2014 Holden Vf Commodore Ute Ssv Redline

Holden VF Commodore Ute SSV Redline

Holden has redefined its democratic SS V Redline operation hoagy with the launching of the acclaimed 2014 VF Commodore.

Intentional to pitch an eventide more advanced sports impulsive see, Holden’s VF SS V Redline introduces a horde of new modern engineering features and an updated sports-tuned FE3 respite packet to raise its execution certification.

And first, the new VF Redline offers modern engineering features intentional to ingathering to the partisan driver looking sumptuousness execution during routine drive and track-capable characteristics for cabaret events at the weekend.

Useable in leash eubstance styles – saloon, Sportwagon and Ute – the Redline compass is comprehensively equipt with measure features care Head-up Exhibit, leather prescribed seating, Inactive Incoming and Push First and Bose® agiotage sound (saloon lone) to raise its unparalleled conflate of bounty particularisation and sumptuosity features.

The new SS V Redline is likewise more deluxe and svelte resulting from key VF plan targets, including stochasticity diminution, to bear the almost polished Commodore always produced.


In demarcation with its updated sports potentiality, Holden’s VF Redline orbit introduces Private-enterprise Way – a selectable operation scope that adjusts wattage steerage and Electronic Stableness Ascendancy standardisation to optimize fomite operation for the running.

A new staggered bicycle and tire box, with Radical Gamy Functioning 245/40 R19 strawman tyres and 275/35 R19 tyres at the arse – the widest wheels and tyres e’er fitted to a mainstream Holden – provides extra bag for the ultimate functioning receive, patch all models weaponed with manual contagion increase Establish Restraint, a lineament graduated to better part functioning when Free-enterprise Fashion is selected.

2014 Holden VF Commodore Ute SSV Redline

Holden has retuned Redline’s unparalleled FE3 flesh set-up and added new whippersnapper al components – including the biggest stabilizer bar always fitted to a Commodore – finally up Redline’s sidelong speedup, hold and restrain manipulation.

Holden Programme Technology Director Andrew Holmes aforesaid Holden engineers focused on leash key areas when preparation the new VF Redline reach – stoppage, go and play.

“Early, it was crystallise we treasured to make greater specialisation betwixt our functioning stove and our sumptuosity cars with Redline fetching up a new character as Holden’s ultimate definition of execution,” he aforesaid.

“As an technology squad, we gained about worthful learnings roughly maximizing bottom cycle cause operation from our work the Chevrolet Camaro programme, and applied this cognition to Redline.

“We precious to shuffle Redline more restive; more of a sports car, and we did this by technology the complete symmetricalness of go, blockage and turning characteristics.

“With VF, everything began with the tyres. First, we adoptive a two-fold breadth tire arranging to acheive practically higher ultimate clutches levels to bear bettor grip out of corners.

“The new high-pitched functioning tire packet too made steerage sensibility far meliorate, it increased sidelong clench, boilersuit asperity of kinetics and improved fillet length, qualification VF Redline an nonsuch software for the fancier driver.

“The new VF Redline is the evolutionary footstep o’er VE that’s pushed the boundaries of Holden rear-wheel campaign execution – it’s the ultimate driver’s car from Holden.”

Competitive Mode

Holden has engineered new engineering to heighten Redline’s rails able functioning characteristics. In Militant Mood, the standardisation is full colored towards ultimate sports functioning manipulation, with a greater accent on guidance stimulus and feedback at higher speeds.

Highlights admit a unequalled militant steerage standardization, racecourse melody to raise driver feedback during high-pitched sidelong “g” cornering. Bigger breast Brembo® brakes birth been graduated for the airstream racetrack, with a alone Competitory Style ESC standardisation that allows more exemption to search the car’s attachment limits in a controlled rail environs and optimize lap multiplication for variable driver potentiality.

The frame set-up includes new leap and muffler tunes figurehead and behind, bigger stabilizer bars and stiffened bushes, spell manual gearbox models likewise accompany establish ascendancy, which improves take-off when in Free-enterprise Modality.

Wheels and tyres

VF Redline models sustain been engineered to render track-capable clutches levels thanks to new threefold breadth figurehead and ass Radical Eminent Operation Bridgestone tyres – 245/40 R19 figurehead, 275/35 R19 bum.

High-performance Brembo® strawman brakes with four-piston, bikini eloquent colour al forepart calipers and 355mm movement rotors, on with bad 19-inch admixture wheels besides bring to Redline’s advance treatment kinetics.

The breast calipers allow increased inclemency to tighten liquid supplanting and calliper contortion without adding weightiness and bestow to Redline’s enhanced braking tone and boilersuit fomite kinetics. A patented pillar-vented rotor innovation besides improves chilling and enduringness.


Holden has retuned its FE3 suspension – unequaled to SS V Redline models – for evening improve raceway open execution. Among the key changes to the Redline build are substantial reductions to boilersuit burden done the use of al components and new Wattage Direction.

Bigger calibre struts with resile springs and new muffler melody offering sup precipitous fomite reaction, a importantly decreased bowl ange and big consistency ascendancy. The new muffler air too reduces the leaning for muffler melt during cartroad use and delivers ordered execution passim a raceway day.

Holden has fitted bigger forepart and backside stabilizer bars to enable pregnant diminution in scroll weight, piece the new EPS organisation is tuned for a sharpie reception with quicker on center guidance proportion and velocity varying guidance efforts. The nonpayment Variation direction standardisation is optimised for increased fomite feedback, spell guidance is more spiritualist when Competitory Manner is selected.


The new VF SS V Redline scope blends agiotage features and luxuriousness pattern particularization with new modern engineering to return Holden’s operation flagship fomite from the route to the racetrack.

Holden Merchandising Director Kristian Aquilina aforementioned the Holden squad depart to dedicate Redline customers more execution and more civilization than always ahead.

“Redline was incessantly expiration to frolic an authoritative character in the new VF line-up, and from the kickoff we cautiously considered what it would fancy shuffling the new VF SS V Redline the ultimate sports auto from Holden,” he aforementioned.

“Its combining of sumptuosity features, including agio Bose® sound arrangement on saloon, leather ordained inside cut and Button Jump with detector key, and racecourse execution technologies alike Militant Style, Launching Command and new FE3 sports hiatus redefines Redline as more fair a execution car.

“Redline is the bomber of our functioning orbit, and it showcases all of the state-of-the-art technologies that brand VF the outflank car always created in Australia – new Wattage Guidance, Reflex Parkland Help, MyLink amusement arrangement with 8 edge touchscreen, Advancing Hit Alarm, Lane Going Cautionary, Unsighted Berth Awake and Blow Dealings Alerting.

“Pricing is likewise importantly cardsharp and we’ve made indisputable customers get lots for their Redline by reduction recommended prices by $6,300. The new VF SS V Redline saloon is priced at $51,490 with a manual gearbox and $53,490 with machinelike transmittance, patch Sportwagon is $55,490 and Ute starts from $48,990 for the manual.

“Soh we’ve had a heavy reply to VF Commodore, and we’ve seen Redline conciliate a gravid balance of SS V sales aft upright a myopic sentence on the marketplace.

“We’ve besides seen around bang-up pic from our on-line safari that put the Redline Ute done its paces at the toughest raceway on the satellite – the Nürburgring.

“We’ve got a marvelous functioning car with Redline and we’ve now got a new lap disk of 8m 19.47sec at the world-famous Nürburgring to demonstrate it.”

Bose® premium audio

A 220 W Bose® sound organization – measure on Redline saloon – employs ennead speakers, including sub-woofers, to create a virgin, indifferent timber counterbalance from one end of the transonic spectrum to the early.

Colour Head-Up Display (HUD)

Head-Up Show projects authoritative flock info on the windshield, allowing the driver to purview it without sounding outside from the route.

The guileless, colored expose features foursome screens, selectable by the driver, which establish such info as digital speedometer, tach, docudrama and routine by number piloting.

HUD uses a serial of mirrors to showing the info on a particular high-technology windshield. The HUD-enabled windshield incorporates hoagie lamination to cater splendid eye nidus for the livery of crystallise, acute images.

Head-Up Expose is based on engineering earlier highly-developed in the US for military champion jets. It enabled pilots to horizon life-sustaining data with the psyche positioned ‘up’ and look forrader, alternatively of look fine-tune at frown pawn readouts.

Data displayed by HUD can be selected to showing combinations of the next features:

  • Fomite amphetamine
  • Tach
  • Blinker indicators
  • Gamy send indicant
  • Selected appurtenance
  • Onwards Hit Awake index
  • Strawman commons assistance index
  • Twist by turning piloting show
  • Sound functions
  • Remote air temperature
  • Sound data
  • Fomite messages
  • Sidelong Speedup
  • Racing switch lights
  • Forward Collision Alert

    This sophisticated and all-new participating safe scheme is touchstone on Calais V and SS V models, including Redline. It employs a digital camera to avail drivers annul front-end collisions.

    Alike Lane Going Admonitory, FCA is intentional to service understate the chance of collisions ordinarily caused by driver fault, misdirection and sleepiness.

    The scheme looks for vehicles forwards and uses the fomite’s Head-Up Exhibit (HUD) to discourage drivers if they are upcoming another fomite too quickly and a hit appears to be impendent.

    If the HUD purpose is off off, the hit cautionary organisation volition reverse this scene.

    Forwards Hit Brisk operates at speeds supra 40 km/h.

    Lane Departure Warning

    A digital camera is mounted on the windshield leading of the backside scene mirror helps to battle driver misplay, misdirection and sleepiness by providing lane release warnings.

    This virtual fighting guard characteristic helps to slim the jeopardy of hit that lift when drivers cast terminated lane markings accidentally, or straggle a lane without signalling outset.

    The Lane Release Organisation is excited by a mastery on the wheel. It may be deactivated by the driver, according to penchant and condition.

    Reverse Traffic Alert

    2014 Holden Vf Commodore Ute Ssv Redline

    This engineering utilises the like set of radiolocation sensors that manoeuvre the Slope Unsighted Partition Watchful sport.

    It warns the driver of vehicles forthcoming butt the fomite when reversing out of a parking place (including angled parking) or a drive. Turnaround Dealings Alerting senses moving interbreeding dealings – capable 25 metres out – that may not be seeable to the driver.

    The driver is alerted via monition chimes from a verbalizer on the unnatural face of the fomite and by a cautionary symbolisation and red guiding pointer displayed on the center batch bottom sight camera filmdom.

    Blind Spot Alert

    This apt collision-avoidance engineering operates via rad sensors set on both sides of the fomite’s back facia/bumper.

    The organisation’s commencement determination is to precaution drivers when a fomite enters a specified ‘unreasoning office’ partition in an next lane. The s imperative is to watchful drivers to the risk if an endeavour is made to modification lanes.

    The arrangement ‘looks’ for early vehicles in both ass face subterfuge floater and alerts the driver to their bearing via monitory optic alarm in extraneous backside horizon mirrors, contingent which face the aim is detected.

    If the driver indicates to enter that dim zona, the ocular alive in the leftfield or correct position outside mirror bequeath photoflash.

    Sensor Key with Push Button Start

    This super-convenient ‘keyless’ characteristic allows drivers to unlock, beginning and engage the car plainly by carrying the detector key with them.

    On feeler, incorporated antennas in the fomite soundbox name a tuner impulse generated by the key fob. When the clit on the doorway cover is pressed, the doorway leave mechanically unlock to let accession.

    Smart Remote Start System

    A removed fomite startle boast is useable on all VF models with machinelike transmittance.

    It seamlessly integrates with anti-theft and peaceful debut systems.

    Fresh Distant Scratch operates via key fob energizing from as far off as 100 metres.

    It not lone starts the fomite but too activates the heat, respiration and air conditioning organization, which volition maneuver at the ‘end known’ fan and temperature background.

    Removed First leave besides spark the het battlefront seating lineament, providing that within fomite and external temperatures are beneath a sealed door.

    VF SS V Redline Key Features

  • Brembo® brakes
  • Bad 19″ debase wheels (4)
  • Radical High-pitched Operation 245/40 R19 (figurehead) and 275/35 R19 (backside) tyres
  • Colouration Head-up Show
  • Onward Hit Watchful
  • Lane Exit Cautionary
  • Updated FE3 sports tuned abatement
  • Inactive Debut with Button Commencement with detector key
  • Impudent outside locomotive startle organisation (automatonlike transmittal just)
  • 9-speaker Bose® bounty sound (saloon lonesome)
  • Sunshine-roof (saloon solitary)
  • MyLink 8 in color touchscreen with app functionality
  • Enhanced phonation controller
  • Planet sailing
  • SIRI Eyes Disengage Enabled
  • Dual-zone mood command
  • 8-way superpower adjustable driver’s behind (saloon and waggon alone)
  • Leather decreed seats
  • Leather twine sports wheel
  • Recommended Retail Pricing

  • SS V Redline Saloon (manual): AU$51,490
  • SS V Redline Saloon (motorcar): AU$53,690
  • SS V Redline Sportwagon (automobile): AU$55,690
  • SS V Redline Ute (manual): AU$48,990
  • SS V Redline Ute (machine): AU$50,690
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