2014 Holden Vf Commodore Ute Sv6

Holden VF Commodore Ute SV6

Holden has added with-it engineering and features to its renowned Ute and rock-bottom recommended ret prices (RRP) by capable $5,500 crosswise the ambit.

2014 Holden Vf Commodore Ute Sv6

The range-opening, 3.6L SIDI V6 automatonlike Holden Ute has a new RRP of scarce $32,990, refine $2,500, and comes touchstone with the bounty features Holden has introduced crossways the VF compass including Machine Green Aid, figurehead and bum parking sensors, outback fomite jump (robotic models solitary) and a behind survey camera.

VF Ute besides comes touchstone with the class-leading Holden MyLink docudrama arrangement. With an eight-inch, high-resolution coloration touchscreen, MyLink features enhanced vox identification, total iPod® integrating including Siri Eyes Release consolidation and embedded app engineering including Pandora® and Stitcher SmartRadio&sell;.

Holden has trilled out its new VF fomite engineering, including galvanic ballpark bracken with automatonlike waiver, Mound Scratch Assistance, Poke Carry Restraint and outback fomite first (robotlike contagion solitary), crosswise every exemplar in the Ute orbit.

Holden Executive Sales and Selling, Philip Digest, aforesaid VF’s arresting figure and engineering made the Holden Ute anything but useful.

“VF offers the kinda first exploiter engineering that leave redefine what it way to ride a ‘dick of deal’ fomite. The Ute is so lots more its abase beginnings – it’s turn an unbelievable fomite by any definition,” he aforementioned.

“For execution lovers the Ute has go Holden’s ultimate two-door sports automobile with one-half of our Ute customers choosing a V8 framework. VF Ute offers more of what masses need – big operation, lavishness features and the modish safe engineering – and hotdog prices crossways the reach.”

2014 Holden VF Commodore Ute SV6

The beginning sports example in the Ute reach is the SV6 manual with an RRP of $32,990. Banner with a manual transmittance, SV6 is besides powered by the 3.6L SIDI V6 with importantly more features and a terms rollback of $5,500.

SV6 gains the undermentioned features terminated the extremely specified compass scuttle Holden Ute:

  • Unreasoning Smirch Watchful,
  • Reversal Dealings Alive,
  • FE2 sports reprieve,
  • 18 edge debase wheels and chromium-plate tucker tip,
  • express gaffe derivative (manual just),
  • outside sports styling and sports seating,
  • projector headlamps, LED day operative lights and
  • mild tonneau back.
  • With the like features and engineering, the famed SS Ute adds the knock-down 6.0L Gen IV V8 locomotive and comes received with a 6-speed manual infection. The new RRP for the manual SS Ute is $38,990, kill $3,500 on the late manakin.

    Mr Abide aforementioned Holden had created a consistent pass up for the Ute play ambit, from SS to the desired SS V-Series, which mirrored the saloon and Sportwagon line-up.

    “We’ve rock-bottom the new RRP for SS V-Series by $5,000 to $42,490. Which agency for scarce $3,500, customers can add new 19 edge alloys, leather ordained seating, orbiter sailing, coloring multi-function driver data presentation and inactive entrance detector key engineering with push commencement,” he aforesaid.

    2014 Holden Vf Commodore Ute Sv6

    At the top of the operation board sits SS V Redline. Holden has added a important routine of advance new technical features, yet lull rock-bottom the RRP for the manual SS V Redline Ute by $1,500 to $48,490.

    In add-on to the SS V-Series features, Redline adds Onward Hit Watchful, Lane Leaving Monition and Head-up Show driver condom engineering. Redline besides adds the updated sports-tuned FE3 respite software, Brembo® brakes, bad 19 edge alloys also as wider ass wheels for supernumerary grip and contender mood with launching ascendence and rail settings.

    “We’re so pleased the Holden technology exercise crossways the VF grasp, but peculiarly on our Redline models. Commodore’s priming break engineering and our upgraded Redline abatement bequeath perfectly micturate the new SS V Redline Ute our ultimate Australian sports car,” Mr Stand aforementioned.

    Holden dealers can now return orders for VF Ute models with the beginning of product ulterior this month.

    Ute highlights:

  • 3.6L SIDI V6 locomotive
  • 6 airbags (three-fold battlefront driver and rider, slope encroachment chest/hip and pall airbags)
  • ECS, ABS & TCS
  • Dual-zone clime mastery
  • Wattage Steerage (EPS)
  • Motorcar Parkland Serve
  • Arse panorama camera
  • Battlefront and Back Green Assistance
  • Reflex firing galvanizing green bracken
  • Mound Starting Serve
  • Poke Rock Ascendence
  • Outback fomite starting (machinelike models lone)
  • Enhanced multi-function presentation (monochromic) with:
  • Fomite data carte
  • Slip info fare
  • Fire saving fare
  • Admonitory/messages
  • Holden MyLink Documentary Organisation with 8″ high-resolution semblance touch-screen exhibit
  • Embedded Apps including Pandora® and Stitcher SmartRadio&patronage;
  • 1 CD musician with MP3 potentiality
  • Wide-cut iPod® desegregation including Siri Eyes Justify and touchscreen entree for playlists, artist, albums, songs and genres
  • Enhanced part acknowledgment: telephone calls, wireless, sailing, smartphone/iPod®/MP3 or USB sound ascendancy
  • Bluetooth® sound cyclosis and supplementary stimulus labourer
  • SV6 and SS Ute highlights ended Ute:

    2014 Holden Vf Commodore Ute Sv6
  • 3.6L SIDI V6 locomotive (SV6) and 6.0-litre Gen IV V8 locomotive and treble tucker (SS)
  • Movement & back sports facia
  • 18 in admixture wheels (4)
  • Projector headlamps and LED daytime operative lamps
  • Sportec/material sports seating
  • Screen Office Alerting (alternative on Ute)
  • Reversal Dealings Alive (alternative on Ute)
  • Chromium-plate tucker tip
  • Flaccid tonneau screening
  • SS V Serial Ute highlights ended SS:

  • 6.0-litre Gen IV V8 locomotive measure
  • Leather ordained seating
  • 19 in debase wheels (4)
  • Detector key engineering with button beginning
  • Strawman fog lamps
  • Colouration digital cat’s-paw presentation: fomite entropy card, slip entropy carte, fire thriftiness card, admonitory/messages
  • Planet Seafaring with wide-cut color function with endure dealings updates, dealings direction restraint and points of sake
  • Footwell lamps
  • DVD playback (playable when stationary)
  • SS V Redline highlights o’er SS V:

  • Brembo® brakes
  • Bad 19 edge metal wheels (4)
  • Color Head-up Presentation
  • Forward-moving Hit Awake
  • Lane Loss Admonition
  • Updated FE3 radical sports tuned abeyance
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