2014 Honda Accord Phev

Honda Accord PHEV

The 2014 Honda Agreement Card Cross Saloon testament supply the strenuosity and workmanship of the all-new Accord program, supercharged with a noteworthy battery-acid of intercrossed efficiency and galvanising torsion. Set to happen sale in other 2013, the 2014 Agreement Add-in Loanblend (PHEV) Saloon volition pass agio engineering, special cabin infinite, the power to run in an all-electric fashion for 10 to 15 miles and a calculated1 totality drive scope terminated 500 miles.

The 2014 Honda Treaty Card Loan-blend Saloon features one of quadruplet effective new powertrains for the all-new Conformity. The Treaty Board Cross volition besides answer as the footing for a ceremonious crossbreed interpretation of the Pact Saloon, which bequeath union the Honda Pact card in the summertime of 2013.

The 2014 Treaty Add-in Loan-blend is powered by Honda’s offset two-motor intercrossed scheme, and uses a new World DreamsTM 2.0-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder locomotive producing 137 hp, teamed with a potent 124-kilowatt (kW) electrical drive. Galvanizing impulsive is supported by a 6.7 kilowatt-hour (kWh) lithium-ion (Li-Ion) barrage, and aggregate scheme production is 196 hp.

2014 Honda Accord Phev

To maximise drive efficiency, the unambiguously intentional two-motor loan-blend arrangement allows the Allot PHEV powertrain to motility seamlessly betwixt all-electric EV Ride, gasoline-electric Crossbreed Effort; and calculate Locomotive Effort. Fire efficiency for the 2014 Honda Allot Card Intercrossed is expected to outmatch 100 MPG-e, and it’s too expected to invite an Enhanced AT-PZEV paygrade from the California Air Resources Panel (CARB).

2014 Honda Accord PHEV

Bey its purpose as a full-electric fomite, owners of the 2014 Honda Allot PHEV testament be able-bodied to select two extra drive modes to wield barrage capability and seamster the capabilities of the board Treaty to their own exchange. In its nonremittal upon start-up, the Treaty PHEV acts as a virgin galvanizing fomite and leave keep on in full-electric way until barrage capacitance necessitates the automatonlike transposition to gas/electrical loanblend surgery. At higher speeds or nether heights need for speedup, the gas locomotive can give to ply extra powerfulness.

In “HV” mood, the card Accordance acts as a ceremonious cross, shading centrifugal powerfulness betwixt gas and electrical to maximise fire efficiency patch maintaining the barrage guardianship storey. In “HV Care” way, the Accordance PHEV blends gas and wattage patch likewise augmenting the shelling guardianship story.

The 2014 Accordance Add-in Cross Saloon leave have an galvanising servomechanical braking arrangement standardised to the apparatus on the Honda Fit EV, which allows for exceptionally raw bracken bike tone, spell extending the scope concluded which the regenerative braking can occur. In accession to its effective powertrain, the Agreement PHEV features unmistakably blue-belly charging multiplication. The board Pact can be full aerated from a low-charge indicant spot in less than tercet hours victimisation a criterion 120-volt menage outlet, and in less than one minute victimisation a 240-volt “Level-2” courser. The absolve HondaLink&deal; EV smartphone diligence volition reserve owners to easy reminder the charging nation of the Accordance PHEV.

Based on the Touring cut layer of touchstone Grant Saloon, the 2014 Honda Grant Card Cross Saloon volition sport deuce-ace outside gloss choices, including two received Pact sunglasses (Gabardine Orchid Drop, Crystallization Blackness Drop) summation a model-exclusive Shining Fluent Metal outside coloring selection. The Conformity PHEV volition besides sport a weight-saving al cowling, 17-inch bad admixture wheels, a alone figurehead bumper on with enhanced underbelly sleek treatments.

A server of profile technologies are criterion on the 2014 Honda Conformity PHEV, including a rearview camera, an expanded-view driver’s mirror, Honda’s new LaneWatch&sell; blind-spot exhibit, LED headlights, LED day run lights (DRL), and LED mirror-mounted routine indicators.


The Land Dreams engineering put-upon on the Treaty PHEV includes an i-VTEC 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Atkinson-cycle petrol locomotive conjugated with a two-motor loanblend campaign organization. The loan-blend scheme features a 124-kW galvanizing motive powered by a 6.7-kWh Li-Ion shelling clique. The gasolene locomotive produces a maximal 137 h.p. (hp) at 6200 rpm. In conjunctive with the two-motor hybrid-drive organization, the summate ability outturn peaks at 196 hp, which surpasses the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, Chevrolet Volt and jutting production of the Ford Fusion Energi card crossbreed. The EarthDreams locomotive h.p. unequaled surpasses the sum gas-electric yield of the Prius Add-in Cross.

Although not finalized at wardrobe metre, awaited fire saving ratings for the 2014 Conformity PHEV are expected to outgo 100 MPG-e in full-electric manner, ply a 10- to 15-mile EV impulsive grasp and a calculated1 tally drive ambit complete 500 miles. When in gasoline-only mood, it is expected to restoration one of the top EPA fire thriftiness ratings among mid-size sedans, and is besides expected to clear an Enhanced AT-PZEV evaluation from the California Air Resources Plug-in (CARB).

The two-motor cross organisation in the 2014 Honda Allot Board Loan-blend allows ability from the gas locomotive to menstruation straight to the breast wheels, mightiness the source to add electric actuation or evening tutelage the barrage ingroup. The Allot PHEV cross organization moves seamlessly and mechanically done its iii powertrain states to maximise functioning, efficiency and orbit.

From a low-charge index spot, reload meter for the Li-Ion shelling ingroup when blocked into a received 120-volt surround vent is less than 3 hours, among the quickest in the Conformity PHEV’s family. And when blocked into a Level-2, 240-volt courser the reload clock is less than one minute – the fastest in the form. This is around one-half the mandatory commission sentence of the Prius Add-in Cross. The barrage mob is mounted supra the backside abeyance, which helps sustain inner and torso place and provides shelter for the barrage ingroup in a hit.


The Treaty soundbox standard promote improvements in angle diminution, flowing efficiency and rolled immunity in its transmutation to Conformity PHEV. All are intentional to service Grant PHEV drivers maximise their impulsive ambit from every w of electricity and every congius of petrol. Burthen diminution features admit:

  • All-aluminum movement subframe
  • 17-inch bad al wheels
  • Aluminium bracken wheel
  • Aluminium cap
  • Al arse bumper transmit
  • Deflate mend kit (in position of gasoline-engine Pact’s bare rack and jade)
  • Flowing advancements admit:

  • Powertrain surreptitious
  • Cabin flooring undercovers
  • Bottom decklid mollycoddler
  • Sleek cycle covers
  • Reductions in wheeling opposition admit:

    2014 Honda Accord Phev
  • Low rolling-resistance tires
  • Low-friction rack bearings
  • Chassis

    2014 Honda Accord Phev

    The Treaty PHEV anatomy begins with the center technology of the Pact Saloon, only adds an all-aluminum movement subframe (replacement the nerve and aluminium interpretation on the gasoline-engine Agreement). The Accordance PHEV uses proprietorship 17-inch forged-aluminum wheels with a extra low-aero haul excogitation, fitted with 225/50-17 tires.

    As with the gasoline-engine Agreement models, the Treaty PHEV uses an wattage steerage (EPS) scheme that mechanically adjusts the measure of guidance aid for weather. The EPS organisation is more effective than a traditional hydraulic organisation, and it operates systematically whether the fomite is victimization electricity, gas, or both.

    2014 Honda Accord Phev

    The Allot PHEV features a braking scheme exchangeable to the organization in the Honda Fit EV, which provides amply electronic command of the hydraulic brakes. This scheme results in an melioration in regenerative braking efficiency compared to a hydraulic promoter scheme exploited in early hybrids.


    Advanced and coeval, the redesigned 2013 Pact Saloon inner serves as the apotheosis ground for the 2014 Accordance PHEV inner. Alike the Fit EV, the Conformity PHEV features a next-gen Honda Bio Cloth arse corporeal, a new textile that offers ceremonious effeminateness and strength, but with rock-bottom fabrication environmental elf. The home features various brighter passementerie accents and is useable in grayish to congratulate the alternative of tercet outside colours.

    With the Accordance PHEV’s unblock and commodious HondaLink&craft; EV smartphone app, owners can remotely agenda charging of the Li-Ion barrage ring (winning vantage of “off-peak” electricity rates), varan the province of guardianship, and eventide pre-warm or pre-cool the fomite’s inner spell charging earlier they cause. This rooms of capabilities is standardized to those offered on the new 2013 Fit EV. HondaLink EV features admit:

  • Care programing
  • Tutelage position
  • Mission over telling
  • Ride scope presentation
  • Guardianship place locater
  • HVAC pre-conditioning
  • Safety

    Comparable the all-new Pact, the new Agreement PHEV offers a greater grasp of received fighting and peaceful condom features than any over-the-counter fomite in Honda account. These admit Fomite Stableness Help&craft; (VSA®) Forwards Hit Monitory (FCW) and Lane Release Admonitory (LDW). The Agreement PHEV likewise has an Acoustical Fomite Alert Arrangement (AVAS) to audibly monish pedestrians when it is upcoming in EV Thrust style. Based on national examination, the 2014 Honda Grant PHEV is expected to garner a TOP Condom Choice valuation from the Policy Establish of Highway Prophylactic (IIHS) and 5-Star ratings in federal Subject Highway Dealings Guard Establishment (NHTSA) tests.

    Standard Features

    2014 Honda Accord Phev

    The Conformity PHEV is usable in a individual extremely furnished passementerie layer, based on the measure features of the agio Conformity Touring example. Stock Allot PHEV features admit:

  • Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
  • USB/iPod® connectivity
  • Dual-zone robotic clime controller
  • Pandora® net wireless compatibility
  • Smarting Startle and Hurt Introduction
  • Honda LaneWatch&patronage;
  • Honda Satellite-Linked Seafaring Organization&swap; with Vocalism Identification
  • Multi-view rearview camera
  • HondaLink&swap; EV telematics organization
  • Het strawman seating
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Leather-wrapped wheel
  • Driver’s 10-way mightiness bottom with 2-position retentiveness
  • HomeLink®
  • Levelheaded Multi-Information Showing (i-MID)
  • Sound with touchscreen port
  • Onwards Hit Monition (FCW)
  • Lane Loss Cautionary (LDW)
  • Adaptative Sail Ascendance (ACC)
  • Bio-Fabric seats surfaces
  • Expanded-view driver’s mirror
  • LED mirror-mounted turning signals
  • LED Day Linear Lights (DRL)
  • LED headlights
  • Fog lights
  • Chrome-plated threshold handles
  • Decklid mollycoddler
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