogitation cues can be launch in the product fomite. Tom Kearns, gaffer decorator at the California studio likened the Cartroad’ster to a bulldog and that stem is verbalized from nearly any lean of the all-new Soulfulness.

2014 Kia Soul

“The all-new Kia Psyche was one of the more unmanageable assignments we’ve interpreted on,” aforesaid Kearns. “Contact the veracious equaliser betwixt the rattling figure of the flow car with the daring proportions and posture of the Raceway’ster was intimidating. It proven to be a really collaborative exertion with counsel from Prick Schreyer in Frankfurt and help from our studio in Korea. Ultimately, we’ve unbroken the heart of Someone piece infusing it with more front inner and out.”

The good position, squared shoulders and classifiable pilot flares are instantaneously placeable as Mortal. Combine a thirster 101.2-inch wheelbase (up 0.8 inches), boilersuit breadth that’s broadened to 70.9 inches (increased by 0.6 inches) and the like boilersuit peak of 63.4 inches, adds a more belligerent border to the all-new Individual’s appearing. Also, the wraparound glasshouse, high-mounted backside lights and magniloquent bait peak are all assay-mark invention elements. Agiotage touches such as useable LED strawman placement lights and bottom LED “doughnut” lights assistant join Someone to siblings inside the Kia card that percentage interchangeable designing cues, such as the 2014 Sorento CUV and 2014 Specialty saloon.

Outside Rail’ster similarities are gentle to berth. The expectant trapezoidal frown air ingestion is nigh a organize carryover of the construct, and the fix of the usable fog lights – consume low and pushed to the starring edges – mirror those ground on the Rail’ster. Kia’s touch lattice is acquaint, but it’s been reworked to more tight resemble the construct. Adding a signature of irrupt, the alone “vagrant” torso colouration impanel insert into the raise rod has its roots based in the Cartroad’ster likewise. Elusive enhancements admit a wider (by 2.4 inches complete the premature Somebody) orifice for the rhytidoplasty gat, allowing Someone to deglutition more binge. Spell net colouring names get yet to be compulsive, the 2014 Kia Mortal leave be uncommitted in sevener new outside hues, including the two seen on leg in New York: Solar Xanthous and Hell Red.

Boilersuit, the invention squad nonrecreational detail tending to ingraining a more agio expression and smell to the 2014 Someone’s internal. Loose applications of soft-touch materials are institute on the panel, essence comfort and threshold panels. Details such as useable leather seats with improved sidelong and thigh supporting, and the use of high-gloss piano-black passementerie pieces on the centre cabinet and dassie lift the Person’s inner to new levels of mundaneness.

Citing the flow Person national as a start detail, Kia’s designers played up the throwaway radical plant interior Rails’ster. “With the premature Mortal, we rather swaybacked our toe in the weewee when it came to incorporating the throwaway patterns,” renowned Kearns. “But for the all-new Psyche, we genuinely treasured to rhytidoplasty as many of the Racecourse’ster’s broadsheet internal acknowledgment points as potential.”

Movement and essence is the triple-circle cat’s-paw clump with deep sunken gauges. On the doorway panels, sculptured circles contain the powerfulness windows and threshold locks. The centerfield comfort features a turn train switching node and push-button beginning – its emplacement sole to Mortal in the Kia card – which besides are calculate carryovers from Rail’ster. The forepart door-mounted speakers mirror the broadsheet, high-mounted “vagrant” tweeters and use useable LED-string lightness engineering to make ripple-effect red-hued temper kindling. The steering-wheel mounted controls are housed in Soul-exclusive flyer groupings on the glower spokes with the buttons for the sound organization and slip estimator dropping pronto to the thumbs, enabling the driver’s men to rest on the cycle at all multiplication.

“If you entertain droplets dropping into a stillness pool, you start to figure the inhalation for the all-new Somebody’s national designing,” aforementioned Kearns. “The pattern is constituent, same the flesh, and we tone it makes the inner that practically more likeable to the driver and passengers.” Fetching that charm a stair foster is Mortal’s worthy number of stock and optional equipment.

A Street Soul Named “Desire”

An attractive packet is a let-down if the contents don’t return. Luckily, the all-new Kia Individual is set to revel rectify out of the gat. Almost spectacular in the new board is the uncommitted eight-inch touchscreen – the largest always offered on Soulfulness – which houses Kia’s second-generation telematics and docudrama organization, UVO eServices, combined with Kia’s low use of the Android-based operational program. Entry with Individual, UVO eServices is now compatible with the iPhone and Humanoid Smartphone.

UVO eServices is optional and takes in-car connectivity and media interplay to the succeeding storey, desegregation a routine of over-the-counter Kia firsts. Top-hole that tilt is the high-definition capacitive touchscreen. Its across-the-board wake fish affords bettor visibleness and allows the exploiter to curl with the virgule of a fingerbreadth. Livelihood side-by-side first in a Kia fomite, the sound/tv and optional pilotage controls are viewable on the house screenland. Combination the about accessed adjunct controls on a individual sieve helps dilute driver beguilement and improves boilersuit functionality and ease-of-use. Additionally, the usable bigger Supervising Clump/TFT LCD coloring covert base in the cat’s-paw binnacle now displays turn-by-turn directions from the sailing scheme, serving to sustenance the driver’s eyes look forrader.

Another get-go is the desegregation of Pandora net wireless, the rotatory on-line radiocommunication meshwork that allows the exploiter to customise their hearing see. Users leave no thirster oversee Pandora done their Smartphone. Rather, Pandora is preloaded into the headunit and approachable done the touchscreen and Vocalization Bid, displaying the artist, deed and album concealment art too as allowing the exploiter to handily decamp songs, “comparable” the birdsong with Pandora’s thumbs-up evaluation arrangement, or supervise favourite stations.

Arriving with a tercet month free subscription to SiriusXM&craft; Information Services and Travelling Linkup, the all-new Kia Mortal has entree to travelling entropy such as route weather, conditions and protection alerts too as sports gobs, flick multiplication, neckcloth prices and fire prices done the concealment’s graphic port and electronic programme template. Ameliorate lull, customers bequeath cover to get All Approach to both Sirius and XM channels for the terms of one should they chosen to uphold a paying subscription aft the iii month tribulation menstruum concludes.

Qualification all of this usable engineering wanton to use is the industry-first consolidation of on-screen warm scout videos. Easy accessed done the touchscreen, users bear the power to purview instructional videos that spotlight all of the features and functionality of UVO eServices on with the Smartphone app and MyUVO.com, including MyPOIs, powered by Google Maps. Combined, UVO eServices represents one of the well-nigh brawny and comp docudrama systems on the mart now. Devising UVO eServices evening more telling is that thither is no toll to the possessor.

Engineering parenthesis, driver and passengers bequeath love a bigger and importantly quieter cabin with incremental increases ahead leg board (42.9 inches, 0.8 inches more the flow Person), arse leg board (up 0.2 inches to 39.1), breast clearance (increased 0.2 inches to 39.6) and battlefront ass berm board (up 0.3 inches to 55.5). The all-new Someone besides offers a 0.5-inch glower hip item and a panty stature that’s rock-bottom 0.2 inches, allowing for evening easier entrance and issue. Boilersuit shipment content is increased by a one-half three-dimensional groundwork, to 24.2. Free use of enlargement froth (replacement the antecedently put-upon closure fizz) exhaustively fills torso cavities, reduction remote flatus and route dissonance. A strengthened isolation pad in the hold and poly-urethane-layered rug helps cut boilersuit national interference levels by some 3 decibels.

2014 Kia Soul

The Stand Someone comes banner with a foresightful inclination of features that set it obscure from the competitor. Superpower windows, doorway locks and (het) out-of-door mirrors, a telescoping wheel and a six-speaker AM/FM/MP3 sound whole are all received. Bluetooth® hands-free radio engineering, SiriusXM&craft; planet radiocommunication with trey months gratis avail and USB/AUX inputs round the Groundwork Mortal’s telling sound/documentary equipment. Worthy options admit removed keyless ingress, 16-inch admixture wheels, sail ascendence and a six-speed reflexive infection.

The Kia Mortal Asset takes a intensify in stock and uncommitted optional comforts. Attractive 17-inch debase wheels shoed with 215/55R-17 tires, exterior mirror turn-signal indicators, auto-on/off header lights and alone cowcatcher dress tell the Positive from the Stand outside. Inner, the Asset benefits admit a story soothe stowing box with unified arm relaxation, UVO eServices, Behind Camera Show and back arse essence arm balance. Options admit sailing, an upgraded Eternity® sound organization, string-LED strawman verbaliser environment mode firing, fog lights, a bird’s-eye sunshine-roof – a Individual outset – leather seats with segment-exclusive ventilated breast driver and rider seating, and backside heaters for all foursome outboard positions, a 10-way might adjustable driver’s arse, leather cloaked and het wheel and a leather-wrapped train switching node.

The Individual Outcry adds to the Positive as measure features 18-inch admixture wheels engrossed in 235/45R-18 tires, fog lights, body-color bumper “tusks,” projector psyche lights, figurehead LED placement lights and backside LED “gloriole” lights. Spread the threshold and measure conveniences admit a high-gloss piano-black core cabinet, cooled mitt box, leather-wrapped wheel and cogwheel slip thickening, 10-way ability driver’s buns with lumbar readjustment and auto-dimming rearview mirror. Optional equipment includes piloting, Eternity sound, battlefront verbalizer LED climate firing, bird’s-eye sunshine-roof, leather seats with battlefront driver and rider breathing and heat for all quartet outboard positions. Supervising Bundle/TFT LCD concealment, HID header lights, push starting and robotic clime ascendancy pee-pee the Promulgate the nigh bounty Psyche always.

Improved Driving Dynamics

2014 Kia Soul

Reinforced on an all-new figure that is nigh 29 pct stiffer than ahead, the Kia Individual’s stalwart frame provides the foundation for a fomite that places a agio on drive kinetics. Engineers put their efforts in strengthening the torso at key connectedness points on the hood, speed and lour B-pillars, crossbreeding members, and at the C-pillars. Full, 66 percentage of the form utilizes either Extremist Mellow Potency Nerve (35 pct) or Gamy Lastingness Nerve (31 percentage). The A-pillar is 0.8-inches narrower, allowing for improved outward-bound visibleness, but done the use of Extremist Gamy Force Blade, it’s ignitor and stronger. The diligence of geomorphological adhesive round the threshold openings and on the cap besides helps better torsional rigidness.

Pregnant care has been focussed on up the all-new Mortal’s cod and treatment done intemperately revised figurehead and arse hanging set ups. The movement subframe utilizes foursome bushings (none are ill-used on the flow Psyche) to cut cod rigorousness and shock booms o’er boisterous paving. The stabiliser bar has been stirred back on the McPherson tittup figurehead abeyance, patch the direction box has been affected onward, loaning punter equaliser and afterwards improved treatment.

2014 Kia Soul

Relocating the direction box has besides yielded benefits to on-center smell. The new one-piece steerage paraphernalia trapping is stronger than the bikini whole ill-used on the flow Individual, up steerage answer and reduction impacts matt-up done the roll. Optional is a new Deform Lead&deal; organization, which allows the driver to quality from trey decided steerage settings: Solace, Rule and Play.

The jar absorbers on the torque bar ass abeyance sustain been sour vertically (they were positioned at an tilt on the flow Person) and elongated. This organisation allows for more abeyance travelling, up drive consolation.

Motive for the Groundwork Mortal is delivered by a gasolene engineer injectant (GDI) 130-horsepower (at 6,300 rpm) 1.6-liter all-aluminum DOHC four-cylinder locomotive. The GAMMA locomotive produces 118 lb.-ft. of torsion at 4,850 rpm. The Asset and Cry models delight the more knock-down 2.0-liter NU powerhouse. For the all-new 2014 Kia Soulfulness, the locomotive is updated with GDI engineering. Mightiness is rated at 164 h.p. at 6,200 rpm and 151 lb.-ft. of torsion at a 4,000 rpm. Both engines deliver been tuned to furnish more low-end torsion (nine-spot pct more torsion at 1,500 rpm on the 2.0-liter; phoebe percentage more on 1.6-liter) for an improved around-town impulsive see. The 1.6-liter locomotive is paired to a six-speed manual transmitting or, optionally, to a six-speed machinelike. The Positive example may be weaponed with either transmittance patch the Cry is useable entirely with the six-speed robotlike.

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