2014 Holden Vf Commodore Sportwagon Sv6

Holden VF Commodore Sportwagon SV6

Holden has importantly increased the measure of Commodore with new features and rock-bottom recommended ret prices crossways the VF saloon and Sportwagon scope by betwixt $5,000 and $9,800.

Introduction a simplified line-up, Holden has created the Invoke nameplate to kick-start the compass, redefining ‘ingress layer’ and qualification class-leading engineering banner on Australia’s darling phratry car.

With a recommended ret cost (RRP) of equitable $34,990, Invoke comes touchstone with Motorcar Commons Attend for duplicate and rightfulness tilt parking too as forepart and arse parking sensors and a bottom horizon camera. In plus to its agio new national, Educe too brings a man of new engineering to Australian drivers with:

  • enhanced part identification,
  • an eight-inch, high-resolution semblance touchscreen with Holden’s MyLink app-embedded engineering including part credit and Siri Eyes Unfreeze desegregation,
  • wax iPod® integrating and
  • constitutional apps comparable Pandora® and Stitcher SmartRadio&sell;.
  • Holden has added especial evaluate to its compass undoer and rock-bottom the RRP by $5,000. Powered by the 3.0L V6 SIDI locomotive, Arouse besides includes early advance fomite features as banner including:

  • an galvanizing parkland bracken with automatonlike freeing,
  • Mound Clutch Command and Mound First Serve,
  • Prevue Swing Ascendance and
  • removed fomite beginning (reflexive infection just).
  • Holden Executive Sales and Merchandising, Philip Stand, aforementioned Raise would caper an significant character in ever-changing perceptions of Commodore.

    2014 Holden VF Commodore Sportwagon SV6

    “Arouse is a bang-up car that citizenry bequeath wish to own, it leave be an aspirational fomite. The features we’ve made measure prove Holden is sober approximately qualification earth category engineering approachable to all our customers,” he aforesaid.

    2014 Holden Vf Commodore Sportwagon Sv6

    “Start with Invoke we get simplified Commodore’s pricing and evaluate walkway up with legitimate terms and equipment increments and selfsame solid sports and opulence identities.

    “We retrieve Commodore represents incredible assess and leave convince a new contemporaries of Australians.”

    Stepping up from Arouse, Holden’s Calais combines sumptuosity features with VF’s forefront engineering for below $40,000.

    The high-end styling and features of Calais deliver made it one of Commodore’s nearly successful and long-running nameplates. Holden has offend dorsum the Calais RRP by more $8,000 to good $39,990.

    Calais too gains Subterfuge Smear Alive and Blow Dealings Brisk, detector key and button beginning engineering in gain to the styling Calais drivers bear, including figurehead and arse agiotage pattern features and chromium-plate accents.

    The epicurean high-end Calais V has an RRP $46,990 (decreased by $9,800) and Calais V is besides usable with the 6.0L Gen IV V8 locomotive for $52,990 (decreased by $9,000).

    “Calais V embodies bounty sports lavishness – it’s suit the flagship of the Commodore ambit. Calais V benefits from lavishness craft and invention and the highest levels of engineering. We trust it rivals European competitors,” Mr Stand aforementioned.

    Calais V gains advance prophylactic technologies including Ahead Hit Alive, Lane Leaving Admonition and a coloring Head-up Expose.

    It too adds high-end luxuriousness features such as het movement seating, electrical eight-way adjustable driver bottom and orbiter pilotage with good colouration function with endure dealings updates and dealings direction controller. Calais V saloon likewise gains the Bose® agio sound organization and sunshine-roof.

    Commodore’s operation variants – SV6 and SS – win VF worldliness and keep the unequaled sporting persona these models are notable for.

    Holden has improved the rate of the SV6, with a rock-bottom RRP of $35,990 (kill $6,800), and boosted the assess of the iconic SS reduction its RRP by $5,800 to $41,990. SV6 is powered by the 3.6L SIDI V6 with the SS stepping capable the 6.0L Gen IV V8 locomotive, both are criterion with a 6-speed manual contagion.

    Construction on Raise specifications, SV6 and SS win Dim Smear Alarm and Turnabout Dealings Brisk technologies in add-on to their sheer strawman and bottom sports styling, face skirts, lip freebooter (on saloon) and chromium-plate tucker tip. A annex mollycoddler is now uncommitted as a factory-fitted choice on saloon for $500 on sports models.

    “Holden sports models birth a real unclutter operation identicalness inside the Commodore line-up and they’re pickings a vast bounce forwards with VF. They truly are a course supra the competitors with game-changing engineering and Holden’s execution credential,” Mr Stand aforementioned.

    “Our fancier customers are our biggest fans and bang-up supporters of the Holden sword. In the run-out of VE we’ve much sold out of V8 models and dealers are coverage brobdingnagian sake in the SS and early sports models.

    “SS V-Series cranks up sports execution another snick and for good $3,500 customers can can advance new 19 in alloys, leather decreed seating, planet seafaring, multi-function driver entropy exhibit and detector key engineering with push first.”

    The RRP for SS V is now below $50,000, rock-bottom by $9,800 to $45,490. SS V Redline now starts at $51,490 for saloon, a roster cover of $6,300. Redline adds Onward Hit Watchful, Lane Release Cautionary and Head-up Exhibit on all personify styles besides as the bounty Bose® sound organization and sunshine-roof on saloon models.

    2014 Holden Vf Commodore Sportwagon Sv6

    SS V Redline is the ultimate in rear-wheel effort sports operation with Brembo® brakes, bad 19 in alloys and an updated sports-tuned FE3 hanging parcel.

    “The Holden technology squad is very pleased what they’ve been capable to reach with Redline. VF Redline besides has wider backside wheels for redundant grip and includes contest way with launching mastery and cartroad settings for verity enthusiasts who enter in rails years,” Mr Abide aforesaid.

    “We launched the Redline reach at Serial II and it’s been a brobdingnagian succeeder. Inside two days it’s carven out a stain at the top of the run as the rank outflank in sumptuousness, sports functioning.”

    Mr Stomach aforementioned Holden dealers could now contract orders for VF Commodore models with the first of product late this month.

    “Our finish with VF was to assistance customers receive the car that suits them by simplifying our line-up – whether it’s a kinsfolk, an fancier, or a lavishness car vendee – which too makes it easier for dealers and helps tighten complexness in our fabrication operations,” he aforementioned.

    “VF Commodore has awful, world-leading engineering, advanced conception and functioning credential that pass an unbelievable parcel. And what makes us almost majestic is that we intentional, engineered and reinforced Commodore in Australia.

    “We deliver a new originative selling guidance for the Holden make and we’re reasserting ourselves in an fabulously militant mart.

    “For Commodore, we’re advisedly unveiling with a ‘wow’ pricing scheme that we remember testament piddle purchasing a Commodore a real light decisiveness and land citizenry dorsum to the big car section.”

    Suggest saloon and Sportwagon highlights:

  • 3.0L SIDI V6 locomotive
  • 6 airbags
  • ECS, ABS & TCS
  • 16″ debase wheels (4)
  • Dual-zone clime command
  • Wattage Guidance (EPS)
  • Motorcar Green Assistance
  • Bottom aspect camera
  • Movement and Back Parkland Assistance
  • Reflex freeing electrical green bracken
  • Mound Handgrip Command and Mound Commencement Serve
  • Dawdler Carry Ascendancy
  • ISOFIX fry bum anchorage organization
  • Distant fomite startle (reflex transmittal but)
  • Enhanced multi-function showing (one color) with:
  • Fomite entropy carte
  • Slip entropy fare
  • Fire saving fare
  • Admonition/messages
  • Holden MyLink Docudrama Organisation with 8″ high-resolution coloration touch-screen expose
  • Embedded Apps including Pandora® and Stitcher SmartRadio&deal;
  • I CD histrion with MP3 potentiality
  • Wide iPod® intergration including Siri Eyes Absolve and touchscreen accession for playlists, artist, albums, songs and genres
  • Enhanced vocalisation credit: earpiece calls, wireless, seafaring, smartphone/iPod®/MP3 or USB sound command
  • Bluetooth® sound cyclosis and supplementary stimulus jackfruit
  • SV6 and SS saloon and Sportwagon highlights complete Conjure:

  • 3.6L SIDI V6 locomotive (SV6) and 6.0-litre Gen IV V8 locomotive (SS)
  • Forepart & bottom sports facia
  • 18″ admixture wheels (4)
  • LED daytime operative lamps
  • Sportec/fabric sports seating
  • Lip looter (saloon sole)
  • Subterfuge Smear Alive (pick on Conjure)
  • Blow Dealings Alarum (choice on Conjure)
  • Sports styling: figurehead and behind sports facia, slope skirts
  • Chromium-plate beat tip
  • SS V saloon and Sportwagon highlights terminated SS:

  • 6.0-litre Gen IV V8 locomotive
  • Leather ordained seating
  • 19″ metal wheels
  • Detector key engineering with button starting
  • Strawman fog lamps
  • Coloring digital instrumentate exhibit: fomite data carte, tripper entropy carte, fire thriftiness card, admonitory/messages
  • Orbiter Seafaring with entire gloss map with endure dealings updates, dealings direction ascendancy and points of concern
  • Footwell lamps
  • Ogdoad Speakers
  • DVD (playable when stationary)
  • SS V Redline highlights concluded SS V:

  • Brembo® brakes
  • Bad 19″ admixture wheels (4)
  • Semblance Head-up Presentation
  • Ahead Hit Alarum
  • Lane Release Cautionary
  • Updated FE3 sports tuned abeyance
  • 9-speaker Bose® agiotage sound (saloon lonesome) (choice box on SS V with sunshine-roof)
  • Sunshine-roof (saloon just)
  • Calais highlights complete Raise:

  • 3.6L V6 SIDI locomotive
  • Leather prescribed seating
  • 18″ metal wheels (4)
  • Chromium-plate highlights
  • Detector key engineering with push first
  • Coloration digital tool expose
  • LED day operative lamps
  • Unsighted Billet Awake (choice on Raise)
  • Verso Dealings Awake (selection on Arouse)
  • Agio styling: strawman and bum agio facia, chromium-plate slope doorway emphasise
  • Calais V highlights o’er Calais:

  • 6.0L Gen IV V8 locomotive (choice)
  • 8-way index driver behind
  • 19″ metal wheels (4)
  • Lane Expiration Monition
  • Onward Hit Alarum
  • Coloring Head-up Show
  • 9-speaker Bose® bounty sound (saloon lonesome)
  • Planet piloting with full-of-the-moon coloring function with know dealings updates, dealings direction ascendence and points of concern (alternative on Calais)
  • Rainwater perception wipers
  • Het forepart seating
  • Sunshine-roof (saloon solitary)
  • DVD (playable stationary)
  • VF Commodore – Stronger, Safer, Smarter

    Nowadays, more always, rubber is one of the main considerations for many new car buyers, and the advanced VF Commodore, which uses more radical high-strength nerve in its building than always earlier, is one of the safest new cars on Australian roadstead.

    Latterly awarded a five-star ANCAP clangour run valuation, the structure is stronger than e’er. Rider condom coop and rollover shelter are built by increased employment of advance, high-strength and extremist high-strength steels, which now contain 49 per penny of Commodore’s racy crash-optimised structure.

    The VF has besides been engineered for improved frontlet footer elf execution, reduction the endangerment of dangerous trauma to masses both indoors and external the car.

    Its category car attributes are farther enhanced by the add-on of simple-to-use ISOFIX shaver backside anchorages. Commodore is one of the few cars on the route with the potentiality to oblige leash ISOFIX fry seating crosswise the bottom backside, pending ADR commendation.

    It too comes with seatbelt reflex lockup retractors for firmer minor simplicity fitment, on with a bum seatbelt monitor in the Driver Entropy Presentation, so the driver can chip bottom passengers are right moderate.

    VF Commodore’s bigger intensity seat-mounted airbag increases incline elf aegis by extending the are of personify reporting. It incorporates an extra cubicle which inflates to a higher insistency to amend disperse wreck vigour lots crossways the occupier’s pelvic region too as the bureau.

    The construct takes vantage of the hip’s power to proceeds higher lots patch constraining insistency on more raw pectus and ab areas. The pectus/hip airbag is situated inside the back build of the fomite’s strawman seating and testament deploy inside milliseconds of a detected english hit link.

    The new breast ass figure besides provides improved aegis for lash in a behind impingement. It includes a four-way adjustable headrest.

    Holden’s Coach of Fomite Construction and Prophylactic Integrating, Steve Curtis, aforesaid VF’s guard arrangement was virtually all new.

    “To counterweight all the changes compulsive by masses step-down imperatives particularly, we’ve stirred everything – structure, airbags, seatbelts, you gens it – to pitch the outdo measure of wound hazard shelter yet,” he aforementioned.

    “We put VF Commodore done practically more encompassing smash scenario examination than always ahead. It was much a worldwide action because this fomite is existence sold in external markets and has to meet multiple requirements. The results outperform flow 5-Star ANCAP valuation requirements and fulfil broader and more demanding Holden condom technology standards, including image rollover security.”

    “Growing employment covered a full orbit of clangoring scenarios and occupier criteria, matched to material man impulsive environments,” Mr Curtis aforementioned.

    “Demanding clank functioning criteria horde the designing to meet GM topper recitation and 5-Star ANCAP ratings ahead, incline and bum shock, lash and earthbound shelter. And our exam schedules for the VF Commodore rubber ontogenesis broadcast were tied greater in numeral and complexness than the master VE syllabus.”

    Forcible examination tangled 48 epitome vehicles and a add of 70 roadblock crashes (versus 55 for VE) at Holden’s Lang Lang Proving Background and GM’s Milford safe examination quickness in Northwards America.

    Holden engineers too carried out an extra 105 dynamical feigning sleigh tests on VF condom systems.

    Exponential outgrowth in computation index made for a more encompassing practical clangor molding broadcast. The practical smash models employed for VF examination were far bigger and more composite and the clip interpreted to copy smash models – a 64 km/h set-back facade roadblock clangour e.g. – about halved, affording evening more across-the-board practical judgment of multiple smash run scenarios.

    Precision, Refinement and Economy: Chassis Evolution Drives Best Ever Commodore

    Holden engineers get shaven 38.9 kilograms of angle from the VF flesh, limited or replaced more 60 per penny of components and added new drive and fire deliverance technologies to micturate the new Commodore a first fomite.

    Commodore’s anatomy systems benefited from a World-wide Motors production developing study known as Consolidation which sets the discrete impulsive quality for apiece fomite.

    Holden engineers approached the build growth for VF with a warm center batch reducing to aid accomplish fire thriftiness gains also as up ride timber, stochasticity and vibe civilisation, rally, treatment and fomite ascendence.

    VF is characterised by a barge more nimble bod, with predictable manipulation and girdle genuine to Commodore’s DNA with ranking well-rounded functioning fiber and affordability.

    Electric Power Steering (EPS)

    2014 Holden Vf Commodore Sportwagon Sv6

    All VF models are equipt with all-new varying attend wattage steerage. The shrewd new organization brings multiple benefits including improved guidance look and tractability and significant fire efficiency gains in material man impulsive weather.

    The foundation of EPS gave Holden engineers the chance to taper guidance answer and o.k. line dangling systems, encourage reinforcing Commodore’s report as a bang-up drivers’ car.

    The specialiser frame squad too took reward of the tractableness offered by EPS which allowed Holden to preciseness and customs line for ease, sports and racetrack execution inside the Commodore stove. These admit:

  • Touring melody for Educe, Calais and Calais V-Series is graduated for a lighter, pleasurable smell during day-after-day drive and as spark parking travail.
  • Sports air is graduated for Commodore SV6, SS, SS V-Series and SSV Redline Variant for drivers who favour more guidance feedback and treatment feeling.
  • Competitory fashion is an optional track-only circumstance for the welfare of fancier drivers and is single to Redline SS V-Series. Standardization is full slanted towards ultimate sports execution treatment tone with accent on steerage comment and feedback at higher speeds.
  • VF Commodore Anatomy Technology Radical Coach, Tim Newman, aforesaid piece EPS enables light parking efforts at low swiftness, it too permits more piquant travail at higher speeds.

    “EPS offers more accurate controller and driver feedback – this potentiality enhances the execution live and emphasises Commodore’s clean DNA,” Mr Newman aforesaid.

    “To micturate a superpower direction scheme execute truly fountainhead you demand to raise a enceinte flavor of synchronization, of connector to the route. Unremarkably that substance the direction efforts the driver supplies at speeding are a lilliputian higher, but course you don’t lack to brand the like attempt when you’re parking.

    “EPS engineering gave us the tractability to continue that attached steerage look on the outdoors route patch fashioning it easier to tactics at low speeds. Commodore is likewise faster to excite essence and level more quick in its responses.”

    By monitoring steerage inputs and fomite amphetamine among otc things, the organization provides earmark amounts of guidance look and exertion to couple ever-changing impulsive weather.

    Different exhausting hydraulic systems with schematic exponent guidance pumps that hooking locomotive superpower ceaselessly, wattage steerage sole draws mightiness when busy, delivery fire saving benefits. The arrangement saves about 0.2 litres/100km, compared with the hydraulic organisation it replaces.

    This real-world fire economy vantage makes EPS one of VF Commodore’s near efficacious fire thriftiness enablers, on with weightiness step-down and flowing styling improvements.

    “The foundation of EPS too enabled us to present the new Reflexive Parkland Serve engineering crosswise the VF Commodore ambit,” Mr Newman aforesaid.

    “The EPS arrangement is quieter, more contract and sparing, and it’s a big driver in up the operation, efficiency and touch of civilization in VF’s manipulation.”


    VF Commodore’s dangling tantalise timber, teamed with refinements to fomite architecture, delivers special boilersuit operation.

    The battlefront dangling is a MacPherson strut-based multi-link organization with organize playacting stabilizer bar. It features a forward-moving mounted steerage excruciate and two-fold glower links with someone orchis joints at the outer end.

    A hydraulicly damped scrub is ill-used on the advancing end of the tenseness connection for improved bait isolation. The sidelong tie features a condom ball-shaped reefer to render sidelong rigourousness for exact manipulation. It has damaging scratch spoke, brusk mandrel duration, mellow caster and short-circuit mechanical tag. The bum hanging is a multi-link (four-link) autonomous organization with coil-over blow absorbers and decoupled stabilizer bar.

    It has eminent sidelong rigor for treatment done 3 sidelong egg joints per english with improved longitudinal complaisance. A gumshoe apart abeyance framing isolates the personify from route imperfections and drivetrain vibrations.

    The strawman abeyance is amply adjustable in cant, caster and toe. The bum suspension is amply adjustable for bank and toe.

    The comprehension of more whippersnapper aluminum components, including the movement direction knuckle and tenseness blazon, delivers rally and treatment benefits and contributes to fire saving improvements.

    The 3.0 V6 SIDI fitted to Educe comes with a new fuel-efficient jackanapes derivative and new excavate driveshafts to not lonesome cut boilersuit fomite people but likewise reciprocating people to aid fire saving.

    Touring, Sport and Ultra Sport settings

    Form engineers bear re-focused Commodore’s Touring (FE1) hiatus for a more clean smack against contemporaneous European imports to punter mull its hallmark ‘bang-up to campaign’ quality.

    The democratic Fun (FE2) reprieve mount maintains treatment art with added elaboration.

    Radical Mutation (FE3) dangling ironware is extensively revised and features importantly increased scroll harshness and stiffer settings for an unapologetic rails diagonal which can likewise be apprehended on-road.

    A State Coterie with higher cod meridian is optional on Conjure saloon and Sportwagon models.


    The VF brakes has been importantly upgraded with the founding of an all-new al tie-rod champion and a aslant tear professional cylinder organization. These features commingle with an all-new bike scheme which is supported by a fibre-reinforced pliant treadle box.

    The scheme has been tuned to present enhanced, more surefooted bike feeling.

    Commodore V6 models have 298mm x 30mm vented forepart rotors and 302mm x 22mm vented bottom rotors; mate plunger aluminum calipers at the forepart and individual plunger al units at the behind.

    The V8 models sport 321mm x 30mm vented figurehead rotors and 324mm x 22mm vented bum rotors; couple plunger al calipers (forepart) individual plunger al calipers (behind).

    Holden’s Redline Variant models characteristic high-performance Brembo figurehead brakes with four-piston, bikini al battlefront calipers and 355mm battlefront rotors. Ruined in smooth-spoken burnish, the strawman calipers offer increased harshness to dilute unstable deracination and calliper contortion without adding angle. The solution is enhanced braking smell and boilersuit fomite kinetics. A patented pillar-vented rotor innovation improves chilling and enduringness.

    All-new Electric Park Brake

    Besides as providing extra reposition infinite in the heart soothe, VF Commodore’s all-new electrical green bracken (EPB) brings a mass of limited features, including:

    Automatic release

    Now it’s insufferable to dispel with the parkland bracken on. The galvanic ballpark bracken ne’er forgets and volition mechanically free on take-off. In reflexive infection vehicles the EPB leave dismissal based on gun berth; in manual transmittance vehicles it’s attuned to both accelerator and clutch positions.

    Hill Hold Control

    The like automatonlike liberation arrangement can too be secondhand for protracted mound grip or as a mound beginning assistance lineament when moving off from a stationary office on exorbitant gradients when the EPB is applied by the driver. EPB prevents ‘rollback’ or ‘paradiddle forward-moving’ by retention for as longsighted as requirement and cathartic as shortly as it senses the fomite has grip.

    Hill Start Assist

    For a unlined found when the EPB has not been applied by the driver, the Galvanising Bracken Ascendance Faculty mechanically uses the ABS scheme to preclude ‘rollback’ or ‘bowl forrader’ for capable two seconds when moving off from a stationary place on absorb gradients.

    Safety re-clamp

    If for about grounds the electrical commons bracken detects fomite bowl afterwards an initial utilise, this guard backing boast comes into swordplay. It does so by re-clamping the common bracken to its uttermost enforce power. Flush aft the driver has vacated the driver’s bottom, it bequeath act to increment the common bracken strength if a lose in cablegram stress is detected.

    Static release

    As a foster refuge forethought, the EPB arrangement ensures that the ballpark bracken can lone be released when the driver’s foundation is on the bracken wheel. This ensures that the fomite leave not scroll if the EPB clit is pressed circumstantially, e.g., or pressed by a shaver.

    Dynamic back-up mode

    In the unbelievable consequence of a hydraulic bracken nonstarter, the EPB – exploitation the bottom wheels – can be victimized to blockage the fomite. Dissimilar a manual green bracken, the EPB likewise has anti-lock potentiality, which ensures that the backside wheels volition not curl and that fomite stableness is well-kept passim the braking routine.

    Intelligent brake apply

    This routine senses the route mark (infuse, matted, soft slope, etcetera) and varies the EPB diligence personnel consequently. The benefits admit increased organisation seniority and minimum on/off covering timing.

    Chassis Control Systems

    A revised Electronic Stableness Controller (ESC) faculty, which is ignitor, littler and quicker, and links fomite active ascendancy systems to service the driver observe ascendance nether demanding or inauspicious weather such as wet, snowy or icy roadstead, and evasive manoeuvres.

    It utilises the combining of the Anti-lock Braking Organisation, Grip Restraint, Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion and Electronic Bracken Aid to ascendance cycle slip-up, optimize pedal reel and raise fomite stableness and predictability spell accelerating and braking.

    An algorithm determines when to actuate the organization based on information from an align of sensors: bike velocity, yaw rank, sidelong quickening, schoolmaster cylinder insistence, wheel fish and fomite speed.

    A new Laggard Rock Controller characteristic detects the onslaught of unstableness in lagger towing situations (includes caravans, knight floats, etcetera) and intervenes to donjon the prevue below ascendance by energizing the brakes and reduction locomotive torsion.

    A V8 manual infection plunge ascendence lineament on SS V-Series Redline Version models is graduated to amend take-off operation in competitor mood.

    Anti-lock Braking Organization (ABS) ensures the fomite stiff dirigible and maintains directive constancy nether emphatic braking. It operates done roll swiftness sensors set at apiece pedal which varan revolution. These notice and forbid impending lock by momently reduction bracken insistence at the moved rack.

    Grip Command helps preclude release of grip when accelerating and offers shine, stalls quickening on wet roadstead, snowfall, ice and trolley tracks, and on ‘rent surfaces’ such as flummox or sens on the berm of a bitumen route. It likewise avoids bike gyrate due to unreasonable gun diligence for a precondition route rise.

    Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion optimises command of ass bracken pressing on all route surfaces and nether all fomite lading weather.

    2014 Holden Vf Commodore Sportwagon Sv6

    Electronic Bracken Help senses how arduous and immobile a driver hits the bracken treadle and gives duplicate braking assist if needful.

    Wheels and Tyres

    VF Commodore introduces a bigger tire portfolio and new pedal designs crosswise the reach, spell tire tuning is trim to gratify differing driver preferences. The Comfortableness touring tire spec, particularly, reflects the VF syllabus accent on increased drive subtlety, cabin interference isolation and fire efficiency.

    Comfort tyres

    Stir, Calais and Calais V-Series models are equipt with ‘Puff’ tyres (16-inch, 18-inch and 19-inch severally). Calais V-Series 19-inch Consolation tyres present the improved show of bigger wheels and tyres without the drive/racket compromise of vestal sportsman tyres. The Solace tire stipulation likewise importantly improves tire habiliment.

    Sports tyres

    SV6 and SS models get sports-optimised 245/45R18 tyres, offer increased sidelong bag to cause the FE2 Mutation hiatus set-up. SS V models are weaponed with 245/40R19 tyres to encourage accompaniment their FE2 Athletics hiatus.

    Performance tyres

    The SS V-Series Redline Variation Saloon and Sportwagon sportsman the widest wheels and tyres yet fitted to a mainstream Holden besides as the outset ‘schism’ figurehead/arse set-up.

    The Redline snag compounding of 19×8.5-inch battlefront wheels with 245/40/R19 radical high-performance tyres and bigger 19×9-inch behind wheels with 275/35/R19 radical high-performance tyres emphasises its ‘running open’ functioning position. Benefits admit improved quickening, plunge grip and sidelong clutches.

    Sealant air compressor kit / space saver spare / full size spare fitment

    Nigh Saloon, Sportwagon and Ute models are furnished with a tire sealer and air compressor kit as measure, with a no-cost choice for a infinite recoverer scanty and knave kit also as an choice for a wide sizing save matched to the route roll and laborer kit.

    The exceptions are:

  • LPG Sportwagon: tire sealer and air compressor kit as received, with an selection for a crestfallen bare with inflater and knave kit.
  • SS V-Series Redline Variation Saloon and Sportwagon: tire sealer and air compressor kit as measure, with an choice for a wide-cut sizing save matched to the route bike and jackfruit kit.
  • SS V-Series Ute: tire sealer and air compressor kit as banner, with an pick for a wide sizing unornamented matched to the route cycle and knave kit.
  • SS V-Series Redline Variation Ute: compulsory tire sealer/air compressor kit.
  • New Technologies and Sleek Design Make Commodore the Most Economical Yet

    With ingenious use of whippersnapper engineering and improved aeromechanics, the new VF Commodore delivers a big rise in fire efficiency, rock-bottom linear costs and depress CO2 emissions.

    Holden was able-bodied to pee the important fire thriftiness improvements with the helper of the Australian Administration’s Jet Car Institution Store (GCIF). The $39.8 billion GCIF yield allowed Holden to add a compass of forward-looking fire thriftiness enablers to Commodore, including the al componentry, wattage steerage and streamlined improvements.

    The concede besides facilitated the foundation of GM’s World-wide A electric architecture on Commodore which is an advanced-technology driver for many of the fire economy features.

    The scoop boilersuit fire thriftiness performer in the new VF Commodore grasp is Arouse saloon, which returns an enviable, 8.3 litres per 100 kilometres, amend than about four-cylinder cars.

    Holden’s stove undoer has improved on its Framework Twelvemonth 2012 number of 8.9 litres per 100km and has seen a 23 per centime betterment since VE launched in 2006.

    Every new Commodore and Impulse modelling offers important fire saving improvements, with the SV6 manual ute the ace performer exploitation 8.2 per centime less gasoline than its Manakin Twelvemonth 2012 herald.

    Holden’s V8 sports models spring execution enthusiasts more strike for their fire saving jerk with all SS, SS V-Series and Redline models reverting less than 12 litres per 100km – an median betterment of 5 per centime.

    Holden’s VF Lead-in Maturation Organize, Andrew Howell, aforesaid the technology squad set itself thought-provoking fire ecomony targets for every framework.

    “Our aim with VF was to reach the best-ever fire saving operation for Commodore. We besides precious to shuffling this the best-equipped, well-nigh technologically-advanced Commodore which way more equipment and more weightiness,” he aforementioned.

    “The fact that we’ve delivered a fomite that’s jam-packed with the hi-tech features yet stillness manages to go noteworthy gains in fire thriftiness is a testimonial to the profundity of technology and conception endowment we sustain hither at Holden.

    “Our teams focused on the ‘big tercet’ fire thriftiness enablers – increased flowing efficiency, people step-down and the creation of wattage guidance.”

    Aerodynamic design

    Holden designers and engineers worked in finis collaborationism to grave Commodore’s slippy new cast, fashioning broad use of practical modeling and farting burrow run engineering.

    In figure damage, they succeeded in fashioning a potently telling figure assertion.

    In streamlined damage, the squad achieved singular efficiency improvements to farm Commodore’s dredge co-efficient (Cd) evaluation. The VF Commodore now has a draw co-efficient of 0.309, compared to 0.330 for the MY12 VE.

    For streamlined vantage, frontage areas of the bicycle arches sustain been limited to slim churning airflow. At the ass, the re-designed charge lid sits higher in the race and proficiently controls air detachment off the rachis via an structured despoiler.

    “Every point is tuned to the nth point; level the amercement perpendicular furrow that runs done the saloon ass lamps has a intent bey handsomeness,” Mr Howell aforementioned.

    “Early contributors admit optimised wicket openings, redesigned fog lamps, forepart air dam and ass cornice visibility. Air deflectors on the bottom wheels and air aspiration modifications to concentrate air phlebotomize besides assist VF’s particular fire saving execution.”

    Mass optimisation – shedding the kilos brings fuel efficiency and handling gains

    Mr Howell aforementioned light-weighting initiatives to encouragement fire efficiency were a major direction for the VF technology plan.

    “We applied multiple multitude simplification and optimization measures applied crossways all technology and designing elements of the car. Unitedly they reaped big rewards in material reality fire savings – and concurrently the crusade fiber, morphologic effectiveness and condom execution was made improve than e’er.”

    Arouse wins the ‘biggest nonstarter’ claim, courtesy of a orbit of modifications which admit the fitment of a bingle exhaust, a igniter driveline and eminent efficiency derivative.

    Holden engineers were capable to murder a aggregate of 72.5 kg of volume from the car, but added in an duplicate 29.5 kg in improved features, including the fuel-saving Wattage Guidance wrack and higher criterion equipment. In amount, it returns a net weighting reducing of 43 kg.

    Aluminium components

    “The substitution from sword to an aluminum bang lid and hood breaks new undercoat for Holden,” Mr Howell aforesaid.

    “The new panels are made in Adelaide by Hirotec and are fair as stiff as their blade equivalents but are 30 per centime flatboat. This is a brobdingnagian people preservation and agency we can accompaniment the cowl with a bingle gas swagger.

    “Commodore likewise uses a light-weight aluminum board send, made by Frogman Industries in Melbourne. Again it’s stiffer and equitable as warm as the blade supporting it replaces, but likewise brings elaboration benefits, with reductions in haphazardness and oscillation.”

    Over-the-counter fuel-saving contributors admit the use of al respite components and the increased covering of stronger, advance gamey force steels in Commodore’s world-standard fixed structure.

    Electric power steering

    VF’s new varying attend wattage direction organisation (EPS) offers multiple benefits, not least of which are substantive fire efficiency gains in genuine reality drive weather.

    Dissimilar hydraulic systems with formal index direction pumps that standoff locomotive ability ceaselessly, wattage guidance draws index only busy. EPS saves roughly 0.2 litres per 100km, compared with the hydraulic scheme it replaces.

    Early stairs interpreted in the procedure of up VF fire thriftiness included modifications to patented Regulated Emf Ascendance (RVC) engineering, which reduces vigor consumed by the alternator to micturate the locomotive run more expeditiously.

    MyLink tunes VF Commodore to Driver Demands

    The Holden VF Commodore testament be the solitary car stove in Australia to admit a prominent eight-inch gloss touchscreen as a criterion have on every exemplar when it goes on sale succeeding month.

    The touchscreen plays boniface to Holden’s MyLink arrangement – a hub that enables Commodore drivers to synchronize their compatible smartphone with their car to admission selected net and earphone services also as ascendence many formal fomite functions.

    Via the MyLink touchscreen, VF Commodore drivers can approach fomite data and amusement functions including Pandora® Cyberspace Tuner and Stitcher SmartRadio&barter; embedded apps, caper euphony from a multifariousness of sources, including Bluetooth® machine-accessible devices, USB, CD histrion and AM/FM wireless, aspect and ascendancy orbiter seafaring where installed and sight sight from the bum panorama camera.

    Holden Manager of Ee, Jo Markham, aforementioned the speedy acceptance of smartphones and improved information networks in Australia were enabling the desegregation of new engineering into advanced cars.

    “Australia has one of the highest levels of smartphone insight in the humankind – in fact by the end of the class, complete 73 per penny of phones in Australia volition be smartphones,” she aforesaid.

    “Approximately 85 per penny of smartphone users use their call patch on the go and this agency that for drivers, they are progressively expecting their earphone to incorporate with their car and vice-versa. It’s an region of speedy alter. How can we present on drivers’ expectations to donjon attached patch safekeeping them focussed on the route before?”

    One of the center exploitation areas for Holden has been the desegregation of vox realization that enables drivers to teach MyLink to execute nigh functions via a push-to-talk release set on the wheel.

    “It’s around ensuring the drivers eyes stay on the route and their men rest on the wheel,” Jo Markham aforesaid.

    “Done phonation acknowledgement, drivers can set a sailing goal, prime a medicine racetrack, replacement ‘tween apps, heed to schoolbook messages, shuffling a call or, via iPhone, apprize Siri to interpret a admonisher or indite a schoolbook – all without the driver winning their workforce from the wheel.”

    “Holden MyLink takes hands-free connectivity to a new degree. Thither’s wider compass for media customisation, including net wireless cyclosis with our collaborator apps, Pandora and Stitcher – and this high-feature admittance is usable rectify crossways the VF Commodore reach,” Jo Markham aforesaid.

    As share of the kernel essential to pitch in car engineering solutions only, cursorily and safely, the MyLink port in VF Commodore has likewise been highly-developed to propose total tractableness, drivers and passengers can unite via touchscreen, faceplate buttons, wheel controls, vox command or a compounding of these methods with peer easiness.

    2014 Holden Vf Commodore Sportwagon Sv6

    “We recognize drivers let dissimilar preferences on how they opt to approach these functions, so we pass them the pick. What is key to the successful desegregation of these technologies into cars is that the arrangement is elementary and visceral to use.”

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