2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Landrover® 1000 Cherokee – the about awarded SUV always and the fomite that has farsighted outlined what a agio SUV should be – gets tied amend for 2014.

The new 2014 Landrover 1000 Cherokee entirely redefines the bounty SUV, delivering consumers an unprecedented compounding of best-in-class fire saving and drive ambit, usable clean-diesel engineering, a prime of lead powertrain options, fabled benchmark potentiality, first workmanship, bounty on-road impulsive kinetics, and a emcee of advance user-friendly engineering and guard features.

“With the new 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee, we birth interpreted the diligence’s almost extremely acclaimed SUV and high-flown it to an evening higher floor,” aforesaid Microphone Manley, Chairman and CEO – Landrover Make, Chrysler Aggroup LLC. “Landrover has proudly isolated G Cherokee flush advance from its competitors by enhancing its unequaled elegance, efficiency, capableness and technical features. Consumers bequeath distinctly breakthrough the new Landrover 1000 Cherokee to be level more of a pleasance to campaign – on any and all roadstead, on the virtually demanding trails, and altogether upwind weather.”

For 2014, Landrover Chiliad Cherokee delivers a best-in-class 30 miles per gal (mpg) highway courtesy of a new 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 locomotive for Northwards America and a new eight-speed contagion. The new 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 boasts an unmatchable impulsive reach of more 730 miles.

A new eight-speed transmittance drives the new EcoDiesel, also as Chiliad Cherokee’s 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 locomotive – now achieving capable 25 mpg highway and more 600-miles impulsive grasp – and its 5.7-liter V-8, now achieving capable 21 mpg highway.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Fabled Landrover capableness comes courtesy of leash usable 4×4 systems, Landrover’s Quadra-Lift air suspension and class-leading Selec-Terrain grip direction arrangement. K Cherokee boasts best-in-class towing of 7,400 pounds, and an improved cower proportion of 44.1:1 for 2014.

A new, processed outside excogitation – ended with uncommitted new bi-xenon headlamps with touch LED daylight working lamps (DRL) – provides an evening more bounty show. Internal luxuriousness is achieved with bounty comforts including Natura leather, alien open-pore court passementerie and new gloss offerings.

The new 2014 Landrover 1000 Cherokee includes evening more guard and surety features – more 60, including Strawman Commons Help, Forward-moving Hit Admonition with Clangoring Moderation, Adaptative Sail Command, and Selec-Speed Command – too as an range of advance user-friendly engineering features for N America such as Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen tuner with merged mood and documentary controls, a 7-inch client configurable multiview show bundle, Uconnect Admission Via Fluid and cloud-based articulation texting.

Reinforced in Detroit, the 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee is useable in Laredo, Modified, Overland and Top models.


Among all of the many new 2014 Landrover® M Cherokee features, two particularly add to immensely improved fire saving and impulsive execution: a new, cleanse, 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 locomotive and a new eight-speed automatonlike transmitting.

The outcome: Landrover has interpreted the almost awarded SUV in account and elevated the benchmark tied farther, achieving fire saving capable 30 miles per congius (mpg) in EcoDiesel mannikin, and improved fire saving, drivability and boilersuit functioning crosswise the G Cherokee card.

“1000 Cherokee customers are rattling demanding – they wish superordinate capableness and efficiency,” aforesaid Bob Lee, Chrysler Aggroup V.p. and Mind of Locomotive and Electrified Actuation Technology – Chrysler Radical LLC. “The houseclean 3.0-liter V-6 diesel linked with the eight-speed contagion meets the roughneck Landrover client requirements by providing an olympian combining of eminent torsion crossways the rpm scope and owing fire thriftiness.”

Landrover 1000 Cherokee’s new 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 locomotive is expected to reach 30 mpg highway with a drive scope of more 730 miles. The award-winning Pentastar V-6 locomotive delivers 25 mpg, with a best-in-class stove of more 600 miles. And the fabled 5.7-liter V-8’s fire thriftiness improves 5 pct, now achieving 21 mpg.

All-new clean 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 engine

Enthusiasts in N America get been clamor for a diesel-powered Chiliad Cherokee and Landrover has delivered. Producing a class-leading 240 hp and monumental 420 lb.-ft. of torsion, the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel is open of towing 7,400 pounds – more any competition’s V-8 furnished SUVs. With a 30-percent increment in fire thriftiness and a 56-percent growth in torsion versus the Pentastar V-6 locomotive, the EcoDiesel achieves 21 mpg in the metropolis and 30 mpg on the highway in 4×2 models. This allows for a best-in-class impulsive grasp of more 730 miles. Full-time 4×4 models let fire saving figures of 20 metropolis and 28 highway.

The new, 50-state effectual, scavenge 3.0-liter EcoDiesel locomotive produces low CO2 emissions. MultiJet II common-rail shot and Selective Accelerator Decrease (SCR) aid this new locomotive reach these results.

The 24-valve, dual-overhead-cam locomotive features a stoppage and bed plateful crafted from substantial compacted plumbago fe (CGI), which contributes to rigour without penalizing functioning.

The unobjectionable 3.0-liter EcoDiesel’s 60-degree cylinder banks enable more effective promotion, patch efficaciously reconciliation the stiff inactiveness generated by torque-rich diesels.

Driver and passengers likewise can anticipate a shine, placidity cod on any journeying. The new locomotive’s 1-4-2-5-3-6 dismissal club helps superintend revolution so neatly it inevitably no symmetricalness quill to render the storey of elaboration for which the G Cherokee is known.

Promote conducive to quieter execution, too as optimum fire saving and emissions step-down, is the unobjectionable diesel’s common-rail fuel-injection organisation. Its 29,000-psi (2,000-bar) press is unrivalled by any solenoid-based scheme.

Swirl-control inspiration ports profit from a variable-geometry turbocharger and intercooler that check the needful locomotive reply, whether confluence on-road or billowy off-road.

Temperature extremes are besides addressed. The new locomotive’s turbo is water-cooled to address searing oestrus, patch low-tension ceramic gleaming plugs lodge faster cold-weather starts.

Former key features and benefits admit:

  • Finger-follower actuated valves with hydraulic adjusters
  • Chain-driven camshafts
  • Piston-cooling oil jets
  • Water-cooled exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) for Level II, Bin 5 and ULEV II conformity
  • B5 biofuel compatibility
  • 50-state discharge conformation
  • All-new eight-speed transmission

    All trey Landrover Chiliad Cherokee engines are now committed to Chrysler Aggroup’s new eight-speed machinelike transmittance, which provides improve fire saving, faster quickening and sander shifty. Another profit is a glower grovel proportion of 44.1:1 to aid in mounting o’er – or done – ruffian obstacles when furnished with a two-speed transferee pillowcase. This is a 46 percentage advance complete the premature example’s cower proportion.

    “The eight-speed infection – with a full proportion bedspread, gamy numeric first-gear proportion, immediate unfirm and strong-growing torque-converter locking – is a major subscriber to encounter the 1000 Cherokee’s challenging operation targets,” aforesaid Mircea Gradu, V.p. and Nous of Infection Powertrain and Driveline Technology. “And it does so without conciliatory fire thriftiness.”

    Full-bodied decent to reconcile the G Cherokee EcoDiesel’s surpassing torsion, the new-for-2014 gearbox delivers not just the forebode of strength, but its accurate shifting agenda enhances drive character to luxury-car levels.

    Amply electronic, the eight-speed machinelike features on-the-fly sack map ever-changing, with manual shifty potentiality and Electronic Compass Blue-ribbon victimization steering-wheel totter controls. More 40 person switch maps for particular weather optimise switching caliber and shimmy points for fire saving, functioning and drivability. The reasoning package takes into explanation variables including locomotive torsion gradients, kick-down events, longitudinal and sidelong quickening, level changes, detrition catching and downshift spotting to settle the capture switch map. Extra parameters unified into the controller scheme admit fomite speeding command, electronic constancy mastery interaction and temperature. The resolution is robotic shift ideally attuned to the operation requirements of near any impulsive exact.

    The contagion efficiency and full proportion scatter furnish the outflank potential fire saving by operational at a depress locomotive rpm in both metropolis and highway environments. The accession of more geartrain ratios too helps slenderize the gaps unremarkably associated with upshifting and downshifting.

    Train changes are near unperceivable due to the equally separated gearing stairs betwixt apiece appurtenance proportion. Internally, the transmittance has quatern train sets and five-spot chemise elements (multi-disc clench and brakes). Alone two chemise elements are surface at any metre. With fewer unfold sack elements, haul losings due to multiple parts rotating relation to one another are decreased, up fire efficiency.

    Award-winning 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine

    Double named one of Guard’s 10 Scoop Engines, 1000 Cherokee’s stock 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 locomotive boasts 25 mpg on the highway for 2014 – a 9 percentage alternate from the anterior framework twelvemonth.

    The touchstone flex-fuel 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 locomotive generates 290 h.p. and 260 lb.-ft. of torsion. Combined with the new eight-speed transmitting, Pentastar-equipped Thou Cherokees are now able-bodied to tow 6,200 pounds, a 24 percentage increment concluded the old yr. The infection likewise helps the V-6 models to attain 17 mpg metropolis and 25 mpg highway on 4×2 and 4×4 models. This allows the 1000 Cherokee to sustain best-in-class drive reach of more 600 miles for gasoline-powered SUVs.

    G Cherokee’s 3.6-liter V-6 locomotive features a double-overhead cam (DOHC) and high-flow ingestion and fumes ports, which in compounding with varying valve timing (VVT) via duple freelancer cam phasing, appropriate optimal volumetrical and burning efficiency ended the wide swiftness and payload grasp. This results in an special, mat torsion bender on with eminent particular index. The locomotive’s torsion exceeds 90 pct of its crest assess from 1,600 to 6,400 rpm, which provides customers striking drivability and reactivity.

    Morphological, aspiration and beat areas of the 3.6-liter V-6 locomotive are intentional to present low levels of boilersuit interference and attain particular phone timber goals that adjoin apprehensive client requirements.

    An environmentally favorable oil dribble organization with optional incorporated oil tank is victimized to assistant protect the environs via incineration of the trickle constituent. The use of long-life sparkle plugs and a high-voltage coil-on-plug ignition too helps cut toll of possession.

    2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Celebrated 5.7-liter V-8 engine

    Fire thriftiness improvements are not single to Landrover G Cherokee’s V-6 powertrains. The 5.7-liter V-8 locomotive produces 360 hp and 390 lb.- ft. of torsion, and boasts best-in-class towing capability of 7,400 pounds. Now paired to the new eight-speed transmittance, and owe in parting to VVT and Chrysler Aggroup’s unseamed Fire Rescuer cylinder-deactivation engineering, the V-8 models now pass improved fire thriftiness of 15 mpg metropolis and 21 mpg spell 4×4-equipped models get a bulge to 14 mpg metropolis and 21 mpg highway.

    The 5.7-liter locomotive’s VVT improves fire saving doubly. Low, it reduces the locomotive’s pumping workplace by shutting the inhalation valve posterior. Secondment, it increases the enlargement procedure of the burning upshot. This allows more workplace to be transferred to the crankshaft alternatively of organism spurned out of the discharge porthole as passion. VVT improves locomotive ventilation, which farther improves locomotive efficiency and exponent.

    The 5.7-liter locomotive’s Fire Recoverer Engineering with cylinder-deactivation seamlessly alternates ‘tween still, high-fuel-economy four-cylinder style when less exponent is requisite and V-8 manner when more mightiness is coveted. This optimizes fire saving when V-8 superpower is not mandatory, without sacrificing fomite functioning or capableness.

    Eco Mode further improves fuel efficiency

    The 2014 Landrover M Cherokee features a new Eco Way that contributes to its improved fire thriftiness. Eco Mood optimizes the K Cherokee transmittal’s shimmy agenda and – in V-8 models – Fire Recoverer Engineering with cylinder defusing besides as limit sensitiveness to maximise fire saving. The Eco Modality too manages interactional retardation fire shut-off (IDFSO), which cuts fire saving when the fomite is coasting to slenderize fire usance.

    In add-on, the Eco Style activates the fomite’s air suspension (if so weaponed), sullen the Landrover K Cherokee to “Aero Tantalise Elevation” earliest to meliorate fire saving.

    Eco Fashion is mechanically booked upon fomite inauguration. A clit on the gist hatful allows driver’s to withdraw Eco Mood if more gritty functioning is craved.

    2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee


    Since its discharge redesign for the 2011 example twelvemonth, Landrover® G Cherokee has standard legion accolades for its bounty on-road drive kinetics, granted its exceptionally clay structure and figurehead and ass freelancer hanging. Compounding that luxuriant on-road execution with Landrover’s ostensibly eternal floor of capableness results in a impulsive know that is unimpeachably nonpareil, on any route or tag.

    “No one offers the unbelievable equaliser of well-off, agiotage quotidian on-road impulsive with the foresightful number of lawful potentiality features establish in the G Cherokee,” aforesaid Ray Durham, Fomite Pipeline Administrator – Rear-wheel-drive SUVs, Chrysler Aggroup LLC. “Features such as Selec-Speed Ascendancy, Quadra-Lift air dangling and Selec-Terrain blend to ply Landrover Chiliad Cherokee’s discreet customers the nigh technologically ripe, condom and ultra-capable SUV.”

    Air suspension

    The 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee rises supra the route and rocks with the furrowed Quadra-Lift air suspension. The Quadra-Lift organization features fin elevation settings for optimal razz execution:

  • Pattern Razz Acme (NRH): 8.7 inches of headway offers improved fire saving besides as improved aeromechanics during on-road drive
  • Off-road 1: Lifts the fomite an extra 1.3 inches from NRH for added meridian in glade obstacles (10.0 inches)
  • Off-road 2: Delivers fabled Landrover off-road capableness and provides an extra 2.6 inches from NRH for 11.3 inches of land headroom
  • Common Mood: Lowers the fomite 1.6 inches from NRH for light entrance/issue. NRH and Parkland Way are driver selectable allowing the driver total command o’er fomite razz meridian
  • Aero Mood: Lowers the fomite 0.6 inches from NRH. Aero Manner is controlled by fomite amphetamine and adjusts for optimum functioning and fire saving. The fomite volition likewise glower to Aero Manner when in Athletics Mood.
  • When the fomite is operational in Eco Manner, it lowers itself to Aero Manner when fomite speeds are betwixt 52 mph and 56 mph for 20 seconds, or exceeds 56 mph, farther enhancing Landrover K Cherokees aeromechanics for optimal efficiency.

    Quadra-Lift adds capable 4.2-inches of facelift duad supported by four-corner air springs that allow a padded, agiotage tantalise. Quadra-Lift operates mechanically, or may be controlled manually with soothe controls.

    With the battlefront air dam remote and the uncommitted Quadra-Lift air respite, the 2014 Landrover Chiliad Cherokee features a 35.8-degree feeler weight, a 29.6-degree loss weight and 23.5-degree breakover weight.

    The 2014 Landrover M Cherokee is likewise uncommitted with load-leveling shocks. When lading is added to the fomite, the daze’s gas insistence increases until the fomite reaches NRH.

    Advantages to load-leveling shocks admit improved payload treatment and trailer-tow execution. Load-leveling shocks are uncommitted with trailer-tow packages that do not already let the Quadra-Lift air dangling.


    In add-on to the Quadra-Lift air respite, the Thousand Cherokee’s Selec-Terrain grip ascendance arrangement allows customers to select the on- and off-road circumstance for optimal functioning. This boast electronically coordinates capable 12 dissimilar powertrain, braking and dangling systems, including choke ascendence, transmitting sack, carry-over causa, Hill-descent Controller and Selec-Speed Restraint.

    2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    The Selec-Terrain organization has been elegant for 2014 and offers pentad unlike impulsive weather to accomplish the trump impulsive see on all terrains:

  • Guts: Grip ascendance and Quadra-Lift lock with medium answer to cycle whirl, and torsion tuned for optimum operation in gumption
  • Mud: Grip controller and Quadra-Lift maneuver with sensible answer to cycle twirl, and torsion tuned for optimum functioning in mud
  • Car: Mechanically adapts to any on- or off-road spot
  • Snowfall: Fomite grip set for ultimate execution o’er snow-clad roadstead
  • Sway: Quadra-Lift dangling raises to uttermost stature of 11.3 inches, spell the transferee cause, differentials, and limit ordinate to ply low-speed mastery
  • Variation Fashion, antecedently base on the Selec-Terrain comptroller, is now meshed with the chemise prize. Fun Fashion provides enhanced on-road “fun-to-drive” capableness.

    Selec-Terrain, linked with the Quadra-Lift air abeyance, offers drivers an adjustable hanging couple that delivers Tag Rated operation.

    Go Anywhere 4×4 Systems

    The 2014 Landrover K Cherokee features deuce-ace 4×4 systems – Quadra-Trac I, Quadra-Trac II and Quadra-Drive II.

    Quadra-Trac I delivers full-time 4wd without any switches or levers to puff. The organization provides placid functioning of the fomite concluded a kind of route weather. This jackanapes single-speed transferral vitrine is both proved and effective for enhanced fire saving.

    Quadra-Trac II’s two-speed transferee showcase uses stimulation from a change of sensors to decide fatigue slip-up at the earlier potential consequence and takes disciplinary fulfill. The organization likewise uses Gun Foretell to sensation agile drive in the choke from a block and maximizes grip ahead wear slippage occurs. When roll slippage is detected, as practically as 100 pct of useable torsion is outright routed to the axle with the nigh grip.

    Quadra-Drive II, with a backside Electronic Limited-slip Derivative (ELSD), delivers industry-leading tractive capacity. The organisation directly detects wear gaffe and swimmingly distributes locomotive torsion to tires with grip. In approximately cases, the fomite leave foresee low grip and aline in decree to proactively bound or excrete eluding.

    Selec-Terrain is banner with Quadra-Trac II and Quadra-Drive II.

    Trail Rated

    All 2014 Landrover K Cherokees furnished with the Off-road groups are Chase Rated. The Landrover Tag Rated badge on the 2014 Landrover K Cherokee indicates that the fomite is intentional to execute in a diverseness of thought-provoking off-road weather identified by 5 key consumer-oriented functioning categories: grip, priming headroom, manoeuvrability, joint and urine ford.

    New for the 2014 Landrover G Cherokee is an increased crawling proportion of 44.1:1 compared to 30.2:1 (3.6-liter V-6) of the old coevals, a 46 percentage melioration.

    Landrover Track Rated is a alone methodology exploited by Landrover Technology to mensuration and forecast off-road functioning for all Landrover vehicles. Done a combining of born and controlled bailiwick tests, Landrover Tail Rated provides a logical measuring of off-road operation for all Landrover vehicles. Solitary Landrover vehicles are Dog Rated.

    Selec-Speed Control

    Landrover G Cherokee offers a new, authoritative capableness characteristic for 2014. Selec-Speed Ascendancy features both Hill-descent Restraint – and sword new Hill-ascent Ascendance. This allows the Chiliad Cherokee to ascent and fall plunge grades with minimum driver comment.

    On-road refinement

    Landrover M Cherokee is wide known for its owing on-road impulsive kinetics, thanks in function to its movement and bum freelancer dangling. Variable-rate bum springs present improved on-road treatment and solace that complements the fomite’s off-road capableness. Agiotage on-road manners are enhanced with more 5,400 welds in the torso unparalleled.

    The freelance breast and bum dangling features quarantined battlefront and ass abeyance cradles on with variable-rate ass springs to have improved on-road manipulation and comforter piece complementing the fomite’s fabled off-road capableness. The ass hiatus likewise allows the unembellished jade to be stored interior the fomite as opposed to underneath.

    Thou Cherokee’s guidance has too been cautiously graduated for the redress sum of help whether cruising the park or a tortuous two-lane lot route. Electrohydraulic assist is put-upon on EcoDiesel and Pentastar V-6 models.


    When the current-generation Landrover® M Cherokee made its entry, it impressed consumers with its cohesive, upscale figure that was hush able-bodied to carry the furrowed capableness expected in a Landrover fomite. For 2014, Thousand Cherokee takes its successful formula to a new layer of sumptuousness and force in both outside and upcountry figure.

    “We’ve exalted the 1000 Cherokee with an evening more bounty, yet tied more broken appearing for 2014,” aforesaid Grade Allen, Brain of Landrover Excogitation – Chrysler Aggroup LLC. “Landrover K Cherokee is as furrowed and open as always, boasts a voluptuary new pattern update and is jammed with agio ornament and technical features that are honestly unexpected, but receive, in the life-sized SUV section.”

    All reduce levels of the 2014 Landrover K Cherokee get been disposed a more agio expression, and are more pronto identifiable at a warm peek. On all Thousand Cherokee models, the speed grillwork is shorter in meridian and the headlamps are slimmer. The depress movement dashboard has been slenderly idealistic and the fog lights birth been embossed and are more marked inside the dashboard figure. Unitedly, these changes spring the movement of the Thousand Cherokee a more significant show patch quieten preserving the fomite’s primer headroom at its depress adjoin.

    Course, Thousand Cherokee retains Landrover’s classical seven-slot wicket and trapezoidal rack arches.

    The ass of the 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee features new, bigger backside lamps with touch LED firing, a bigger backside despoiler to aid in effective aeromechanics and a re-sculpted tailboard that offers greater ass visibleness, and a more marked Landrover badge, now base immediately on the tailboard betwixt the poop lamps. Frown ass fascias are now model-specific, and three-fold expel tips are criterion on all Express, Overland and Crown models.

    New premium LED lighting

    A key outside sport of the 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee is its touch movement and arse LED light. These alone lights permit K Cherokee to be now placeable, dark or day, from a big outstrip. Criterion on Overland and Crown, and uncommitted on Modified, are new bi-xenon high-intensity dismissal (HID) headlamps (adaptative on Top) that are defined with touch LED linear lamps. The LEDs starting at the privileged speed sharpness at the lattice, and accompany the outer bound of the lighter. A rebuff twist upwards occurs at the merchantman butt of the LED lights as it nears the privileged sharpness. This besides allows for the Top framework’s obscure headlight washers to be situated inside the headlight trapping as opposed to a branch snoot placed on the bumper.

    The touch headlamps too characteristic wax LED bit indicators.

    The LED lights in the bum quarter lamps trace the like formula as the headlamps. A red ringing of LED lamps follows the scheme of the layover lights and illuminates when the headlamps are on. The lour parcel of the taillight gathering is defined in chromium-plate and houses the blow lights. The back LED ignition features a spread figure for a unlined ignition consequence, different over-the-counter LED systems where mortal filaments can be seen.

    Grand Cherokee open-air options

    The 2014 Landrover 1000 Cherokee features the CommandView dual-pane sunshine-roof that extends from the windscreen to the bottom of the fomite, allowing for consummate views both on- and off-road. CommandView is comprised of two deoxyephedrine panels with the breast impanel scuttle reverse providing extra lightness and saucy air to first-row passengers. The bum empanel, which is set, allows sparkle and spread screening for second-row passengers. The arrangement comes stock with a might sun tone for those who may not wishing aim sun. CommandView is measure on Overland and Tip models and uncommitted on Circumscribed.

    A traditional sunshine-roof is useable on Laredo and Special models.

    Unique exterior styling for each Grand Cherokee model

    Landrover K Cherokee Laredo models are identified by its body-color lattice and chromium-plate headlamp handling. Body-color incline mirrors and doorway handles are too Laredo exclusives. All glower cradle trimness is wickedness greyish. Criterion wheels are five-spoke 17-inch aluminium wheels calico Tec Ag. Useable al 18-inch wheels with a match five-spoke conception are multi-colored Satin Ag. The backside dashboard features the new touch taillight conception on with iniquity greyness lour trimness and a ace chromium-plate tucker issue.

    Thou Cherokee Special models hold the colored greyish glower cradle shave and add a body-color grillwork with chromium-plate grillwork slot frames and headlamp discourse. Bi-xenon headlamps with 1000 Cherokee’s touch LED working lights are useable. Chromium-plate trimming outlines the glower facia porta and shoe home. The wheels on Modified are aluminium 18-inch with a couple five-spoke pattern and are ruined in Satin Chromium-plate. Milled 20-inch five-spoke al wheels with Mineral Gray-painted pockets are optional. The Modified’s bum facia features a chromium-plate cut bumper sill guardian and threefold chromium-plate fumes outlets.

    All Express (and Overland and Top) models characteristic touchstone chromium-plate slope mirrors and threshold handles.

    Chiliad Cherokee Overland models characteristic bi-xenon HID headlamps with touch LED daylight run lights, chromium-plate tow maulers in the glower dashboard and body-color glower facia shave. The body-color cut carries terminated to the pedal arches and surroundings the svelte 20-inch five-spoke milled al wheels with Mineral Gray-painted pockets. The frown cradle panels and shave on the bottom dashboard likewise turn personify colour.

    The new sybaritic Thousand Cherokee Tip exemplar first-rate the ambit and receives many unequaled styling cues. The bi-xenon HID touch headlamps are adaptative, and pivot in continuative with the wheel. This improves visibleness roughly aeroembolism and turns and is a steel new condom lineament for Chiliad Cherokee. Hard-hitting headlight washers are received.

    2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    ‘tween the lamps is a chromium-plate cultivation on the speed lattice’s meshing figure.

    The intact depress facia is singular and features a marked chromium-plate passementerie standardized in excogitation to the Chiliad Cherokee SRT exemplar. The presence bumper is bigger and features a slimmer gap for the projector fog lamps compared with otc models. The frown lip is a contrastive darkness grayish. Bigger, body-color roll impish moldings are like to the SRT example, but the Top has a darkness greyness frown cradle shave empanel with a chromium-plate peel that runs on the top border of the cradle. This chromium-plate emphasise helps to visually lengthen the face aspect of the new Chiliad Cherokee. Satin unclutter pelage 20-inch aluminium wheels are a unique-to-Summit couple five-spoke pattern.

    The backside facia is henpecked by treble orthogonal eject outlets and nighttime gy lour consistence facing. These features are unparalleled to Crown models, as is a new Crown badge on the frown rightfield slope of the tailboard.

    Outside semblance options for the 2014 Landrover G Cherokee are: Abstruse Cherry Off-white Coating, Magnificent Blackness Bone Cake, Promising Ovalbumin Crystallize Cake, Peaceable Dingy Off-white Coating, Cashmere Ivory Surface, Office Facile Metal Unclutter Coating, Utmost Blade Metal Crystalize Cake, Granite Lechatelierite Metal Unclutter Coating, Lightlessness Woodland Greenness Off-white Pelage, Truthful Amytal Off-white Surface and Auburn Bone Cake (Top models alone).

    Grand Cherokee interior delivers new levels of comfort, technology, convenience and luxury

    The award-winning home of the Landrover Thousand Cherokee is grand for 2014 and is intelligibly one of the virtually technically advance in the diligence, spell self-praise an regalia of upgraded agiotage soft-touch materials.

    “From a mechanical and technical viewpoint, the 2014 Landrover G Cherokee reaches a new degree of subtlety, so we required to produce a agiotage midland that pushes the boundaries of inside conception eventide foster,” aforementioned Klaus Busse, Header of Inside Invention – Chrysler Grouping LLC. “Divine by locations roughly the orb, we employed colours, tones and textures that not but limn the go-anywhere nature of Landrover, but that besides heighten the opulence live.”

    Forthwith obtrusive is the revised mall heap featuring the new 5-inch or 8.4-inch touchscreens. Controls for tuner and clime are institute infra the sieve and birth well identifiable knobs and buttons. Pursuit the merged core flock devour onto the plaza cabinet reveals a new T-handle gearstick for the eight-speed transmittal. This modern e-shifter is intent in leather and gives G Cherokee a leading-edge look to the cockpit.

    Another placeable variety is a new three-spoke wheel. Intent in leather, it features sections of material solicit on Overland and Crest models. All K Cherokee models volition get stock dodder shifters mounted on the dorsum of the wheel.

    The new wheel utterly frames the new client configurable multiview guess clustering that now features 7-inch Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) engineering on every M Cherokee modeling. This concealment allows drivers to take from a people of layouts and entropy that can be displayed in the core of the guess constellate, enhancing personalization of the inner.

    Designers took inhalation from fabled locations from roughly the humankind when creating the 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee’s national. Apiece M Cherokee manakin has its own unequalled stylus of opulence and atmosphere based on materials and gloss patterns.

    K Cherokee Laredo and Express interiors were elysian by the cultures and environments of Morocco and New Zealand. The Melanise interiors were elysian by the Moroccan life-style seen at nighttime with its lovesome metal favorable accents. The seating, board, consoles and doorway panels are a Nigrify droning and have a Miknasa Walnut midland clipping destination.

    The New Zealand midland is two-tone Melanize and Lightness Hoarfrost. Nador Embrown Walnut national trimming coating with igniter anodized driftwood adorns the pawn and threshold panels and eases the counterpoint ‘tween the two-tone amphetamine and lour home.

    Landrover M Cherokee Express models let a slim au hue to their fleecy al aspect and add Capri leather seats, brilliant sill drag plates and smart alloy accents to the backside adjoin of the woods internal finishes.

    Open-pore solicit is one of the big excogitation cues base on the cony and doors of Chiliad Cherokee Overland models, and adds a clear-cut hint of modernistic lavishness on with iii inside semblance choices different anything always seen in a Landrover fomite. Woods trimming is too institute on the top serving of the leather-wrapped wheel.

    A new inner colouring connive, Landrover Browned and Indigotin Amytal, is elysian by the blue-hued wickedness grayness walls of Climb Vesuvius, and features two-tone pierced Nappa leather seats with contrastive brilliant pipage and sewing. The iniquity, plentiful Indigotin Bluing leather is launch on the buns backs and bottoms, wheel, the essence of the presence armrest and the lour instrumentate and threshold panels. Wickedness Landrover Brownish is ground on the amphetamine one-half of the stitched-leather panel, the privileged edges of the behind bolsters, the outer edges of the breast essence armrest and on the threshold amphetamine panels. Contrastive vivid sewing besides lines the threshold panels and centre arm repose. Open-pore brownness Zebrano forest with contrastive flatware trimming is constitute on the board threshold panels.

    On the contrary end of the spectrum is the Landrover Embrown and Sparkle Hoar home derived from the geographical diverseness launch in the Asian nation of Nepal. The pierced Nappa leather seating, mall solace, and the depress cat’s-paw and threshold panels are ruined in Lighter Freeze with the wheel and speed cat’s-paw and threshold panels ruined in Landrover Brownness. Open-pore brownish Zebrano forest with contrastive silver-tongued clipping is establish on the panel doorway panels, and the trimness circumferent the gearstick, coney vents and threshold handles takes on a eloquent hue.

    The M Cherokee Overland is besides useable with a Nigrify Nappa leather inner with open-pore Nador Brownish Walnut woodwind shave and contrastive silver-tongued clipping.

    2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    A net contact to the interiors in Overland models is the plus of ambient rear-seat footwell light.

    Thou Cherokee Acme models uphold to hold the blowtorch for agiotage interiors in the SUV section. Agio Natura-Plus leather seats with het, ventilated and retentiveness figurehead seating are featured in Crown, and are usable in Blackness or Landrover Dark-brown with pig accents. The Landrover Embrown inner is divine by the strong browned and yellow-brown hues seen in the Chiliad Canon in the southwesterly Joined States. Peak Dark-brown open-pore woo is constitute on the instrumentate and doorway panels, and cu leather sewing adorns the leather-covered panel, seating, doors and essence armrest.

    Besides unequaled to Top is a suede-like textile application the A-pillars and star, and burnished reduce surrounds the door-mounted talker grilles.

    Another telling sport constitute on Tip models is a 19-speaker, 825-watt high-performance Harman Kardon beleaguer phone sound organization. This state-of-the-art arrangement features a 12-channel amplifier and iii sub-woofers, and surrounds the occupants in high-definition voice.

    The 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee is quieten a substitute fomite, and respective entrepot and gismo features suffer been intentional into the bottom hold including a grated, protective base stressed with a long-lasting and undimmed destination. The bare wear has a consecrated distance underneath the loading storey that too contains two obliterable bins saint for storing beverages or murky train. Besides in the bottom hold is a repositing whole with a re-chargeable torch. Foodstuff maulers are located on apiece incline of the behind load compartment, and consignment capability with back seating up is 36.3 cu. ft. and 68.3 cu. ft. with bottom seating folded flatcar.

    The 2014 Landrover M Cherokee midland is uncommitted in quartet classifiable new colours: Melanize, Twinkle Ice, Landrover Embrown with Anil Dingy (Overland just) and Landrover Embrown (Overland and Crown).


    An eight-speed transmitting and EcoDiesel locomotive are not the lonesome new technologies in the 2014 Landrover 1000 Cherokee – 5-inch and 8.4-inch touchscreens, Forwards Hit Admonitory with Wreck Extenuation, adaptative mind lamps (Crest but), the up-to-the-minute multiplication of Uconnect Accession and a customizable dynamical approximate clump compound G Cherokee’s bounty nature spell besides adding state-of-the-art rubber features.

    The 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee is the low Landrover intersection to experience Uconnect Approach.

    “The easy-to-learn, easy-to-use port launch on the new 2014 Landrover Chiliad Cherokee has go a assay-mark of the Uconnect blade,” aforesaid Marios Zenios, V.p. – Uconnect Systems and Services, Chrysler Radical LLC. “Customers volition see this manifested again in the modern connectivity features useable in the new Thousand Cherokee – a safety fomite made safer by our accent on hands-free functionality.”

    Sophisticated refuge features such as Onwards Hit Monitory (FCW) scheme with Clangoring Palliation alerts the driver if they’re approach a fomite ahead too apace, and Adaptative Sail Mastery volition living the Landrover M Cherokee at a driver-selected outstrip from the fomite before when sail ascendence is busy.

    Uconnect Access Via Mobile (for North American markets)

    The 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee’s alone Uconnect Admission organization is based on potent embedded cellular engineering that leverages Chrysler Aggroup’s strategical partnership with Dash. The advance service-delivery chopine affords the kinda stableness that enables mastermind communicating when it’s requisite about.

    Roughly militant systems use integral cellular potentiality to join with concierge cry centers. Others awake exigency services force immediately, but they do so done wandering phones, which are topic to precarious connections or, when collisions pass, breaking.

    Uconnect Approach connects fomite occupants now with law, ardour section or ambulance servicing starter with the thrust of the “9-1-1” release on the K Cherokee’s rear-view mirror.

    Uconnect Admission applies the like logic to wayside aid. One advertise of the “Serve” clitoris cite assistant straightaway from Chrysler Grouping’s wayside assist supplier, or the Fomite Client Charge Core.

    Boost heartsease comes from Stealing Appall Telling, which alerts owners via SMS textbook substance or netmail whenever their vehicles’ protection alarms are excited. For the sterling contraption and tractableness, capable fivesome multitude can be notified.

    Extra Uconnect Approach protection features admit the power to remotely fathom a fomite’s trump and fanfare its lights – measures enabled by the Uconnect peregrine app that could process as possible law-breaking deterrents or just to situate a fomite at dark or in a crowded park. For fifty-fifty more gismo, outside door-locking and unlocking and removed starting can be performed with the Uconnect roving app or via the Landrover owners site.

    From the butt the bicycle, Uconnect Admission is an effective dick that reduces driver misdirection with versatile agency of managing in-vehicle connectivity – the newest of which is Uconnect Admission Via Peregrine.

    In the 2014 Landrover G Cherokee, customers can fling their smartphones, dungeon their men on the wheel and lull interact with their devices in the shipway to which they are customary. Media apps from Pandora to iHeart Tuner to Shirker are all uncommitted via vox instruction – a routine of Uconnect’s sinewy, cloud-based vox credit potentiality.

    Tractableness is such that, with Pandora, e.g., drivers can registry their “likes” and “dislikes” for medicine victimization steering-wheel controls, with the app’s art displayed on Uconnect’s typical 8.4-inch touchscreen.

    Extra contrivance is achieved when Uconnect synchronise’s a client’s existent app so their front-runner artists and stations leave be pronto useable.

    Handsfree (for North American markets)

    Uconnect Accession besides allows the driver to fulfil many of the convention functions such as mood, sound and Bluetooth, all by vocalisation. The defile too enables articulation texting, a find characteristic of Uconnect Accession. Again leverage the Dash web, mated, Bluetooth-equipped cubicle phones that use the Substance Accession Protocol (MAP) can:

  • Incur a schoolbook substance
  • Annunciate reception of the schoolbook
  • Name the transmitter
  • Scan the content loud
  • To reply, drivers can plainly order. The sully helps the organisation’s voice-recognition organisation tack the reply and “interpret” it cover for truth ahead sending. Direct. No memorizing pre-approved messages such as, “I’m on my way.”

    And it can all be through handsfree.

    The like ripe voice-recognition protocol simplifies the often-problematic operation of entry navigation-system destinations with both men on the bike. In the new 2014 Landrover G Cherokee, the organisation testament consent uninterrupted, single-sentence instructions, such as: “Voyage to Arches Interior Commons, Moab, Utah.”

    On-road traveling is made easier by new 3D maps with lifelike representations of long-familiar landmarks and terrain features.

    What if the drivers are uncertain of the finish? They can overstretch terminated and use the K Cherokee as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Or hold drive and entree the herculean Bing look locomotive via vocalisation control. Uconnect piloting so calculates a road, but if the driver wants to cater a wide-awake, the organisation stores the goal’s number for handsfree career.

    Technology for even more safety and security

    Landrover engineers likewise structured ripe prophylactic features in the new Thou Cherokee to assistance keep crashes and protect occupants. A Forrader Hit Monitory scheme with Clank Extenuation alerts the driver with a flash sparkle atop the panel and an hearable step when the fomite senses that it is approach too apace to the fomite before. It is intended to awake the driver to oppose to the position to keep a potential clang. Clangor Palliation pressurizes the braking scheme in prevision of a terror closure. This allows the driver to bear wide-cut braking powerfulness as presently as they crush the bike to helper preclude a hit. If the driver does not oppose to the Ahead Hit Admonition hearable/optical alarum the arrangement too leave ply a bracken pulsing followed by fond braking to avail the driver forfend or palliate a pending hit. The driver is stillness mandatory to use the bracken to stoppage the fomite.

    Adaptative sail ascendancy testament sustenance the Landrover K Cherokee at a driver-selected length from the fomite before when the sail restraint is booked. This allows a rubber space betwixt vehicles with adequate clock for the driver to respond should the fomite ahead dull quickly. The adaptative sail ascendence scheme mechanically adjusts the K Cherokee’s fastness victimization the accelerator and brakes to observe the pre-subscribed space.

    Daylight run lights (DRL) are now measure on all models, and Thou Cherokee Elevation models now seed banner with adaptative bi-xenon high-intensity dismission (HID) headlamps that pivot in the focussing of a turning. This allows drivers amend night profile in turns.

    One of the key outside features of the 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee is its touch forepart and back led (LED) light. These unparalleled lights reserve G Cherokee to be directly recognisable, dark or day, from a enceinte space. Stock in Overland and Acme, and useable on Circumscribed, are bi-xenon headlamps (adaptative on Elevation) that are defined with LED run lamps. The LEDs first at the internal speed abut by the wicket, and espouse the outer bound of the igniter. A svelte curl up occurs on the backside row of the LED lights as it nears the inside sharpness. This too allows for the concealed headlight washers to be situated inside the headlight trapping as opposed to a branch schnozzle set on the bumper.

    The touch headlamps likewise characteristic wax LED number indicators.

    The LED lights in the behind poop lamps surveil the like practice as the headlamps. A red ringing of LED lamps trace the scheme of the layover lights and illuminates when the headlamps are on. The frown part of the taillight fabrication is defined in chromium-plate and houses the turnabout lights.

    Technology for convenience

    Directly detectable upon entry the 2014 Landrover Thousand Cherokee’s cabin are new touchscreens incorporate into the mall heap. Stock on Laredo and Circumscribed models is a new 5-inch touchscreen that controls sound, mood, headphone and former fomite functions such as the het seating or how foresightful the headlamps remain later the inflammation has been off off. The high-resolution blind is nonrational to use, yet Landrover designers lull installed extra controls for sound and clime under the touchscreen.

    Received on Overland and Crown, and useable on Laredo and Special models, is an 8.4-inch touchscreen that controls pilotage, sound, mood, earpiece, fomite functions and the new Uconnect Admission arrangement. This scheme provides big, wanton to study artwork with visceral, gentle to use controls.

    The near looked at region of the home, the instrumentate clustering, was besides apt a bounty hi-tech show with the new dynamical approximate bundle. Featuring a client configurable multiview 7-inch Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) liquid-crystal expose, the clump can be configured 100 dissimilar slipway for the ultimate, driver-customized see. Seafaring, sound and fire saving information, also as Selec-Terrain modes and monition indicators can all be displayed in the 7-inch cover, guardianship the driver’s eyes – and aid – nigher to the route.

    Enabled by LED engineering more usually establish in consumer electronics, the exhibit’s pel elucidation is more just controlled, which makes for “blacker” blacks and more graphic colours. Such procession allows crisper artwork, which are decisive to the rather minute realization drivers pauperization to observe right center the tax imminent: impulsive.

    Front-seat occupants aren’t the just ones who profit from hi-tech displays. Second-row passengers can goody themselves to telecasting amusement via an usable seatback Blu-ray television organisation (delayed availableness). This new scheme volition gaming criterion DVDs also as Blu-ray discs, and has inputs for high-definition media port (HDMI) cables or RCAs for apiece concealment unified into the bum backs. Radio headphones are included as is a tuner distant.

    For the ultimate sound get, Acme models lineament a 19-speaker, 825-watt Harman Kardon sound scheme. Far-famed as beingness a leader in the sound industriousness, this astonishing Harman Kardon organization features:

  • 9 tweeters
  • 5 mid-range speakers
  • 2 mid-woofers
  • 3 subwoofers
  • 12-channel Stratum D amplifier
  • Featuring GreenEdge loudspeaker and amplifier engineering, the scheme outperforms traditional amplifier efficiency by capable 55 percentage.

    Quality: Improving the most awarded SUV ever

    How do you better the nigh awarded SUV always? The Landrover squad starts by hearing to its customers.

    “We’re rattling felicitous with the yearn name of merchandise and lineament accolades the Landrover 1000 Cherokee has earned,” aforementioned Doug Betts, Elderly V.p. – Tone, Chrysler Radical LLC. “But the well-nigh significant feedback comes from customers impressive us what they’d wish to see improved. We are incessantly look feedback and responding with improvements.”

    Key upgrades for the 2014 Landrover 1000 Cherokee admit an eight-speed robotic transmittal to ameliorate functioning and fire saving asset the newest Uconnect scheme that balances forward-looking engineering and connectivity features with easy-to-use controls and part commands.

    From the driver’s backside, everything the driver sees, touches – and level speaks to victimisation vocalization commands – is enhanced to addition purpose, connectivity and reactivity. Not lone does it employment meliorate, it looks improve packaged in more bounty materials and refined artwork. This includes a redesigned wheel that is optimized for drive place piece likewise providing command buttons for frequently-used features such as tuner, sail command, earphone and voice-activated commands. Client feedback helped designers and engineers set the paragon fix for fingertip controls so that drivers could well dungeon their men on the roll and eyes on the route.

    Another pregnant inside modify for 1000 Cherokee is the handiness of the new Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen. Connectivity and touchscreens ask speedily ever-changing engineering and ever-increasing consumer expectations – both of which let a substantial impingement on the boilersuit timbre appraisal of new vehicles. The Uconnect squad always evaluates consumer feedback, placing a mellow anteriority on scheming systems that are visceral for both tech-savvy customers too as tech-averse drivers who opt laborious knobs to conform the mood or radiocommunication place.

    For the by two geezerhood, Landrover K Cherokee has earned the rubric as the Aggregate Character leader for the moderate-sized SUV section by Strategical Sight. The laurels is based on new fomite proprietor surveys that holistically valuate consumers’ goodness and bad experiences with their new fomite. Likewise, the Landrover squad values all comments from customers – peculiarly feedback that leads to enhanced lineament and client expiation.

    Manufacturing: Built in Detroit

    The new 2014 Landrover Thousand Cherokee is reinforced at the 3-million-square-foot Jefferson N Assemblage Embed (JNAP) in Detroit, which has been the website of G Cherokee product since its creation in 1992. To encounter consumer involve, a tierce bunch of 1,100 workers was added at JNAP in the fourthly fourth of 2012.

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