2014 Hsv Gen F Clubsport

HSV Gen-F Clubsport

As office of the found of its new Gen-F ambit, Australia’s starring functioning automaker, HSV, released wide-cut details of its new ClubSport models.

2014 Hsv Gen F Clubsport

Uncommitted in tercet variants – ClubSport, ClubSport R8 and ClubSport R8 Tourer, apiece fomite receives a lot of new technologies and features including the accessibility of an optional exponent and torsion rise to 340kW and 570Nm.


The outside styling make-over starts at the front of the ClubSport which is now grand by a new, twin-nostril grillwork and a inscrutable facia, with updated Daylight Operative Lamps that can now control in unison with the headlamps.

Updated styling likewise extends to the wheels with all-new, 20″ form flow-form alloys (8.5″ at the figurehead and 9.5″ at the bottom) with a ag goal. Wrapper the wheels are Continental 5P tyres that have improvements in operation done meliorate grasp and cod comfortableness.

At the bum, a new decklid is complimented by a body-coloured lo-line pillager and classifiable HSV LED backside lamps. The “diffusor” arse facia – now touch crossways the Gen-F stove – houses the boldface, quadruplet discharge outlets.

The inside has undergone a over make-over with new sports seating, board, clusters, gauges, core comfort and appliques’ delivering a agiotage feeling and flavour.

2014 Hsv Gen F Clubsport

2014 HSV Gen-F Clubsport

From a powertrain view, the new ClubSport carries terminated the 6.2L LS3 Coevals IV V8 from the E-Series 3 manakin which generates 317 kilowatts of exponent and 550 Newton-metres of torsion. The powertrain is matched to a TR6060 Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox with the 6L80E 6-speed machinelike infection with Fighting Choose useable as an pick.

Matched to the powertrain are HSV’s new AP group bad 4-piston bracken calipers with bigger ventilated discs and bigger bracken pads. These improvements glower unsprung deal, better cycle smell and present greater fillet ability via an improved strength-to-weight proportion and calliper rigidness.

One of the biggest make-overs for ClubSport is the received fitment of a lot of new technologies including:

  • Position Dim Zona Alarum (with Verso Dealings Brisk)
  • Galvanizing Ballpark Bracken
  • Wattage Guidance
  • Inactive Ingress/Button Jump (with Outback First useable with the robotlike transmitting)
  • Robotic Parkland Serve
  • Figurehead & Backside Commons Serve
  • To serve the driver in manipulating the assorted electronic fomite operation systems at his administration, HSV has besides introduced a Driver Orientation Dial.

    Placed handily buns the appurtenance gearshift, the Driver Druthers Dial adjusts the ClubSport’s ESC, Grip Controller, Launching Command (manual transmittance) and Wattage Guidance according to deuce-ace distinguishable pre-set modes – Touring, Sportsman and Operation. In doing so, the fomite’s manipulation characteristics immediately modify.

    ClubSport R8 & ClubSport R8 Tourer

    2014 Hsv Gen F Clubsport

    Usable in saloon and phaeton variants, the two R8 models sport a yearn number of extra subject ended and supra the already telling touchstone come on the ClubSport.

    Superpower production increases to 325kW thanks, in role, to the fitment of a Hi-flow arbitrate exhaust, piece the Bi-Modal damper delivers a throatier locomotive notation.

    2014 Hsv Gen F Clubsport

    The driver environs benefits from the comprehension of quatern extra condom and gismo technologies – Onward Hit Alerting, Lane Loss Monitory, Head Showing and Rainfall Detection Wipers. Puff gets a hike with the fitment of HSV Execution Seating enwrapped in Onyx leather shave with 8-way galvanising allowance for both the driver and movement rider. The ClubSport R8 likewise features a bounty, 9- utterer Bose sound scheme.

    HSV’s Enhanced Driver Port, with a bigger filmdom, updated artwork and improved expose resoluteness, too comes received on the R8s.

    A 20″ cast-flow-form metal bicycle with a machined cheek and color inkiness accents cartel with singular HSV side-skirts to pitch evident outside styling distinction.

    R8 SV Enhanced Option

    HSV has likewise proclaimed the debut of a new “SV Enhanced” alternative to be usable entirely on its R8 models.

    The “SV” pick includes a exponent and torsion advance to 340kW and 570Nm, achieved done the add-on of approximately unequaled componentry to the LS3 locomotive including a Bi-Modal Air Consumption scheme, high-flow headers and catalytic converters, a high-flow zip pipe and a high-flow Bi-Modal exhaust.

    Unequalled styling cues are provided in the shape of a 20″ SV Operation bad cycle in Satin Plumbago, alone “ebony” accents on the buffer vents and mirror scalps and, for the saloon edition, a lo-line freebooter, likewise ruined in typical Satin Plumbago. New “R8 SV” and “340” badges invest the decklid.

    “The ClubSport reach has formed the back-bone of often of the sales winner HSV has enjoyed o’er the age”, aforesaid HSV’s Director, Phil Harding. “Cartel enhanced styling and a lot of new technologies with the availableness, first, of the 340kW SV Enhanced alternative on the R8 models, and we suffer every intellect to be positive that ClubSport testament extend to be a democratic selection for HSV enthusiasts”, aforementioned Harding.

    2014 Hsv Gen F Clubsport

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