2014 Jaguar Xjr

Jaguar XJR

The offset ‘R’ framework in the modish coevals of the XJ reach, and the up-to-the-minute in a longsighted business of high-performance, deluxe Panther sports saloons, the XJR incorporates made-to-order build and flowing developments to produce the almost focussed, quick and antiphonal appendage of the XJ category.

“This XJR is the flagship XJ and I’m charmed we’ve got it rachis into the orbit. This is a agio opulence supercar that besides has an passing purposeful anticipate it. This car bequeath storm, thither’s no doubtfulness some it.” Ian Callum, Excogitation Manager, Panther

Unlined functioning is provided by a 5.0-litre charged V8 locomotive that boasts 550PS and 680Nm. Elusive outside styling cues, which likewise optimize the airflow ended and round the car, sustain tending the Panther XJR a distinctively self-assertive show. A breast rail-splitter, peculiar ‘R’ hood louvres and quadrangle tailpipes likewise add to the car’s sneaky yet purposeful conduct.

Combined with an eight-speed contagion that extends the functioning characteristics of the car, the XJR is subject of accelerating from nil to 60mph in 4.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds) and on to an electronically special top hurrying of 174mph (280km/h).

The unequaled 20-inch jackanapes bad metal ‘Farallon’ wheels are shodden with particularly highly-developed Pirelli condom, gift the Panther XJR a brawny posture and increasing its clasp and stableness. Confederate to the tire engineering are tuned dampers and bound rates which both optimize the manipulation and stableness of the car when determined at swiftness and addition the impression of connectivity with the route airfoil, providing a controlled, slender drive which distillery retains the expected Panther XJ cod quilt.

2014 Jaguar XJR

The settings for the combat-ready electronic derivative and Dynamical Constancy Mastery arrangement deliver been graduated in decree to reserve the enthusiastic driver to piddle the nearly of the immense operation possible of the XJR. In add-on, the steerage hydraulics and standardisation deliver been engineered to heighten direction spirit, reply and feedback below all drive weather.

2014 Jaguar Xjr

The car’s dynamical intention is underlined by the expert pallet of materials exploited on the internal. This includes optional semi-aniline leather and veneers in either C Fiber or Softly Melanise. Providing a farther singular touching is a prime of contrastive coloration sewing to unwrap the innovation of the figurehead and back seating.

“The XJR is the clean height of the XJ grasp. This car has been dynamically set-up from the kickoff to render arresting operation, piece distillery retaining the sumptuousness and consolation plebeian to the full XJ stove. The XJR has all the largeness of potentiality you could like for in a high-performance sumptuousness pub car.” Andrew Hellgrammiate, Foreman Broadcast Organize, Panther XJR

2014 Jaguar Xjr

5.0-litre supercharged V8

The XJR features Panther’s acclaimed 5.0-litre charged V8 locomotive in its almost stiff shape, matched to a reactive eight-speed transmission. This all-new combining provides an surpassing commingle of saturated execution, driver affaire and especial levels of ascendence.

“The gainsay with underdeveloped the powertrain for this car was to office it in persona with the residual of the fomite. It required to let the requisite civilization for use in townspeople spell big all the functioning anyone would indigence everyplace else, without beingness overpowering. With the XJR we achieved that counterweight.” Ron Lee, Conductor of Powertrain Technology, Panther

The all-aluminium quad-cam locomotive delivers not just elating operation but too enormous efficiency thanks to the technologies corporate into it, including spray-guided mastermind injectant (SGDI) and threefold freelance varying cam timing (DIVCT).

2014 Jaguar Xjr

The hard-hitting die-cast jackanapes al stoppage is stiffened with iron liners and cross-bolted chief presence caps, providing civilisation to mate its might. The four-valve cylinder heads are constructed from recycled al, ‘tween them seance the Roots-type counterpart whirl supercharger fed by two intercoolers, which sport their own water-cooling circle to tighten the temperature of the pressurised air thereby optimising mightiness and efficiency.

The answer is a 0-60mph metre of 4.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds) and an electronically-limited top fastness of 174mph (280km/h).

Eight-speed Transmission

Maximizing the gain of the locomotive standardization is the eight-speed reflexive infection, which has been engineered based on learnings from the ontogenesis of the high-performance XFR-S taproom. This transmission brings out the sporty nature of the Panther XJR spell calm maintaining the car’s calmness in townspeople and in low-speed drive environments.

When operational in robotic modality, the contagion can find the style in which the car is organism goaded by monitoring quickening and braking, cornering forces, gas and bracken cycle action, route consignment and kickdown quest. On detection a more enthusiastic drive panache, the transmittance leave mechanically piddle the gearshifts more strong-growing and motility the shift-up pointedness higher in the rev stove. Guidance wheel-mounted gearstick paddles too consecrate the driver higher levels of controller.

Recess Acknowledgement senses when the car is negotiating a crimp, the infection belongings the chastise appurtenance for the passing. The transmittal testament besides realize when the car is acting a serial of passing manoeuvres requiring speedy changes in limit office and, instead than alter up, stay in a frown cogwheel make for the adjacent exact for quickening.

The eight-speed transmitting besides allows the XJR to be offered as criterion with Panther’s Sound Layover/Scratch arrangement. This mechanically shuts pile the locomotive when the car comes to a check and the bracken bicycle is downcast. When the bracken is released, the scheme leave resume the locomotive in less clock than it takes for the driver’s groundwork to motion to the throttle.

A duplicate solenoid organisation, it allows for ‘flip-flop’ functionality, delivery the locomotive foul to velocity tied during its derelict stage if, e.g., the car is upcoming to a stoppage at a colligation and the driver sees an chance to articulation the dealings menstruation.


“The XJR offers greater guidance preciseness, higher levels of ascendancy and enhanced highschool speeding stableness, with the tradeoff in shade existence rattling modest. The increment in index and torsion springiness this car sincerely casual, unlined operation.” Microphone Hybridization, Chieftain Technologist, Fomite Wholeness, Panther

The dynamical characteristics of the Panther XJR suffer been informed by the technology ontogenesis of the XFR-S, the answer existence an improbably spry, reactive and involving luxuriousness a-one pothouse.

Both forepart and bum respite systems let been cautiously tuned at Panther’s examination inwardness at the fabled Nürburgring, the high-velocity Rockingham circle in England, the roadstead about the Gaydon Inquiry and Developing essence and in n Wales.

In rescript to reach the maximal gain from the respite, the XJR has new whippersnapper, bad 20-inch ‘Farallon’ admixture wheels. The tyres, highly-developed in co-occurrence with Pirelli, are 265/35 and 295/30 strawman/arse and birth been selected to bear optimum cornering clasp, grip and constancy o’er a all-inclusive ambit of upper and functioning parameters. The remainder ‘tween the bicycle rim and tire breadth has the essence of pre-loading the sidewall to amend treatment and direction reaction without adversely poignant elaboration. The steerage arrangement has additionally benefited from the fitment of the valving highly-developed for the F-Type.

Working in harmony with the suspension, wheels and tyres are electronic programmes controlling the Adaptive Dynamics, active electronic differential and Dynamic Stability Control systems.

Jaguar’s Adaptive Dynamics system actively controls vertical body movement, roll and pitch rates through the use of continuously variable dampers. The system monitors driver inputs and the road conditions, adjusting damper rates in response up to 500 times a second to optimise stability and agility. The driver’s selection of Dynamic Mode offers enhanced body control through moving the damping rates to the firmer end of the available range.

The Jaguar active electronic differential – which can apply full locking torque almost instantaneously when necessary – has been calibrated in order to exploit the high levels of grip offered by the wide rear tyres, the more precisely controlled suspension and the engine output. Working in parallel with the differential, the ‘Trac DSC’ setting of the Dynamic Stability Control system now offers the enthusiastic driver more opportunity to explore the outer edges of the handling envelope while nevertheless providing a discreet safety net.

Providing equal levels of confidence is Jaguar’s High Performance Braking System, which offers an unmatched combination of power, stability and fine modulation. The 380mm front and 376mm rear discs are internally ventilated for assured, repeated stopping power.


2014 Jaguar Xjr

“The Design Team wanted to create a graphic link to the performance credentials of this car, as well as delivering the optimal balance of aerodynamic down force front and rear. Hence the chrome-rimmed intakes on the front bumper have become an ‘R’ model ‘signature element’, acting as a visual reference to the car’s twin superchargers, while the front aero splitters are complemented by the rear spoiler. We really dialled up the visual content on the XJR, compared to its predecessors; it’s where our customers now expect it to be.” Wayne Burgess, Studio Director, Jaguar Design

Reflecting the changes under the skin, the appearance of the Jaguar XJR has been subtly modified in order to allow the car to achieve its full potential.

The ‘R’ spec side sills, unique to the XJR, serve to create a sharp break-off point between the bodywork and the road surface in order to keep the airflow attached to the car’s sides for as long as possible.

Rear lift is also reduced through the fitment of a bootlid-mounted lip spoiler to manage the airflow off the top rear surface of the car, while the special ‘R’ bonnet louvres aid in aerodynamics and engine cooling.

2014 Jaguar Xjr

The five-spoke, lightweight Farallon forged alloy wheels provide the XJR with a purposeful, broad shouldered stance and come as standard in either Sparkle silver or Technical grey finishes. The assertive appearance of the Jaguar XJR is further enhanced with a Sport pack grille with chrome surround and black mesh.

XJR customers can choose from an exterior palette comprising ten colours: Polaris White, Ebony, Ultimate Black, Stratus Grey, Lunar Grey, Rhodium Silver, Cashmere, Caviar, Carnelian Red and Black Amethyst.

This colour palette is complemented inside the Jaguar XJR with a unique combination of colourways. Jet leather trim is available with a choice of either Ivory, London Tan or Red Zone inserts on the seat facings. The seats themselves are embossed with the ‘R’ logo and can be finished with a choice of stitching in either Red or London Tan. Jet suedecloth headlining comes as standard with an optional leather headlining in Jet to complement the XJR interior.

The XJR is fitted as standard with a 380W, 12-speaker surround-sound system from British audio experts Meridian. Recognised by audiophiles as a leader in audio reproduction and fidelity, the system uses digital signal processing to create a sound field that is second to none. An optional 825W, 18-speaker system features Meridian’s proprietary Trifield System which places every occupant at the centre of their own perfectly focused surround-sound arena.

Jaguar XJR Technical specification

  • Engine: 5.0-litre V8 supercharged petrol
  • Capacity: 5000 cc
  • Bore/Stroke: 92.5/93 mm
  • Peak Power: 550 PS (405 kW) @ 6500 rpm
  • Peak Torque: 680 Nm (502 lb/ft) @ 2500-5500 rpm
  • Transmission: Eight-speed automatic
  • Intelligent Stop/Start: Yes
  • 0-60 mph: 4.4 s
  • 0-100 km/h: 4.6 s
  • Top Speed: 280 km/h (174 mph) (electronically limited)
  • Combined Economy
  • 11.6 l/100km
  • 24.4 EU mpg
  • 18 US mpg
  • CO2 Emissions: 270 g/km
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