2014 Hsv Gen F Maloo

HSV Gen-F Maloo

As contribution of the launching of its new GEN-F grasp, Australia’s preeminent execution carmaker, HSV, released wide specifications of its new Maloo models.

2014 Hsv Gen F Maloo

Useable in two variants – Maloo and Maloo R8, apiece fomite receives a pregnant outside and home make-over and a mass of new technologies.


The outside styling make-over starts at the front of the Maloo which is now grand by a new, twin-nostril wicket and a recondite facia with updated Day Linear Lamps that can now manoeuver in unison with the headlamps.

Updated styling likewise extends to the wheels with all-new 20″ hurl flow-form alloys (8.5″ at the strawman and 9.5″ at the back) with a silver-tongued coating. Wrap the wheels are Continental 5P tyres with higher walls and greater breadth that coalesce to present improvements in bag and razz comfortableness.

At the back, a new “diffusor” arse facia – now touch crossways the GEN-F stove – houses the bluff, space fumes outlets. A slim-line, subdued tonneau screening with hidden latchings delivers tractableness and payload carrying versatility.

The upcountry has undergone a nail make-over with new sports seating, board, clusters, gauges, core soothe and appliques’ delivering a agio feeling and flavour.

From a powertrain position, the new Maloo carries terminated the 6.2L LS3 Contemporaries IV V8 from the E-Series manakin which generates 317 kilowatts of index and 550 Newton-metres of torsion. The powertrain is matched to a TR6060 Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox with the 6L80E 6-speed reflex infection with Combat-ready Prime usable as an alternative.

2014 HSV Gen-F Maloo

Matched to the powertrain are HSV’s new AP extremist bad 4-piston bracken calipers with bigger ventilated discs and bigger bracken pads. These improvements frown unsprung deal, better bicycle flavor and return greater fillet superpower via an improved strength-to-weight proportion and calliper rigidness.

2014 Hsv Gen F Maloo

One of the biggest make-overs for Maloo is the touchstone fitment of a mass of new technologies including:

  • English Screen Partition Awake now with Blow Dealings Brisk
  • Electrical Ballpark Bracken
  • Wattage Guidance
  • Inactive Launching/Push Scratch (with Removed Beginning uncommitted with the robotlike transmittal)
  • Robotlike Common Assistance
  • Movement & Ass Commons Serve
  • To attend the driver in manipulating the diverse electronic fomite functioning systems at his administration, HSV has besides introduced a Driver Predilection Dial.

    Situated handily bum the train sceneshifter, the Driver Orientation Dial adjusts the Maloo’s ESC, Grip Mastery, Found Ascendancy (manual contagion) and Wattage Steerage according to trey discrete pre-set modes – Touring, Mutation and Execution. In doing so, the fomite’s treatment characteristics instantaneously modification.

    Maloo R8

    The Maloo R8 features a foresighted inclination of extra contentedness complete and supra the already telling measure transportation on the Maloo.

    Superpower production increases to 325kW thanks to the fitment of a Hi-flow mediate exhaust, piece the Bi-Modal damper delivers a throatier locomotive banknote.

    The driver environs benefits from the comprehension of foursome extra rubber and contrivance technologies – Forwards Hit Watchful, Lane Passing Exemplary, Head Expose and Rainwater Perception Wipers, piece ease gets a rise with the fitment of HSV Execution Seating engrossed in Onyx leather trimming with 4-way galvanizing modification of the driver ass.

    HSV’s Enhanced Driver Port, with a bigger cover, updated artwork and improved showing firmness, too comes received on the Maloo R8.

    2014 Hsv Gen F Maloo

    The new Maloo R8 too features a new styled Outside Lockup Gruelling Tonneau and Functioning Navigate Skim. A 20″ cast-flow-form metal cycle with a machined expression and glossary blackness accents combining with unparalleled HSV side-skirts to render telling street charm.

    R8 SV Enhanced Option

    2014 Hsv Gen F Maloo

    HSV has besides proclaimed the foundation of a new “SV Enhanced” selection to be uncommitted solely on its R8 models.

    The “SV” choice includes a exponent and torsion acclivity to 340kW and 570Nm, achieved done the gain of around unequaled componentry to the LS3 locomotive including a Bi-Modal Air Aspiration organization, high-flow headers and catalytic converters, a high-flow zip underground and a high-flow Bi-Modal exhaust.

    2014 Hsv Gen F Maloo

    Alone styling cues are provided in the mannikin of a 20″ SV Operation bad cycle in Satin Plumbago and singular “sable” accents on the wing vents and mirror scalps. New “R8 SV” and “340” badges decorate the tail-gate.

    “We’re sure-footed our customers volition actually adopt the new features, styling and technologies useable on the GEN-F Maloo”, aforesaid HSV’s Director, Phil Harding. “Spell the fomite lull delivers all the versatility and tractableness our customers deliver pertain bear, the grade of ability, operation and comforts in our new GEN-F models brand these well the trump functioning utes we’ve always offered”, aforesaid Harding.

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