2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Landrover® Thou Cherokee SRT owners get concern wait – and value – a fomite that is brawny and tasteful, epicurean and operative, mesomorphic and fashionable. For 2014, G Cherokee SRT checks all of those boxes – piece besides delivering unexpected delights.

Enhancements for the 2014 modeling yr admit an all-new, amply electronic eight-speed robotic transmittance that delivers improved fire thriftiness, importantly improved towing content, ironware and package revisions that advance sharpen Landrover Thou Cherokee SRT’s fun-to-drive agent during a everyday exchange or for more game impulsive on the backwash running.

International, the new 2014 Landrover Thou Cherokee SRT sports styling that is level more belligerent than the late simulation. Invention enhancements for 2014 admit a new touch LED fibre lamp discourse, a brawnier grill, a new, one-touch liftgate and a new bum coddler.

Inwardly, Landrover Thou Cherokee SRT customers are toughened to a new 8.4-inch touchscreen that displays a riches of SRT-exclusive Execution Pages information. A new launching command push is located bottom the new T-handle gearshift on the plaza cabinet, and a redesigned SRT-exclusive three-spoke, het wheel with more ergonomically effective waddle shifters, features a emcee of puff, gadget and connectivity controls.

Awe-inspiring powertrain

For 2014, G Cherokee SRT owners get deuce-ace extra gears from their infection: an all-new 8HP70 eight-speed robotlike. Full electronic, it features on-the-fly shift-map ever-changing.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

For an eventide sportier, more driver-controlled have, the 8HP70 eight-speed contagion can be manually shifted exploitation freshly redesigned, more marked, ergonomically effective steering-wheel coggle controls.

The Landrover Thousand Cherokee SRT features a new Eco Way for 2014 that optimizes the new transmitting’s slip agenda and extends the ambit of Fire Rescuer Engineering, which deactivates foursome cylinders when weather let. A push on the gist heap allows driver’s to plight Eco Modality for improved fire thriftiness.

The new eight-speed reflexive transmittal is specifically engineered to optimise switching timber and switching points for fire saving, operation and drivability. The reasoning package takes into chronicle variables including locomotive torsion gradients, kick-down events, longitudinal and sidelong quickening, score changes, rubbing sensing and downshift catching to regulate the earmark shimmy map.

Extra parameters unified into the controller scheme admit fomite amphetamine controller, electronic stableness mastery interaction and temperature. The termination is reflexive unfirm that is ideally attuned to the functioning requirements of virtually any drive exact.

The new infection is paired to the proved and herculean 6.4-liter HEMI® V-8 with Fire Recoverer Engineering delivering 470 hp (351 kW) at 6,000 rpm and 465 lb.-ft. (630 N&samson;m) of torsion at 4,300 rpm and helps render greatly enhanced towing operation of 7,200 pounds – a 44-percent advance complete the 5,000-lb. towing capacitance from the late simulation.

For 2014, the new electronic T-handle gearstick provides the flexibleness for drivers to prefer a contagion shimmy agenda mugwump from the Selec-Track scheme. Campaign and Athletics shift can be selected via the T-handle with no consequence on the elect reprieve, constancy ascendence and driveline torsion tear settings.

Too new for 2014 is a establish restraint organization that mimics a master driver’s inputs to optimise Landrover K Cherokee SRT’s execution by delivery locomotive, transmittance, driveline, constancy command, and abeyance in pipeline for a casebook found. Controlled by a clitoris bottom the new T-handle sceneshifter on the centerfield solace, the solution is improved and more reproducible straight-line speedup. The functioning feel of the 2014 M Cherokee SRT is boost accentuated by a commute in transport cause proportioning and dynamical controls for the Selec-Track scheme when the fomite is in Raceway Manner. When this way is selected, 70 pct of the locomotive’s torsion is delivered to the arse wheels for a more marked rear-wheel-drive have. Landrover Thousand Cherokee SRT drivers volition posting a fomite that is more antiphonal from mid-corner to departure.

Outstanding ride, handling and capability

The 1000 Cherokee SRT rides on a short- and long-arm (SLA) freelancer forepart abeyance with curl springs, Bilstein adaptative damping respite (ADS), upper- and lower-control weaponry (“A” munition), and a stabiliser bar.

The arse hanging is a multi-link conception with curlicue springiness, Bilstein ADS, aluminium glower command arm, freelancer amphetamine links (stress and cant), addition a furcate toe linkup, and a stabiliser bar.

Package improvements to the retuned Selec-Track organisation boost separate the fin dynamical modes: Motorcar, Sportsman, Tow, Rails, and Coke, enabling drivers to take a fomite mount that more ideally meets their requirements and ambient weather. Drivers bequeath get the torsion burst variety in Racecourse Style provides a fomite that is more antiphonal from mid-corner to passing and one that delivers quicker lap multiplication at their ducky racecourse.

Benchmark braking

The new 2014 Thou Cherokee SRT delivers first-class braking operation, requiring lonesome 116 feet to strike a period from 60 mph (mph). Cite belongs to red-painted, Brembo six-piston (forepart) and four-piston (back) calipers, and vented rotors at all four-spot corners mensuration 15 inches (figurehead) and 13.8 inches (behind).


Start with the performance-oriented and operative designs from the SRT (Street and Racing Engineering) blade, the 2014 Landrover® Chiliad Cherokee SRT manakin builds thereon succeeder with new outside and midland styling cues that carry an eve higher floor of sumptuousness and mightiness.

“The 2014 Landrover Chiliad Cherokee SRT raises the bar again for our operation SUV,” aforesaid Score Trostle, Mind of Pattern – SRT Steel, Mopar and Motorsports, Chrysler Grouping LLC. “With an outside that is evening more belligerent patch left upscale and running, on with a sybaritic inner cabin that offers new engineering and connectivity, the new Chiliad Cherokee SRT clay at house on the route or on the racecourse.”

Aggressive and functional exterior

The shading of belligerent, upscale and operative styling of the 2014 Landrover M Cherokee SRT is promptly manifest up movement, where the touch seven-slot amphetamine grillwork with lightlessness blind tuck has been telescoped and is flanked by slimmer, adaptative, bi-xenon headlamps that are encircled by a touch LED role lamp discussion. The iconic Landrover wicket itself is bigger, and the headlamps lineament a singular blackness scope to secern the new SRT example from over-the-counter Landrover K Cherokee models, piece encourage accentuation their jewel-like appearing.

“We cherished the new 1000 Cherokee SRT exemplar to suffer two distinguishable ocular signatures: one by day and one at nighttime, something that would be singular to this fomite. All of the styling enhancements – particularly the headlights and LED beleaguer – springiness this fomite a unparalleled, performance-oriented and sinister feeling,” aforementioned Trostle.

The new styling enhancements besides enabled SRT designers to comprise the headlight washers into the headlight caparison first – sooner than on the bumper – for a cleanser, more working show.

New, five-spoke 20-inch “Colossus” wheels with milled destination are touchstone and bait on stock Pirelli 295/45ZR20 Scorpion Verde all-season tires or uncommitted Pirelli P Naught Three-season tires. Usable schism five-spoke, 20-inch bad al wheels lineament the “Wanderer Scamp” invention in Satin C or SRT-exclusive Melanize Evaporation Chromium-plate finishes.

A new Thou Cherokee badge on the fomite’s sides boast a more distinguishable, more marked baptistery.

The breast lighter intervention of the new 2014 Thousand Cherokee SRT is mirrored in rear for a cohesive styling appearing and features bigger empennage lamps with touch LED inflammation. To encourage accentuate the functioning inheritance of the SRT excogitation, the empennage lamps sport a blackness surroundings, creating the deception of aimless lamps.

Not an trick is the all-new, more aerodynamically effective, behind looter structured into the all-new liftgate.

“Typically, designers birth to workplace with features from pedestal vehicles and mix them into over-the-counter variants. The opponent was genuine when it came to our bottom mollycoddler. We created it for our SRT modeling and it plant so fountainhead at up flowing efficiency and downforce that it was distinct to integrate it into all 2014 1000 Cherokee models,” Trostle added.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt

The new, one-touch liftgate delivers improved client appliance, and features a new SRT badge that no thirster carries the locomotive cylinder routine consultation. Preferably than relying on a manual prize, the liftgate is operated electronically with the energy of a clit. For 2014, the fin methamphetamine has been eliminated – greatly enhancing backwards profile and reduction weightiness.

Banner 4-inch duple tucker tips incorporate into the glower dashboard bear the throaty beat billet Landrover Thousand Cherokee SRT enthusiasts look from their fomite and finish the bottom styling cues.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt

The 2014 G Cherokee SRT testament be useable in the next outside colours: Position Facile Metal Crystalise Cake, Brilliant Albumen Open Cake, Splendid Nigrify Lechatelierite Off-white Surface, Trench Cerise Bone Surface, Granite Lechatelierite Bead Coating, Uttermost Brand Metal Elucidate Cake and Redline Bead Crystallize Surface.

Race-inspired and high-performance interior

The 2014 Thousand Cherokee SRT delivers an midland that is princely, operable and ideally suitable for day-by-day drives or more enlivened operation impulsive on the rails.

A new Uconnect 8.4AN touchscreen takes core degree – literally – and displays a riches of info including the SRT-exclusive Functioning Pages, which credit late rail multiplication, sidelong speedup, 0-60 mph (mph) multiplication and often more. These readouts are displayed in full-color and can now be divided with early SRT enthusiasts via a inbuilt 3G connexion.

On the centerfield soothe, drivers leave discovery a new T-handle gearshift for the new eight-speed contagion that allows the driver to prime ‘tween Driving and Play slip schedules. Cloaked in grained leather, this sophisticated gearshift encourage reinforces the mark’s street and racing inheritance. Buns the gearstick is new plunge controller push highlighted by a semblance graphical – alike to the “Christmas shoetree”-type scaffolding lights from the hale peel.

The stock, SRT-exclusive, leather-wrapped and het wheel with a mat freighter is redesigned with a bevy of new puff, widget and connectivity controls and more marked and ergonomically effective spank shifters.

“SRT owners are exceedingly in air with their diverse signature points, so we’ve continued to polish our SRT-exclusive wheel in 2014 pursuit skillful feedback from our squad of engineers and pro drivers,” aforesaid Klaus Busse, Psyche of Midland Conception – Chrysler Aggroup LLC. “Likewise key with our pattern squad was rewriting the bod and location of the new spank shifters with a concave figure on the rachis to ergonomically take the form of the driver’s fingers.”

The new wheel is intentional and positioned to cater optimum panorama of the new caliber flock that now features a 7-inch full-color, customizable instrumentate showing. This new sieve allows drivers to prime from a concourse of layout and entropy to be shown in the centerfield of the bore constellate.

Rightful c character reduce stress sweeps crosswise the driver’s doorway, board and figurehead rider threshold.

The uncommitted 825-watt, 19-speaker agiotage SRT execution sound surround-sound arrangement from Harman Kardon offers man prime creation, featuring a 32-volt trailing ability provide (TPS) 12-channel Form D amplifier that delivers prominent acoustics and brings multi-dimensional, calibre vocalize for all internal occupants.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt

GreenEdge loudspeaker and amplifier engineering offers superscript vocalize tone and high-pitched voice pressure outputs with minimal zip ingestion. GreenEdge amplifiers only surpass traditional amplifier efficiency by capable 55 percentage, representing a net efficiency of more 90 percentage in roughly cases. The speakers are tuned for maximal efficiency and absolutely matched to the amplifier turnout.

The arrangement’s 19 GreenEdge high-efficiency speakers admit ix tweeters, pentad mid-range speakers, two mid-woofers and deuce-ace subwoofers situated passim the national.

The 2014 G Cherokee SRT Lagoon leather inner is usable in two classifiable colours: Torsion (inkiness) and a new Mahogany compounding.

Usable as role of the Mahogany national compounding, a melanize Dynamica star and melanise pillars foster stress SRT’s upscale midland show.

Enhanced security, convenience and occupant safety

Uconnect Admission is all-new to the Landrover G Cherokee SRT. Enabled by embedded cellular engineering, the arrangement affords orchestrate communicating with local 9-1-1 overhaul force at the ghost of a release – no wait for mediator call-center operators.

In plus, the 2014 Thousand Cherokee SRT showcases ripe condom features from Onward Hit Cautionary – which alerts the driver to apace upcoming dealings – to Blind-spot Monitoring and Behind Crossbreeding Route catching, which aid drivers when ever-changing lanes or in parking-lot situations.

Quality: Improving the most awarded SUV ever

How do you amend the about awarded SUV always? The Landrover and SRT teams scratch by hearing to their customers.

“We’re real glad with the yearn lean of merchandise and character accolades the Landrover G Cherokee has earned,” aforesaid Doug Betts, Elder V.p. – Timbre, Chrysler Aggroup. “But the almost authoritative feedback comes from customers tattle us what they’d comparable to see improved. We are forever looking feedback and responding with improvements.”

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt

Key upgrades for the new 2014 Landrover K Cherokee card admit an eight-speed automatonlike infection to better execution and fire saving addition the newest Uconnect scheme that balances ripe engineering and connectivity features with easy-to-use controls and part commands.

From the driver’s bum, everything the driver sees, touches – and evening speaks to exploitation vocalism commands – is enhanced to step-up office, connectivity and reactivity. Not lonesome does it ferment meliorate, it looks meliorate packaged in more agio materials and refined art. This includes a redesigned wheel that is optimized for impulsive office piece besides providing restraint buttons for ofttimes secondhand features wish tuner, sail restraint, headphone and voice-activated commands. Client feedback helped designers and engineers influence the nonesuch fix for fingertip controls so that drivers could well support their workforce on the bike and eyes on the route.

Another pregnant inner alter for Chiliad Cherokee is the accessibility of the new Uconnect Entree 8.4AN touchscreen. Connectivity and touchscreens demand chop-chop ever-changing engineering and ever-increasing consumer expectations – both of which bear a meaning shock on the boilersuit tone appraisal of new vehicles. The Uconnect squad incessantly evaluates consumer feedback, placing a gamy anteriority on scheming systems that are visceral for both tech-savvy customers likewise as tech-averse drivers who choose arduous knobs to aline the clime or wireless place.

For the preceding two age, the Landrover Thou Cherokee has earned the championship as the Amount Timbre leader for the moderate-size SUV section by Strategical Sight. The accolade is based on new fomite proprietor surveys that holistically tax consumers’ full and bad experiences with their new fomite. Likewise, the Landrover squad values all comments from customers – particularly feedback that leads to enhanced lineament and client atonement.

Manufacturing: Built in Detroit

The new 2014 Landrover G Cherokee SRT is reinforced at the 3-million-square-foot Jefferson N Forum Engraft (JNAP) in Detroit, which has been the situation of Grand Cherokee yield since its unveiling in 1992. To play consumer requirement, a one-third bunch of 1,100 workers was added at JNAP in the quaternary one-fourth of 2012.

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