2014 Jaguar Xfr S

Jaguar XFR-S

The sec modelling in Panther’s ultra-high execution R-S ambit, the Panther XFR-S joins its XKR-S sib in the single 300km/h golf-club and is a intense construction of Panther’s longstanding and fabled sports pothouse descent.

The Panther XFR-S incorporates technology features from both the XKR-S and the all-new F-Type runabout sports car to make the virtually driver-focused, spry and antiphonal loop of Panther’s award-winning XF saloon stove. The Panther XFR-S has been highly-developed by Panther Domain Wanderer’s specialiser ETO sectionalisation – its bespoken powertrain, flesh and soundbox enhancements enabling it to button the operation boundaries.

Thrilling execution is provided by the 5.0-litre charged V8 gas locomotive which now boasts 550PS and 680Nm – up 40PS and 55Nm severally o’er its XFR induction. The increases deliver been achieved done revisions to the locomotive direction scheme and optimization of the airflow both into and out of the locomotive.

Fitted with an eight-speed infection incorporating Panther’s ‘Quickshift’ engineering (highly-developed for the F-Type), the increment in locomotive outturn allows the Panther XFR-S to speed to 60mph in 4.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds) and on to an electronically express top hurrying of 186mph (300km/h).

2014 Jaguar XFR-S

Airflow has been cautiously managed in edict to both reserve the locomotive to manoeuver at vizor efficiency and let the car stick the air flawlessly and safely. The resulting eubstance changes bear created a distinctively self-assertive appearing, source with the deeper battlefront bumper with its bigger frown air intakes, perpendicular vanes and c character breast divider.

Deeper sills and alone ‘aero-blades’ insure a strip transit of air on the incline of the car and on to the deeper backside bumper sides patch a c character bum diffusor betwixt the touch quadriceps tailpipes extends underneath the arse of the Panther XFR-S to dilute elevator. It is assisted therein by a bootlid mounted freebooter, two designs organism usable. Boilersuit rhytidectomy is rock-bottom by 68%.

The unequalled 20-inch jackanapes bad admixture ‘Varuna’ wheels are wider presence and ass and are shodden with peculiarly highly-developed Pirelli galosh, bounteous the Panther XFR-S a more mesomorphic position and increasing its hold and constancy. Confederative to this are broad hiatus revisions which help to gain sidelong reprieve rigourousness by 30% for greater direction preciseness and reactivity.

Revisions to both leap rates and the adaptative muffler line increment the feel of connectivity with the route coat, providing confidence-inspiring manipulation and a lissom, controlled cod. Recalibrated dynamic electronic derivative and Active Stableness Mastery settings earmark the enthusiastic driver to piddle the virtually of the immense voltage of the Panther XFR-S.

The car’s spirit is underlined by the proficient pallette of materials exploited on the upcountry. This includes c leather on the behind bolsters and arm rests and a Iniquity Al facia, both of which are sole to the R-S scope. Providing a encourage alone trace are a quality of contrastive coloring sewing and micro-piping which can be matched to the outside pigment dodging.

“In underdeveloped the XFR-S the technology gainsay was to protract the considerable active abilities commons to the total XF stove. The tailored build, powertrain and personify enhancements play that dispute and pay the XFR-S its focussed execution abut.” Andrew Whyman, Headman Plan Mastermind, Panther XF

Powertrain – 5.0-litre supercharged V8

2014 Jaguar Xfr S

The XFR-S features Panther’s acclaimed 5.0-litre charged V8 gasolene locomotive in its almost virile configuration matched to an eight-speed infection with Quickshift functionality. This all-new combining provides a nonrational coalesce of lifelike quickening, driver affair and ascendance positive entering to the single 300km/h (186mph) nine of ultra-high functioning cars.

“The XFR-S is a identical proportionate merchandise in the way it looks, the way it handles and the way the powertrain responds. The car has heartbeat reception to any driver stimulation and as a termination feels machine-accessible from the first.” Tim Clark, Expert Specializer for Operation and Driveability Attributes, Panther

2014 Jaguar Xfr S

The all-aluminium quad-cam locomotive delivers not but extremum execution but likewise howling efficiency thanks to the technologies incorporate into it, including spray-guided aim injectant (SGDI) and threefold freelance varying cam timing (DIVCT).

The hard-hitting die-cast whippersnapper al blocking is stiffened with casting cast-iron liners and cross-bolted independent presence caps, providing nuance to lucifer its mightiness. The four-valve cylinder heads are constructed from recycled aluminum, betwixt them seated the Roots-type mate whirl supercharger fed by two intercoolers. These boast their own water-cooling circumference to cut the temperature of the pressurised air to optimize mightiness and efficiency.

In rescript to assistant unloosen the extra 40PS and 55Nm of torsion terminated the banner XFR, bigger breast air intakes in the lour bumper of the Panther XFR-S let greater volumes of air to be fed into the locomotive. The ingestion organisation besides features a symposer that channels more of the installation randomness into the cabin, adding to the aural excitation of drive the Panther XFR-S.

The termination is a 0-60mph clip of 4.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds) and an electronically-limited top upper of 186mph (300km/h).

The exhaust has been optimised in decree to canal the barren gases off from the locomotive with the superlative efficiency. The fundamental muffler has been replaced with an X-piece and close straight-through back pipes combine to allow an enhanced discharge line with the added welfare of a motorsport-style crepitation on the invade.

A issue of key driveline components suffer been uprated in rescript to both adjust the Panther XFR-S for the greater index and torsion outputs and constrain the full drivetrain to shuffling its responses more prompt; these admit uprated driveshafts, a bigger primal aim on the propshaft and a new torsion converter.

2014 Jaguar Xfr S

This serial of changes has allowed Panther’s engineers to line the gun answer to case the more focussed nature of the Panther XFR-S. Applying encyclopaedism from the new F-Type sports car, the answer to choke inputs has been made importantly faster. The end resolution is an insinuate connexion betwixt the driver’s rectify fundament and the locomotive. Piquant Active Manner increases this stillness foster with a greater locomotive reply for a tending cause of the gun.

Eight-speed Quickshift Transmission

Maximizing the gain of the locomotive recalibration is the eight-speed reflex contagion with Quickshift engineering.

Highly-developed for the F-Type sports car, Quickshift ideally suits the Panther XFR-S’s focussed and involving prorogue. When the enthusiastic driver changes up a cogwheel manually by victimisation the steerage wheel-mounted paddles, the Quickshift scheme ensures the fastest, crispest shifts via speedy and incisively timed locomotive torsion treatment.

When downshifting (either manually or when in Play way) the locomotive direction arrangement mechanically blips the gas to insure the XFR-S clay balanced and composed, specially crucial on debut to a tree. This routine besides allows the transmitting to execute multiple and real speedy downshifts during heavy braking.

When operational in machinelike mood, the contagion can discover the style in which the car is beingness determined by monitoring speedup and braking, cornering forces, gun and bracken bicycle activeness, route freight and kickdown postulation. On sleuthing a more enthusiastic drive dash, the transmittance leave mechanically pee the gearshifts more belligerent and movement the shift-up pointedness higher in the rev scope.

Niche Acknowledgment senses when the car is negotiating a curve, the transmittance property the rectify paraphernalia for the issue. The infection testament besides agnise when the car is playing a serial of passing manoeuvres requiring speedy changes in gun berth and, preferably than variety up, stay in a lour pitch fix for the adjacent involve for speedup.

The eight-speed transmittal besides allows the Panther XFR-S to be offered as criterion with Panther’s Level-headed Stopover/Commencement organisation. This mechanically shuts consume the locomotive when the car comes to a stay and the bracken wheel is down. When the bracken is released, the scheme volition resume the locomotive in less clip than it takes for the driver’s groundwork to motion to the catalyst.

A similitude solenoid organization, it allows for ‘reversal’ functionality, delivery the locomotive choke to upper level during its derelict form if, e.g., the car is forthcoming to a check at a juncture and the driver sees an chance to juncture the dealings menses.


“With the XFR we birth a really believable, competitory program with which to exercise. What we bear granted the Panther XFR-S is greater manipulation capacitance, greater preciseness and greater potentiality. It’s a car for impulsive purists – it testament spirit piquant inside the outset 50 metres but cadaver approachable and confidence-inspiring at any swiftness.” Microphone Crossing, Headman Direct, Fomite Unity, Panther

The dynamical characteristics of the Panther XFR-S were informed by the technology exploitation of both the XKR-S and the F-Type, the resolution beingness an fantastically spry, reactive and involving sup ginmill.

Both breast and arse hiatus systems get been uprated and cautiously tuned complete tens of thousands of miles at Panther’s examination gist at the fabled Nürburgring, the high-velocity bowlful at Nardoo in Italy and, naturally, the engineers’ front-runner roadstead roughly the Gaydon Explore and Ontogenesis gist and in n Wales.

Boilersuit sidelong abatement harshness has been increased by 30 per centime forepart and bottom, with presence and bottom bounce rates increased by the like number.

Presence respite knucks bear been revised in pipeline with those plant on the XKR-S to reach the increased bank and beaver rigourousness which, on with new bicycle bearings, optimize steerage and manipulation preciseness. The steerage arrangement has additionally benefited from the fitment of the valving highly-developed for the F-Type.

At the arse a new subframe has enabled revisions to hanging geometry which, confederative to stiffer bushes – new bum knucks and operative tandem with the stiffer springs – growth stableness and reply.

In ordering to reach the maximal welfare from the dangling revisions, the Panther XFR-S has new whippersnapper, bad 20-inch ‘Varuna’ admixture wheels. These are one-half an edge wider at the movement and an edge wider at the behind in comparing to the wheels institute on the XFR but their expression substance thither is no burden punishment to be paying.

The tyres, highly-developed in connective with Pirelli solely for the Panther XFR-S, are 10mm wider all circle, organism 265/35 and 295/30 movement/bum. The remainder betwixt the bike rim and tire breadth increases has the core of pre-loading the sidewall to meliorate treatment and steerage reply without adversely touching civilisation.

Workings in concord with the uprated hanging, wheels and tyres are revised electronic programmes controlling the Adaptative Kinetics, participating electronic derivative and Active Stableness Ascendancy systems.

Panther’s Adaptative Kinetics arrangement actively controls upright soundbox motility, roller and gear rates done the use of unendingly varying dampers. The arrangement monitors driver inputs and the route weather, adjusting muffler rates in answer capable 500 multiplication a irregular to optimize constancy and lightsomeness. The driver’s excerption of Active Style offers enhanced consistency command done moving the damping rates to the firmer end of the useable stove.

2014 Jaguar Xfr S

The Panther combat-ready electronic derivative – which can use total lockup torsion near outright when necessity – has been recalibrated in gild to overwork the greater clutches offered by the wider ass tyres, the more incisively controlled respite and the locomotive turnout. Workings in collimate with the derivative, the ‘Trac DSC’ context of the Active Stableness Ascendancy organization now offers the enthusiastic driver more chance to search the outer edges of the manipulation gasbag patch however providing a discerning refuge net.

Providing match levels of assurance is Panther’s Highschool Execution Braking Organization which offers an unrivaled combining of mightiness, stableness and amercement inflection. The 380mm forepart and 376mm behind discs are internally ventilated for assured perennial fillet index and on Panther XFR-S profit from extra chilling provided by under-body air channelling.


“The Conception Squad was real witting that it would be the streamlined solutions requisite to present the execution of the Panther XFR-S that would order its esthetics. This is a saturated and focussed car and the designing revisions and the materials put-upon all excogitate that.” Wayne Burgher, Studio Conductor, Panther Innovation

Reflecting the changes below the tegument, the show of the Panther XFR-S has been subtly limited in club to appropriate the car to attain its total likely.

The new, deeper movement bumper incorporates bigger glower exchange and position air intakes – the onetime framed in c fiber – in decree to ply enough airflow into the locomotive bay. C fiber is besides victimized to mannikin the strawman divider at the frown border of the bumper, the commencement of a bit of flowing changes intentional to still the passing of the car done the air at really eminent speeds.

2014 Jaguar Xfr S

The lengthy slope sills and aeroblade mouldings ass the battlefront wheels answer to produce a precipitous break-off gunpoint ‘tween the frown bodywork and the route aerofoil in ordering to sustenance the airflow affiliated to the car’s sides for as hanker as potential.

The like thought set the deeper position mouldings ass the back wheels. This extensive arse bumper besides incorporates a exchange, c character diffusor, deeper than the point launch on the XFR and which travels farther nether the arse of the car to tighten heave.

Bottom elevator is too rock-bottom done the fitment of a bootlid-mounted pamperer to wield the airflow off the top bum airfoil of the car. Two options are uncommitted, both of which let been intentional with the aid of computational liquid kinetics to furnish utterly balanced aeromechanics. The bigger of the two bottom wings is constructed with a c character airfoil inwardness division.

The combined answer of the bodywork revisions is a simplification in boilersuit elevator of 68%.

The wider, six-spoke, jackanapes Varuna bad admixture wheels cater the Panther XFR-S with a purposeful, all-encompassing shouldered posture and arrive as measure with a treble ending. A ceramic culture is applied to the outer surfaces, its attention-getting show contrastive with interior burnish melanise areas. As an choice the wheels can be supplied in either good colour blackness or expert grayness finishes.

The self-assertive appearing of the Panther XFR-S is advance enhanced done the use of polish melanize cut in billet of chromium-plate roughly the wicket, inside the incline blowhole, some the breast and behind screens, windows and crossways the bootlid. The interlock in the strawman grilles is too a purposeful semblance lightlessness.

Panther XFR-S customers can select from an outside pallette comprising fivesome colors: French Racing Disconsolate, Ultimate Blacken, Stratus Greyness, Polaris Whiteness and Italian Racing Red.

This colouration pallet is complemented within the XFR-S with Ardent Fusain leather clipping on the seating and doors enhanced done the use of c core leather. Undivided to R-S cars, this is victimised on the bottom bolsters and arm rests and reflects the use of alien c character on the streamlined elements of the car. The seating themselves are brocaded with the R-S logotype and can be ruined with a prize of demarcation colouring micro-piping and sewing in either red, dark or bone. The like pernicious sweetening runs crosswise the top of the splasher, the dashboard of which is ruined in a Night Al unequaled to the R-S, dispatch with badging.

The XFR-S is fitted as criterion with a 380W, 12-speaker surround-sound organisation from British sound experts Pinnacle. Recognized by audiophiles as a leader in sound breeding and faithfulness, the arrangement uses digital bespeak processing to produce a voice discipline that is endorsement to none. An optional 825W and 18-speaker arrangement features Acme’s proprietorship Trifield Organization which places every occupier at the kernel of their own absolutely focussed surround-sound sphere.

Jaguar XFR-S Technical specification

  • Locomotive: 5.0-litre V8 charged gasoline
  • Capability: 5000 cc
  • Caliber/Separatrix: 92.5/93 mm
  • Eyeshade Powerfulness: 550 PS (405 kW) @ 6500 rpm
  • Visor Torsion: 680 Nm (502 lb-ft) @ 2500-5500 rpm
  • Transmittance: Eight-speed ‘Quickshift’ reflex
  • Level-headed Layover/Startle: Yes
  • 0-60 mph: 4.4 s
  • 0-100 km/h: 4.6 s
  • Top Hurrying: 186 mph (300 km/h) [electronically special]
  • Combined Thriftiness
  • EU mpg: 24.4
  • l/100km: 11.6
  • US mpg: 18
  • CO2 Emissions: 270 g/km
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