2014 Jeep Patriot

Jeep Patriot

For 2014 the Landrover® Nationalist boasts improved on-road operation, wish of a new six-speed robotic transmitting. With matchless Landrover potentiality altogether upwind weather, fire saving capable 30 miles per gal (mpg), more 30 condom and protection features and a start U.S. Manufacturers Suggested Ret Terms (MSRP) of $15,995, the 2014 Landrover Nationalist is the outdo priced SUV in America.

The 2014 Nationalist is signally a Landrover, intentional to ingathering to compact-SUV buyers who lack traditional Landrover styling with best-in-class off-road capacity at an low-cost damage.

Nationalist offers consumers segment-leading 4×4 capableness and first-class fire efficiency on with tough outside styling and cunning inside features.

2014 Jeep Patriot

“Landrover Nationalist delivers best-in-class 4×4 capableness with an iconic Landrover figure,” aforementioned Microphone Manley, Chairperson and CEO – Landrover Steel, Chrysler Grouping LLC. “With a new six-speed reflex transmittal for 2014, Nationalist features improved on-road drive kinetics without sacrificing any of its best-in-class off-road potentiality. Scoop of all: Landrover Nationalist is hush the best-priced SUV in America.”

Jammed with received features that render valuate and gizmo for drivers and passengers, the 2014 Landrover Nationalist stock features admit: forepart seat-mounted english air bags, electronic stableness ascendancy, electronic peal palliation, Hill-start Attend, anti-lock brakes, lighted cup holders, sunblock deoxyephedrine, fog lamps, obliterable/ rechargeable torch, remote temperature expose, bum fold-flat 60/40 foldable behind, back windowpane de-ice and wiper, careen guidance editorial, sail command and sliding visors with mirror.

2014 Jeep Patriot

In gain to the measure features, the 2014 Landrover Nationalist offers an align of ingenious features consumers testament value whether commutation to study, exploring out-of-the-way places or drive in intriguing brave weather. A Uconnect Media Essence with iPod port, SiriusXM Wireless, seafaring with SiriusXM Travelling Liaison, mightiness sunshine-roof, a agiotage sound organization with niner Boston Acoustical speakers, articulating liftgate speakers, and fold-flat bum seating are roughly of the useable features that pee-pee the 2014 Landrover Nationalist the perfective press SUV, enabling drivers and passengers to revel any chance.

2014 Jeep Patriot

For 2014, the Landrover Nationalist continues to whirl an All-weather Capableness Aggroup choice which includes Goodyear 17-inch all-terrain tires, all-season level mats, daylight functional headlamps, block smoke and tow maulers, fashioning the Nationalist the nearly open press SUV off-road and altogether conditions weather.

6F24 six-speed PowerTech automatic transmission

Uncommitted first in almost 2014 Landrover Nationalist models is the foremost 6F24 six-speed automatonlike transmittal. Severally highly-developed by PowerTech and svelte for coating in the 2014 Landrover Nationalist, the six-speed robotlike is amply electronic and intentional for fire efficiency and improved operation.

Constrict and whippersnapper, the 6F24 eliminated many possible excess technology efforts from a publicity viewpoint with the bod layout. Boilersuit distance of the transmittal is 378.5 mm.

The six-speed reflex features a tight aligned 5.46 paraphernalia gap that provides near unperceivable shift from launching done highway speeds. With a 4.21 first and stock Automobile Reefer for manual-like unfirm, speedup characteristics pitch fun-to-drive turmoil.

With a 0.77 6th gearing, locomotive rpm is importantly decreased at highway speeds for optimum fire efficiency. The stepped slip docket crossways all six gears is intentional for optimum fire thriftiness in metropolis drive likewise. Customers leave posting exceedingly silence functioning end-to-end the appurtenance ranges with the use of noise-resistant gears that efficaciously slim randomness, vibe and severeness (NVH).

2014 Jeep Patriot

The terminal crusade proportion when paired to the 2.0-liter I-4 locomotive is 3.648. When paired to the 2.4-liter I-4 locomotive both the 4×2 and 4×4 versions bequeath deliver a net campaign proportion of 3.367.

The new six-speed contagion likewise helps slim price of possession and sustentation costs with its fill-for-life invention. Thither is no transmittal dipstick, and transmittance permeate or mobile changes are not compulsory below formula impulsive weather. Low-viscosity mobile is put-upon to ameliorate fire saving by enabling faster operational temperatures on the transmittance to dilute drag interior components.

2014 Jeep Patriot

Segment-leading capability

The 2014 Landrover Nationalist offers customers unexcelled 4×4 off-road capableness with Landrover Exemption Driving II.

2014 Jeep Patriot

Landrover Nationalist is usable in deuce-ace drivetrain configurations. In plus to the banner front-wheel-drive arrangement, it too is usable with Exemption Crusade I and Exemption Campaign II.

Landrover Exemption Driving I 4×4 is an usable full-time, combat-ready four-wheel-drive organization with operate style intentional to pay drivers year-around pledge with the power to hold raspy upwind and low-traction weather. This dynamic four-wheel-drive scheme is recommended for day-by-day use, including cunning weather that accompany pelting and spark bamboozle. Exemption Ride I likewise features a lockable centerfield conjugation, handsome drivers the power to put the Landrover Nationalist in four-wheel-drive ringlet manner to grip inscrutable coke, backbone and over-the-counter low-traction surfaces.

The Landrover Exemption Campaign II 4×4 Off-road Bundle is an usable four-wheel-drive arrangement that delivers Landrover Lead Rated capableness in Nationalist manakin. The Exemption Ride II Off-road Bundle includes a second-generation continuously-variable transaxle with low grasp (CVT2L) that engages when the off-road style is excited, 19:1 grovel proportion, 17-inch all-terrain tires and al wheels, a lifesize bare wear, slue plates, tow maulers, fog lamps and manual backside stature adjustor. The useable Exemption Campaign II Off-road Packet is recommended for off-road situations that admit absorb grades, periodic rack heave and careen or log mounting.

The 2014 Landrover Nationalist’s powertrain is intentional to pitch foremost operation altogether endure weather, with prodigious fire thriftiness and shade, all at an low-cost, value-packed cost.

The Landrover Nationalist features a banner 2.0-liter I-4 Reality Locomotive for the 2014 Nationalist Variation and Parallel models that delivers 158 hp (117 kW) and 141 lb.-ft. (191 N&shit;m) of torsion conjugate with the continuously-variable contagion II (CVT2), and delivers 30 mpg on the highway when paired to the five-speed manual contagion.

The proved 2.4-liter I-4 Reality Locomotive produces 172 h.p. (129 kW) and 165 lb.-ft. (224 N&bruiser;m) of torsion, is useable on all models and is received on the Express. This 2.4-liter Earth Locomotive has two-fold variable-valve timing (VVT) on both inspiration and fumes camshafts, which helps optimise the torsion curvature at all speeds and produces more superpower, bettor fire thriftiness and sander, quieter procedure than engines without three-fold VVT. Duple VVT is a engineering typically not usable on vehicles sold in the Joined States in the Landrover Nationalist’s cost form. The Nationalist’s 2.4-liter four-cylinder locomotive opposite with a five-speed manual transaxle in front-wheel ride form delivers 23 mpg in the metropolis, and 28 mpg on the highway.

The 2014 Landrover Nationalist besides features a stock five-speed manual transaxle on the Nationalist Mutation exemplar, a new six-speed reflex contagion that is uncommitted on the Nationalist Mutation exemplar and stock on the Parallel and Special models and the CVT2L transmittal on vehicles with Exemption Campaign II. The Nationalist’s CVT2L is a second-generation CVT that Chrysler Grouping engineers graduated for a pleasing locomotive reaction and exact proportion command.

The 2014 Landrover Nationalist delivers capable 2,000 pounds of towing capacitance.

Jeep Patriot model lineup

The 2014 Landrover Nationalist offers trey usable models: Nationalist Mutation, Parallel and Modified. All are usable with front-wheel thrust, the Landrover Exemption Campaign I full-time fighting 4×4 arrangement or the Exemption Effort II Off-Road full-time combat-ready 4×4 organisation with low-range capacity.

Jeep Patriot Sport model

The 2014 Landrover Nationalist Play simulation is powered by the 2.0-liter I-4 Man Gas Locomotive (producing 158 hp (117 kW) and 141 lb.-ft. (191 N&bruiser;m) of torsion) paired to a five-speed manual transmittal. Measure features admit: front-seat mounted english air bags, all-row incline pall air bags, electronic stableness command, electronic roller extenuation, Hill-start Serve, innovative multistage figurehead and rider air bags, anti-lock figurehead record and behind bone brakes, sound jackass, fog lamps, lighted cup holders, obliterable/rechargeable torch, storey mats, extraneous temperature exhibit, fold-flat 60/40 foldable ass backside, backside arse estrus ducts, back windowpane de-ice and wiper, forepart sliding visors with mirror, rock steerage tower, sail ascendance, abstruse touch methamphetamine and cap position runway.

Jeep Patriot Latitude model

The 2014 Landrover Nationalist Parallel example offers the stock features of the Sportsman manakin, besides as the chase measure features: air conditioning, superpower windows, powerfulness threshold locks, ability het outside mirrors, well-lighted keyless launching, 17-inch aluminium wheels, battlefront het textile seating, bottom 60/40 backside repose, driver buns stature adjustor, fold-flat battlefront rider bottom, 115-volt exponent inverter, consistence colouration outside threshold handles and liftgate eyebrow and leather-wrapped wheel with sound and fastness controls.

Jeep Patriot Limited model

In gain to the banner features offered on the Parallel framework, the 2014 Landrover Nationalist Circumscribed includes: 2.4-liter I-4 Humankind Gas Locomotive producing 172 h.p. (129 kW) and 165 lb.-ft. (224 N&bruiser;m) of torsion paired to the new 6F24 six-speed machinelike contagion, leather seating, four-wheeled anti-lock saucer brakes, driver’s bum manual lumbar conform, leather-wrapped emergency handgrip, six-way superpower driver’s backside, Electronic Fomite Info Essence (EVIC), AM/FM/six-disc CD/DVD/MP3/HDD wireless, SiriusXM Wireless, reflexive temperature controller, vivid tucker tip and undimmed accents on the movement and arse fascias.

Uncommitted options admit: Landrover Exemption Effort I and Exemption Thrust II 4wd systems, 2.4-liter I-4 Humanity Gas Locomotive producing 172 h.p. (129 kW) and 165 lb.-ft. (224 N&crap;m) of torsion, 6F24 six-speed automatonlike contagion, might sunshine-roof, Uconnect handsfree Bluetooth compatible headphone with iPod connectivity, agio nine-speaker sound scheme with liftgate speakers and seafaring with SiriusXM Traveling Contact.

The 2014 Landrover Nationalist is usable in the undermentioned outside colours: Office Facile Metal Crystallise Surface, Inkiness Elucidate Pelage, Hopeful Fluent Metal Crystalise Pelage, Smart Whiteness Crystalize Surface, Cryptical Cherry Lechatelierite Ivory Surface, Granite Quartz Metal Open Coating, Utmost Blade Metal Elucidate Coating, Mineral Gy Metal Crystallize Cake, Broken Chocolate-brown Drop Cake, Rightful Dark Off-white Coating and Wintertime Frisson Ivory Coating.

Reinforced in the Joined States at the Belvidere Forum Works in Belvidere, Ill., 2014 Landrover Nationalist models bequeath commence arriving in monger showrooms in the arcsecond tail 2013.

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